The lord of the rings: war in the north → достижения и трофеи

[edit] Release

The first release date of War in the North was 1 November in North America and the release date in the United Kingdom was 25 November . All release dates are in 2011.

Region Release date
North America 1 November
Africa 4 November
Middle East 4 November
Low Countries 4 November
Ireland 4 November
Southern Europe (except Spain) 4 November
Eastern Europe (except Russia) 4 November
South America (except Brazil) 4 November
Northern Europe 8 November
Germany 9 November
Russia 9 November
France 10 November
Spain 11 November
Australia and New Zealand 16 November
Brazil 17 November
United Kingdom 25 November
Asia (except Middle East and Russia) Unknown


Fighting an Orc in War in the North.

Players have customizable characters, upgradeable skills, and engage in dialogue.

Farin, a dwarf champion, has a crossbow. Eradan, a human ranger, wields a bow, and Andriel, an elf lore-master, can cast ranged spells at enemies. All characters have light and heavy attacks, and can roll, block and counter enemy attacks. Players can also issue orders to their AI companions if they are playing solo. There are hubs in the game which functioning as resting points for the party where they accept new quests, speak with people, or obtain new supplies. Hubs are towns or villages.

Each class also has a unique ability. The dwarf, for example, can mine for gems which can be used for crafting purposes, and he can also smash walls down where hidden treasure can be found. The game also features unlockable difficulty modes such as a nightmare difficulty. You can replay through the game and keep all your equipment and skills from the previous playthrough. The dialogue will normally present a few choices where the player can get just the facts, delve deeper into the lore or get optional side quests. The gameplay also relies upon the player working with friends (or with AI companions) to use tactics to defeat certain enemies.

The game provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Andriel.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The untold story of the northern war… though not the one told in The Battle for Middle-earth sequel.
  • An Axe to Grind: Farin’s standard mode of attack.
  • As You Know…: Partway through the game, there is an optional quest to obtain Athelas for a sick ranger. Upon curing him, all three characters can engage him in conversation about the Dunedain and their history.


Big Bad: Agandaur.
Black Knight: Agandaur again. Several of his lieutenants count as well.
Black Magic: Agandaur and his servants use this thanks to a series of scrolls.
Bow and Sword, in Accord: Eradan.
Broad Strokes: The game is set in the film continuity, although a few details are ignored (and as of the film adaptations of The Hobbit, obsolete). For example, Arwen’s struggle with choosing a mortal life is mentioned only briefly and Elrond doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to sail westward.

  • Radagast is an interesting case, he appears drastically different here to The Hobbit trilogy as it was still in development at the time.
  • A particularly Egregious moment occurs

Canon Foreigner: Quite a few, the main fellowship and most of their newfound allies and enemies.

  • Agandaûr might be a Canon Character All Along if he’s to be equated with a messenger of Sauron mentioned by Dain, as he fulfils the exact same role for the Dwarves of Nordinbad.
  • Since this game is set in the film continuity and Farin’s backstory states that he fought in the Battle of Five Armies, it’s likely that he is one of the Dwarf soldiers in Dain’s army in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, which could potentially make him a Canon Immigrant.

The Cavalry: The Eagles provide this on numerous occassions.
Cloudcuckoolander: Radagast of course.
Continuity Porn: Swimming in it, particularly if you utilise the conversation trees, which serve as an optional Info Dump .
Death from Above: In most exterior levels, Beleram the Eagle can be summoned to inflict massive damage on a single enemy.
Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Both Agandaur and Urgost lampshade this towards each other, with each referring to themselves. The weight of Agandaur’s threat comes from him being Sauron’s lieutenant, while the weight of Urgost’s threat comes from him literally being a dragon.
Dragon Hoard: Arguably, Carn Dum itself becomes this

The Dragon: Whilst Agandaur is one of Sauron’s dragons, he spends most of the game attempting to recruit his own, including literal dragon Urgost. Others include the sorceror Wulfrun and the orc chieftain Tharzog.
Drop the Hammer: An option with Farin.
Enemy Mine: The heroes are forced to do this with Urgost.
Evil Tower of Ominousness: Carn Dum. Fornost has also become this due to Agandaur’s meddling.
Expy: The alternate Fellowship, with Eradan for Aragorn and Farin for Gimli, though there are notable differences. Also Agandaur has elements of both The Mouth and The Witch King.
Evil Sounds Deep: Agandaur, Urgost, Tharzog, Wulfrum… pretty standard.
Fighter, Mage, Thief: The three heroes utilize the trinity quite nicely. Farin is the fighter, Andriel is the mage, and Eradan is the thief.
Flunky Boss: Tharzog, orc chief of Mount Gram.
Gainax Ending: The ending cutscene

Giant Spider: Saenathra.
Lost Superweapon: The Dwarven war machine in Mount Gundabad.
The Medic: All the heroes can resurrect each other, but Andriel displays the traits most typical to this trope.
Mythology Gag:

  • The conversation between Urgost and Agandaur is almost identical to that between Dain and The Mouth of Sauron.
  • You can ask Bilbo how to deal with a dragon; doing so opens an optional dialogue tree that allows you to flatter Urgost in the same way Bilbo flattered Smaug in The Hobbit.

O.C. Stand-in: Agandaur fits the description of a messenger who knocks on King Dain’s door in the books.
Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Dwarves.
Royals Who Actually Do Something: Dwarven prince Nordri volunteers for a Suicide Mission to destroy Mount Gundabad.
Self-Destructive Charge / You Bastard!: You can summon Beleram to do his usual Death from Above during the final boss fight, but it will kill him.
Shown Their Work: A tremendous amount of effort seems to have gone into including as much backstory from Tolkien’s works as possible.
The Siege: The penultimate mission consists of the siege of Nordinbad.
Suddenly Voiced: Unlike the films, the Eagles are actually shown speaking the Common Tongue like in the books. One of the dialogue options upon first meeting and freeing Beleram lampshades this.
You All Meet in an Inn: The game starts in the Prancing Pony.

[edit] Development

Development on War in the North started at early or late , Saul Zaentz Company claimed the name The Lord of the Rings: War in the North in June 2009. However, the game was not officially announced until 18 March 2011. Since its announcement several images, and concept art of several locations and characters has been released.

Continuity issues

War in the North is considered to be a tie-in to Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Lord of the Rings. But since this game was developed before the film adaptations of The Hobbit entered production, War in the North features minor continuity errors in relation to those movies.

Elrond summarizes the War of the Dwarves and Orcs as it is described in the novel; with Azog perishing during the Battle of Azanulbizar at the hands of Dain Ironfoot. However in the movies, Azog survives that battle, but was killed many years later by Thorin Oakenshield at the Battle of Five Armies.

The winged fire-drake Urgost is depicted as having four legs and a separate pair of wings, as with most traditional depictions of Western dragons. This contradicts the movies’ portrayal of Smaug, who is depicted in The Hobbit film trilogy as having wings attached to his forelegs like a wyvern (though Smaug was originally intended to have separate wings as well, as shown in the theatrical cut of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey).

Низкий FPS, Lord of the Rings: War in the North тормозит, фризит или лагает

  • Запустите диспетчер задач и в процессах найдите строку с названием игры
    (Lord of the Rings: War in the North). Кликайте ПКМ по ней и в меню выбирайте


    , после
    чего установите значение


    . Теперь остаётся лишь перезапустить
  • Уберите всё лишнее из автозагрузки. Для этого все в том же диспетчере задач нужно
    перейти во вкладку


    , где нужно отключить лишние процессы при
    запуске системы. Незнакомые приложения лучше не трогать, если не знаете, за что они
    отвечают, иначе рискуете испортить запуск системы.
  • А также рекомендуем в настройках, связанных с энергопотреблением, установить

    «Максимальную производительность»

    . То же касается и видеокарты: нужно
    установить максимальную производительность в настройках графического процессора (это
    можно сделать в

    «Управлении параметрами 3D»

    ), а в фильтрации текстур
    выбирайте параметр

  • Если ваша видеокарта от Nvidia по возрасту не старше серии графических процессоров
    GTX 10, тогда частоту кадров вполне реально поднять за счёт ускорения работы с
    видеокартой. Для реализации задуманного опять-таки нужно открыть


    Видеокарты, перейти
    в уже знакомую вкладку

    «Управление параметрами 3D»

    и выбрать в списке с
    программами игру, после чего отыскать

    «Вертикальный синхроимпульс»

    и кликнуть
    по нему, чтобы в меню выставить параметр



  • Следует удалить временные папки, ненужные файлы и кэш. На просторах интернета можно
    найти кучу самых разных программ, которые помогают это сделать. Мы рекомендуем
    воспользоваться для этого программой





  • Проведите дефрагментацию или оптимизацию жёсткого диска. Для этого перейти в

    «Свойства жёсткого диска»


    «Дефрагментация» или

    . Кроме того, там же можно провести проверку/очистку диска, что
    в некоторых случаях помогает.

  • В конце концов, перейдите на простое оформление, чтобы компьютер не нагружался
    ресурсоёмкими эффектами. К примеру, можно смело отключать встроенные отладчики,
    индексирование поиска и многое другое.
Лучшие видеокарты для комфортной игры в 1080p

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Что сделать в первую очередь

  1. Скачайте и запустите всемирно известный CCleaner (скачать по прямой ссылке) — это программа, которая очистит ваш компьютер от ненужного мусора, в результате чего система станет работать быстрее после первой же перезагрузки;
  2. Обновите все драйверы в системе с помощью программы Driver Updater (скачать по прямой ссылке) — она просканирует ваш компьютер и обновит все драйверы до актуальной версии за 5 минут;
  3. Установите Advanced System Optimizer (скачать по прямой ссылке) и включите в ней игровой режим, который завершит бесполезные фоновые процессы во время запуска игр и повысит производительность в игре.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North вылетает. В определенный или случайный момент. Решение

Играете вы себе, играете и тут — бац! — все гаснет, и вот уже перед вами рабочий стол без какого-либо намека на игру. Почему так происходит? Для решения проблемы стоит попробовать разобраться, какой характер имеет проблема.

Если вылет происходит в случайный момент времени без какой-то закономерности, то с вероятностью в 99% можно сказать, что это ошибка самой игры. В таком случае исправить что-то очень трудно, и лучше всего просто отложить The Lord of the Rings: War in the North в сторону и дождаться патча.

Однако если вы точно знаете, в какие моменты происходит вылет, то можно и продолжить игру, избегая ситуаций, которые провоцируют сбой.

Однако если вы точно знаете, в какие моменты происходит вылет, то можно и продолжить игру, избегая ситуаций, которые провоцируют сбой. Кроме того, можно скачать сохранение The Lord of the Rings: War in the North в нашем файловом архиве и обойти место вылета.

Властелин Колец: Война на Севере выдает ошибку об отсутствии DLL-файла. Решение

Как правило, проблемы, связанные с отсутствием DLL-библиотек, возникают при запуске The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, однако иногда игра может обращаться к определенным DLL в процессе и, не найдя их, вылетать самым наглым образом.

Чтобы исправить эту ошибку, нужно найти необходимую библиотеку DLL и установить ее в систему. Проще всего сделать это с помощью программы DLL-fixer, которая сканирует систему и помогает быстро найти недостающие библиотеки.

Если ваша проблема оказалась более специфической или же способ, изложенный в данной статье, не помог, то вы можете спросить у других пользователей в нашей рубрике «Вопросы и ответы». Они оперативно помогут вам!

Благодарим за внимание!

[edit] Gameplay

Commentators have noted that this is the first iteration of The Lord of the Rings-based games which is aimed at an older audience — predicted to be the first game in the series to be given an M-rating — with the inclusion of graphic violence and gory bloody detail with players being able to decapitate orcs and slash limbs off enemies. When defeating enemies you can gain experience and loot. With experience you can gain new skills; there are twenty skills for each race. Every skill has five different ranks. Loot can also be found in chests. Some items can only be used by a certain race, therefore it is possible to trade with the other characters of your fellowship. The gameplay — in both single and multiplayer modes — revolves around strategically combining the different abilities of the threesome to good effect, for instance the dwarf can find treasure and spot weaknesses in structures, which lead to alternate roads, whereas the elf can find herbs to heal other party members. When in single-player, the other two characters will be controlled by computer AI. Working together with the other characters of your fellowship is very important to defeat stronger enemies.

Aragorn, Eradan, Andriel and Farin at the Prancing Pony.

The game will not be open world, nevertheless some areas will be more open than others. It is still unknown if it is possible to return to earlier locations. There will be several NPC’s (Non-playable characters) in the game, some of them will have a more passive role while others fight beside you. Like many RPG’s the dialogue system is very important, and affects the game’s storyline.

If you are in need of help you can call the eagle Beleram, who can help you to defeat bigger or stronger enemies. Calling him is limited in the beginning, but while leveling you can find items which make it possible to call him. It is impossible to call Beleram underground or in buildings and there is a cool down for using him.

[edit] Plot


The game starts with an introduction, narrated by Gandalf. Gandalf tells that heroes like Aragorn, Frodo Baggins and Gandalf are honored much, but that without a few, not well known heroes — Eradan, Andriel and Farin — the north of Middle-earth would have been lost.

The game then switches to Bree, where the three heroes make their way to the Prancing Pony, just a few days before Frodo arrived in Bree. Arrived in the Prancing Pony, they find Aragorn in a corner of the inn. They tell Aragorn that the Nazgûl attacked and defeated the Rangers at Sarn Ford, and a flashback shown in which the Witch-king meets a Black Númenórean, Agandaûr. Eradan, Andriel and Farin overhear their conservation: Agandaûr tells he has summoned an army of Orcs of the Misty Mountains and assembled an army in Fornost, to aid the Nazgûl in the Hunt of the Ring. The Witch-king sends Agandaûr back to Fornost, so he can attack immediately. The flashback ends, and the game returns to the Prancing Pony

Farin asks Aragorn why the Nazgûl attack the Shire, to which he answers that a Hobbit with an important burden is making his way to Bree. And that this «must be protected at all cost». Aragorn sends Eradan, Andriel and Farin to Fornost, where they have to stop Agandaûr’s army before it can attack.

Chapter 1: Fornost

Beleram — captured by Orcs and Goblins — in Fornost.

OrcsGoblinsgiant EagleBeleramGwaihir

When reaching the outer wards of Fornost, the players meets again with Beleram. The eagle thanks his rescuers again and tells them that he saw Elladan and Elrohir within the ruins. While searching the two Half-elves, they defeat a giant crossbow, used by Orcs, and are trapped by a Troll. Just shortly after the death of the Troll, the sons of Elrond appear.

Eradan, Farin and Andriel.

Inside, they overhear a conservation between Agandaûr and Tharzog, chieftain of the Orcs of Mount Gram. Tharzog tells Agandaûr that there are intruders in Fornost, after which Agandaûr angrily commands him to find and kill them immediately. After Agandaûr leaves, the player and the sons of Elrond go onward in the tower. Tharzog, however, notices them and as a gate is closed, the player is cut off from the sons of Elrond. Tharzog and his guard attack Eradan, Andriel and Farin, but the latter manage to kill him.

At the same time, Elladan and Elrohir fight Agandaûr on the top of the Citadel tower. Agandaûr is no match for the twins alone, but when Eradan, Andriel and Farin join them he flees on the back of a Fell beast. Beleram attempt to chase him, but Agandaûr summons a thunderstorm and escapes.

Beleram returns to Gwaihir, in the Misty Mountains, to inform him about the events in Fornost, Elladan and Elrohir return to Rivendell and Eradan, Andriel and Farin go back to Sarn’s Ford to inform Halbarad.

Chapter 2: The Barrow Downs

The leader of the camp, Halbarad, sends the party to Rivendell, to report of the events at Fornost to Aragorn. As they are to travel through the Barrow Downs, Halbarad asks them to keep an eye out for two rangers, Luin and Kilaran, who went missing in the area. Traversing the Barrow Downs, Eradan, Andriel and Farin encounter many wights as they fight their way through the tombs, following ranger clues into Amon Gorthad, the Great Barrow. There, they find Kilaran ensnared in nightmares. Luin has fallen to a great wight, controlling him, and they must defeat him to make their way out and finally head to Rivendell. The fellowship travels through the Barrow Downs, where they have to find two lost rangers.

Chapter 4: Gundabad

Whilst the Fellowship of the Ring travels towards Mordor to destroy the One Ring, Sauron has sent one of his most cruel servants, the Black Númenórean Agandaûr, to the North to destroy Rivendell and defeat the Free peoples of Eriador and Rhovanion. Eradan, Andriel and Farin travel to Gundabad to discover the strength of Agandaûr’s army.

Chapter 5: Mirkwood

Eradan, Andriel and Farin travel with Beleram to Mirkwood in search of Radagast. In the air they’re attacked by Wolfram, a sorcerer and a Fell Beast rider, after which they fall from the Eagle’s back. They defeat Wolfram, after his death Wolfram’s Fell Beast tries to escape but is killed by Beleram. Andriel leads the others deeper into Mirkwood. They are ambushed by a group of Orcs and an Orc shaman. Eventually the fellowship enter a cave where they defeat a Cave-troll.

Появляется чёрный экран в Lord of the Rings: War in the North

  • Драйверы установлены/обновлены, но Lord of the Rings: War in the North всё равно отказывается работать
    нормально? Тогда нужно проверить ПО, установлены ли вообще необходимые библиотеки? В
    первую очередь проверьте наличие библиотек

    Microsoft Visual C++



    , а также наличие «свежего»


  • Если ничего из вышеописанного не дало нужного результата, тогда пора прибегнуть к
    радикальному способу решения проблемы: запускаете Lord of the Rings: War in the North и при появлении
    чёрного экрана нажимаете сочетание клавиш «Alt+Enter», чтобы игра переключилась на
    оконный режим. Так, возможно, откроется главное меню игры и удастся определить
    проблема в игре или нет. Если удалось перейти в оконный режим, тогда переходите в
    игровые настройки Lord of the Rings: War in the North и меняйте разрешение (часто получается так, что
    несоответствие разрешения игры и рабочего стола приводит к конфликту, из-за которого
    появляется чёрный экран).
  • Причиной этой ошибки также могут послужить различные программы, предназначенные для
    захвата видео и другие приложения, связанные с видеоэффектами. А причина простая –
    появляются конфликты.
  • И напоследок – проблема, вероятнее всего, может быть связана с технической
    составляющей «железа». Видеоадаптер может перегреваться, как и мосты на материнской
    плате, что влечёт за собой уменьшенное энергопотребление видеокарты. Мы не будем
    вдаваться в детальные технические подробности, поэтому просто рекомендуем в
    обязательном порядке почистить свою машину от пыли и также поменять термопасту!

Отсутствует DLL-файл или ошибка DLL



Ошибка d3dx9_43.dll, xinput1_2.dll,
x3daudio1_7.dll, xrsound.dll и др.

Все ошибки, в названии которых можно увидеть










лечатся одним и тем
же способом – воспользуйтесь

веб-установщиком исполняемых библиотек DirectX


MSVCR120.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, runtime-x32.dll и др.

Ошибки с названием




лечатся установкой
библиотек Microsoft Visual C++ (узнать, какая именно библиотека нужна можно в системных

Избавляемся от ошибки MSVCR140.dll / msvcr120.dll / MSVCR110.dll и
других DLL раз и навсегда

Очень часто стал замечать, что люди плачут об ошибках «запуск программы невозможен, так как
на компьютере отсутствует MSVCR120.dll». Это встречается…

Файлы, драйверы и библиотеки

Практически каждое устройство в компьютере требует набор специального программного обеспечения. Это драйверы, библиотеки и прочие файлы, которые обеспечивают правильную работу компьютера.

  • Скачать драйвер для видеокарты Nvidia GeForce
  • Скачать драйвер для видеокарты AMD Radeon

Driver Updater

  • загрузите Driver Updater и запустите программу;
  • произведите сканирование системы (обычно оно занимает не более пяти минут);
  • обновите устаревшие драйверы одним щелчком мыши.

существенно увеличить FPSAdvanced System Optimizer

  • загрузите Advanced System Optimizer и запустите программу;
  • произведите сканирование системы (обычно оно занимает не более пяти минут);
  • выполните все требуемые действия. Ваша система работает как новая!

Когда с драйверами закончено, можно заняться установкой актуальных библиотек — DirectX и .NET Framework. Они так или иначе используются практически во всех современных играх:

  • Скачать DirectX
  • Скачать Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Скачать Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (32-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (64-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (32-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (64-бит) (Скачать Service Pack 1)
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4
  • Скачать Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

[edit] Trailers

Since the first announcement in March 2010, Warner Bros. have periodically released trailers demonstrating various aspects of the gameplay and revealing the characters and locations. All video links are to YouTube, and times are in minutes:

Video Length Release Date Description
1:03 17 March 2010 Teaser trailer; short clips of action and trolls
1:03 10 June 2010
1:34 12 August 2010 Expanded version of teaser trailer
1:22 c. September 2010 Coverage of exhibit
1:22 17 November 2010 Outline of plot with various shots of locations
1:22 3 January 2011 No gameplay; Snowblind’s
1:59 1 February 2011 Exploration of Agandaûr, the game’s antagonist
2:38 17 February 2011 Outline of the several locations of the game
1:35 9 March 2011 Coverage of The War in the North’s combat gameplay
0:52 16 March 2011 Coverage of exhibit
2:33 31 March 2011 Exploration of game’s combat and Middle-earth’s darker side
0:44 13 April 2011 Gameplay vignette covering the different combat styles
2:28 5 May 2011 Exploration of the gameplay in Gundabad
2:42 11 May 2011 No gameplay; A guide through Snowblind’s studio
2:09 11 May 2011 Coverage of art, including concept art of several locations
2:01 12 May 2011 Coverage of weapons
1:36 1 June 2011 Teaser trailer
0:48 22 June 2011 Exploration of Beleram, one of the games’ main characters
2:14 24 June 2011 Coverage of some of the several characters
2:34 1 July 2011 Walkthrough of the game at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
2:04 7 July 2011 Game trailers; uses fragments from The Lord of the Rings (film series)
2:00 20 July 2011 Teaser trailer
August 2011 Interactive trailer
2:34 8 September 2011 A dev video with Jason Olander, who tells about his love for The Lord of the Rings and how it applies at his work
1:35 23 September 2011 Cinematic trailer focussing on the main characters: Eradan, Andriel and Farin
2:34 29 September 2011 Focusses on the three main characters, Eradan, Andriel and Farin. Also covers co-up and introduces Challenge mode for the first time
1:48 18 October Trailer totally dedicated to Eradan, the Dúnadan/Human character
1:48 21 October 2011 Trailer totally dedicated to Farin, the Dwarf character
1:48 21 October 2011 Trailer totally dedicated to Andriel, the Elf character
1:12 28 October 2012 Final teaser trailer, featuring many characters and locations of the game
2:55 3 November 2011 Review of X-play, includes interviews with actors of The Lord of the Rings films
5:13 4 November 2011 Interviews with actors and scholars about War in the North, The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth
5:12 4 November 2011 Interviews with actors and scholars about War in the North, The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth
5:27 4 November 2011 Interviews with actors and scholars about War in the North, The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth
5:29 4 November 2011 Interviews with actors and scholars about War in the North, The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth
1:18 29 November 2011 Video expaining how to use «Dodging» to defeat Tharzog in Chapter 1: Fornost
1:21 8 December 2011 Video expaining how to defend the gate in Siege of Nordinbad
1:50 19 December 2011
1:50 23 January 2012 Video expaining how to use Eradan’s «Evasion» skill to complete Chapter 5: Mirkwood



Many locations that are not featured in the movies are in the game. Confirmed locations include the Ettenmoors,

Orcs shooting arrows at Farin

Fornost, Mirkwood and Mount Gundabad. Locations from the movies also appear in the game. Players can explore Bree and Rivendell and interact with the characters there which include Gandalf, Elrond, Frodo, Bilbo, Legolas, Arwen and Aragorn. Characters from the books can also be encountered to appear in the game, such as the Ranger Halbarad, Radagast, and Elrond’s sons Elrohir and Elladan.


The War in The North features three playable protagonists. Each character has different classes from one another, but each character’s class is adaptable. You gain experience when killing enemies, and when you get enough experience, you gain a new level. You can then improve your stats (strength, will, stamina, dexterity), and use skill points to receive or upgrade special abilities. For example, Eradan is a Ranger and thus excels with the bow and sword but lacks the strength of Farin. He can be leveled up however to be an expert with two-handed weapons, dual wielding, weapons and shields (tank), or the bow. Farin is an expert with melee weapons but can use ranged weapons and can be leveled up to use such. He can also be leveled up to be the tank or the damage dealer of the party. Andriel is a mage, but she can wield two swords at once and level up in melee attacks, supportive magic or offensive magic.

Eradan is the Ranger class — he is one of the Dúnedain.

He is the most adaptable playable character and is adept at using any weapon. He can use a two-handed sword, dual-wield weapons, or use a bow, shield, and sword. Eradan also has many stealth abilities allowing to sneak up on enemies.

Andriel, from Rivendell, is of the Elven Loremaster class, and has been taught by Elrond. She uses magic as her defense and offense but can dual-wield a one-handed weapon, such as her staff. Her abilities include offensive spells and supportive spells, but she also has melee abilities and can be leveled up to be a battlemage if the player wishes. She also has the ability to create potions from alchemy ingredients found by the player.

Farin swinging his axe

Farin is of the Champion class; he hails from Erebor. He can use a crossbow to simply attack foes from afar, but out of all three characters, Farin is the most skilled at melee weapons, and has many powerful abilities for attack multiple enemies at once. With his ability «War-Cry,» he can boost and revive himself and his companions, while damaging enemies. He can also mine for gems.


Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Here van die Ringe: Oorlog in die Noorde
Albanian Zoti I unazave: Lufta në veri
Amharic የቃሮቹ ጌታ: በሰሜን ውስጥ ጦርነት
Arabic سيد الخواتم: الحرب في الشمال
Armenian Օղակների Տերը. Հյուսիսում պատերազմը
Azerbaijani Üzüklərin Rəbbi: Şimali Müharibə
Belarusian Cyrillic Уладар кольцаў: Вайна на Поўначы
Bengali রিং লর্ড: উত্তর যুদ্ধ
Bosnian Gospodar Prstenova: Rat na sjeveru
Bulgarian Cyrillic Властелинът на пръстените: Войната на север
Cambodian ព្រះអម្ចាស់នៃចិញ្ចៀនអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍: សង្គ្រាមនៅខាងជើង
Catalan El Senyor dels Anells: Guerra al Nord
Chinese 指环王:北方的战争
Corsican U Signore di I Anelli: Guerra in u Nordu
Croatian Gospodar prstenova: Rat na sjeveru
Czech Pán prstenů: Válka na severu
Danish Ringenes Herre: Krigen I Norden
Dutch De Heer der Ringen: De Oorlog in de Noord
Estonian Sõrmuste isand: sõda põhjas
Filipino Ang Panginoon ng Singsing: Digmaan sa Hilaga
Finnish Taru sormusten herrasta: Sota pohjoisessa
French Le Seigneur des anneaux: La Guerre du Nord
Galician O Señor dos Aneis: Guerra no Norte
Georgian ბეჭდების მბრძანებელი: ომი ჩრდილოეთით
German Der Herr der Ringe: Der Krieg im Norden
Greek Ο Άρχοντας των Δαχτυλιδιών: Ο Πόλεμος στο Βορρά
Gujarati ધી રિંગ્સ ભગવાન: ઉત્તર બાજુનું યુદ્ધ
Hebrew שר הטבעות: המלחמה בצפון
Hindi द रिंग्स ऑफ द रिंग्स: वॉर इन द नॉर्थ
Hungarian A Gyűrűk Ura: Észak-háború
Icelandic Ringar Drottins: Stríð í norðri
Indonesian Tuan dari Cincin: Perang di Utara
Irish Gaelic An Tiarna na bhFáinní: Cogadh sa Tuaisceart
Italian Il Signore degli Anelli: La Guerra del Nord
Japanese リングの主:北の戦争
Kannada ಲಾರ್ಡ್ ಆಫ್ ದಿ ರಿಂಗ್ಸ್: ಉತ್ತರದಲ್ಲಿ ಯುದ್ಧ
Kazakh Cyrillic Сақиналардың иесі: Солтүстік соғысы
Korean 반지의 제왕: 북쪽에서의 전쟁
Kurdish Begê Gustîlan: Şerê li Bakurê (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Тегеректердин чексиз: Түндүк-жылы согуш
Laotian ພຣະຜູ້ເປັນເຈົ້າຂອງແຫວນໄດ້: ສົງຄາມໃນພາກເຫນືອ
Latvian Gredzenu pavēlnieks: karš ziemeļos
Lithuanian Žiedų valdovas: karas šiaurėje
Macedonian Cyrillic Господарот на прстените: Војна на север
Malagasy Ny Tompon ‘ny Peratra: Ady amin’ny Avaratra
Malay Tuhan Cincin: Perang di Utara
Maltese Il-ħakkiem ta ‘ l-anelli: gwerra fit-tramuntana
Marathi रिंग प्रभु: उत्तर युद्धात
Mongolian Cyrillic Бөгжний Эзэн: Умард хэсэгт болсон дайн
Nepalese अंगूठियहरुको प्रभु: उत्तर मा युद्ध
Norwegian Ringenes Herre: Krigen I Norden
Persian ارباب حلقه‌ها: جنگ در شمال
Polish Władca Pierścieni: Wojna na Północy
Portuguese O Senhor dos Anéis: A Guerra no Norte
Punjabi ਰਿੰਗ ਦੇ ਪ੍ਰਭੂ: ਉੱਤਰ ਵਿਚ ਜੰਗ
Romanian Stăpânul Inelelor: Războiul din Nord
Russian Властелин колец: Война на севере
Samoan Le Alii o le Mama: Taua I le itu I Matu
Scottish Gaelic Tha a Tighearna nam Fàinnean: Cogadh ann a Thuath
Serbian Господар Прстенова: Рат на северу (Cyrillic) Gospodar Prstenova: Rat na severe (Latin)
Sindhi زنگن جو خداوند: اتر ۾ جنگ
Sinhalese ද රින්ග්ස් සමිඳාණන්: උතුරේ යුද්ධය
Slovak Pán prsteňov: Vojna na severe
Slovenian Gospodar prstanov: Vojna na severu
Spanish El Señor de los Anillos: La Guerra en el Norte
Swedish Ringenes Herre: Krig I Norr
Tajik Cyrillic Парвардигори зиреҳҳои: Ҷанги дар шимол
Tamil லோட் ஒவ் த ரிங்க்ஸ்: வடக்கில் போர்
Telugu ది లార్డ్ ఆఫ్ ది రింగ్స్: వార్ ఇన్ ది నార్త్
Thai ลอร์ดออฟเดอะริ: สงครามในภาคเหนือ
Turkish Yüzüklerin Efendisi: Kuzey Savaşı
Ukrainian Cyrillic Володар кілець: війна на півночі
Uzbek Йüзüклерин Эфендиси: Чимолда уруш (Cyrillic) Yüzüklerin Efendisi: Shimolda urush (Latin)
Vietnamese Chúa tể của những chiếc nhẫn: Chiến tranh ở miền Bắc
Welsh Arglwydd y modrwyau: rhyfel yn y Gogledd
Yiddish די האר פון די רינגס: מלחמה אין די צפֿון

Ошибка DirectX в Lord of the Rings: War in the North

«DirectX Runtime Error»




  • Первым делом необходимо установить «чистую» версию драйвера вашей видеокарты (то
    есть не стоит сразу спешить устанавливать тот же GeForce Experience, ничего лишнего
    от AMD и аудио).
  • При наличии второго монитора попробуйте отключить его, а также отключите G-Sync и
    любые другие виды дополнительных/вспомогательных устройств.
  • Воспользуйтесь средством проверки системных файлов для восстановления повреждённых
    или отсутствующих системных файлов.
  • В случае если используете видеокарту от Nvidia, тогда попробуйте включить


    в панели управления видеокартой.
  • Часто причиной ошибки служит перегретая видеокарта, поэтому для проверки её
    работоспособности рекомендуем воспользоваться программой


    . Если это оказалось действительно так, тогда следует
    понизить частоту видеокарты.

  • Если вдруг столкнулись с другими ошибками, тогда рекомендуем переустановить DirectX,
    но перед этим лучше на всякий случай удалить старую версию (при этом обязательно
    удалите в папке перед переустановкой все файлы начиная с





Звук в Lord of the Rings: War in the North отсутствует или пропадает в заставках

  • В трее нажмите ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В открывшемся меню необходимо выбрать пункт


  • Следом необходимо выбрать устройство (это могут быть либо динамики, либо наушники) и
    нажать на


  • Перейти на соседнюю вкладку


  • Отыщите меню под названием

    «Формат по умолчанию»

    , чтобы задать значение, но
    оно должно быть ниже текущего;
  • Нажмите


    , откройте Lord of the Rings: War in the North и проверьте результат проделанной
  • Вновь в трее ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В меню отыщите функцию под названием

    «Пространственный звук»

    , чтобы
  • Остаётся лишь перезапустить Lord of the Rings: War in the North и проверить результат.