Removed Blocks

Removed Blocks
Removed Block Description Picture
Swamp Farmland When the mod was first conceived, Swamp Farmland was planned to be a block that could be tilled with a hoe from Swamp Dirt and used as soil for Betweenlands crops, similar to the vanilla mechanic. It was overridden by the Compost mechanic and thus was never added in the reboot. N/A
Dried Peat Dried Peat was a block that was intended to be smelted from Peat in the original development of the mod. It was meant to be an efficient fuel source. It was never added in the reboot. N/A
Mire Coral Dust (placed) During the original development of the mod, Mire Coral Dust was planned to have a placed form, similar to Redstone Dust, that would form the border of a Repeller. In the reboot, Ground Mire Coral exists and uses the item texture of Mire Coral Dust, but it cannot be placed, as Repellers create their own border instead. N/A
Water Flower Water Flowers were a feature since the original development of the mod, and generated in Deep Waters biomes. They were flowers that stuck out above the water and were connected to the seafloor by stalks. They were in the first reboot release of the mod, but were replaced by Bladderworts in the Beta 1.0.1 update.
Bark Weedwood Bark and Portal Tree Bark were originally separate blocks that generated on the outside of Weedwood and Portal Trees, repsectively. In the Beta 2.0.0 update, they were merged with Weedwood Log and Portal Frame blocks, which generate with bark on all sides in place of the individual bark blocks.
Dark Druid Spawner The Dark Druid Spawner was a block that generated below the Dark Druid Altar of a Druid Circle and spawned Dark Druids. It was removed in the Beta 2.0.0 update, and its function was replaced by a regular Betweenlands Monster Spawner.
Chock-A-Block The Chock-A-Block was a stunningly special animated block, depicting a super smart chimp walking a bulldog around on a leash. It was a reference to the resident chimp/coder of the mod, Vadis365. It was removed in the Beta 2.0.0 update…still can’t believe this was actually ingame…
Lantern The original concept for a Lantern was a light source that had to be refueled with Weedwood Buckets of Oil. It was implemented during the original development of the mod, and a different iteration was developed during the reboot, but was removed before release. New iterations of Lanterns have since made their way to official releases in the Release 3.7.2 update. N/A


The player can avoid being targeted by a Wight by sneaking when around it, but cannot damage it in this state without attracting its attention. It will not stop targeting the player if it spotted them before sneaking.

Wights can be killed in one hit using a rare loot weapon, the Wight’s Bane.

When the player wears a Skull Mask, Wights are unable to possess them, and nearby possessed Swamp Hags will not shoot projectiles.

Wearing Ancient Armor will reduce the magic damage dealt by possession projectiles by 12.5% per piece, for a total of 50% with the full set.

Wights cannot be repelled by a Repeller.

Passive Mobs

  • Blind Cave Fish: A small fish that swims in the waters of the Betweenlands caverns.
  • Dragonfly: A graceful insect that flies across the dark skies of the Betweenlands.
  • Firefly: A glowing insect that flies around and gives off light.
  • Frog: A small amphibian that just likes to hop around and mind its own business.
  • Gecko: A small lizard that hides in bushes, and can be caged and tested on to discover item aspects.
  • Greebling: An elusive gremlin that just loves to sit down and play some music.
  • Mire Snail: A peaceful snail that can be farmed, unlike its ornery cousins.
  • Root Sprite: A miniature living root that makes its home around larger roots.
  • Sporeling: A skittish mushroom creature that prefers living near shelf fungus.


The following mobs can spawn naturally on the surface in regular Swamplands biomes:

  • Firefly, when the Rift event is active at night or inactive
  • Gecko
  • Mire Snail
  • Frog
  • Sporeling, only on Shelf Fungus
  • Greebling
  • Greebling Rider, in the sky
  • Tar Beast, only in Tar, rarely
  • Leech
  • Angler, in water
  • Swamp Hag
  • Wight
  • Blood Snail
  • Chiromaw
  • Shambler
  • Harlequin Toad, uncommonly

The following mobs can spawn naturally on the surface in Swamplands Clearing biomes:

  • Spirit Tree, always
  • Sludge, only after defeating the Spirit Tree, hiding in Spreading Sludgy Dirt
  • Smol Sludge, only after defeating the Spirit Tree, hiding in Spreading Sludgy Dirt


  • Angler Meat Steak: Obtained by cooking Raw Angler Meat.
  • Ball of Sap: An edible item obtained from trees that replenishes the decay bar.
  • Black Hat Mushroom (item): An edible, although not very sustaining, mushroom.
  • Bulb-Capped Mushrooms: An edible and very ‘flashy’ mushroom.
  • Candies: Treats that drop from all mobs during the Spook.
  • Candy Cane: Traditional holiday treats that can be found in Presents.
  • Chiromaw Wing: The wing of a strange beast that can counter food sickness.
  • Christmas Pudding: Delicious pudding that can be found in Presents.
  • Cooked Mire Snail Egg: Obtained by cooking Mire Snail Eggs.
  • Crabstick: Crafted with 3 Silt Crab Claws.
  • Flathead Mushroom (item): An edible, although not very sustaining, mushroom.
  • Forbidden Fig: A tempting looking, although deceiving, fig.
  • Fried Frog’s Leg: Obtained by cooking Raw Frog’s Legs.
  • Fried Swamp Kelp: Obtained by cooking Swamp Kelp.
  • Gert’s Donut: Crafted with a Reed Donut, a Wight’s Heart, and a Slimeball.
  • Green Marshmallow: Increases movement speed when eaten.
  • Jam Donut: Crafted with a Reed Donut and a White Pear.
  • Mince Pie: Tasty mincemeat-filled pies that can be found in Presents.
  • Mire Scramble: A hearty breakfast crafted with Yellow Dotted Fungus and Cooked Mire Snail Eggs.
  • Mire Snail Egg: The product of breeding Mire Snails.
  • Nettle Soup: Crafted with a Weedwood Bowl, various mushrooms, and a Nettle.
  • Nibblestick: Experience-granting edible sticks crafted with Nibbletwig Logs.
  • Pink Marshmallow: Increases jump height when eaten.
  • Puffshroom Tendril: Obtained by shearing Puffshrooms.
  • Raw Angler Meat: A drop from Anglers.
  • Raw Frog’s Leg: A drop from Frogs.
  • Raw Snail Flesh: A drop from Mire Snails and Blood Snails.
  • Reed Donut: Crafted with Dried Swamp Reed.
  • Rotten Food: What happens to outside food you bring into the Betweenlands.
  • Sap Jello: Crafted with Balls of Sap and Sludge Jello.
  • Seared Snail Flesh: Obtained by cooking Raw Snail Meat.
  • Silt Crab Claw: A drop from Silt Crabs.
  • Sludge Jello: Obtained by cooking Sludge Balls.
  • Spirit Fruit: Regenerative fruit obtained from Spirit Tree Leaves.
  • Sushi: Crafted with Swamp Kelp, Raw Angler Meat, and Ground Lichen.
  • Tainted Potion: What happens to outside potions you bring into the Betweenlands.
  • Tangled Root: Harvested from Root blocks.
  • Weeping Blue Petal: Obtained with Weeping Blue flowers.
  • Weeping Blue Petal Salad: A healthy salad crafted from Weeping Blue Petals.
  • White Pear: Collected from White Pear bushes.
  • White Pear Jello: Crafted with White Pears and Sludge Jello.
  • Wight’s Heart: A drop from the Wight.
  • Yellow Dotted Fungus: Collected from Yellow Dotted Fungus crops.

Sludgeon Tower

To enter the underground part, the player needs to complete a puzzle to open the door that leads to the main part of the dungeon. First the player needs to light the 4 braziers at the top of the tower, activating the Beam Origin, which will continuously shoot an energy beam at the Beam Lens below it. Beam Lenses can be reoriented in any of the six different directions by right-clicking them. The order in which they are reoriented when clicked is as follows: Down -> Up -> North -> South -> West -> East. The beam must be redirected through several Beam Lenses and Passages until it reaches the Dungeon Door at the base of the tower, where the door will then open and allow access to the Labyrinthine Vaults of the Sludgeon.

Lighting the Braziers

To light the Braziers at the top of the Sludgeon Tower, the player needs to start a fire the same way as they would anywhere else:

  • Drop (Q) Moss, Cave Moss, Lichen, or Thorn items on top of the Brazier, then hold right click with an Octine Ingot.
  • Using a Pyrad Flame to light them.
  • Vanilla Fire Charges also work.

Four Emberling Shamans will also spawn — one on each brazier — when the Beam Origin activates.


Wights wander around slowly and cause visual distortion of the area around them. When they notice the player they will look up, mouths agape, and attack on sight with melee. They have a detection range of 80 blocks.

Wights have a chance to spawn applied with a random Amulet, which will give it Middle Gem Circle benefits depending on the type applied. This amulet will not drop upon their death.

If a Wight contacts Tar, it will turn into a Tar Beast after a few seconds.


Wights will occasionally transform into a disembodied head that is able to fly, pass through blocks, and «possess» players or Swamp Hags by grabbing onto their head, circling it as it does so. Wights are more likely to transform at lower health and when other Wights are nearby, but will not transform to chase the player unless hit by them. Once the Wight possesses an entity, it will begin to shoot homing particles outward, dealing magic damage that bypasses armor to the player as well as other nearby entities (excluding hostile Betweenlands mobs.) The Wight’s hitbox completely surrounds the player’s head, meaning most of the player’s attacks can only hit the Wight. The Wight is still vulnerable to damage and can be removed after enough attacks, if it is not killed in doing so.

When a Wight possesses a Swamp Hag, it will not damage its host, and will continuously emit projectiles at the player until either it or the Swamp Hag are killed. It can be attacked separately from the mob it is possessing.


  • Ancient Armor: Special armor that reduces magic damage.
  • Ancient Battle Axe: A special axe that can chop several wood blocks at once.
  • Ancient Greatsword: A special sword with an increased sweeping ability.
  • Angler Tooth Arrow: Basic arrows for bows.
  • Basilisk Arrow: Arrows for bows that can ‘petrify’ enemies.
  • Betweenstone Pebble: Basic ammunition for Simple Slingshots.
  • Bone Armor: Basic armor crafted using Slimy Bones.
  • Bone Shield: A shield made from Slimy Bones.
  • Bone Tools: Basic stone-level tools crafted using Slimy Bones.
  • Buckets: Capable of collecting and carrying Betweenlands liquids.
  • Chirobarb Erupter: A special weapon that unleashes a torrent of barbs in all directions.
  • Chiromaw Barb: Ammunition for bows with a short stunning effect.
  • Critter Cruncher: A rare mace capable of great damage to ‘critters’.
  • Dentrothyst Shields: Shields made from various forms of dentrothyst.
  • Explorer’s Hat: A cool looking hat, pretty much.
  • Hag Hacker: A rare battle axe capable of great damage to Swamp Hags.
  • Lurker Skin Armor: Leather-like armor crafted using Lurker Skin.
  • Lurker Skin Shield: A shield made from Lurker Skin that can be used as an emergency raft.
  • Net: A tool capable of capturing Geckos and Fireflies in the inventory.
  • Octine Arrow: Arrows for bows that can set enemies on fire.
  • Octine Shield: A shield made from Octine Ingots that can set enemies on fire.
  • Octine Tools: Iron-level orange tools crafted using Octine Ingots.
  • Poisoned Angler Tooth Arrow: Arrows for bows that can poison enemies.
  • Predator Bow: A powerful ranged weapon that shoots arrows with homing capabilities.
  • Rubber Boots: Boots made from Rubber that provide useful mobility improvements.
  • Shock Arrow: Arrows for bows with a chaining lightning effect.
  • Shockwave Sword: A special sword that can create rolling shockwaves.
  • Simple Slingshot: A basic ranged weapon that can shoot Betweenstone Pebbles.
  • Skull Mask: A special mask that reduces the threat of Wights to the player.
  • Sludge Slicer: A rare lance capable of great damage to Sludges.
  • Sludge Worm Arrow: Arrows for bows that spawn worm helpers to attack enemies.
  • Spirit Tree Face Mask: Special masks that can be worn or placed for decoration.
  • Swift Pick: A rare pickaxe with very fast speed.
  • Syrmorite Armor: Iron-level blue armor crafted using Syrmorite Ingots.
  • Syrmorite Shears: A tool capable of collecting many Betweenlands plants in block form.
  • Syrmorite Shield: A shield made from Syrmorite Ingots that can charge into enemies.
  • Valonite Armor: Diamond-level pink armor crafted using Valonite Shards.
  • Valonite Greataxe: An axe made from Valonite that can chop several wood blocks at once.
  • Valonite Shield: A shield made from Valonite Shards that can charge and reflect damage.
  • Valonite Tools: Diamond-level pink tools crafted using Valonite Shards.
  • Weedwood Bow: A basic ranged weapon that can shoot a variety of arrow types.
  • Weedwood Shield: A shield made from Weedwood that can catch fire, and potentially shoot enemies.
  • Weedwood Tools: Very basic tools crafted using Weedwood Planks.
  • Wight’s Bane: A rare dagger capable of great damage to Wights.

Natural Blocks

Result Ingredients Recipe
Bulb-Capped Mushroom Cap (4) Bulb-Capped Mushrooms (4)
Coarse Swamp Dirt (2) Swamp Dirt + Silt
Compacted Mud Mud (4)
Green Dentrothyst Green Dentrothyst Shard (4)
Corresponding Hearthgrove Log (4) Matching Hearthgrove Log (4)
Corresponding Nibbletwig Log (4) Matching Nibbletwig Log (4)
Orange Dentrothyst Orange Dentrothyst Shard (4)
Corresponding Sap Tree Log (4) Matching Sap Tree Log (4)
Corresponding Tarred Hearthgrove Log (1-8) (empty bucket is left behind) Matching Hearthgrove Log (1-8) + Any Bucket (Tar)
Corresponding Tarred Hearthgrove Log (4) Matching Tarred Hearthgrove Log (4)
Corresponding Weedwood Log (4) Matching Weedwood Log (4)

Aggressive Mobs

  • Angler: A vicious flesh-eating fish that swims around in the waters of the Betweenlands.
  • Ash Sprite: Sentient, floating remains that occasionally come out of broken alcove urns.
  • Blood Snail: An aggressive snail that can squirt blood-red poison at its enemies.
  • Boulder Sprite: A living boulder that hides underground and rolls into unsuspecting players.
  • Chiromaw: A hungry bat-like creature that can be found hanging off the roofs of caverns.
  • Crypt Crawler: A large, intelligent mole rat that resides in the crypts of the Sludgeon.
  • Dark Druid: An insane Druid who chants around a druid altar in the Overworld swamps.
  • Emberling Shaman: An Emberling that guards the Sludgeon Tower and wields fiery magic.
  • Infestation: A swarm of tiny, bity bugs that will crawl all over your screen.
  • Lamprey: A worm-like creature that emerges from the Sludgeon walls to suck in and decay the player.
  • Large Sludge Worm: A giant, disgusting skeletal worm that emerges from the Pit of the Sludgeon.
  • Leech: A lowly worm that sucks the blood of other living things.
  • Living Root: A sentient root that emerges from the Sludgeon walls to strike the player.
  • Peat Mummy: An undead skeleton that rises up from the peat and mud to attack the player.
  • Shallowbreath: A cloud of sentient fumes that chokes the life out of nearby players.
  • Shambler: A shambling monstrosity that can use its long tongue to snatch the player.
  • Silt Crab: An annoying crustacean that bites the toes of passersby before scuttling out of reach.
  • Sludge: A blob of living goop that lies in wait for prey in the sludge plains.
  • Small Sludge Worm: A medium-sized worm that emerges from holes it digs through the Sludgeon.
  • Smol Sludge: A miniature blob of goop that hops about in the sludge plains.
  • Stalker: An elusive creature that stalks the caverns, waiting for just the right moment to strike.
  • Swamp Hag: A common undead creature that wanders the swamps and caverns of the Betweenlands.
  • Tar Beast: A hulking monster made out of tar that resides in tar pits.
  • Termite: A pesky insect that occasionally come out of broken rotten logs, pots and urns.
  • Tiny Sludge Worm: A tiny, young worm that emerges from egg sacs in the Sludgeon.
  • Wight: A twisted, spirit-like entity that looks sad on the outside, but lashes out if taken too lightly.


A tunnel leading into a small Limestone Cave, with Thorns growing on the side.

The Betweenlands is a dark, swamp-themed dimension.

The sky is usually an animated green patchwork of mysterious, hazy stars, although these are often covered by the dimension’s various weather Events, like Auroras, Heavy Rain, Fog, etc, along with other much more dangerous ones.

The dimension is composed of many biomes. Swamplands, Patchy Islands, Coarse Islands, Sludge Plains, Deep Waters, Marshes and even some sub-biomes. These biomes are crawling with very thick, uncontrolled flora and fauna, and many ruins of long lost civilizations, among other mysterious structures. The Betweenlands also contains several dungeons which can then be explored to get loot or to fight bosses. As the Betweenlands is still in development, it may introduce some new biomes in the future with many more structures and mobs.

The Lake Caverns, or Pitstone layer of The Betweenlands. It houses Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore.

The Betweenlands features many trees and wood types. Small Weedwood Trees are often most ubiquitous, although there are also many other variations. Sap Trees, Rubber Trees, Hearthgrove Trees, Nibbletwig Trees, Hollow Logs, and Giant Roots, as well as the rare Spirit Tree boss.


Sea level in the Betweenlands is y=121, meaning caves in the dimension are much deeper. They are also very dark, with a black fog completely covering anything too far away from the player. Betweenlands caves are also split up into two layers, the upper Caverns and the lower Lake Caverns, each with different resources available. The caves themselves are often wide, interconnected, and filled with underground flora and dripping stalactites, along with echoing cave ambiance and occasional hostile mobs.

The dimension has many ores, such as Sulfur Ore, Slimy Bone Ore, Octine Ore, Syrmorite Ore, Valonite Ore, and Life Crystal Ore.

Caves are also interspersed with occasional structures you can explore.


Result Ingredients Recipe
Angler Tooth Arrow (4) Angler Tooth + Weedwood Stick + Dragonfly Wing
Betweenstone Pebble (2) Betweenstone
Boots of the Marsh Runner Rubber Boots + Byrginaz Aspect Vial (1.0)
Coats corresponding Equipment (75 points per piece) Any corrodable Equipment + Scabyst (1-8)
Removes Corrosion from corresponding Equipment (85 points per item) Any corroded Equipment + Sap Spit (1-8)
Green Dentrothyst Shield Green Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Green Polished Dentrothyst Shield Green Polished Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Applies corresponding Middle Gem to corresponding Armour piece Any Armour piece + Any Middle Gem
Applies corresponding Middle Gem to corresponding Shield Any Shield + Any Middle Gem
Applies corresponding Middle Gem to corresponding Tool or Weapon Any Tool or Weapon + Any Middle Gem
Net Weedwood Stick (3) + Reed Rope (4)
Orange Dentrothyst Shield Orange Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Orange Polished Dentrothyst Shield Orange Polished Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Poisoned Angler Tooth Arrow Poison Gland + Angler Tooth Arrow
Rubber Boots Rubber Ball (4)
Simple Slingshot Reed Rope (2) + Weedwood Stick


Result Ingredients Recipe
Living Weedwood Shield Weedwood Shield + Small Animated Spirit Tree Face Mask
Weedwood Axe Weedwood Planks (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Weedwood Bow Weedwood Stick (3) + Reed Rope (3)
Weedwood Bucket Weedwood Planks (3) + Reed Rope
Weedwood Pickaxe Weedwood Planks (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Weedwood Shield Any Weedwood Log (6) + Reed Rope
Weedwood Shovel Weedwood Planks + Weedwood Stick (2)
Weedwood Sword Weedwood Planks (2) + Weedwood Stick

Lurker Skin

Result Ingredients Recipe
Lurker Skin Boots Lurker Skin (4)
Lurker Skin Chestplate Lurker Skin (8)
Lurker Skin Helmet Lurker Skin (5)
Lurker Skin Leggings Lurker Skin (7)
Lurker Skin Shield Lurker Skin (6) + Weedwood Stick

Slimy Bone

Result Ingredients Recipe
Bone Axe Slimy Bone (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Bone Boots Slimy Bone (4)
Bone Chestplate Slimy Bone (8)
Bone Helmet Slimy Bone (5)
Bone Leggings Slimy Bone (7)
Bone Pickaxe Slimy Bone (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Bone Shield Slimy Bone (6) + Reed Rope
Bone Shovel Slimy Bone + Weedwood Stick (2)
Bone Sword Slimy Bone (2) + Weedwood Stick


Result Ingredients Recipe
Octine Arrow (4) Octine Ingot + Weedwood Stick + Dragonfly Wing
Octine Axe Octine Axe (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Octine Pickaxe Octine Ingot (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Octine Shield Octine Ingot (7)
Octine Shovel Octine Shovel + Weedwood Stick (2)
Octine Sword Octine Ingot (2) + Weedwood Stick


Result Ingredients Recipe
Syrmorite Boots Syrmorite Ingot (4)
Syrmorite Bucket Syrmorite Ingot (3) + Reed Rope
Syrmorite Chestplate Syrmorite Ingot (8)
Syrmorite Helmet Syrmorite Ingot (5)
Syrmorite Leggings Syrmorite Ingot (7)
Syrmorite Shears Syrmorite Ingot (2)
Syrmorite Shield Syrmorite Ingot (7)


Result Ingredients Recipe
Valonite Axe Valonite Axe (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Valonite Boots Valonite Shard (4)
Valonite Chestplate Valonite Shard (8)
Valonite Greataxe Valonite Shard (2) + Weedwood Stick (2) + Valonite Axe
Valonite Helmet Valonite Shard (5)
Valonite Leggings Valonite Shard (7)
Valonite Pickaxe Valonite Shard (3) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Valonite Shield Valonite Shard (6) + Pitstone
Valonite Shovel Valonite Shard + Weedwood Stick (2)
Valonite Sword Valonite Shard (2) + Weedwood Stick

Material Items

Result Ingredients Recipe
Amate Paper (9) Dry Bark (3)
Aqua Middle Gem (9) Aqua Middle Gem Block
Crimson Middle Gem (9) Crimson Middle Gem Block
Fabricated Scroll Amate Paper + Loot Scraps (3)
Green Middle Gem (9) Green Middle Gem Block
Octine Ingot Octine Nugget (9)
Octine Ingot (9) Block of Octine
Octine Nugget (9) Octine Ingot
Reed Rope (4) Swamp Reed (item) (3)
Rubber Ball (9) Rubber Block
Scabyst (9) Block of Scabyst
Slimy Bone (9) Slimy Bone Block
Sulfur (9) Sulfur Block
Syrmorite Ingot Syrmorite Nugget (9)
Syrmorite Ingot (9) Block of Syrmorite
Syrmorite Nugget (9) Syrmorite Ingot
Tar Beast Heart Wight’s Heart + Tar Drip (8)
Valonite Shard Valonite Splinter (9)
Valonite Shard (9) Block of Valonite
Valonite Splinter (9) Valonite Shard
Weedwood Bowl (4) Weedwood Planks (3)
Weedwood Stick (4) Weedwood Planks (2)


Sound Subtitles Source Description ID
Gears turn Hostile Creatures Plays constantly from the Pit of Decay gears
Sludge shoots out Hostile Creatures Plays when the Pit of Decay shoots up sludge ppop_jet
Beam activates Hostile Creatures Plays when a chain beam-linked lens on the Pit of Decay mechanism is hit beam_activate
Loud bashing Hostile Creatures Plays when the Pit of Decay mechanism lowers plug_hit
N/A Hostile Creatures Plays constantly when the Pit of Decay mechanism rises chain_long
Plug falls into place Hostile Creatures Plays when the Pit of Decay mechanism drops and plugs the pit plug_lock
Chain moves N/A Unused chain


  • Release 3.4.0: Now appears on Amate Maps with an icon.
  • Release 3.3.9:
    • Added config to create custom portals.
    • Added config to specify unsafe biomes for the portal to avoid.
  • Release 3.3.8: Added config for maximum portal link distance.
  • Release 3.3.7:
    • Increased portal check radius.
    • Portal linking maximum distance increased from 500 to 1500 blocks.
  • Release 3.3.3: Added portal overlay.
  • Release 3.3.2: Lone Tree Portals can now be created using the Swamp Talisman.
  • Release 3.3.1: Portals can now be linked together using the Swamp Talisman.
  • Release 3.3.0: Added Advancements.
  • Beta 2.0.0: No longer uses Portal Tree Bark; now uses Portal Frame with normal bark on all sides for the main composition.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.


The drops from Wights are derived from the loot table.

The following is a list of all of the items that can be dropped by Wights, including their rolls, quantities, and weights.

Wight Drops
Dropped Item Quantity Weight
1 Roll, if killed by player:
Nothing N/A 2/3 (66.67%)
Wight’s Heart 1(+0-1 per Looting level) 1/3 (33.33%)
2 Rolls, if killed by player, Spook event only:
Nothing N/A 1/4 (25%)
Blue Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
Red Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
Yellow Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
1 Roll, if killed by player, Winter event only:
Nothing N/A 1/2 (50%)
Mince Pie 1 1/2 (50%)

Visit the Loot Tables page for more information on loot.


Regular Swamplands biomes consist of:

  • Dead Grass
  • Swamp Grass, in patches
  • Coarse Swamp Dirt, in patches and directly under the surface
  • Mud, in small patches and underwater
  • Middle Gem Ores, rarely underwater
  • Weedwood Bush, in clusters
  • Hollow Log, occasionally
  • Cattail
  • Tall Cattail
  • Fallen Leaves, in scattered patches under trees
  • Moss, in scattered patches
  • Nettle
  • Swamp Reed, on land next to or sticking out from the water
  • Swamp Tallgrass
  • Double Swamp Tallgrass
  • Pitcher Plant, uncommonly
  • Swamp Plant, abundantly
  • Venus Fly Trap, uncommonly
  • Volarpad
  • Black Hat Mushroom
  • Flathead Mushroom
  • Algae, in patches on the river water
  • Swamp Water, in small rivers and surrounding the Swamplands Clearing
  • Tar, uncommonly in small pools
  • Menhir, rarely

Swamplands Clearing biomes consist of:

  • Swamp Grass
  • Swamp Dirt, directly under the surface
  • Cattail
  • Moss, in scattered patches
  • Swamp Tallgrass
  • Pitcher Plant, uncommonly
  • Swamp Plant
  • Venus Fly Trap, uncommonly
  • Black Hat Mushroom
  • Flathead Mushroom
  • Menhir, rarely


  • Beta 3.5.0:
    • Added Rotten Plank, Compacted Mud, and Sludgy Mud Brick Slabs.
    • Mud Brick, Pitstone Brick, and Smooth Pitstone Slabs now generate as part of the Sludgeon.
  • Release 3.4.0: Added Hearthgrove Plank, Nibbletwig Plank, Mud Brick Shingle, and Scabyst Brick Slabs.
  • Release 3.3.0: Added Giant Root Plank Slab.
  • Beta 2.0.3: Added Cragrock and Pitstone Slabs.
  • Beta 2.0.2: Added Betweenstone Slab.
  • Beta 2.0.1:
    • Implemented recipe for Polished Limestone Slab.
    • Re-added Thatch Slab.
  • Beta 2.0.0:
    • Added unobtainable Polished Limestone Slab.
    • Temporarily removed Thatch Slab.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.


During the time when the light in The Overworld had just begun to shine and the flames of The Nether had just begun to burn, there existed a dimension which is little other than a void of nothingness. But out of nowhere, a giant inter-dimensional rift appeared and energy seeped into it, giving it potential for life to populate and grow in this dimension. A race of NPCs inhabited it, including a powerful Druid. He and his followers worked to twist the Nether’s evil into a weapon of peace. However, when they opened the portal in this dimension, evil surged out into it. This caused the NPCs to become Wights. The Druid himself became the Prime Wight, and he now wielded power over this dimension. He caused the Betweenlands to become a swampy, deathly land, as it is now. After much time, a traveler (the player) found their way to the dimension.


Advancement In-game Description Parent Actual Requirements ID
Pyromaniac Set Moss on fire with an Octine Ingot Survivalist Use an Octine Ingot to set a placed or dropped block of Moss, Cave Moss, Lichen, or Thorns (or the corresponding dropped Plant Item or Ground Item) on fire survivalist/pyromaniac
Quest for Fire Set Peat on fire Pyromaniac Set a block of Peat on fire by setting Moss, Cave Moss, Lichen, or Thorns on fire on top of it, using the same Octine Ingot method as in Pyromaniac survivalist/quest_for_fire
Screw PETA Test an ingredient on a caged Gecko I’m A Druid Successfully test any Ground Item on a Gecko in a Gecko Cage herbalist/screw_peta

Effects on Spirit Trees

Wisps around a Spirit Tree have an effect on the strength and drops of the tree. Removing naturally spawned Wisps form the ruins will decreased the damage and speed of the tree’s attacks while also reducing the amount of experience the Large Spirit Tree Face drops. On the other hand, adding new wisps to the ruins will increase the damage and speed of the tree’s attacks while also increasing the amount of experience the Large Face drops and allowing it to drop more items. Any added Wisps, as well as all Wisps after the Large Face reaches 50% health or below, will become protected and cannot be removed until the Large Face is defeated. See the Spirit Tree page for more information on the effects of Wisps.


Result Ingredients Recipe
Crabstick (3) Silt Crab Claw (3)
Gert’s Donut Reed Donut + Slimeball + Wight’s Heart
Jam Donut Reed Donut + White Pear
Mire Scramble Weedwood Bowl + Cooked Mire Snail Egg + Yellow Dotted Fungus
Nettle Soup Weedwood Bowl + Black Hat Mushroom (item) + Flathead Mushroom (item) + Nettle or Flowered Nettle
Nibblestick (4) Any Nibbletwig Log (2)
Reed Donut Dried Swamp Reed (4)
Sap Jello Sludge Jello + Ball of Sap
Sushi (3) Swamp Kelp (item) (3) + Raw Angler Meat (3) + Ground Lichen (3)
Weeping Blue Petal Salad Weedwood Bowl + Weeping Blue Petal (6)
White Pear Jello Sludge Jello + White Pear

Crafting Uses

Result Ingredients Recipe
Chiseled Betweenstone Betweenstone Brick Slab (2)
Chiseled Cragrock Cragrock Brick Slab (2)
Chiseled Limestone Limestone Brick Slab (2)
Chiseled Pitstone Pitstone Brick Slab (2)
Chiseled Scabyst Scabyst Brick Slab (2)
Blank Amate Paper Lantern Weedwood Plank Slab (3) + Any Amate Paper Pane (2) + Firefly (item) + Weedwood Planks (3)
Silt Glass Lantern Weedwood Plank Slab (3) + Silt Glass Pane (2) + Firefly (item) + Weedwood Planks (3)
Item Shelf (3) Weedwood Plank Slab (6)
Weedwood Barrel Weedwood Plank Slab (2) + Weedwood Planks (3) + Syrmorite Ingot (2) + Tar Drip + Weedwood Bucket (empty)
Gecko Cage Weedwood Plank Slab (2) + Syrmorite Ingot (4) + Reed Rope (3)
Weedwood Rowboat Lantern Upgrade Weedwood Plank Slab (3) + Weedwood Planks (3) + Reed Rope (2) + Firefly (item)
Draeton Crafting Upgrade Weedwood Plank Slab (2) + Weedwood Stick (2) + Octine Ingot + Weedwood Crafting Table
Draeton Furnace Upgrade Weedwood Plank Slab (2) + Weedwood Stick (2) + Syrmorite Ingot + Sulfur Furnace


  • Release 3.7.1: Shamblers now spawn in Swamplands biomes.
  • Release 3.6.0: Chiromaw Greebling Riders (later renamed to Greebling Riders) now spawn in Swamplands biomes.
  • Release 3.4.0:
    • Added Swamplands Clearing sub-biome.
    • Can now be viewed from Amate Maps.
    • Menhirs now generate in Swamplands biomes.
    • Greeblings now spawn in Swamplands biomes.
  • Release 3.3.0:
    • Added biome foliage colors.
    • Nibbletwig Trees now generate in Swamplands biomes.
  • Beta 2.0.0:
    • Added biome grass colors.
    • Coarse Swamp Dirt now generates in place of regular Swamp Dirt in Swamplands biomes.
  • Beta 1.0.2: Frogs and Harlequin Toads now spawn in Swamplands biomes.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.


The Sludgeon Tower:

  • Mud Bricks(Undecayed)
  • Worm Pillar(Undecayed)
  • Pitstone Bricks
  • Pitstone Tiles
  • Pitstone Pillar
  • Smooth Pitstone
  • Rotten Bark
  • Carved Rotten Bark
  • Rotten Support Beam
  • Rotten Planks
  • Beam Lens
  • Beam Passage
  • Beam Origin
  • Brazier
  • Root
  • Diagonal Energy Barrier
  • Urn of Chance

The Labyrinthine Vaults:

  • Mud Bricks(All Variants)
  • Carved Mud Bricks(All Variants)
  • Runged Mud Bricks
  • Worm Pillar (All Variants)
  • Mud Tiles
  • Decayed Mud Tiles
  • Broken Mud Tiles
  • Mud Tiles Spike Trap
  • Mud Brick Spike Trap
  • Puffshroom
  • Compacted Mud
  • Compacted Mud Mirage
  • Carved Rotten Bark
  • Rotten Support Beam
  • Dungeon Door
  • Dungeon Door Code
  • Glowing Betweenstone Tile
  • Wall Candle
  • Dungeon Alcove
  • Urn of Chance
  • Weedwood Chest
  • Brazier
  • Cryptweed
  • Edge Leaf
  • Edge Moss
  • Edge Shrooms
  • Pale Grass
  • Rotbulb
  • String Roots
  • Tall Sludgecreep