Со скоростью молнии

Еще один способ для одиночного прохождения. Вам понадобится самодельная лесенка, кукла заключенного, реактивный движок, собранный вручную, форма охранника и отвертка. Создаются эти предметы следующим образом:

  • форма медицинского работника: форма заключенного и 1 отбеливающее средство;
  • форма охраны: чернила и форма медицинского работника;
  • кукла заключенного: 2 подушки и 1 одеяло;
  • реактивный движок: 1 мятная конфета (можно найти у офицера) и 1 банка с содовой;
  • лесенка: 6 банок с краской (ставятся друг на друга).

Побег осуществляется довольно просто. Идите к месту, где проводится перекличка, и отыщите сооружение с губной гармошкой. Подойдите к нему и подставьте самодельную лесенку, чтобы дотянуться до вентиляционной решетки. Сломайте ее и начните идти в другое здание с мотоциклом. Воспользуйтесь ракетным движком, подсоединив его к технике, и уезжайте в закат как старина Биг Босс.

3rd Strategy[]

Another strategy (which also works on Console!) is extremely easy.

All you will need is

  1. A Fake Wall Block
  2. A Bed Dummy
  3. A Red Plastic Key
  4. A Guard Outfit
  5. And a Sturdy Pickaxe

So once you have all of these items, you will basically be all set to escape. Just wait until evening rollcall.

Right when it begins, or just before, place a bed dummy in your bed. Then, wait a few seconds during the rolecall (like one second after all three guards arrive) then get into the solitary room, change into a guard outfit then walk around to the door that leads to the other part of the prison. Try to evade the guards as much as possible but do not worry if one or two see you. There is a door with a red key lock in one of the electric fence areas on the right side. When you find it, go through using the red key and walk down outside of the upper right corner of the barracks. dig under using your pickaxe and once your tunnel; in underneath the inside of the barracks, dig up and cover the inside hole. Now there will be two locks, you can get through both with just the red key. Once you get through both of those doors. you will be on the docks. Walk to the area of it where it extends outwards (where the boats would be) and once you are in the area the game will end. You have escaped!

Favor Types (TE 1)[]


This favor involves knocking out a inmate or guard.

As your target will attempt to fight back, it is recommended that you train your strength and speed before you perform Beat-down favors, especially if your target is a guard, as guards hit much harder than most inmates since they use Batons (or Stun Rods). When carrying out a beating job, follow your target first and beat him up when he is in an isolated area, as Guards will attempt to knock you down if they see you attacking a target. The beat-downs involving a guard will reward you twice as much as inmate beat-downs.

The one-use Cup of Molten Chocolate can easily instant K.O. someone and complete any beat-down favors associated with the target. However, use this on guards since they are stronger and have weapons.

Text Displayed (PC Version)

  • That punk inmate’s been disrespecting me. Knock him about the place a bit and I’ll pay you.
  • I suspect the recent heat on me is coming from inmate. Give him a good hiding and I’ll see you right.
  • Guard thinks he has VIP access to my cell desk. Go lay him out for me and I’ll pay you.
  • My parole was rejected thanks to guard. I want him bruised.
  • I think Guard likes me. Go break his face.

Beat up target for giver.


This favor is accomplished by targeting and hitting an inmate or guard during an assembly event, causing the guards to focus on chasing after you. Alternatively, you can take off your clothing briefly.

Text Displayed

  • I plan to teach someone a lesson during next routine. Get the guards attention so I can do my thing
  • Finally found out who’s been snitching on me to the warden! Distract the guards at next routine for me so I can reward him.
  • If you can divert the guards attention next routine for me I can dish out some justice using this screwdriver!

Distraction at routine for giver.


This favor involves finding a specific item and bringing it back to the inmate that asked for it.

The item requested can be acquired from any source, whether you buy or steal it, but you must personally bring the item back to the inmate that asked for it and giving it to him through the «Give» tab.

Payment is received the moment you give the requested item to the inmate in question.

Text Displayed

  • I need a item, can you hook me up with one?
  • Find me a item and I’ll make it worth your while.
  • Got a item? I have a buyer lined up!

Locate a item for giver.

Steal Char

This favor involves retrieving an item from a specific inmate or guard.

Inmates may have the item in their desk or on their person; if it is in their desk, you can simply raid it to retrieve the item, but if it is on their person, you will have to either knock him out personally or wait for him to be knocked out by a guard or another inmate, and then raid his body for the item.

As guards do not have living quarters, the item will always be on their person, so if your target is a guard, you will most likely have to knock him out personally, as other inmates are almost never capable of knocking out guards by themselves.

The item you will need to retrieve will flash repeatedly and will bear the owner’s name in front of the item name. You do not need to personally bring it back to its owner; you just need to pick it up. Items retrieved in this way will not cause the guards to raise your heat and chase after you, which is what they will normally do if you steal an item from a knocked-out NPC.

Payment is received the moment you pick up the required item.

Text Displayed

  • That thieving rat inmate stole my item! I want it back ASAP!
  • My lucky item has found its way into the pilfering palm of inmate. Get it back and I’ll see you right.
  • Guard saw fit to relieve me of my item. I’d appreciate it if you could get it back.
  • I gave guard my item in good faith he’d watch my back. He failed to deliver so I want my payment back.



08:00 — 09:00 Morning Rollcall
09:00 — 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 — 13:00 Leisure \ Work Period
13:00 — 14:00 Exercise Period
14:00 — 17:00 Free Period
17:00 — 18:00 Evening Meal
18:00 — 21:00 Leisure \ Work Period
21:00 — 22:00 Shower Block
22:00 — 23:00 Evening Rollcall
23:00 — 08:00 Lights Out


8:00 — 9:00 Morning Rollcall
9:00 — 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 — 13:00 Leisure / Work Period
13:00 — 14:00 Mid-day Rollcall
14:00 — 16:00 Free Period
16:00 — 17:00 Evening Meal
17:00 — 18:00 Exercise Period
18:00 — 19:00 Shower Block
19:00 — 22:00 Free Period
22:00 — 23:00 Evening Rollcall
23:00 — 8:00 Lights Out

Strategies / Ways To Escape[]

There are many ways to escape Center Perks, as this is the easiest prison in The Escapists.

Prison Takeover (Fastest Known Escape)

This is the fastest legitimate method of escaping Center Perks. The world record time is 29.55 seconds. (video)

  1. Get out of the bed straight away, then hit Q on as many inmates as possible. Three friends will be recommended for the start. If you cannot three inmates at the beginning, exit and restart.
  2. Attend Rollcall. Get all other inmates wherever possible to follow you.
  3. Once the guards are at Rollcall, get everyone to attack the first guard and the second guard. (Note that this will trigger lockdown.) When the third guard shows up, beat him up too.
  4. This is usually where it’s completely RNG, but once the fourth guard shows up, get everyone to attack it. Once you get the warden note, go through the top entrance doors and use that to get out. You will have to be fast with it because if a guard gets up, you will be sniped and the takeover will fail.

Tip: Usually the game will play a sound effect for those who are able to follow you if you can’t directly get to them. You can get the inmate from straight down right away which will follow you early for some weird reason.

No Prison Takeover

Doing no takeover is usually more consistent and requires less RNG. The fastest time without a prison takeover is 1m, 20s. (video)

  1. Once your cell unlocks, start searching desks. Also, there is a glitch to search other desks from the same cell. All you need to do is click while the «searching» bar is up. It is pretty convenient and saves a lot of time.
  2. You will need a roll of duct tape. A file will save time, but a plastic knife also works.
  3. Use the infinite durability glitch on your file / plastic knife.
    1. To do this, press the esc key, and click the profile button at the same time until it glitches. May require multiple attempts.
    2. Click into your desk and put a comb shiv in.
    3. Click out of it and back in. Take the comb shiv out of your desk. The menu should be glitched with yellow keys.
    4. Go to your profile then equip the weapon.
    5. Once your item disappears, you’ll know if you’ve done it correctly.
  4. Gather as much people as possible to attack the 3rd guard which is the guard that has the entrance key. You can use this to start cutting early. If you cannot get a lot of people, just get someone knocked out and tie them, however you’ll have to wait for the free period to start.
  5. Carry the knocked guard/inmate to the fence.
  6. Once you start cutting, pick up the tied guard/inmate immediately. You will not get sniped if you are fast enough. Repeat this step until the fence breaks.
  7. As soon as the fence breaks, start moving. If you are too slow you will be placed in solitary.

Classic Strategy:

  1. Attend roll call to avoid triggering a lockdown.
  2. Gather four plastic forks.
  3. Start chipping the bottom wall near the entrance doors.
  4. Stop chipping whenever it hits 4%
  5. Use this time to search desks for two files and any food that might speed up the process.
  6. Use the laundry room to take a guard outfit.
  7. At lights out, place a bed dummy, and put on the guard outfit.
  8. Chip the wall and put the wall block back to avoid being placed in solitary.
  9. Move down and start cutting the fence.

Entrance Key Use:

  1. Label the third guard’s name to something like «Entrance» or «333333». This is necessary as the key pattern is always the same.
  2. Attend roll call to avoid triggering a lockdown.
  3. Search desks individually for stuff to make molten plastic, wad of putty, cutters, or even molten chocolate if you’re lucky enough.
  4. Train your strength and intellect to knockout the guard and get a key mold.
  5. Knockout the third guard that has the entrance key.
  6. Take his guard outfit and key. Craft the mold, and the plastic key if possible. Remember to put the real key back on the guard though, otherwise you will be placed in solitary.
  7. At lights out, place a bed dummy, and put on the guard outfit.
  8. Use the plastic key to get outside and start cutting the fence.

Utility Hall:

  1. Attend roll call to avoid triggering a lockdown.
  2. Gather four plastic forks.
  3. Start chipping the hall near the gym / shower area.
  4. If you are worried about playing risky, place the wall block back down. It will spawn back at 10%.
  5. Get the prisoner stash. With RNG you can get at least flimsy cutters.
  6. If you can’t get flimsy cutters, search desks for files.
  7. Wait for the entrance doors to lock. The 22:00 warning doesn’t mean anything as you won’t be sniped.
  8. Wait for 23:00 for the snipers to despawn before you start cutting.

Тюрьма Center Perks 2.0

Первый побег

Это очень простой способ и не требует от вас ничего особенного. Все, что вам нужно, — это манекен и резаки. Когда вы сойдете с края карты, вы покинете тюрьму. Чтобы сделать это, просто положите манекен в свою комнату, после чего выходите наружу. Когда вы окажетесь на улице, дождитесь, пока погаснет свет. В темноте вы сможете вырезать забор с помощью резаков и покинуть тюрьму. Это можно сделать в любом случае, с друзьями или в одиночку.

Третий побег

 Только для мультиплеера. 

Вы можете найти его на столе. Когда у вас будет адрес доставки, вам нужно отправиться в восточную часть карты, где вы найдете дверь с надписью «Доступ». Чтобы войти, нужно, чтобы один игрок держал дверь, а другой зашел внутрь. Внутри комнаты поместите все три части контейнера для перевозки на золотую платформу, чтобы вы могли сбежать.

– Официальная The Escapists Wiki

К черту!
Идентификатор товара: 24
Будет конфисковано
Предмет ограниченного использования
Выкрашивание 2/5
Отвинчивание 4/5

Может использоваться для скалывания камней / стен или для откручивания вентиляционных отверстий (может работать до двух вентиляционных крышек).Может использоваться как оружие, но если оно находится в слоте для оружия, оно не будет обнаружено металлоискателями, как любое другое контрабандное оружие (только TE1). Используется на учебном уровне TE1.

Можно получить, купив его у сокамерников или выбив их. Также можно найти в тайниках для заключенных в вентиляционных отверстиях или служебных коридорах, а также на столах.



Беглецы 2 Шт.
Будет конфисковано

25% за использование



Item Requirements Intelligence Required in TE1 Intelligence Required in TE2 Defence Given Extra Info
Guard Outfit Jar of Ink + Infirmary Overalls 40 40 N/A You can also find this at the laundry job, in some prisons.
Infirmary Overalls Inmate Outfit OR Guard Outfit + Tub of Bleach 50 50 N/A
Cushioned Inmate Outfit Inmate Outfit OR POW Outfit + Pillow + Roll of Duct Tape 30 40 Low
Padded Inmate Outfit Inmate Outfit + Roll of Duct Tape + Book 60 50 Medium
Plated Inmate Outfit Inmate Outfit OR Guard Outfit + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape 80 60 High
Makeshift Robot Guard Outfit Sheet of Metal + Foil + Roll of Duct Tape N/A 50 N/A Exclusive to TE2, only in U.S.S Anomaly, acts as a Guard Outfit.

Riot Guards (The Escapists 2 Only)[]

Main article: Riot Guard

A SWAT Guard

Where SWAT guards spend most of their life…

Riot Guards or SWAT guards are riot specialized guards that rest in the Control Room until the Lockdown state is triggered. They’re better equipped than normal guards with Metal Batons and Riot Guard Outfits. They won’t be knocked out with a single hit from a Makeshift Stungun or Cup of Molten Chocolate, the player must hit twice to knock out a SWAT guard. There are always two of them in every classic prison. They function identically to other guards (e.g: they report escape attempts or damage and attack mischievous Inmates). Knocking one out is also the only way to obtain the weapons and armor they use. The Control Room contains the contraband desk which holds confiscated items and items that can be required for some Favours. One of them always has a Purple Key and the other a Red Key. Defeating them can be difficult; you either need a weapon, armor, good stats, or a good strategy.

Note from someone: In Santa’s Shakedown you can go to the 2nd floor from the Control room and do something to alert the camera, once a swat guard checks it out, you can attack him, don’t worry about being knocked out, you’re in the medical bay, right?

Other info[]

Be sure to make note of which guards have which key. You can find out what number the guards have by writing down the guard order when naming your people or by simply giving the first 5 guards a specific name to recognize them. The key color unlocks the color lock as is on the door. The guards from 1st to 5th have the following keys Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Green. You can name them the color key they have to easily remember who has what color key.

Plastic Keys are contraband and they are made with a Key Mold and Molten Plastic.

A real key obtained by using the exploit works forever.

If you access the menu from an unconscious guard and have putty, select the key and touch X on Xbox or space on PC to make a key mold without needing to access the craft menu.

There are a few colored doors that don’t have their own respective key.

  • Blue doors (with star icons in TE2) can only be opened by guards or while the player is wearing a Guard Outfit.
  • White doors can only be opened by the staff (warden, guards) or unlocked by the player during a prison takeover in a lockdown. Silver doors in TE2 cannot be opened by players in any way, and only appear to open during escape cutscenes.
  • Green doors with health symbols, which can only be opened by either the infirmary staff or a player wearing the Infirmary Overalls. (Mobile/Console edition only, and TE2)

Prison Guard/Police Officer[]


In Desktop TE1, Guards you knock out will attack you once they wake up. This lasts until you escape from them chasing you.

  • Guards that witness prisoners fighting will attack them. If they witness you start a fight, they will attack you and the target.
  • Guards at roll call choose two prisoners whose cells will be searched for contraband.
  • Guards will attack you if they see you stealing from other inmates or if your guard heat is above 89% (79% in The Escapists 2).
  • If a guard catches you chipping, digging, or cutting, they’ll attack and raise your heat to 99% instantly.
  • If a guard picks up dropped contraband, it cannot be retrieved afterward.
  • Guards will not attack you in hiding, even above 89%
  • If a guard finds the following, you will be sent to Solitary. In The Escapists 2, a lockdown will trigger instead of immediately being sent to solitary (the guard dogs will KO you shortly after).
    • Finds evidence of tunneling, cutting, or chipping.
    • Catches you outside of your cell after lights out without a guard outfit equipped. (Riot guard or regular guard)
  • In The Escapists 2, guards will follow you if you have a heat at or above their opinion level. Guards with an opinion of 80 or above won’t follow you unless they are trying to attack you, while guards with an opinion of 0 will usually follow you no matter what your heat is. This can be prevented by raising a guard’s opinion or avoiding being spotted by them.
  • In The Escapists 2, extra guards can be found in the during low Security Levels.


Guards wear a Guard Outfit. If you are near guards while wearing it, Infirmary Overalls, or a Civilian Outfit, the player’s heat will go up rapidly, 3% at a time in the Escapists 1, but 1% in the Escapists 2. It can be worn to grant you exclusive permissions (i.e., free desk looting). This item is especially useful during Lights Out, when you are prohibited from wandering around the prison as an inmate. However, if you don’t place a Bed Dummy in your bed at night and your cell is spotted empty, a lockdown will be called and you will be sent to solitary. This outfit will be confiscated immediately.


This states how much a guard likes you. A guard with a low opinion of you will tear down sheets and posters placed by the player, and is more likely to call your name at roll call. A guard with a high opinion of you is less likely to call your name at roll call, and won’t attack you if they see you fighting. It is best to have guards to have a high opinion of you. In the Escapists 2, a guard with a lower opinion is more likely to keep watch of you.

Guard Quarters

Not to be confused with the Control Room.

In the Escapists 2, guards have an area within the prison that contains their own quarters. Extra guards will wander around here, never leaving the room until the security level rises. Despite their idleness, they can still raise heat, chase you around, and check cameras outside the guard quarters. Like inmate cells, each guard room has a desk and a bed. However, guard desks contain a narrower variety of loot (e.g. Medikit, Screwdriver, Adrenaline Shot). This area is restricted, so if you are seen by a guard or a camera, your will increase.

Разработка и выпуск

The Escapists — вторая игра единоличной студии Криса Дэвиса. В ноябре 2013 года Дэвис собрал на Kickstarter 7 131 фунт стерлингов для игры , что позволило ему полностью посвятить себя разработке игр. В отличие от своей первой игры, Spud’s Quest , Дэвис подписал издательское соглашение с Team17, чтобы улучшить рынок игры. Team17 предоставила руководство и перенесла игру из службы поддержки Unity для Xbox One.

Игра была вдохновлена ​​видеоигрой 1984 года Skool Daze , одной из любимых игр Дэвиса. Дэвис ограничил систему подсказок и руководство, чтобы поощрить игроков к экспериментам. Он надеялся, что, позволив игрокам самостоятельно найти решение, они почувствуют большее чувство достижения. В поисках вдохновения Дэвис смотрел тюремные фильмы и исследовал побеги из тюрьмы.

Игра была выпущена для раннего доступа Steam в августе 2014 года. Отзывы о выпуске в раннем доступе позволили Дэвису улучшить игру, например, отрегулировав сложность. Это позволило ему экспериментировать с идеями и запрашивать предложения от сообщества игроков. Дэвис заявил, что «сообщество — это то, что сделало игру такой, какая она есть», и что «ранний доступ был действительно хорошим опытом для игры». Полная версия игры была выпущена в феврале 2015 года.

Загружаемый контент

Для игры доступно пять пакетов загружаемого контента (DLC).

Первое DLC, «Исправительное учреждение Fhurst Peak» изначально было добавлено в качестве дополнительной тюрьмы для игроков раннего доступа, но было добавлено как DLC из-за большого спроса в качестве дополнительной тюрьмы.

Второй DLC под названием «Алькатрас» основан на Федеральной тюрьме Алькатраса . Он был выпущен для ПК, PlayStation и Xbox One 2 апреля 2015 года.

«Escape Team», третий пакет DLC, был выпущен 30 июня 2015 года для ПК, PlayStation 4 и Xbox One. Это позволяет играть четырьмя разными заключенными, а не одним. Четыре персонажа основаны на A-Team .

«Duct Tapes are Forever», четвертое DLC, было выпущено 3 ноября 2015 года для ПК и PlayStation 4 и 4 ноября для Xbox One. Это тема Джеймса Бонда , где игрок берет на себя роль супершпиона, пытающегося сбежать из логова злого злодея.

Пятый пакет DLC, «Santa’s Sweatshop», был выпущен бесплатно 8 декабря 2015 года для ПК, Xbox One и PlayStation 4.


All can be used as a Weapon in The Escapists 2 unless otherwise noted.

Item Requirements Intelligence Required in TE1 Intelligence Required in TE2 Extra Info
Tool Handle Timber + File 30 40
Flimsy Pickaxe Tool Handle + Crowbar + Roll of Duct Tape 40 40
Lightweight Pickaxe Flimsy Pickaxe + Timber + Roll of Duct Tape 60 50
Sturdy Pickaxe Lightweight Pickaxe + Timber + Roll of Duct Tape 80 60
Flimsy Shovel Tool Handle + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape 40 40
Lightweight Shovel Flimsy Shovel + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape 60 50
Sturdy Shovel Lightweight Shovel + Sheet of Metal + Roll of Duct Tape 80 60
Flimsy Cutters File + File + Roll of Duct Tape 40 40
Lightweight Cutters Flimsy Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape 60 50
Sturdy Cutters Lightweight Cutters + File + Roll of Duct Tape 80 60
Multitool Sturdy Shovel + Sturdy Pickaxe + Roll of Duct Tape 90 70
Cutting Floss Dental Floss x3 40 40 Can not be used as a weapon in TE2
Powered Screwdriver Screwdriver + Wire + Battery 80 N/A Currently not on the Console, exclusive to TE1

Escape Plan[]

First, you’ll need to work on your strength. After you have a good amount of strength, knock out a soldier and take a Taper and a Mixing Container. Also take a Guard Outfit, as you will need it next. Craft the Taper with a Lighter to create the last item you’ll need, the Makeshift Fuse.

Now, take the guard’s outfit and go into the Soldier sleeping area northeast of the shower block. This area has green beds. You will need the Guard Outfit to enter. There is a green desk with a Target on it. Open it, and take one Charcoal. You should enter this area when there aren’t other guards around, as they will bust you if they catch you, even with the Guard Outfit on.

Next, knock out the officer with the red staff key and create two key molds using Putty and Molten Plastic. After creating fake keys, head southeast of the map. There should be a somewhat large building, just east of solitary. You should see a red double door north of the building. You can either use the Plastic Staff Key you created or chip the wall next to it to get in. Keep in mind, you can only enter at night if you choose to chip the wall, as you will instantly be sent to solitary if the wall is gone during the day. There should be a desk near the bottom of the building. Open the desk and take a Metal Tube, a Corrugated Iron, and a Metal Cone. You will also need to head north of the building. There is a wall completely surrounding a green desk with a target on it. You will need to chip this wall, but you can do so during the day. You will need to use a poster to cover the hole. Keep in mind that the guards are less likely to find you chipping if you chip the east wall rather than the west wall. Take one Potassium.

You can complete this next step in one of two ways. The easiest is to get the Gardener Job. To get this job you will need to distract the inmate who has the job. This shouldn’t be too hard, as you can just recruit them for the whole job period as long as their opinion is above 90. You can also chip into this building, or obtain the green work key and use that to enter. After you enter using one of these methods, take one bag of Fertilizer. After that, you won’t need to enter this room again.

Finally, there is a building with two metal containers and one green desk with a target on it. Enter this building by chipping it and using a poster or by using the red staff key. Take a Metal Tube and a Corrugated Iron.

Return to your cell and craft a Makeshift Fuse, Makeshift Explosive Round, and the Makeshift Tank Turret. (See above for crafting recipes)


Moldy Toof Studios создали The Escapists 2 совместно с Team17 . Команда прислушалась к отзывам игроков, сыгравших в первую игру, и определила многопользовательский режим как наиболее востребованную функцию. Поскольку код первой игры необходимо было существенно переписать, чтобы включить такие функции, команда решила вместо этого создать новую игру. Команда хотела познакомить игроков с чем-то новым. Поэтому многие системы были расширены, чтобы стать более сложными, а тюрьмы, представленные в игре, являются многоэтажными.

Team17 анонсировала игру 3 октября 2016 года. Она была выпущена для Microsoft Windows , PlayStation 4 и Xbox One 22 августа 2017 года. Затем Team17 выпустила игру на Nintendo Switch 16 января 2018 года. Игра была выпущена для iOS и Android. 31 января 2019 года, как The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout . Для игры было выпущено несколько пакетов загружаемого контента . К ним относятся «Big Top Breakout», «Dungeons and Duct Tape» и «Wicked Ward», каждая из которых представляет новую тюремную карту. Sold Out выступал в качестве дистрибьютора розничной версии игры для ПК, PS4 и Xbox One.

Ways To Escape[]

In the K.A.P.O.W. Camp there are 3 possible ways to escape.

Perimeter Breakout


  • Get 60 Intellect.
  • Obtain a pair of Flimsy Cutters with two File and a Roll of Duct Tape. Lightweight Cutters tier or higher is recommended.
  • Optionally, obtain a Contraband Pouch.
  • Obtain an outfit. This may be Infirmary Outfit or a Guard Outfit.
  • Collect two Pillow and a Bed Sheet to craft a Bed Dummy.
  • Obtain a Wad of Putty and Molten Plastic to create a Plastic Key or Plastic Key.

The Escape:

After placing the Bed Dummy in your cell, check in to Evening Roll Call.

Rush to the generator room. You may use the northeastern passage if you do not have a Contraband Pouch.

When Lights Out hits, turn off the generator and run through the red or purple door and through the Contraband Detector south of the meal hall and turn south and then south-east. Cut through the two fences.

Congratulations, you are free!

Speed McQueen

This escape is a singleplayer only escape.


  • Get 40 Intellect.
  • Search or buy 1x Makeshift Ladder. (Many inmates Carry Paint. beat them up to get Paint.)
  • Search or buy 1x Screwdriver, 1x Can of Soda, 1x Sugar Mint (commonly found on guards).
  • Craft 1x Makeshift Rocket Thruster.
  • Locate the room with the motorcycle in the South-West side of the prison.
  • If you forgot a component, there is no need to panic. Take the desk and put it under the vent and you can get out. Guards do not seem to patrol the room, so it should be safe so long as you do not lure a guard in.

The Escape:

  • Take the Makeshift Rocket Thruster, the Screwdriver, and the Makeshift Ladder to the room north of the motorcycle and west of the Job office.
  • Place the Makeshift Ladder below the vent.
  • Climb up your ladder (like you do when you climb a desk) and unscrew the vent.
  • Enter the vent and unscrew the second vent cover that leads to the room south of the Makeshift ladder.
  • Equip the Makeshift Rocket Thruster on the motorcycle.
  • Escape!

Note: If you want visual help on how to do this, check out the video below.


  • Get 60 Intellect.
  • Steal 2x Bed Sheets.
  • Search or buy 1x Length of Rope, 4x Dowel (this is best bought from inmates), 3x Roll of Duct Tape, x1 Circuit Board, x1 Wire, x1 Lighter and x1 Comb or Toothbrush.
  • Craft 1x Molten Plastic.
  • Craft 1x Glider Skin, 2x Half Frame of Glider.
  • Craft 2x Sturdy Pickaxe (at least the sturdy version of them).
  • Take Circuit Board and Wire and locate the guard with the Cyan Keycard. He is the one that usually stands in the place just outside the solitary confinement when not on patrol.
  • Knock out the guard and craft Cyan Keycard Mould. Don’t forget to put original Cyan Keycard back to guard’s inventory or flush it down the toilet.
  • Craft the Fake Cyan Keycard.
  • Optional: Search and grab some energy drinks or food to replenish your energy when breaking down a long wall. Adrenaline Shot is recommended, as there are a lot of tiles to destroy.

The Escape:

  • Take all of your items.
  • Run to the library next to the kitchen and head up the stairs.
  • Use your Fake Cyan Keycard on the cyan keycard lock which is located on the wall from the right and let the second player come in.
  • Head up the stairs again and make your way to the south east part of the roof where you have the wooden platform.
  • Equip all of your glider parts one by one and put them on the platform.
  • Use your Sturdy Pickaxes on the eastern wall and break all the damaged pieces.
  • Escape!

Alternative Method:

Find 3x Tin of Paint and craft into Makeshift Ladder. Obtain a Screwdriver and 2x File.

Go to the room north of the upstairs library (take the stairs next to the generator), place the Makeshift Ladder under the vent, and screw upwards.

Enter the vent, then turn to the left, cut through the fence and screw upwards again. You are now in the building chamber!

Warning: Once you are in, you will not be able to get out. Bring all materials necessary to escape in 1 go (or send 1 person up and the others to fetch items, as the cyan keycard door can be opened from the inside.)


Комментарии главы по занятости заключенных:

Инспекторы называют это опасным, но я называю это «Деревенская еда». Чувство вкуса и / или запаха не такие чтобы аж голодать. Но зато можно не мыть руки!

Возьмите сырую курочку из холодильника на кухне и положите их в печи. После приготовления, вынуть их и положить их на подносы в столовой.


Единственное что вам нужное на кухне это готовая курица. Сама курица отнимает 10% усталости. Т.к. курица не контрабанда, вам не понадобится контрабандный мешочек чтобы унести курицу с кухни к вам в шкафчик в камере.

Основы работы

Возьмите курицу из холодильника и положите их в печи. После того как печи выключатся вытащите курицу и положите ее на поднос.

Зарплата — $45(Shankton State Pen и Center Perks).

Требуется 50 интеллекта чтобы устроится на работу.


Одной из задач разработчиков The Escapists являлась демонстрация тюремной жизни. К большому сожалению, в этом мире достаточно проявлений агрессии и жестокости, в том числе от тюремного персонала. Причин этому может быть множество:

  • Если вас поймают за противозаконным действием, таким как драка или распил решетки, то охранники будут дубасить вас до потери сознания. Очнетесь вы в лазарете, потеряв немного денег и всю контрабанду из инвентаря.
  • Если же ваш персонаж совершил ряд противозаконных действий, то на открытой местности вас пристрелят снайперы. Итог — телепорт до лазарета.
  • Если вас поймают при попытке побега, то, применив грубую силу, вашего персонажа посадят в одиночную камеру на 3 дня. Это отбросит вас от цели, и придется начинать все заново. Благо время для вас пролетит незаметно.

Система наказаний реализована не совсем удачно. Очень обидно, когда вас ловят на последнем этапе побега. Однако в случае с обычными потасовками ничего не меняется. Хотелось бы увидеть более глубокую систему последствий и наказаний за оплошности.