Totally accurate battle simulator

Unlockable Units

Unit Name Cost Hitpoints Speed Weapons

Banner Bearer

N: 1.00xE: 0.00x
Stay Banner

Poacher Bow

Blow Dart

Pike — Drop
Barrel Roller


Boxer’s Glove
Boxer’s Glove
Flag Bearer

N: 1.10xE: 3.00x
Charge Flag

Pharaoh Sickle
Pharaoh Flail

Wizard Staff
Wizard Sword

H: 720CR: 120
Centurion Shield

Thor’s Hammer

T: 4,500TR: 40
Tank Round
Super Boxer

Super Boxer’s Glove
Super Boxer’s Glove
Dark Peasant

Throw Dark Peasant (2)
Super Peasant

W: 0.30xF: 45.00x
Super Peasant Punch (2)


  • N = No effect
  • E = Effect
  • H = Horse
  • CR = Chariot Rider
  • T = Tank
  • TR = Tank Rider
  • W = Walk
  • F = Fly
Unit Name Cost Hitpoints Speed Weapons
Devout Gauntlet

Devout Gauntlet
Devout Gauntlet
Celestial Aegis

Radiant Glaive

Radiant Glaive Throw
Radiant Glaive Shield
Righteous Paladin

Righteous Paladin Mace
Righteous Paladin Shield
Divine Arbiter

Divine Arbiter Book
Sacred Elephant

E: 1,800ER: 200
E: 1.40xER: 1.10x
Sacred Elephant Spear Throw
Sacred Elephant Spear Throw

F: 1,100S: 1,250


  • E = Elephant
  • ER = Elephant Rider
  • F = First Form
  • S = Second Form
Unit Name Cost Hitpoints Speed Weapons
Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker Dagger
Exiled Sentinel

Sentinel Left Shield Axe
Sentinel Right Shield Axe
Mad Mechanic

Mad Mechanic Fire
Mad Mechanic Fire
Void Cultist

Void Cultist Mace
Void Cultist Shield
Tempest Lich

Tempest Lich Staff
Death Bringer

Death Bringer Warglaive
Death Bringer Warglaive
Void Monarch

F: 1,200S: 2,000
Void Monarch Sword
Void Monarch Sword
Void Monarch Claymore


  • F = First Form
  • S = Second Form
Unit Name Location Cost Hitpoints Weapons

Ballooner Grab
Ballooner Grab
Bomb on a Stick

Bomb on a Stick
Fan Bearer

Ancient Fan

The Teacher

Teacher Sword

Jester Dagger Left
Jester Dagger Left
Ball ‘n’ Chain

Ball ‘N’ Chain
Chu Ko Nu

Chu Ko Nu

Executioner’s Axe


Raptor Rider

R: 250RR: 150
Raptor Rider Spear
Raptor Rider Shield

Cheerleading Pom
Cheerleading Pom

Heart Bow
Mace Spinner

Mace Spin
Mace Spin

Clam Throw
Clam Throw
Present Elf

Thrown Present
Ice Mage

Icicle Throw
Icicle Throw
Infernal Whip

Infernal Whip
Infernal Whip
Bank Robbers

S: 350FR: 20BR: 30

Witch Staff

Banshee Hands (2)

Necromancer Knife
Necromancer Lantern
Solar Architect

Solar Architect Wand
Solar Architect Wand
Wheelbarrow Dragon

W: 1,500T: 240
Bomb Cannon

BC: 500BO: 120C: 60
Bomb Cannonball
Pirate Cutlass
Skeleton Giant

Giant Stiffy Sword
Giant Stiffy Shield

H: 850CR: 250
Cavalry Spear
Cavalry Shield

Vlad’s Spear
Gatling Gun

GG: 500GO: 40
Gatling Gun Bullet

Blackbeard’s Anchor
Blackbeard’s Anchor
Samurai Giant

Giant Katana

Ullr Axe Throw
Ullr Axe Throw
Lady Red Jade


Sensei Shuriken Throw
Sensei Shuriken Throw

Shogun’s Katana
Tree Giant


Artemis Bow
Ice Giant

Ice Giant Punch
Ice Giant Punch


  • R = Raptor
  • RR = Raptor Rider
  • FB = Front Robber
  • BB = Back Robber
  • W = Wheelbarrow Dragon
  • T = Traveller
  • BC = Bomb Cannon
  • BO = Bomb Cannon Operator
  • C = Cutlass
  • H = Horse
  • CR = Cavalry Rider
  • GG = Gatling Gun
  • GO = Gatling Gun Operator


  • Balloon Backpack — Unit has a backpack which lets out a balloon and unit floats up, it also seems to give fall damage immunity (Ballooner)
  • Bat Transformation — Unit transforms into a bat to get closer to the enemy (Vampire)
  • Big Crow Wings — Unit hovers slightly over the ground and gains large black wings (Scarecrow)
  • Crow Wings — The unit’s Wings Come out from behind, which is why it can Release crows. (Crow)

Pharaoh Kneel — Unit makes weaker units kneel while also disabling their attack (Pharaoh)

  • Reaper Wings — Tentacles come out the unit’s back which grab and insta-kill weaker enemies (Reaper)
  • Red Jade Spin Slash — Unit spins and charges forward (Lady Red Jade)
  • Spin to Win — Unit spins while attacking. Can form Tornadoes with the help of Cheerleaders or another ability, specifically Enrage. (Mace Spinner, Da Vinci Tank, Blackbeard, Lady Red Jade)
  • Stiffy Fear — A single enemy runs away from unit and has a glowing purple skull over its head (Skeleton Warrior)
  • Valkyrie Wings — Unit can fly (hover) over the battlefield with white wings (Valkyrie)
  • Lay Down — Unit instantly lays down, making the unit stay still.

TABS выдает ошибку об отсутствии DLL-файла. Решение

Как правило, проблемы, связанные с отсутствием DLL-библиотек, возникают при запуске Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, однако иногда игра может обращаться к определенным DLL в процессе и, не найдя их, вылетать самым наглым образом.

Чтобы исправить эту ошибку, нужно найти необходимую библиотеку DLL и установить ее в систему. Проще всего сделать это с помощью программы DLL-fixer, которая сканирует систему и помогает быстро найти недостающие библиотеки.

Если ваша проблема оказалась более специфической или же способ, изложенный в данной статье, не помог, то вы можете спросить у других пользователей в нашей рубрике «Вопросы и ответы». Они оперативно помогут вам!

Благодарим за внимание!


  • Enrage — Unit’s running speed is greatly increase, while simultaneously decreasing the cooldown of its attacks, as well as becoming invulnerable (Jarl)
  • Cannon Barrage — Unit summons a storm of cannonballs onto the enemy (Blackbeard)
  • Tornado Swipe — Unit briefly spins, then shoots out a tornado towards the enemy. The actual tornado does minimal damage. (Lady Red Jade)
  • Ice Arena — Unit summons a wall of ice around itself and its enemies, preventing their escape or from other units getting involved (Jarl)
  • Vlad Impale— Unit summons stakes from the ground corresponding to the amount of units in its effective range that impales enemies (Vlad)
  • Hurricane Slash — Unit jumps back, yellow circles spin around the blade then it charges through the enemy; the enemy momentarily freezes before taking damage. If unit gets caught it will always be hit.(Shogun)
  • Shuriken Tempest — Unit throws a flurry of shurikens for a few seconds, with a wind aura pushing units back if at the start of the ability are very close. (Sensei)
  • Banshee Scream — Unit screams, causing big AoE damage, lifting units up and tossing them back. (Banshee)
  • Gravestone Wall — Unit raises its arms slightly, causing 3 gravestones to appear out of the ground, and push opposing units away from itself.(Necromancer)
  • Summon Witches — Purplish circles appear and start spinning around, and 2 witches appear. Summoned witches disappear after 7-15 seconds. (Witch)
  • Arrow Volley — Summons a volley of regular arrows, similar to the ballista, but comes from the sky instead.
  • Legacy Impale — Summons black spikes from the ground, impaling multiple Units (Old Dark Peasant)
  • Firestorm— Unit summons a large whirlwind of fire.
  • Fire Vortex — Summons a Flaming Vortex that entraps the Units in it.
  • Ice Storm — Summons a whirlwind of Ice that slowly freezes Units close to it.
  • Rocket Volley — Similar to Arrow Volley, but is replaced by rockets, similar to an airstrike.
  • Aegis Shield — Unit has a golden shield and red or blue orbs that they can throw. (Celestial Aegis)
  • Mechanic Tank — Gives the unit a spiky floating tank filled with who knows what. (Mad Mechanic)
  • Demon Transformation — Unit transforms into the Void Monarch’s Second Form. (Void Monarch (first form))
  • Shockwave Hammer — Crushes enemies with a golden hammer, dealing very little damage but resetting the Enemy Units’ attack cooldown. (Righteous Paladin)
  • Solar Maelstrom — Summons a growing ring of light that heals allies and damages enemies before collapsing in on itself. (Solar Architect)
  • Chronomancer Transformation — Unit transforms into Chronomancer’s Second Form. (Chronomancer (first form))
  • Chronomancer Dial — Gives the unit a mosaic eye that shoots a big time stopping explosion every now and then. (Chronomancer (second form))
  • Sword Implosion — Summons a ring of swords that push units toward the center, doing minor damage. (Void Cultist)
  • Demon Wings — Gives the unit a pair of demonic dragon-like wings.
  • Mosaic Wings — Gives the unit a pair of majestic butterfly wings that resemble a mosaic that will cause a time stopping explosion on death. (Chronomancer (second form))
  • Void Monarch Dodge — Teleports to whoever hits the unit first and creates an explosion that does moderate damage with a damage over time effect. (Void Monarch)
  • Self-Copy — The unit has a chance to make a copy of itself upon hitting a unit. The clones last for a short while, similar to the Monkey King’s cloning ability. (Monkey King)

Closed Alpha Map

NeonThe Neon Faction has its own map which appears as a semi-flat map with five large pillars, one in the center, one in the back, and three on the bottom right part of the map. The map is mainly colored as purple. It also has small pillars on the edges of the map. In the left part of the map, there appears to be four large tubes near the edge and on the right side, there’s only one tube. Sometimes, the large pillar in the back shoots some kind of Neon Cube which passes through the hole of the pillar in the center. The cubes can do multiple things like explode, and change gravity which affects the outcome of the battle. The map also has three layers to which units can be placed in, but the 3rd layer is somewhat difficult. Unlike most of the other maps, it has a grey background/sky.


The Dark Peasant grabs Units at medium range with its magic hands and either flings them into the air, throws them to another unit, usually killing both units, or slams them into the ground, creating a small explosion that does AOE damage and also usually kills the intended target. These hands will also appear right in front of any incoming projectiles ranging from arrows to Ballista bolts, which they block. Larger spherical projectiles such as Cannonballs, Catapult rocks, and Stoner boulders can also be grabbed by the hands and thrown away, usually right back at the unit that launched the projectile in the first place. The Dark Peasant’s hands can also block bullets, but along with that, the blocked bullets will bounce back at the shooter. This only happens with bullets, such as from Musketeers, Deadeyes, Quick Draws, etc. (not the Gunslinger, though). Its other attacks are firing a stream of dark projectiles, each doing large amounts of damage and causing explosions on impact; you see, if a unit manages to get near the Dark Peasant (somehow) all of its hands floating around it will expand then quickly contract, causing a massive explosion in a «repulse» motion with a huge knockback effect that knocks any nearby units back and does major amounts of damage.


  • Foolish Jump — Unit will clumsily leap towards the enemy, causing them to ragdoll as well as cause slight AOE damage when they land (Ball n’ Chain)
  • Hover — Unit hovers off the ground. (Swordcaster)
  • Halfling Jump — A small jump (Halfling)
  • Mammoth Charge — The unit charges at the enemy knocking them down. (Mammoth)
  • Super Jump — The unit will jump from a physically impossible range towards the enemy, having invincibility during and a while after the process of jumping (Berserker)
  • Monkey King Jump — A high jump (Monkey King)
  • Order Units: Charge — Makes units in the circle faster (Flag Bearer)
  • Order Units: Stay — Makes units stay in place in the circle (Banner Bearer)
  • Slow Walk — Units walk much slower. (Dragon Carrier)
  • Assassin Poof — Unit teleports behind the farthest enemy unit (Shadow Walker)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, скачанная с торрента не работает. Решение

Такие версии игр использовать не просто неудобно, а даже опасно, ведь очень часто в них изменены многие файлы. Например, для обхода защиты пираты модифицируют EXE-файл. При этом никто не знает, что они еще с ним делают. Быть может, они встраивают само-исполняющееся программное обеспечение. Например, майнер, который при первом запуске игры встроится в систему и будет использовать ее ресурсы для обеспечения благосостояния хакеров. Или вирус, дающий доступ к компьютеру третьим лицам. Тут никаких гарантий нет и быть не может.

К тому же использование пиратских версий — это, по мнению нашего издания, воровство. Разработчики потратили много времени на создание игры, вкладывали свои собственные средства в надежде на то, что их детище окупится. А каждый труд должен быть оплачен.

Поэтому при возникновении каких-либо проблем с играми, скачанными с торрентов или же взломанных с помощью тех или иных средств, следует сразу же удалить «пиратку», почистить компьютер при помощи антивируса и приобрести лицензионную копию игры. Это не только убережет от сомнительного ПО, но и позволит скачивать обновления для игры и получать официальную поддержку от ее создателей.


  • The Dark Peasant is the only unit in TABS

    Now, it has black floating hands that stop and/or deflect projectiles and grab foes.

    to be revamped three times. Originally, it summoned spikes from the ground that impaled units (Can be found in the UC as an ability). Then it was changed to have magical glowing orbs that it’d throw into enemies to deal heavy damage.

He costs 9,999,999. Because of this, it is not usable in the campaign mode (Except when using Present Elf).

  • In the Open Alpha, one M16 could beat it all by itself, because of knockback.
  • The Dark Peasant’s hands are the hands in the Bug DLC but in black.
  • The Dark Peasant originally was stronger than the Super Peasant, and technically, it still is, or at least doesn’t have as many weaknesses and is far harder to kill. While the Super Peasant is usually the one defeating it, it not only has more hand placement, but is also less vulnerable to the weaknesses of the latter.
  • The Gravestone behind the church is supposedly the Dark Peasant’s.
  • Because of its high health, the Dark Peasant is highly «resistant» against the black hole DLC Bug.
  • The only projectile that the Dark Peasant cannot deflect as of 0.12 is the pumpkin from the Pumpkin Catapult.
  • Bug DLC’s such as the God Hand and Push have little to no effect on the Dark Peasant.
  • When the Dark Peasant dies, the hands around it won’t actually disappear, so even when you/or other ranged units shoot at it/around it, the hands will still block the projectile(s) that you/other ranged units shot/threw.
  • The Dark Peasant was originally in the Alphas.
  • The Dark Peasant originally costed 20000 points.
  • The Dark Peasant is the bulkiest unit in the game, having 1,400,000 health.
  • Bomb Thrower’s bombs will not be caught by the hands.
  • As of the Unit Creator update, bouncy balls can’t be caught by the Dark Peasant’s hands.
  • A Dark Peasant can kill another Dark Peasant, it just takes an extremely long time.
  • If the Dark Peasant is blocking arrows or Blackbeard’s Cannon Barrage and shooting it’s projectiles, it tends to block it own projectiles as well (without the intent).
  • The Dark Peasant isn’t totally immune to ranged attacks, as some Arrows can go through its shield, with a very slight chance.
  • Ironically, despite seemingly falling down like a feather at times, it is the heaviest Unit in TABS.[Verification Needed]
  • In the concept art, the Dark Peasant was either supposed to have flaming black hair or a seemingly British-style Officer’s Redcoat.


В TABS планируется достаточно большое количество юнитов. Каждый из них входит в одну из нескольких фракций, изображающих разные культуры и периоды времени, начиная с простых пещерных людей до мощных, обладающих лазерами, сверхсущностей. Каждая фракция имеет семь юнитов, как правило, пехотных бойцов ближнего боя, дальнобойных бойцов, тяжёлое подразделение и мощь фракции. Некоторые фракции также будут иметь вспомогательных или артиллерийских юнитов.

Секретные юниты

Большинство юнитов доступны в игре с самого начала, но есть исключение в виде фракции «Секрет». Чтобы разблокировать юнитов из этой фракции, игрок должен перейти в режим свободной камеры и искать вокруг оружие или ассоциативный предмет.


  • Landfall has stated that units’ gender is Wobbler.
  • Several units are voiced by various YouTubers such as Blitz and BaronVonGames.
  • It was confirmed that there are plush toys for units.
  • Units with higher unit weight will wield their weapons lower than usual.
  • Landfall made a option to get the game when you pre ordered clustertruck a while ago.
  • Some units or objects will sink into the ground when killed or destroyed. These include:
    • Animals, such as Mammoths, Sacred Elephants, Crows, Snakes, Dragons, Horses, and Clams, excluding Raptors and their cavalry variants.
    • Vehicles, such as Wheelbarrows, Wheelbarrow Dragons, Longships, Da Vinci Tanks, Tanks, and Chariots.
    • Weapons and other massive objects, such as Catapults, Pumpkin Catapults, Ballistas, Hwachas, Cannons, Bomb Cannons, vaults, Gatling Guns, and Wall Shields.
    • Giant units like Ice Giants, except for Samurai Giants, Tree Giants, and Skeleton Giants.
    • Any unit that was killed by being frozen solid.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Русская версия)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator — веселый симулятор сумасшедших массовых сражений, где подчиняясь ragdoll-физике, различные виды воинов будут сражаться не на жизнь, а на смерть! Возглавьте войско красных и синих болванчиков из древних времен, жутких миров и сказочных земель. Создавайте симуляции битв с самой неустойчивой физикой в мире. Надоела сотня привычных болванчиков? Создавайте собственных в конструкторе юнитов. Или отправьте своих болванчиков в бой против других игроков в онлайн-мультиплеере! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – это увлекательный симулятор битв, в котором вам придется сыграть роль эдакого стратега. Вас ждут многочисленные битвы, сражения с разными видами войск, множество заданий и бесконечная война. Самое интересное в этой игре заключается в простейшей настройке войск и самой как таковой битвы. Вам дается определенное количество валюты, на которую вы должны приобрести юнитов, которых считаете наиболее важными в сражении. Список юнитов достаточно велик и выбрать есть из кого. Вы можете взять обычных селян, копейщиков, щитоносцев, катапульты, боксеров, и даже артиллеристов с пушками. Далее вы можете расставить на поле боя своих юнитов так, как посчитаете нужным. Вам дается одно большое клеточное поле и указатель, показывающий, в какой стороне этого поля будет находиться противник. Вам же нужно расставить своих юнитов таким образом, чтоб у вас было максимально возможное тактическое преимущество в бою. Например, можете расставить по бокам лучников и арбалетчиков, а посреди поставить щитоносцев, а можете и вовсе потратить всю валюту на копейщиков, которые в ближнем бою убивают толпами вражеских юнитов. Вариантов много. Что не менее интересно, так это то, что в этой игре противник под управлением ИИ постоянно подстраивается под стиль игры геймера и через некоторое время начинает попросту предугадывать действия игрок. Например, пользуясь постоянно юнитами ближнего боя, не удивляйтесь, когда через некоторое время их начнут расстреливать из далека лучники и катапульты. В остальном же все достаточно просто и примитивно. В Totally Accurate Battle Simulator нет никакой графики, а сами юиты выполнены в виде разноцветных фигурок, и нет сюжета. Просто выбирайте юнитов, создавайте армии и атакуйте врага, а заодно и веселитесь, когда наблюдаете за течением очередного боя.Ключевые особенности игры Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Русская версия):- Кампании.- Мультиплеер.- Мастерская.- Конструктор юнитов и фракций.- Конструктор кампаний и битв.- Режим песочницы.- Вселение в юнита.- Куча забавных юнитов.Дополнения к игре Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Русская версия):- BugМинимальные системные требования игры Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Русская версия):- Операционная система: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 бита)- Процессор: Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1 ГГц) / AMD FX-6300 (3.5 ГГц)- Оперативная память: 8 Гб- Видеокарта: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD R9 270 (2 Гб, Shader Model 5.0)- Место на диске: 4.3 Гб

Жанр: СимуляторЯзык интерфейса: Русский / Multi 9Инсталлятор. Версия игры: 1.0.3Размер: 1,2 ГбСкачать с Облака:

Жанр: Симулятор / Сэндбокс


Случайные изменения

Юниты могут иметь незначительные различия между собой, которые генерируются случайным образом, в основном для эстетики. Некоторые из изменений включают в себя:

  • Рост: немного выше/ниже других юнитов ;
  • Непропорциональность: большими/маленькие части тела, большие/маленькие зрачки/глаза, иногда один больше/меньше другого;
  • Количество глаз: циклопы (редко), более 2-х глаз (очень редко);
  • Количество зрачков: 2 или более (невероятно редко);
  • Размер: гигантские/крошечные юниты (редко). Рост влияет на живучесть, так большие юниты заметно живучее своих собратьев;
  • Параметры тела: толстый/худой юнит (очень редко).

Многоглазый лекарь и худой учитель

Монах с несколькими зрачками

Гигантский сквайр

Многоглазый король


Ниндзя с маленькой ногой

Самурай с большим глазом

Маленький сёгун

Полурослик с маленьким глазом

Толстый полурослик

Многоглазый метатель копий

Гигантский бард

Очень маленький пистолетчик

Большеглазый буян

Толстый фехтовальщик


Игрок размещает юнитов на поле планировки боя, показывающего юнитов игрока, карту и вражеские войска. После того, как игрок создал свою армию на определённый бюджет, он может начать битву против вражеской армии. В начале боя каждый юнит начнёт свои собственные атаки. В этих битвах каждый юнит запрограммирован со своим собственным уникальным оружием, поведением и механикой.

На данный момент в игре 2 режима: песочница и кампания.


В песочнице у игрока есть возможность создавать собственные бои из неограниченных войск друг против друга исходя из бесконечного бюджета.


Кампания предоставляет игроку различные уровни с подготовленными вражескими войсками. Игроку нужно на ограниченный бюджет выставить свою армию против вражеской.

Список уровней в кампании в разных версиях:

  • Pre-Alpha 0.1.06 — 10 уровней;
  • Pre-Alpha 0.1.13 — 10 уровней;
  • Pre-Alpha 0.2.0 — 20 уровней;
  • Open Alpha — 20 уровней (изменённых;
  • Closed Alpha — 25 уровней;
  • Ранний доступ — 225 уровней.

Simulation Maps

Simulation maps are simple, untextured maps that have no theme but have very unique geography. Many of them present unique challenges, especially on terrain that favors one side over the other.

Simulation: This map is just a white grid, with no terrain that the developers usually use in showcase videos. It’s a map to presumably to test battles without distractions from trees, ice, etc…

Bridge: This map is a bridge.

Bridge With Rails: This map is a bridge with rails to prevent units from falling off, although units still can fall off.

Maze: This map has pillars that makes units have to navigate through to get to the other units.

Hill: This map has an incline in the center that Units walk up.

Port: A Bridge that goes over a flat floor that has side-extensions.

Holes: This map has holes that can get in the way of a battle.

Corridor: This map has a kind-of-thin pathway where Units walk.

Broken Bridge: This map has a bridge with a gap, but below the broken bridge is a detour to the other side.

King Of The Hill: This map has a center area with four pathways that lead in opposite directions.

Defend The Castle: On the right of the map, you can see a «castle» that Units can defend. There are three paths that lead up to the «castle».

Castle With Archer Towers: On the far right you can see a base, that Units can defend. The base has Archer towers that ranged unit can use. On the far left, there are two pathways that Units walk to get to the base.

Final Destination: Final destination is a line that Units stand on and fight each other on.

Defend The Tower: A large Castle with many levels and rooms, there are archer Stations and a hole in the front wall and a smaller tower behind for extra units.

Spire: A Giant tower with a spiral path around it.

Lines: This map has 4 thin pathways that Units walk down.

High Ground: On the high ground map there is a mini-castle that units can defend that is on elevated ground.

Moat: This map appears to have a small bridge with a walking area below it. To the left, there is a surface that Units can use to get to the bridge, and on the right, there is a base-like structure that has an area for archers.

Arena: A Round Roofless room with four floors and rooms.

Low Ground: A map with the middle area being a dip.

Tiered Castle: A Multi-Level Tower in the middle of the map.

Double Battle: Two plates on each side and one in the center that are all connected with Bridges.

(Coming Soon) Customizable Map: A map that can be randomized/customized with different terrain.

The Pre-Alpha Map

Classic This map used in the first two of the three Pre-Alphas. It was infamous for the graveyard and church in which units could get stuck on, and its infinite size.

This map sets units on one half of a huge valley surrounded by mountains. Units were known after the initial battle was over to run to the mountains. On one side of the flat map are the mountains, on the other the graveyard and church. Behind each army are tents, but they are the wrong colors. (The red tents are on the blue side, and the blue tents are on the red side.) Beyond the church and tents lie hundreds of small pine trees, maybe twice a unit’s height, and a plain.

Legacy Unit Locations

The banner, found in the red-side camp.

The barrel, found in the blue-side camp.

The blowgun, found inside the open grave at the front of the church.

The boxing gloves, found adjacent to the red-side camp, in the middle of a square clearing.

The chariot, found in the red-side camp.

The flag, found in the blue-side camp.

The pharaoh’s mummy, found inside the church by entering through the cracked roof.

The pike, found behind the church.

The poacher’s epitaph, found under the large poacher statue next to the church.

The super boxing gloves, found next to a large tombstone encircled by hedge. Near the church.

The wristbands, found inside the church’s bell tower. One of the windows is cracked open for the player’s camera to enter.

The tank, found underground. A hole can be found under four trees that lay directly northwards of the church.

Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, found near a crash site surrounded by a destroyed building and several scorched trees. Has crackling lightning around it, making it audible around the map.

A wizard’s hat and pipe , found along the path from the church, on top of a large stump.

The dark peasant glove found behind the church on a grave.

The player unlocking the Legacy Campaign after finding all the Legacy units. Note: that you don’t need to unlock the peasant.


The Legacy Faction contains many Units that previously only existed in the Alpha versions of TABS, as well as a few early in-development units that never appeared in previous releases. From the strongest Units to one use weapons, the Legacy Faction has a wide variety of units.

It’s very similar to the Secret Faction, as you have to unlock the units to unlock the faction. When the player does this they also unlock the campaign for the faction. The weakest Unit in TABS, the Peasant, is unlocked by default. You must find all the remaining Legacy units to unlock the entire faction and campaign. There are a total of 16 units in this faction.

Что сделать в первую очередь

  1. Скачайте и запустите всемирно известный CCleaner (скачать по прямой ссылке) — это программа, которая очистит ваш компьютер от ненужного мусора, в результате чего система станет работать быстрее после первой же перезагрузки;
  2. Обновите все драйверы в системе с помощью программы Driver Updater (скачать по прямой ссылке) — она просканирует ваш компьютер и обновит все драйверы до актуальной версии за 5 минут;
  3. Установите Advanced System Optimizer (скачать по прямой ссылке) и включите в ней игровой режим, который завершит бесполезные фоновые процессы во время запуска игр и повысит производительность в игре.

Guitar Pro — An advanced guitar playing software

The most popular software for tabs online. The GProTab web-site alone provides more than 50 000 tabs for you to choose from. The tabs are available for download for free without registration.

Guitar Pro provides virtual keyboard (fretboard) so that you could see where to place your fingers in tabulature, slash or standard notation.

A compositor? Great. You can compose and edit your own scores for any amount of instruments. You can use your computer keyboard, mouse or MIDI instruments.

The pre-recorded amps (effects), two hundred sound banks and 1000+ sounds are available at a special sound mixer. You can use them or create your own.

Piano and guitar virtual keyboard. Tools like metronome, tempo, looper and chord and scale library — it’s all available to simplify your practice.

Print out or export to MIDI, MusicXML, audio and other format. You can also use Guitar Pro smartphone apps.

Alpha Maps

Scotland: The first map in the game. It is a mostly grassy flat area, with a few rocks of varying sizes and some trees scattered around. In the Closed Alpha, this map has stacks of hay lying around on the sides. The first 5 levels of the campaign take place in this map. It uses the standard battle theme used in the previous versions. In the Open Alpha, it was very very large.

Sahara: Unlike Scotland, this map has no vegetation of any kind. It’s just sand and rocks. The map also features more rough terrain. In the Closed Alpha, it has a large pyramid, with broken pillars. As the name suggests, this map is based off the Sahara desert in Africa. This map appears in levels 6-10 of the campaign. If a unit falls in the hole at the top of the pyramid, they will die and release a swarm of locusts. They will go around the map and kill every unit one by one. Multiple locust swarms can exist at once.

Denmark: The third map in the game. It has white, snowy ground and lots of rocks and ice. This map takes up levels 11-15 of the campaign. Like the Sahara, it has no flora. On the right side of the map there are rocks on which you can place units. This also has huge ice pieces that units can walk into but they die after a short time.

Japan: The fourth map in the Open Alpha. It has trees with pink leaves (sakura trees), lots of rocks and a small pond in the top-right corner. (As of Open-Alpha, in the pre-alpha, it had a river in the middle)) In the Closed Alpha, it is covered in snow and has a small valley in the middle and a bridge allowing troops to cross. It takes up levels 16-20.


  • Backwards Dodge — Moves back a reasonable distance (Boxer)
  • Fencer Dodge — Unit jumps backwards to avoid a melee attack (Fencer)
  • Jester Dodge — Unit backflips to avoid damage(While Backflipping, the unit becomes invulnerable). (Jester)
  • Painter Dodge — Unit will jump and occasionally ragdoll to the side in order to avoid a projectile (Painter)
  • Shogun Dodge — Unit will dash backwards to avoid attacks. (Shogun)
  • Superboxer Punch — Unit will leap back very far to dodge a melee attack, before gathering a yellow energy and charging back towards the enemy, causing a medium sized explosion that deals low damage but incredibly high knockback. Has much longer cooldown compared to other dodges (Super boxer)
  • Quickdraw Projectile Dodge — Unit will quickly slide to one side or another to dodge a projectile (Quickdraw)

Система ИИ

У юнитов относительно простая система искусственного интеллекта. Хотя ИИ считается достаточно «базовым» в Open Alpha и Closed Alpha, Landfall переработали и обновили ИИ юнитов для раннего доступа. «Новый» ИИ был продемонстрирован в закрытом бета-тестировании. Это специальные солдаты,которых вы размещаете на карте перед сражением.

Каждый юнит имеет свой собственный уникальный ИИ, который определяет его поведение в бою (например, дальнобойные юниты уходят на определенное расстояние перед стрельбой, а юниты ближнего боя выбирают самый прямой путь к своей цели). Некоторые юниты имеют возможность уклоняться или парировать, в то время как другие могут атаковать только в ближнем бою. Эти способности и поведение следует учитывать при выборе и расставлении юнитов, так как они могут оказать существенное влияние на игру. В настоящее время юниты могут управляться игроком.