Isle v3

Future Development Goals

We realize that there is a long road ahead, and a lot of work to be done to turn this into the game we want it to be. Throughout development, we will be adding a lot more to The Isle and incorporating user feedback in how we evolve the experience. Some of our planned features include:

  • Playable aquatic and aerial creatures
  • Even more playable dinosaurs with complete life cycles
  • Two new playable factions: modern humans & the indigenous
  • Evolve into advanced “strain” versions of certain dinosaurs
  • Realistic dinosaur AI that uses complex behaviours
  • Additional world biome types such as thick jungles
  • Dynamic aerial drop-in spawn system
  • Global in-game world quest
  • Localization of all in-game menus & text
  • Better accessibility & customization options
  • Steam Achievements, Trading Cards, Emotes
  • Mod support using Steam Workshop

All that and more are on our radar going forward. We started with a plan of just a mere handful of playable carnivores, but based on player demand we expanded our scope, increased that number greatly and introduced herbivorous dinosaurs as well. Listening to our community has been instrumental in guiding our process and helped to correct our mistakes, and we hope that together we can transform The Isle into the ultimate dinosaur game.

System Requirements


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later (64 Bit ONLY)
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 3.0 GHz or faster.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 280X series card or higher.
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 25 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: This game needs a dedicated graphics card to run. Integrated graphics cards will not work.

How To Install The Game

1) Download the game using a Torrent program or Direct program
2) Extract the game to your preferred location with WinRar or 7-Zip
3) Wait for the extraction to end
4) No need to install the game, just start with the LAUNCHER of the game as administrator
5) Play!

How To Play OnLine

Credit to :

Modes : MultiPlayer     | Co-oP

1) Download Steam-Fix
2) Copy the content of this crack to your game folder
3) Start Steam ,  go to your profile.
4) Launch the LAN Simulator and go to the room/lobby. (or use a real local network)
5) Launch the game through TheIsle.exe.
6) In-game -> Connection : Play -> Set only LAN in filters -> connect to the server.Creating a server : Play -> Create a -> Choosing a map, game mode -> Confirm  -> waiting for other players to connect.!

7) Play & Enjoy !

General Notes:

– Turn Off your AntiVirus and Block the game’s exe in your firewall to prevent the game from
trying to go online ..
– If you install games to your system drive, it may be necessary
to run this game with admin privileges instead

The Isle не запускается. Ошибка при запуске. Решение

The Isle установилась, но попросту отказывается работать. Как быть?

Выдает ли The Isle какую-нибудь ошибку после вылета? Если да, то какой у нее текст? Возможно, она не поддерживает вашу видеокарту или какое-то другое оборудование? Или ей не хватает оперативной памяти?

Помните, что разработчики сами заинтересованы в том, чтобы встроить в игры систему описания ошибки при сбое. Им это нужно, чтобы понять, почему их проект не запускается при тестировании.

Обязательно запишите текст ошибки. Если вы не владеете иностранным языком, то обратитесь на официальный форум разработчиков The Isle. Также будет полезно заглянуть в крупные игровые сообщества и, конечно, в наш FAQ.

Если The Isle не запускается, мы рекомендуем вам попробовать отключить ваш антивирус или поставить игру в исключения антивируса, а также еще раз проверить соответствие системным требованиям и если что-то из вашей сборки не соответствует, то по возможности улучшить свой ПК, докупив более мощные комплектующие.


I may have discussed this in the very first part, but I feel it needs a category. I’ll try to make this short as there’s not much difficulty to this..

You can’t sniff when it’s raining. When you sniff, different stuff should come up depending on your diet.

  • If you are a herbivore, there will be green bushes that are nearby highlighted. Yes it’s just green. Herbivores can also sniff ribs, I don’t know why lol but they can. Probably so they can be aware if a carnivore is in the area?
  • If you are a carnivore, ribs will be highlighted as red. Blood from players bleed will also just be highlighted as red stains on the ground.

Now regardless of your diet, water will be highlighted blue. Note that only lakes can be sniffed, not rivers. This would make rivers a better place to grow as you could be on one end of the river and someone else could be on the other, and they won’t even know you’re there. Unless you make noise of course. Salt water cannot be sniffed as it isn’t drinkable.

If you don’t sniff water, then you’re most likely to be near a river at least. If not that then you can always use the Isle v3 map online to find your location. I linked that and how to use it in the very first category.

I’ll attach images below to show what it should look like when youre sniffing. 1st is a lake and river. 2nd is how bushes would appear. Unfortunately I can’t show a picture of how ribs would look but I’m sure you already know.

Ошибка DirectX в The Isle

«DirectX Runtime Error»




  • Первым делом необходимо установить «чистую» версию драйвера вашей видеокарты (то
    есть не стоит сразу спешить устанавливать тот же GeForce Experience, ничего лишнего
    от AMD и аудио).
  • При наличии второго монитора попробуйте отключить его, а также отключите G-Sync и
    любые другие виды дополнительных/вспомогательных устройств.
  • Воспользуйтесь средством проверки системных файлов для восстановления повреждённых
    или отсутствующих системных файлов.
  • В случае если используете видеокарту от Nvidia, тогда попробуйте включить


    в панели управления видеокартой.
  • Часто причиной ошибки служит перегретая видеокарта, поэтому для проверки её
    работоспособности рекомендуем воспользоваться программой


    . Если это оказалось действительно так, тогда следует
    понизить частоту видеокарты.

  • Если вдруг столкнулись с другими ошибками, тогда рекомендуем переустановить DirectX,
    но перед этим лучше на всякий случай удалить старую версию (при этом обязательно
    удалите в папке перед переустановкой все файлы начиная с






Name Stream Order Connected Bodies Connected Rivers Location
Ravine 1 Dump’s Pool

Dump’s Bog

Southeast from Dump’s Pool
Fields River 2 Ravine River Southwest from Ravine River
Jungle River 1 Central Lake

The Jungle

East Swamp

Ravine River Southeast from Junction at

Fields river and Ravine river

Springs River 2 Hotsprings

Titan Lake

Northern River Southwest from Hotsprings
Northern River 1 North Ocean Springs Rriver North; junction at Springs river
Donut Spring 1 Donut Lake West from Donut Lake
Spillway 3 Canyon pond East from Canyon Pond
Plains River 1 Raptor rock
Sewer Creek

(Pipe river)

1 Southern Canyon Southwest from Aviary
Lazy River

(Delta River)

1 The Wash Makes up Southwest corner of the map
Great River 2 Lazy River Southwest: junction at Lazy River
Rapid Falls 2 Lazy River Southwest: junction at Lazy River
Mountain Stream

(Delta River)

2 The Wash


Rocky Pond

Lazy River

Short Arm

Starts south from The Wash

connects to Lazy River on other side

Pierce River 3 Goes North from the end

of the Mountain Stream; at Rocky Spring

Появляется чёрный экран в The Isle

  • Драйверы установлены/обновлены, но The Isle всё равно отказывается работать
    нормально? Тогда нужно проверить ПО, установлены ли вообще необходимые библиотеки? В
    первую очередь проверьте наличие библиотек

    Microsoft Visual C++



    , а также наличие «свежего»


  • Если ничего из вышеописанного не дало нужного результата, тогда пора прибегнуть к
    радикальному способу решения проблемы: запускаете The Isle и при появлении
    чёрного экрана нажимаете сочетание клавиш «Alt+Enter», чтобы игра переключилась на
    оконный режим. Так, возможно, откроется главное меню игры и удастся определить
    проблема в игре или нет. Если удалось перейти в оконный режим, тогда переходите в
    игровые настройки The Isle и меняйте разрешение (часто получается так, что
    несоответствие разрешения игры и рабочего стола приводит к конфликту, из-за которого
    появляется чёрный экран).
  • Причиной этой ошибки также могут послужить различные программы, предназначенные для
    захвата видео и другие приложения, связанные с видеоэффектами. А причина простая –
    появляются конфликты.
  • И напоследок – проблема, вероятнее всего, может быть связана с технической
    составляющей «железа». Видеоадаптер может перегреваться, как и мосты на материнской
    плате, что влечёт за собой уменьшенное энергопотребление видеокарты. Мы не будем
    вдаваться в детальные технические подробности, поэтому просто рекомендуем в
    обязательном порядке почистить свою машину от пыли и также поменять термопасту!

Ошибка 0xc0000142 / 0xe06d7363 / 0xc0000906

Отключите антивирусную программу

лучше программу не просто отключить, а временно удалить

  • Полностью удаляете приложение, чтобы не осталось никаких папок и остаточных файлов.
  • Отключаете или лучше удаляете в системе антивирусную программу.
  • Теперь снова приступаете к установке приложения.

Отключите «Защитник Windows»

он тоже запросто может быть причиной появления этих ошибок

  • Открыть «Центр безопасности Защитника Windows» выбрать настройки
    нажать на раздел «Защита от вирусов и угроз».
  • После нужно нажать на «Управление настройки» в открывшемся разделе
    спуститься до пункта «Параметры защиты от вирусов и других угроз».
  • В новом окне отключаете «Защиту в режиме реального времени» и следом «Облачную защиту» чуть позже система вновь включить защитник, но у вас будет время
    проверить игру на наличие ошибки.
  • И если окажется, что проблема действительно заключается в «Защитнике Windows», тогда необходимо добавить
    exe-файл игры в список исключений этой программы.

Воспользуйтесь чистой загрузкой

  • Открываете в Windows 10 окно «Параметры», используя меню


    сочетание клавиш





  • Далее открываете раздел под названием «Приложения» переключаетесь
    на вкладку «Автозагрузка», где необходимо проблемный exe-файл и отключить его.

Проверьте целостность файлов

возможно, ошибка возникает из-за того что была повреждена целостность
системных файлов

  • Откройте «Командную строку» от имени администратора (для этого в поиске просто введите «Командная
  • И как только откроется соответствующее, окно введите команду sfc /scannow после чего нажмите


    все найденные ошибки будут автоматически исправлены.

Измените значение в реестре

редактирование в нём иногда помогает избавиться от

  • Используя сочетание клавиш




    в окне «Выполнить» введите команду regedit нажмите


    после чего в окне «Редактор
    реестра» отыщите раздел, представленный ниже.

  • И если он присутствует, тогда необходимо следом отыскать параметр LoadAppinit_DLLs – далее в нём нужно
    изменить значение опции с 1 на 0 после необходимо применить
    настройки и перезагрузить систему.

Другие способы

  • В обязательном порядке попробуйте вручную установить драйверы для графического процессора. Причём это
    касается не только интегрированной видеокарты, но и дискретной.
  • Проверьте наличие всех актуальных распространяемых пакетов «Visual C++», поскольку это программное
    обеспечение влияет на многие процессы.
  • И, наконец, иногда причина этих ошибок заключается в службе «Microsoft Office Click-to-Run» – специальная
    технология Microsoft, которая сокращает время, необходимое для установки Office. Поэтому рекомендуем удалить эту
    программу и проверить игру на наличие ошибок.

Звук в The Isle отсутствует или пропадает в заставках

  • В трее нажмите ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В открывшемся меню необходимо выбрать пункт


  • Следом необходимо выбрать устройство (это могут быть либо динамики, либо наушники) и
    нажать на


  • Перейти на соседнюю вкладку


  • Отыщите меню под названием

    «Формат по умолчанию»

    , чтобы задать значение, но
    оно должно быть ниже текущего;
  • Нажмите


    , откройте The Isle и проверьте результат проделанной
  • Вновь в трее ПКМ по значку динамика;
  • В меню отыщите функцию под названием

    «Пространственный звук»

    , чтобы
  • Остаётся лишь перезапустить The Isle и проверить результат.


Carnivores are my personal favourite things to play as in this game, and they probably will forever be. Why are they so popular? Because you have to kill for what you eat. A lot of players love pvp and this gives them a chance to do it. Depending on your size, you can eat ribs. Different sized ribs exist too.. for example apexes can eat ribs that have come from a deceased apex. They can also eat ribs that come from suchos and around their size. (Although i’m not entirely sure about this- sorry if it’s wrong.) Smaller carnivores will eat any sized ribs. Take utah for an example, even the gore of a taco.. utah can eat it. I guess it’s an exchange for the fact that utah doesn’t give ribs itself after dying.

Now to cut down the main carnivores into their growth times and stuff.

We’ll start with:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – also known as rex: Growth time is 6.3 hours (juvenile to full adult) or 380 minutes. The hatchling stage is 30 minutes long. Rex’s ambush speed is 43.1kmh whilst their normal run is 33.2kmh. Be sure to never waist stamina as a rex, especially during battle as you have to sit down to regen it, and even then it’s slow. There is also a glitch/ shortcut that you can use to regen stamina by walking, you can just press H really quickly while walking and you won’t have to sit down unless you stop walking. I’m not sure if it’ll be patched when you’re reading this though, nor am i sure if it works for other dinosaurs.
  • Giganotosaurus – also known as giga: Growth time is 6.5 hours (juvenile to full adult) or 390 minutes. The hatchling stage is the same as rex- 30 minutes. Giga’s run is 30.6kmh and their ambush is 39.8kmh- this is surprisingly fast as it can outrun the normal speed of an alberto, a theri, an allo, and a lot more! Of course a rex’s ambush is faster than a gigas, but gigas ambush lasts longer, therefore making it better. Giga also regens stamina while walking, so that’s good too. People also say giga is the hardest apex or dinosaur to grow to full adult, as it’s very slow and is only honestly good at full adult.
  • Spinosaurus – also known as spino or spoon: Growth time: 6 hours (hatchling-full adult) or 360 minutes. This is a sandbox dinosaur, so they will have to stay in the nest for the first 3 hours, while the other half is the adult stage. Sandbox dinosaurs mostly only have 2 stages, hatchling and adult. Adult Spinos speed is 29.8kmh while their ambush is 41.3kmh.

What is the Isle?

The Isle is an open-world multiplayer dinosaur sandbox game that currently features 3 different modes.

The first game mode is Progression. This was an old game mode that has now been pushed back by two more famous game modes, which are Survival and Sandbox. This mode is essentially you playing as different dinosaurs and growing them to unlock new ones, which then you can grow those to unlock even more. Very little servers have this mode.

The second Game Mode is a mode called Survival. This is by far the newest, but also the most popular mode. It is still being worked on. Players are given different dinosaurs to play as, and unlike progression you get to access them all from the start. In survival players try to survive in the harsh environment that the Isle provides. You’ll have to find food and water, which gets easier as the game advances.

The third game mode is Sandbox. This game mode allows access any dinosaur in the game that they have at least finished the model and animations on.

The Isle also features a non-linear narrative told strictly through the environment. Hidden locations and ancient artifacts will be dynamically created on The Isle revealing the how and why of The Isle. Players will need to work together to uncover all of the secrets of The Isle. Discovering these locations and artifacts will unlock several key plot devices which will further the communal narrative forward.

Development of The Isle has been ongoing for over a year and we’re in the final stretch before having it at a state ready for public play. The Isle is still in an early (Alpha) stage of development but we are happy with the course it is on.
— The Isle


In The Isle

It is slightly larger and stronger than the Carnotaurus and Ceratosaurus but is slower; however, it is still faster than the Tyrannosaurus and other apex predators, albeit weaker.

Allosaurus is a reasonable mid-ground predator, although not always agile enough to catch up with swift prey. It is the second strongest mid-tier carnivore in survival, behind only Suchomimus and apexes in strength.

Allosaurus is notable for its bleed damage. The best way to hunt prey is to take a quick bite out of a target and retreat. Repeat this and the victim should die of blood loss. Larger prey is not ideal unless a pack is present.

In Real Life

Ceratosaurus was a medium-sized carnivore that preyed on the smaller dinosaurs like Dryosaurus, as well as fish, crocodiles and other small and mid-sized animals.

Ceratosaurus had a large skull with large teeth, as well as short but powerful front limbs. It likely used the head as its main weapon, as the front limbs are too small for full combat use.

One of Ceratosaurus’s most distinct features was the nasal crest from which the name derives; most paleontologists agree that it would have been for display, meaning the crest would probably have been brightly colored in life.

Ceratosaurus had a row of osteoderms running down its back; given their blunt shape and position, they were likely to display or species recognition tools, and no armor or weapons. The tail of Ceratosaurus comprised about half of the body’s total length and was thin and flexible with high vertebral spines.

Ceratosaurus was found in the Morrison Formation of North America and the Lourinhã Formation of Portugal and possibly the Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania. Its relatives include Genyodectes and Elaphrosaurus. While most theropods at the time had only three fingers on each hand, Ceratosaurus retained the ancestral fourth digit.


Company: Afterthought LLC

Occupation Employees
3ds Max animator: Bryan Phillips; Twitch, Jerrelle Reddick
3d Model Creator: Jake Baardse; Baardo on Twitch; Models
Environment Modelling: Cristian Lobado
Level Design: Richard Williams
Conceptual Art by: Cole Brooks, Fred Wierum, Marty Kevil
Music by: Anthony Casalena, Dmitrii Miachin
Shader Arts: Christian Lobado, John van Sise
Q.A. lead: Jack Britton
Community Manager: Bruce Wells
U.I. Design: Fred Wierum, Tom Hughes
Sound Design & Visual Effects by: Richard Williams
Software Engineers: Brandon Gandy, Christian Castell
Produced by: Jerrelle Reddick

Отсутствует DLL-файл или ошибка DLL



Ошибка d3dx9_43.dll, xinput1_2.dll,
x3daudio1_7.dll, xrsound.dll и др.

Все ошибки, в названии которых можно увидеть










лечатся одним и тем
же способом – воспользуйтесь

веб-установщиком исполняемых библиотек DirectX


MSVCR120.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, runtime-x32.dll и др.

Ошибки с названием




лечатся установкой
библиотек Microsoft Visual C++ (узнать, какая именно библиотека нужна можно в системных

Избавляемся от ошибки MSVCR140.dll / msvcr120.dll / MSVCR110.dll и
других DLL раз и навсегда

Очень часто стал замечать, что люди плачут об ошибках «запуск программы невозможен, так как
на компьютере отсутствует MSVCR120.dll». Это встречается…

Behind The Scenes

The Therizinosaurus was modeled by  for the now-dead game The Stomping Land in the year 2014. It was then bought by Dondi for The Isle.


Therizinosaurus concept art for a future remodel

Following a new stage of development, the first dinosaur to be reworked with a «concept stage» was the Therizinosaurus, and its now has a concept for its new model, with has been released by Jake Baardse. It is unknown when it will be coming to the game.

Because the Therizinosaurus used a model for The Stomping Land, Dondi felt that it should be remade in order to make it unique to The Isle, similar to what happened to the Tyrannosaurus getting its remodel. The Herrerasaurus is getting a remodel as well, meaning the Quetzalcoatlus would be next on the list.

Jake Baardse has remodeled the Therizinosaurus.

In The Isle

«You’ll have reason to fear the depths with the addition aquatic predators prowling the waterways. Be sure to take the utmost care… Else you may find yourself snatched up in the jaws of the terrifying Deinosuchus!»

-The Isle Official Roadmap

The Deinosuchus is extremely undetectable while submerged.

Completely unseen even when only a few feet underwater, the Deinosuchus detects all nearby underwater movement through its special water sense. Once prey is detected, the Deinosuchus bursts from the water to lunge at its victims within the blink of an eye. It grabs them within its jaws, just before forcing them below the surface to slowly drown them out. Even juvenile Deinosuchus are greatly capable of grabbing and drowning creatures.

Even when large prey is not available, the Deinosuchus can sustain its hunger off fish. Additionally, a swimming Deinosuchus will never go thirsty.

Holding down Q while submerged boosts the range you can sense movement with in water (see full list of water controls below), as well as producing fake ripples similar to that of the fish Pteranodon preys on, and can be used to lure in players in search of a quick meal in the water.

In The Isle

Its claw attacks can deal massive amounts of damage and it can run very quickly. It has relatively low health and can be killed by a Tyrannosaurus in three bites, so it is best to avoid them along with other apex predators (unless you are an experienced player).

When in combat, it is best when directly facing your opponent. The tail is the most vulnerable spot, so players should make sure that predators don’t get to it. The best way for it to avoid trouble is to be intimidating, threatening to attack and displaying aggressive behaviour if carnivores get close. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work since some predators are not easily intimidated by the screeching, although due to the damage a Therizinosaurus can do, it might lower their chances of attacking.

Most animals will not want to come close to as Therizinosaurrus are extremely fast and do a lot of damage. The only dinosaurs that will try to hunt are mostly apexes. When fighting apexes it is advised to get behind them (without getting hit) and tail-ride them. Although if players do not want direct confrontation or engage in combat with an apex, the option to run away is suitably advised as Therizinosaurus can outrun all apexes. Before attempting to fight Apexes in survival mode, players best practice in sandbox mode.

It is currently playable in Sandbox mode, but can be nested in the Survival mode.



When you spawn in Survival mode, you will start as a juvenile. (When spawning in a Nest, you spawn as an infant). You will slowly grow to your max size, which is different for other dinosaurs. Some can take as long as 6 hours. As you grow, your health, speed, damage, hunger and thirst all change, changing the gameplay slightly through each stage. Seamless growth is coming to the game soon, but currently, there are stages: Infant, Juvenile, Sub, Adult.

Night Vision

All dinosaurs have night vision, and due to the true darkness of nighttime, it is very useful. Most herbivores have poor night vision, while some predators have extremely good night vision, such as the Dilophosaurus.


All dinosaurs have the ability to scent. For herbivores, using scent allows you to find plants and water. Plants tend to glow green and water glow blue. For carnivores, the scent is your key ability to tracking your prey. Footprints and blood are lit up. Footprints tend to glow yellow and blood/carcasses glow red. Water also glows blue for carnivores.


All dinosaurs have the ability to roar. Each dinosaur has 5 different «calls». (Broadcast, Threaten, Friendly, Danger, Communication).


When you are attacked, you will bleed. All dinosaurs have different bleed damage and some bleed out faster than others. Bleed is an effective way to ensure death upon someone you wounded. Bleeding, however, allows predators to track you far easier.

Bone Break

When you take a fall and it doesn’t kill you, it’s likely you may break your leg. You can now only limp and your speed is seriously low. You must sit down to heal. Some dinosaurs have a far higher chance of causing bone break during combat.


Most predators have the ability to Ambush. Ambushing allows for high speed during a slow duration of time. While crouching, you must wait around 5 seconds, until your icon on the bottom right shows an arrow. Then go into the sprint. Ambush speed doesn’t last long, however, but it allows you to easily out-run prey.


All dinosaurs have hunger, and some are hungrier than others. Carnivores must hunt and kill AI or other players and then eat their carcass for food, while Herbivores must find edible plants.


All dinosaurs have thirst, and some are thirstier than others. You will not loose thirst while it is raining. You can drink out of all the bodies of water and rivers, except the ocean.


Sneaking is an essential part of ambushing. If you are a large predator, like the Tyrannosaurus for example, then anybody would hear you coming. By sneaking, you lower your profile and no thunderous sounds come from your footsteps.


Smaller dinosaurs, such as the Utahraptor, can jump and pounce onto a larger dinosaur, where it can attack it while latched to its back.


All dinosaurs in the game can swim, but it depends on your stamina. If you run out of stamina, you begin to loose health until you die. Some dinosaurs, such as the Suchomimus, can swim far more faster then others, and they have more stamina while swimming.


A feature that is currently being redone. If you are stuck, or want to quickly turn around while in combat, holding down Alt and then turning allows you to turn on an axis, rather then having to walk in a circle. You can not alt-turn with a broken bone.


Stamina is a very essential part of the game. It determines whether or not you’re going to escape a predator or if you’re going to catch your prey. Stamina decreases while sprinting or ambushing, and for some dinosaurs, it will not increase while walking.


Nesting is a feature that allows female dinosaurs to lay eggs. You can invite other players in a server to join your nest, where they will be born out of the eggs as newborn dinosaurs.

Behind the Scenes

The first model used for Carnotaurus was purchased by Dondi from “The Stomping Lands”. Interestingly, when it was implemented into The Isle, its running animation did not change.

Carno Growth Morph can be downloaded here.


  • Carnotaurus walking animation can be downloaded here
  • Carnotaurus running animation can be downloaded here
  • Carnotaurus blind animation can be downloaded here (A new animation that will occur when blinded by the Hypsilophodon)
  • Carnotaurus idle animation can be downloaded here
  • Carnotaurus eating animation can be downloaded here
  • Carnotaurus drinking animation can be downloaded here

The Isle Download full version PC

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Mechanics in The Isle news

The Isle on PC is a production whose characters are prehistoric dinosaurs. Players don’t control any human characters, but the extinct reptiles. In many ways the title resembles ARK: Survival Evolved and other production allowing players to control animals. The developers had worked earlier on a few projects about dinosaurs, so starting work on The Isle already had some experience. After start players get onto a pretty large island with are of over sixteen square kilometers. It’s inhabited by various species of extinct creatures, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Austroraptor, Gallimimus, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus or Utahraptor. If you’re interested in dinosaurs, get The Isle Download and become one of Jurassic reptiles.

Gameplay in The Isle review

After taking control of the chosen reptile, player has to provide its pupil several things necessary to survive on the title island, particularly access to water and food. Visit the dinosaurs’ island, get The Isle free Download and scrutinize every spot in order to find food for your animal. Selected predator has to traverse local swamps and woods, hunting smaller species and avoiding the bigger ones. Before the dinosaur develops and grows up, player has to control a relatively inconspicuous and physically weak animal. But with time the creature starts to climb up the food chain, thereby changing into one of the bigger threats on the island. Take care of your reptile development, get The Isle free Download and become the mightiest dinosaur on the island.

Technicalities in The Isle TPP

One server in The Isle multiplayer game can hold up to a hundred users, but during the play one can encounter other animals controlled by artificial intelligence. Player has the possibility to join herds of his own species and set nests. It allows to raise offspring, and then to look after it. Players can also become hatched animals. Learn about real life of dinosaurs, get The Isle steam Download and find out about previously unknown species of prehistoric reptiles. The production is remarkable for carefully done, three-dimension graphics. Also noteworthy is the appearance of both the island’s surrounding and of the dinosaurs’ models. The extinct reptiles’ fans will have no problem recognizing the most characteristic specimens, reproduced according to real sizes.

The Isle system requirements PC


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 or better.RAM: 4 GB System Memory.OS: Windows 10 (64-bit).CPU: Quad-core Intel processor, 2.5 GHz or faster.GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.Hard Drive Space Required: 10 GB.DX: DirectX 11.Resolution: 720p@30FPS.


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or better.RAM: 8 GB System Memory.OS: Windows 10 and up (64-bit).CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz or better.GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.Hard Drive Space Required: 10 GB.DX: DirectX 12.Resolution: 1080p@ ~60FPS.

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The Isle, скачанная с торрента не работает. Решение

Такие версии игр использовать не просто неудобно, а даже опасно, ведь очень часто в них изменены многие файлы. Например, для обхода защиты пираты модифицируют EXE-файл. При этом никто не знает, что они еще с ним делают. Быть может, они встраивают само-исполняющееся программное обеспечение. Например, майнер, который при первом запуске игры встроится в систему и будет использовать ее ресурсы для обеспечения благосостояния хакеров. Или вирус, дающий доступ к компьютеру третьим лицам. Тут никаких гарантий нет и быть не может.

К тому же использование пиратских версий — это, по мнению нашего издания, воровство. Разработчики потратили много времени на создание игры, вкладывали свои собственные средства в надежде на то, что их детище окупится. А каждый труд должен быть оплачен.

Поэтому при возникновении каких-либо проблем с играми, скачанными с торрентов или же взломанных с помощью тех или иных средств, следует сразу же удалить «пиратку», почистить компьютер при помощи антивируса и приобрести лицензионную копию игры. Это не только убережет от сомнительного ПО, но и позволит скачивать обновления для игры и получать официальную поддержку от ее создателей.


Ah yes, nesting.. the first thing new players want to do when they reach an adult female of any dinosaur- be it a Utah or even an apex. Now to explain it.

Obviously, you can only nest as a female. Subs can nest, if your dinosaur has a sub stage. Just to let you know, only apexes have sub stages. Adults can nest too. You don’t need to be with a male of your species. You can nest asexually.

Eggs on average take about 20 minutes to ready. When one is ready, the next will be on roughly 10% incubation. This means it’ll only take 10 minutes to ready after the current one has been hatched out of/readied.

How do you even place a nest? Well, first make sure it’s in a safe place. If you’re a herbivore I recommend having a herd. It doesn’t matter though as it’s completely your decision. Now, to actually place the nest you just hold B on a flat surface. If it doesn’t work try right clicking. If it still doesn’t work, make sure it’s on a flat surface and it’s further into the grass if not already (if you’re nesting somewhere like on the edge of a lake). To get the eggs ready, just sit on it for the time I said above. Yes you already know how to sit, I hope. You can also place food in your nest, but be aware that this will drain some of your own food bar, meaning you’ll have to go and find AI or a plant again. Maybe even another player if you’re a carnivore. Whatever suits you, I guess-

Now that that’s done, onto the next category- Scenting!