Xenoblade chronicles 2

Chapter 1: New Los Angeles

For the corresponding mission, see Chapter 1.

As they enter the city, they see a broadcast of Maurice at BLADE Tower giving a briefing on the retrieval of the pods. Irina and Gwin then greet Elma, who subsequently introduces them to Cross. A dialogue follows, in which it is suggested that multiple pods were found in Starfall Basin, but Cross was the only survivor. Irina and Gwin then leave for an assignment.

Lin rushing to the crash site

Upon entering the Industrial District, Elma and Cross see a Skell flying. The Skell is seen to be emitting smoke, before crashing not far from Elma and Cross’s location. Immediately, a young girl, Lin, arrives and begins assessing the cause of the crash, as the pilot, Doug, emerges from the Skell in frustration. After assessing the Skell, Lin greets Elma and introduces herself to Cross. She then commands Doug to put the damaged Skell away and joins the party as they head for BLADE HQ, much to Doug’s annoyance.

Touring NLA

The party flies to the Administrative District. During the flight, Lin discusses the progress of New Los Angeles and points out the different districts of the city. Upon reaching just outside BLADE Barracks, the party is greeted by Nagi. The four enter the barracks, where Nagi explains BLADE and its purpose. It is revealed that BLADE is searching for the remaining Lifehold units scattered across the planet, which contain humans in them. Cross, Elma, and Lin then leave the barracks, and Elma and Lin give Cross a tour of the Administrative District.

The group then head back to the barracks where Nagi is staying. Once inside, Cross is formally recruited as a BLADE. Shortly after, Nagi introduces them to FrontierNav. They are then tasked with installing the data probe at the closest FN Site.

Chapter 9: Warriors of Wroth

For the corresponding mission, see Chapter 9.

Vandham reports that another Lifehold has been found, this time in Sylvalum, north of Primordia. Lin suspects that Sylvalum may be a base for the Ganglion. Cross, Elma, and Lin decide to check on the Lifehold. Meanwhile, BLADE Tower’s countdown has dropped to 14%.

Upon arriving in Sylvalum, the party finds Lao collapsed beside a rock. Lao tells them that he was confronted by Ganglion. He tries to help, but Lin convinces him to rest until his wounds have healed. Lao then directs Elma a little further north to the Lifehold.

After a while, Elma begins to suspect something is wrong, and asks Lin if she can pick up any signals. Lin suddenly receives an alien signal, before multiple mechs descend, surrounding the party. Ga Jiarg and Ga Buidhe appear. They introduce themselves as Wrothian, who have allied with the Ganglion, before telling the party to stand down. Elma tells the party to comply, and they put away their weapons (Tatsu takes off his glasses and puts them on the ground). Ga Jiarg has orders to take the party to Luxaar, who Elma deduces to be the Ganglion leader’s name. When asked why they are aiding the Ganglion, Ga Jiarg reveals that Luxaar is threatening to use the Wrothian as cannon fodder. Ga Jiarg also reveals the Ganglion’s motive for destroying the humans: they fear the humans’ true bodies, but not the Mimeosomes. After discussing the situation of both the humans and Wrothians, Ga Jiarg and Ga Buidhe consider the possibility of calling a truce with the humans, but decide to battle the party first to test them, to which Elma complies.

Upon defeat, Ga Jiarg acknowledges the prowess of the party. He then reveals that the Ganglion’s base is located on the continent to the north before flying off, and Elma receives a report that Lao has safely been transported back to NLA.

Lao later wakes up in New Los Angeles, having been transported back to the Maintenance Center, and is greeted by Doug.

Luxaar is contacted by Ga Jiarg, who, after battling Elma, Cross, and Lin, decides to dissolve the Wrothian-Ganglion alliance, much to Luxaar’s anger. Ga Jiarg, prince of the Wrothian, and Ga Buidhe are then seen rallying the Wrothian after declaring their independence from the Ganglion, while Ga Buidhe notes a change in Ga Jiarg’s personality.


Special Blades

Pyra, a Special Blade

Mythra, a Special Blade

Dromarch, a Special Blade

Poppi α, an artificial Special Blade

Poppi QT, an artificial Special Blade

Poppi QTπ, an artificial Special Blade

Roc, a Special Blade

Brighid, a Special Blade

Pandoria, a Special Blade

Aegaeon, a Special Blade

Nia, as a Special Blade

Torna ~ The Golden Country

Jin, a Special Blade

Haze, a Special Blade

Mythra’s appearance in Torna ~ The Golden Country

Minoth, a Special Blade

Rare Blades

Finch, a Rare Blade

Perceval, a Rare Blade

Floren, a Rare Blade

Dagas, a Rare Blade

Azami, a Rare Blade

Nim, a Rare Blade

Electra, a Rare Blade

Perun, a Rare Blade

Adenine, a Rare Blade

Newt, a Rare Blade

Gorg, a Rare Blade

Kora, a Rare Blade

Vess, a Rare Blade

Boreas, a Rare Blade

Vale, a Rare Blade

Wulfric, a Rare Blade

Herald, a Rare Blade

Godfrey, a Rare Blade

Zenobia, a Rare Blade

Praxis, a Rare Blade

Theory, a Rare Blade

Sheba, a Rare Blade

Agate, a Rare Blade

Kasandra, a Rare Blade

Dahlia, a Rare Blade

Ursula, a Rare Blade

KOS-MOS, a Rare Blade

Poppibuster, a DLC Rare Blade

T-elos, a DLC Rare Blade

Shulk, a DLC Rare Blade

Fiora, a DLC Rare Blade

Crossette, a DLC Rare Blade

Corvin, a DLC Rare Blade

Elma, a DLC Rare Blade

Dolmes, an unusable Rare Blade

New Game Plus

Akhos, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Patroka, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Mikhail, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Obrona, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Sever, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Perdido, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

Cressidus, as a recruitable new Rare Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

A Common Blade

Heart-to-heart and Blade Quest

Zenobia’s Heart-to-heart, «Stronger than Light», takes place in the Womb Hollow in the Land of Morytha between Zenobia, her driver, and Mythra. Zenobia expresses a desire to fight Mythra as, as the Aegis, she is one of the strongest possible opponents.

Zenobia during her Blade Quest

Zenobia’s Blade Quest, A Real Challenge, is initiated upon accepting the Merc Mission «We Need To Talk!«. Zenobia calls the party for a meeting in Argentum in which she expresses frustration at not being sent to fight enough dangerous foes, to which Mythra suggests that they release an ancient sealed monster for Zenobia to fight. Upon researching this monster and unlocking the four seals that restrain it, the party awaken the Thanatobeast Andraz and fight it. Discovering that it cannot be killed due to an incredibly fast recovery rate, Zenobia smacks it hard enough that it is sent flying far in the distance, perhaps never to return.


Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 — Healing Bolt — Swing your weapon round your head and release a shockwave.
  • Lv. 2 — Ball Lightning — Throw your weapon about randomly and cause a lightning explosion.
  • Lv. 3 — Thunderstrike — Kick a ball and lightning will strike where it bounces.
  • Lv. 4 — Divine Plasma — Attack the enemy with a ball of lightning formed by Vess’s weapon.

Battle Skills

  • Space-Tea-Time — Reduces recharge of enemies in battle when at max Affinity.
  • Sympathy — Increases Affinity when a fellow Driver misses an attack.
  • Not Part of the Plan — Increases critical hit rate.

Vess’s Dumplings

Main article: Vess’s Dumplings (kitchen)

Vess can create dumplings at the kitchen at the rear of her and Mabon’s former home in Gormott. At each level of her Dumpling Pro Field Skill, she learns a new dumpling recipe.

  • Lv.1: Vess’s Dumplings
  • Lv.2: Rainbow Dumplings
  • Lv.3: Gromrice Dumplings
  • Lv.4: Puri Leaf Dumplings
  • Lv.5: Choclit Dumplings


Post-Battle Dialogue

Rex «One down, heaps more to go!»
Adenine «Wasn’t that a salvager move? Would you mind telling me a bit more about it?»
Adenine «I never thought I’d be able to see the Aegis fighting in the flesh! It’s truly astonishing!»
Pyra «Oh dear, I get nervous if I know I’m being observed.»

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Adenine «The battle was extraordinary. I’ll have to analyse the DNA under my nails.»
Poppi QT «Meh?! Is Adenine crazy person?»
Adenine «What is that thing you’re always treasuring, Brighid? I’m most curious.»
Brighid «It is top secret Ardanian intelligence. You may not peek.»
Adenine «You’ll have to tell me all about ore one of these days, Agate. Seeing you fight has gotten me very curious.»
Agate «I’ll teach you, but my training’s very rigorous. No backing out after you start.»
Adenine «I have a question for you, Boreas. What’s with those hands? They must be very soft.»
Boreas «They’re not hands. They look like hands, but actually, they’re tongues.»
Adenine «Ugh! So the other day, when you touched one of my books…»
Dahlia «Hey, Adenine, you’re pretty smart, huh? Think you could spare some of that knowledge on me?»
Adenine «I’d be more than happy to divulge, Dahlia. Knowledge is to be shared, after all.»
Finch «Mind if I ride on you so I don’t forget stuff? It’d work SO well!»
Adenine «I think not. But you do say the most unusual things, Finch. I’d be happy to record your phrases.»
Godfrey «Did you see that? That is the power of justice!»
Adenine «Godfrey, would you mind defining justice for me?»
Godfrey «Uh, uh… Don’t sweat the details. You know justice when you see it.»
Adenine «Alright, the game’s up, KOS-MOS. Show me where you’re hiding all your encyclopedias.»
KOS-MOS «I am simply accessing a database. I do not need a large storage space like yours.»
Adenine «What now? I… I’m lost for words!»
Newt «Hey Adenine! How about we ask Lady Mòrag to give us a tour of a Titan Battleship’s bridge?»
Adenine «What a brilliant idea, I’d love to go! In fact, let’s go this instant!»
Nim «Uh, could to teach me how to talk to animals, Adenine?»
Adenine «You’re asking me? I think you’d be far more knowledgeable in that area, Nim.»
Nim «Oh, but I can only speak Phoenix! I want to talk to the rest of them!»
Perceval «Hunger troubles you, Adenine.»
Adenine «Of course it does. But where does food go after we consume it? Another mystery waiting to be solved!»
Adenine «Hey, Praxis! Mind if I squeeze that spongy thing on your head?»
Praxis «N-no! No you absolutely may not, it’s very ticklish!»
Adenine «Oh, Vess! I happened upon the most wonderful cookery book recently.»
Vess «Oh, you’ll have to show me! The problem is… I get sleepy when I start to read.»
Adenine «You are most intriguing, Wulfric! May I touch your tail… tentacle… antenna things?»
Wulfric «Just this once.»

Отличия от Xenoblade Chronicles

Конечно, говоря о новой Xenoblade, нельзя не сравнить её с предшественником. Тем более, у нас тут действительно многое поменялось.

Прежде всего, как мы уже упомянули, XCX — это не сюжетное продолжение XC. Да, игра испове-дует схожий подход во многих аспектах, но кроме расы нопонов (Nopon) ничего знакомого из флоры или фауны мы здесь не увидим.

Более того, наш герой теперь не персонализирован. Если в XC приходится долго привыкать к главному герою Шулку (знаю, что многие так и не привыкли к нему до самого конца игры — весьма своеобразный персонаж), то здесь первым делом надо самостоятельно создать своего героя — вы-брать ему пол, внешность, ну и так далее. Голос героя присутствует лишь в битве, в диалогах его нет.

Тем не менее, мы сможем принимать кое-какие решения — больше, чем раньше. Не то, чтобы эти решения сильно повлияли на сюжет, но всё-таки. Даже беззвучные реплики выбирать сможем. В чём-то выбор можно сравнить с диалогами в стиле BioWare — на выбор нам даётся несколько вариантов эмоций, но не готовых реплик. Хотя достаточно подробное описание, о чём примерно вы скажете собеседнику, даётся. Саму реплику, впрочем, всё равно не увидим и не услышим.

Кстати, в целом болтовни стало больше. Ролики длиннее, речь других персонажей пространнее. В чём-то диалоги напомнили мне игру Monster Hunter — персонажи отвлекаются на посторонние темы, делают заведомо неудачные попытки шутить, и в целом нередко хочется поскорее всю эту болтовню промотать ибо серьёзно внимать каждому слову ну просто невозможно. Тут бы, конечно, следовало дать разработчикам по рукам — да, в японских играх принято много разговаривать, но та же Xenoblade Chronicles брала за живое как раз весьма необычной для jRPG подачей: в минимуме слов разработчики уместили максимум сюжета и эмоций героев.

Оружие героев теперь бывает двух видов, а не одного, как раньше: огнестрельное и ближнего боя. Между двумя видами оружия можно переключаться кнопкой Х хоть во время боя, хоть во время изучения мира. В остальном система боя не сильно изменилась — и это хорошо. Только вот всевоз-можных параметров стало гораздо больше — Xenoblade стала более тактической, хотя пошаговых боёв здесь нет и во время боя мы по-прежнему управляем только одним персонажем, а другим лишь отдаём общие команды (команд тоже стало больше).

Ещё одно важное отличие — менять лидера партии теперь нельзя. Наш герой теперь несменный лидер

Может это и к лучшему. В конце концов, нам же дали в начале игры возможность самим его создать, так?

Что касается мира игры, то он стал ещё более массивным, «швов» (подзагрузок между локациями) стало меньше, да и сами локации сильно выросли во всех измерениях. Если в XC сюжет вёл нас из одной локации в другую последовательно, и возвращались мы только по воле внесюжетных квестов, то здесь уже больше общего с привычными RPG в открытом мире.

Есть негласный центр — город Новый Лос-Анджелес, основанный на месте крушения жилищного блока ковчега «Белый Кит». В городе мы берём основную порцию квестов, как сюжетных, так и вне-сюжетных, здесь же — магазины, подбор компаньонов в партию и т.д. Оснастив себя по полной вы-ходим в «поля» для выполнения заданий.

На горизонте — Новый Лос-Анджелес

В «полях» нам попадаются не только монстры (респаунятся рандомно, но в рамках своего ареала обитания — даже не пытайтесь полностью зачистить какую-то локацию от монстров), но и другие как дружественные, так и недружественные персонажи. Иногда даже можно напороться на кого-нибудь с квестом (на карте помечаются оранжевым знаком вопроса).

Время, как и в прошлой части, отсутствует как таковое, при том, что смену дня и ночи оставили. То есть, мы можем менять показания часов хоть вперёд, хоть назад — на ход событий это не влияет, разве что, меняется время суток. Последнее влияет на расположение персонажей и монстров — люди ночью, как правило, спят, зато появляются более агрессивные монстры.

Только вот если раньше мы могли менять время когда угодно, то теперь для этого придётся найти полевой лагерь. И это, надо сказать, пошло игре только на пользу — интереснее стало как-то, что ли.

Да и со сторонними квестами дела наладились. Во-первых, один и тот же персонаж теперь не выдаёт десяток квестов за раз. Во-вторых, сами сторонние квесты больше не выглядят как придаток к игре и некий бонус-контент, а органично вписаны в геймплей.


Gormott Province has a sprawling prairie environment, similar to Gaur Plain. The upper level of Gormott Province is very large and open-ended with numerous caves, lakes, and waterfalls. The Greatspine Boundary separates the right and left halves of the Titan, with the left half being less expansive and more serene. The right half is home to the city of Torigoth, Varnax’s Plunge, and Coolley Lake, and consists of much more hostile wildlife. The lower level of Gormott, however, is a dense forest similar to Makna Forest and home to much more passive wildlife. Unique to Gormott and Mor Ardain is the tides of the Cloud Sea, which are actually caused by the Titans walking on uneven surfaces below the Cloud Sea. During high tide, the lower level of Gormott Province, as well as the Treetop Path and Ballast Disposal Chute, become inaccessible.

There are a number of areas in Gormott Province that are mentioned but cannot be visited in-game:

  • White Chair; a previous capital fortress-city of Gormott that was destroyed by Mor Ardain (mentioned by Wold)
  • Blakka (town, mentioned in Landslide Prevention and Wine Delivery)
  • Pom (village, Mannam Juice Delivery, Armu Retrieval, Arrest Warrant, Wine Delivery, and Local Pop Star?)
  • Lasanne Village (Stranded Merchant)
  • Kizan Valley (Protect the Holy Place)
  • Inigo Forest (Wood Gathering and Forest Fire Prevention)
  • Sheeno Forest (Weird Water)
  • Lake Nedward (Test of Courage)
  • Mirma (Chase Is On)


Pneuma’s physique is identical to Pyra’s and Mythra’s, although she has long, green hair tied in a ponytail and green eyes. She wears a silver tiara and a white, blue and green plate armor with emerald green crystal-like ornamentation, matching Rex’s master Driver armor. When using ether attacks, an emerald lattice of energy surrounds her.

«Πνευμα» is written on her chest — Pneuma in Greek — with the text of Proverbs 4:18 in Latin beneath it: «The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day».

Pneuma’s sword is silver, with a ring near its handle. When activated, the entire sword glows with green ether energy.


  • Faced Mechon are immune to the effects of the Monado because the Homs inside the Mechon is actually pumping blood throughout the Mechon’s armor. The red light seen on the Faced Mechon is Homs blood. The Homs blood makes a wall that the Monado cannot penetrate as the Monado cannot harm Bionis life.
  • According to Vanea, previous Faced Mechon such as Xord and Metal Face were only experimental, and thus retained their memories. Due to this, however, this would hinder their progress of executing their missions successfully. This is also the main reason why recent Faces such as Jade Face had their memories wiped out. Also, according to Xenoblade: The Secret File, the first Face Mechon had no pilots, but rather Homs who had had their nervous and cardiac system transplanted directly into the frame of a Face Mechon. Example of this first generation was Xord, whose erratic behaviour and twisted memories, as well as his cannibalistic tendencies, were a by-product of the trauma caused by the transplant.
  • Most Mechon Unique Monsters take their names from the «Lemegeton» demons.
  • The extra epilogue Future Connected has no Mechon enemies, and consequently removes Monado Enchant from Shulk’s Monado art palette.

Blade Quest and Heart-to-Heart

Vess during her Blade Quest

Vess’ Blade Quest, Tranquility, is initiated in Torigoth Market upon speaking to Vess as an NPC, who is out buying ingredients for cooking. She asks a favor of the party; that they bring her ingredients that cannot be bought at the market. They do so, and she invites them over for dinner if they bring firewood. The party do so and meet Vess’ Driver, an old man named Mabon who Vess fusses over and cares for. She has been his Blade since he was young, and helped raise his children when his wife passed away. After a meal of dumplings — the only thing Vess ever cooks, but surprisingly tasty — the party offer any further help, and Vess requests they bring her favorite food from Fonsa Myma (Fruity Rice Balls). Mabon on the sly waits until Vess is out of earshot and requests they also bring Bitter Choclit, an unhealthy delicacy that Vess does not approve of him eating. The party do so, to Vess and Mabon’s delight, and Mabon tells a story of how in his youth he and Vess found a pair of golden bracers and buried them for safekeeping, although he can’t recall where. He sets the party off to find and deliver them to his two children, which they do, but on returning they find Mabon slipping into unconsciousness. Vess, in the kitchen, doesn’t realize anything is wrong, and the party watch Mabon die at peace in his chair. Vess returns to her core crystal in the kitchen.

Vess with Mabon

Vess’ Heart-to-heart, «Reunion», takes place after her Blade Quest is complete at Mabon’s house in Torigoth, between Vess, her Driver, and two NPCs; Noelle and Antis. They are Mabon’s grown up children, dealing with the house after his death, when Vess feels a stirring of familiarity for it and approaches. They are delighted to see her, and praise her for helping raise them and her good deeds. They discuss Mabon — and her lack of memories — and decide that the three of them should spend time together to reminisce and let Vess know about her past.


  • The USB Deluxe Edition of the Xenoblade 2 Original Soundtrack is a gold-colored USB stick shaped like an Aegis’s Core Crystal, inscribed with Πνευμα, based on the ancient Greek word.
  • The description below Pneuma’s name may translate as: «Characteristics of the just path as the light becomes brighter and brighter until full day».
  • While her chip is not normally changeable, she can be glitched out of the initial battle where she is obtained, where her Core Chip can be changed. It cannot be changed back to the Tertiary Sword once changed.
  • Due to Pneuma not having an official full body illustration, Masahiro Sakurai requested Monolith Soft and the original character designer to illustrate one for her appearance as a Legend-class Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses

The Mechon as a race share a resistance to physical attacks with conventional Bionis weaponry; in battle this manifests as attacks dealing only 1 point of damage to a Mechon. Toppling a Mechon renders it temporarily vulnerable to physical attacks.

This resistance does not apply to the Monado, which is able to do physical damage to Mechon. The Monado can also cast an Enchant aura on nearby weapons, enabling them to likewise inflict physical damage on Mechon.

Most Mechon have no resistance to ether-based attacks.

Mechon powers, abilities, and debuff immunities tend to be specific to each model, so the Mechon’s model number denotes its individual abilities. For example the M30-series all possess limited flight abilities and have the Energy Shot art.

Larger Mechon (such as the M72 and M82 models) are shown to use their flower-bud appendage to ingest Homs and devour them, albeit only in cutscenes.

In Sword Valley, many broken, copper-coloured Mechon can be seen. They have either rusted or have been exposed to a large amount of ether. The second theory is more likely, as some Mechon in the lower parts of the Ether Mines share this colouration.


Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 — Cold Sever — Use ice ether to attack with a series of high-speed stabs.
  • Lv. 2 — Punishment Strike — Swing your weapon round above your head to create a giant block of ice.
  • Lv. 3 — Extinction Icicle — Create a giant ice lance and use it in an extra powerful charge.
  • Lv. 4 — Snowflake of Judgment — After a series of trifling cuts, unleash a giant pillar of ice.

Blade Arts

  • Accuracy Up — Increases accuracy.
  • Nullify Reaction — Nullifies one reaction.
  • Debuff Cancel — Cancels debuffs from enemies

Battle Skills

  • Defender — Deal more and take less damage if ally has low HP or is felled.
  • Silent Spear — Reduces aggro drawn from auto-attacks.
  • Battle Plans — Increases auto-attack damage.


Post-Battle Dialogue

Newt «Job well done, Rex! As the Aegis Driver, you must be exhausted. How ’bout a backrub?»
Rex «Um, which hands… were you planning to use?»

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Nia (Ch 7 Form) «Say Newt, how do you even move your arms?»
Newt «I’m so glad you asked! Now just give me six hours and I will explain properly.»
Newt «To me, that was the most me fighting I’ve done in ages! Or rather, as me as it gets for me.»
Tora «Newt sure talk about herself a lot.»

Chapter 4 spoilers:

Newt «Lady Mòrag, please share with me the secret of your overwhelming power!»
Mòrag «I’m afraid I have no hidden arts to teach you. I live to fulfill what is needed of me, nothing more.»
Newt «Hey Adenine! How about we ask Lady Mòrag to give us a tour of a Titan Battleship’s bridge?»
Adenine «What a brilliant idea, I’d love to go! In fact, let’s go this instant!»
Dagas «You make a passable bodyguard, Newt.»
Newt «Master Dagas, flattered as I am, my chief duty is to guard my Driver.»
Newt «Even though our fighting styles are like fire and water, Dahlia, we made quite the team in this skirmish.»
Dahlia «Lemme correct you there, hon. We’re as different as chalk and cheese.»
Newt «Delicious! But it also made me… sad?»
Newt «Milord General Gorg, standing by for your command!»
Gorg «Newt, wait ’til the next battle. And quit being so formal!»
Newt «Herald, if we fight side-by-side, we can easily take on a whole army!»
Herald «You are mistaken. It would be quicker to dispatch them myself.»
Newt «Madam KOS-MOS, you look so dainty, but your power matches o-or even exceeds that of my own! Could it be because of… your favorite curry?»
KOS-MOS «No comment.»
Nim «Kit, Sunny, whatever you do, don’t lose to that Blade with the big arms in the next battle, okay?»
Newt «Huh? Why so hostile, Nim?»
Perun «Say Newt, I just realized. You’ve got such big arms, why use a sword and not just punch our foes?»
Newt «S-so you noticed, Madam Perun. I-it’s because punching is too basic, swordplay feels much more romantic.»
Newt «Sheba, you have seen my strength. Surely there is room in your entourage for one such as me?»
Sheba «Not with your boorish nature. One must be refined and dignified.»
Newt «W-what now? But… but see, look how refined my biceps are. I urge you to reconsider.»
Condition: Blade Quest Theory and Praxis active or complete.
Newt «Having been appointed by you sister to be your tutor, I, Newt, will now batter you into shape.»
Theory «That won’t be… necessary, I think.»
Newt «Master Wulfric, we must spar again sometime.»
Wulfric «Agreed. Let’s wrestle! Soon.»
Newt «Zenobia, you’re a warrior too. Wouldn’t you rather wear a more formal outfit, like me?»
Zenobia «It’s much easier to fight this way. And change the way I dress? You’re one to talk.»