September 2021

Days of Summer Lights is a later phase of the Days of Summer event and the lantern from last year return for the occasion as an iAP. The event will run from September 20 (00:00 PDT) through October 3 (11:59pm PDT) and the bonfire in Home will be lit once again for players to collect up to a certain amount of Light for their candle meters.

In-App Purchases

For the occasion, the following IAPs will be available to purchase (regional pricing varied depending on local taxes and exchange rates):

  • Days of Summer Light Accessory — $2.99 USD
  • Days of Summer Lights Lantern + 35 Regular Candles — 19.99 USD

Summer light Hair Accessory

Summer light Hair Accessory

Summer light Hair Accessory

Summer light Hair Accessory

Days of summer light pack

Days of Summer light pack

Days of Summer light pack

In-Game Purchases

Throughout this event all message boats will be transformed to resemble those lotus flowers floating peacefully on the water. For the occasion, the following will be available to purchase for in-game currencies:

Lotus Message Boat — 6 Candles

Traveling Spirits

Each Traveling Spirit that arrives across Days of Summer and Days of Summer Lights will introduce a prop that can be enjoyed on the sea shore, in your Shared Space, or anywhere else you adventure with friends.

  • A comfy beach recliner — 20 candles
  • A pipe — 20 candles
  • A pair of wooden deck chairs — 45 candles

Days of Summer Traveling Summer Props


Players will be able to collect free spells of the Days of Summer Lights event from the Sleepy Traveler’s boat to try out all of the new items:

Each of these temporary spells last for 30 minutes.

  • Days of Summer Lights bunny hair accessory
  • Days of Summer Lights lantern
  • Days of Summer Lights Lotus Message Boat

Days of Summer Lights Bunny hair accessory

Days of Summer Lantern

Days of Summer Message boat

More information can be found on ThatSkyGame’s Website



Neutral Sit

Request a Guide

  • Flame: Puts the player’s red candle into their hands. This ability is given during the Isle of Dawn’s tutorial, and normally does not need to be accessed via the menu. However, this icon can be useful when you are in a dark area as it gives more light or if you have trouble lighting a button on a door, for example. You can pull out your flame manually by tapping this icon, and may be more successful.
  • High Candle: This Expression is found by completing the 8-Player Puzzle in Daylight Prairie. If used by two or more players near each other they create a flare like a Child of Light. This expression also comes with a sound effect when two or more players create this flare. The high candle provides more light than a normal candle, so it is more effective to use a high candle in a dark area than to use a normal candle.
  • Hide and Seek: Found in Hidden Forest, this «Expression» opens a mini game of hide and seek. When you tap on it, other players nearby will have an opportunity to join your game. Once the waiting timer expires (giving participating players a chance to hide), you will have a specified amount of time to find them. Locating players via call (tapping on yourself) is disabled for participating players.​​​​​
  • The icon in the space in the menu below the Flame icon will change depending on which instrument you are carrying. It will be blank if you are not carrying any instrument.
  • Neutral Sit: Technically in the Expression area, the neutral sit is an animated emote, and simply allows the player to sit down. It’s not really an Expression, and is a basic icon that does not need to be collected. When tapped again, the player will cycle through kneel, sit and lying down poses of their stance.
  • Request a Guide: Allows you to ask nearby players for help finding spirits. When activated, the players around you will see a question mark symbol above your head and can take your hand to guide you in the direction of a spirit.

0.6.1 — 27 Sep 2019

Greetings Adventurers!

This update is primarily focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements reported by our loyal players! We appreciate all of your bug reports and persistence in helping Sky be the best that it can be! Read about the fixes below:

Bug Fixes

  • Season intro cutscene in Home will play properly now if haven’t seen yet
  • Portals in Home will now open properly after Eden
  • The 1st heart in top right currency UI will show up properly now
  • The Shout spirits will now not require going back to the temple if someone else triggered them
  • Fixed a number of bugs with size and chibi mask
  • Black sphere will no longer appear from the Isle of Dawn temple
  • Fixed a button not showing up to summon Oreo
  • Screenshot pixelation glitch is now fixed
  • Fixed crash happening after in app purchases for certain players with lots of progress


  • Added hint to rise button in Dawn tutorial after first cave
  • Collecting Season Spirits will now be available in Home constellation immediately after completing their quest

Misc fixes

  • Made ultimate umbrella colors glow a bit more
  • Minor level tweaks and improvements
  • Players are finally able to try the second eight player quest with the emote changed from Pray to Butterfly Catcher after issues have been fixed
  • In the Butterfly Fields area of Daylight Prairie stone archway entrances have been removed or changed to smaller pillars or stones
  • In the Villages area of Daylight Prairie, the amount of candles and candle residue has been slightly increased outside one of the two-player gates
  • Also in the Villages area of Daylight Prairie, all patches of darkness and their light residues on the bell towers are visible and able to be collected instead of some disappearing
  • Issues with the new Size Potion being permanent have been altered and fixed
  • Players are properly receiving full heart gifts from friends again
  • The two-player porthole at the Shipwreck now works and can be opened, giving players another entry into the Ship

Daily Quests & Seasonal Candles

Daily Quests

Collect Seasonal Candles throughout the Season to trade with the new Spirits for their Cosmetics.

At Home, the Dreams Guide offered players four Daily Quests to complete every day. Players earned one Seasonal Candle per quest completed. Each day the Quest Giver stood next to a Realm’s Portal, indicating where the day’s Daily Quests may be completed. The chosen Realm also contained four bunches of Seasonal Candles. If players gathered the light from all four bunches, they were be able to forge one extra Seasonal Candle. Players who had the Adventure Pass could also claim a Seasonal Candle at Home as a free daily bonus.

Dreams Adventure Pass Page 1

Dreams Adventure Pass Page 2

A Bunch of Seasonal Dreams Candles

Seasonal Bunches locations

This Season, the (Candle) bunches were found towards the beginning of each Realm.

  • Daylight Prairie: 4 in Butterfly Fields
  • Hidden Forest: 1 in the Social Space, and 3 along the gated area
  • Valley of Triumph: 1 in the Social Space, and 3 around the Ice Rink
  • Golden Wasteland: 4 in the Broken Temple area
  • Vault of Knowledge: 3 around the entrance floor, and 1 on the first floor up the elevator


A Tree House in area overlooks the final area, Broken Bridge and Whale Bones. This is where you’ll find two trapped Mantas to free, and Jellyfish to release. There are also two Ancestor Spirits here. Once you have repaired the entire bridge and the Jellyfish appear, the rain will stop both in vicinity of the Broken Bridge as well as the tunnel area. This is helpful when trying to collect the large multiplayer plant atop the hill.

Tearful Light Miner

Find the four towers connected by a (broken) bridge. From the 3 of these towers go straight to the right, into a cave under a tree root and you will find the Ancestor Spirit.

This Ancestor Spirit’s Shop contains two Wing Buffs to unlock. The second Wing Buff unlocks the ability to upgrade the Expression two more times, for a total of five upgrades. Only this Ancestor Spirit and the Waving Ancestor Spirit have two Wing Buffs and five upgrades.

Tearful Light Miner

C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
Lv6 5C*
Lv5 5C*
Lv4 4C Lv3 4C
3H 1C 3C
Lv2 3C
Total: 30C, 3H, 4AC

*Does not count toward constellation completion


Whale Whisperer

Sky- Children of the Light- Music Sheet 4 (Forest, Whale Call)

Return to the bridge. From the second tower, go straight left to a building that doesn’t have open sides. Behind it, you will find a big skeleton overgrown with dark plants. Burn them all to receive the call. If anyone else discovers the call while you are in the area, you will also receive it.

Whale Whisperer

C=Candle, H=Heart, AC=Ascended Candle
3C 1C
Total: 9C, 2H, 1AC


0.8.0 — 23 Jan 2020

Welcome to the Season of Rhythm! Winter is here and so is a troupe of performing spirits featuring new attire, expressions, and instruments to unlock.

This update includes:

  • A new season
  • New content
  • New features
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Additional notes:

  • The Season of Rhythm has begun, the season will last 10 weeks— ending on April 2nd
  • All Seasonal Spirits have arrived on the first day, this Season brings a mixture of new items and returning items from the previous Winter Season
  • Beginning Friday, January 31st at 12:00 PST (UTC-8) and every other weekend thereafter, Traveling Spirits from a previous season will appear in Home for a short time
  • A Lunar New Year Fireworks show will take place on Friday, January 24th 
  • A Double Heart event will begin at 00:00 Friday January 24th PST (UTC-8) and end on Monday January 27th at 23:59 PST (UTC-8)
  • Changes to the layout of Home Space with an Ice Rink added, to Valley of Triumph and Vault of Knowledge with additions of tunnels for Spirits, and to Daylight Prairie regarding locations of Spirit Gates, candles, and one of the Children of Light
  • New shortcut to Home for all players, and Return Shrine added to Home Space to return players to their last save-point
  • Portals in Home no longer resume from the last checkpoint, they will always load to the beginning of the level so that friends will no longer become separated due to different checkpoints
  • Repeated Calls from a player no longer spam a radius of light around them
  • Changes made to Glow spell to be less visually intrusive

Season of Enchantment

A new Spirit appears in Forgotten Ark. This is where it appears the new Season begins.

A new addition to this Season is that the Adventure Pass is available as a pre-order, and includes 10 additional Seasonal Candles if you purchase the pre-order.


About the Adventure Pass

About the Adventure Pass


This Season is also introducing a new format for finding the Spirits and for Quests.

  • At Home you will find the normal Daily Quest-Giver with the same Daily Quests that have been a part of every Season so far. See Quests and Seasonal Quests for specific guide videos.
  • In Forgotten Ark there is another appearance of the Quest Master, called the Guide (in this case, the Enchantment Guide) with a wholly different type of Quests. While all of the Seasonal Spirits are located in the Forgotten Ark area, the Quest that you receive from the Quest Master here will send you off to different Realms to find all Colored Lights. This story will unfold as the weeks go by.

Seasonal Candles

Seasonal Candle bunch

Each day the Quest-Giver stands next to a Realm’s Portal, indicating where the day’s Seasonal Candle bunches are found. The chosen Realm will contain four sets/bunches of Seasonal Candles which together perfectly add up to one whole Seasonal Candle. Unlike previous Seasons, the Colored Lights decide the locations rather than the Spirits (as they are all found in the Forgotten Ark). Candle bunch locations:

  • Daylight Prairie: Bird Nest (the right Spirit Gate from Butterfly Fields)
  • Hidden Forest: The Boneyard (last big area, with jellyfish)
  • Valley of Triumph: The Ice Rink
  • Golden Wasteland: The new Seasonal Area, Forgotten Ark. The Candles are scattered on the Ark itself
  • Vault of Knowledge: 2-player area on the first floor

World Events and Special Places

While most of the world events and special places have been removed from the game, a few still remain, including two in this Realm.

One is the Eagle’s Nest with a literal «Easter egg» in it. From the last tower of the broken bridge, instead of jumping on Jellyfish, fly to the right to a big tree stump that has glowing mushrooms growing on it. The nest is on top.

The other special place is the Rainbow. The Rainbow still appears at, 5:00 AM/PM (both) Pacific Time (aka. 8:00AM/PM EST), and remains for 30 minutes and can be found above the gate to Sunny Forest, in the second area above the little temple with a message shrine to the right.

Spirits and Cosmetics

For the Season of Gratitude (Summer 2019), the Seasonal Expressions were available in every Realm except Eye of Eden (SPOILERS!)

Isle — «Sassy» Stance

Prairie — «Yoga» Expression

Forest — «Karate» Expression

Valley — «Leap» Expression

Wasteland — «Dismiss» Expression

Vault — «Greeting» Expression

Isle of Dawn — Sassy Drifter

The Sassy Drifter offers the «Sassy» Stance, selling a Weasel Mask and a Bell Hat Hairstyle. This spirit can be found to the far right side of Isle of Dawn, past the small cave where a Child of Light resides.

Sassy Drifter ~ Price Tree

Sassy Drifter ~ Weasel Mask

Sassy Drifter ~ Bell Hat (Hairstyle)

Sassy Drifter ~ «Sassy» Stance

Sassy Stance ~ Standing

Sassy Stance ~ Kneeling

Sassy Stance ~ Sitting

Sassy Stance ~ Lying Down

Sassy Drifter

Daylight Prairie — Stretching Guru

The Stretching Guru offers the «Yoga» Expression, selling a Red Cone-like Hat Hairstyle and a Fluffy Red Cape. This spirit can be found in , seen left of the entrance, on a high ledge.

Stretching Guru ~ Price Tree

Stretching Guru ~ Cone-like Hat (Hairstyle)

Stretching Guru ~ Red Tail Cape

Stretching Guru ~ Red Tail Cape

Stretching Guru ~ Red Tail Cape

Stretching Guru

Hidden Forest — Provoking Performer

The Provoking Performer offers the «Karate» Expression, selling a Crab Mask, a ‘Boat’ Hat Hairstyle and . This spirit can be found in , inside the long tunnel in the left section of the area.

Provoking Performer ~ Price Tree

Provoking Performer ~ Crab Mask

Provoking Performer ~ ‘Boat’ Hat (Hairstyle)

Provoking Performer

Valley of Triumph — Leaping Dancer

The Leaping Dancer offers the «Leap» Expression, selling a Fox Mask and a Small Bell Instrument. This Spirit is found in area, behind the 2-player door to the the right of the Sliding Race entrance.

Leaping Dancer ~ Price Tree

Leaping Dancer ~ Fox Mask

Leaping Dancer ~ Small Bell (Instrument/Prop)

Leaping Dancer ~ Small Bell (Instrument/Prop)

Leaping Dancer

Golden Wasteland — Saluting Protector

The Saluting Protector offers the «Dismiss» Expression, selling a Garuda Mask, a White Fur Cape and . This spirit is found in , below the collapsed bell structure.

Saluting Protector ~ Price Tree

Saluting Protector ~ Garuda Mask

Saluting Protector ~ White Fur Cape

Saluting Protector ~ White Fur Cape

Saluting Protector ~ White Fur Cape

Saluting Protector

Vault of Knowledge — Greeting Shaman

The Greeting Shaman offers the «Greeting» Expression, selling a Bull Mask and a Large Bell instrument. This spirit can be found on the , on a moving floating platform.

Greeting Shaman ~ Price Tree

Greeting Shaman ~ Bull Mask

Greeting Shaman ~ Large Bell (Instrument/Prop)

Greeting Shaman ~ Large Bell (Instrument/Prop)

STAR Serendipity

The Serendipity matchmaking feature allows players with linked STAR items to match with other players also with linked STAR items who are online and not already their friend. This feature can also happen with (already known) Facebook Friends, find out more here.

To utilize the Serendipity matchmaking system, follow these steps:

  1. Open the «Favorite» Friends constellation in Home
  2. If you have a match, a Pin Icon with a red notification dot will appear, outside the main constellation
  3. Tap the star to cause the matched player’s character to appear, in the form of a stranger (darkened character)
  4. Above the character will appear the Warp Icon, tapping it will teleport you to them like any other friend.

The matched player will have a tag (Pin Icon similar to the one you tapped before) over their head so you can recognize them. You can tap on your character to reveal the tag if they are too far away, but it will appear automatically if you are close to them.

The Clock / Bell Chimes at Home

The bell chimes at Home space (Sky)

Bell Chimes at Home

There is an intangible clock at home that chimes every quarter of the hour (every 15 minutes). Each chime in the hour sounds different, so by recognizing the chime you can discern when in the hour it currently is.

The 1st quarter chime is at every __:15 (quarter past)

(so for example at the times 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, etc.)

  • The 2nd quarter chime is at every __:30 (half past)
  • The 3rd quarter chime is at every __:45 (quarter to)
  • And the hourly chime is at every __:00 (every hour)

If it is difficult to remember the sound of the different chimes, you can identify them by counting the number of strokes because each chime is longer than the previous. The 1st quarter chime plays 3 strokes, the 2nd has 4 strokes, 3rd has 5 strokes, and the hour has 6 strokes followed immediately by bell tolls.

The bell tolls/bongs after each hourly chime are meant to indicate the hour. For example, if there are 9 tolls it means 9 o’clock. However these tolls follow Pacific Standard Time (PST), which is only observed by parts of western Canada, the western United States (where TGC is), and western Mexico. Many PST regions also shift to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) in certain months, rendering the bell tolls irrelevant to virtually all players since they don’t appear to be adjusted. Thus, most players can ignore them.

Lighting in Home

The lighting in Home is relative to the player’s device clock:

  • Sunrise — 5:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m.
  • Cloudy — 9:00 a.m. to 9:59 a.m.
  • Daytime — 10:00 a.m. to 3:59 p.m.
  • Cloudy — 4:00 p.m. to 4:59 p.m.
  • Sunset — 5:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m.
  • Night — 9:00 p.m. to 4:59 a.m. next day

Isle of Dawn (9)

Isle of Dawn is the first realm you come to.

Isle WL 1

Isle WL 1

Isle WL 2

Isle WL 2

Isle WL 3

Isle WL 3

Isle WL 4

Isle WL 4

Isle WL 5 — Through the cloud tunnel

Isle WL 5 — Tunnel entrance

Isle WL 5

The numbers here refer to the pictures above, as the Winged Light numbers in the video are in a slightly different order.

Isle WL 1: Enter the first cave and walk to the end. Fly or jump down to the stranded boat below. Go near the glowing child and click the «hand with star» symbol to receive a wing for your cape.

Isle WL 2: Go to the right of the cave entrance where you receive Winged Light 1, and climb above the mouth of the cave. Walk across the top of the hill to find the Child of Light at the other end.

(It’s less walking if you get WL 4 before 3).

Isle WL 3: Go straight ahead to the ramp further away in front of the temple. The Child of Light is at the top of the ramp. You will need to have found at least one Ancestor Spirit to enter the ramp or be able to fly to the top of it.

Isle WL 4: Go to the very right of the area, behind the ramp to the right. There is a cave with the next Child of Light. You will need to have found at least one Ancestor Spirit to enter the cave.

Isle WL 5: Use the cloud tunnel on the right side of the Temple to reach the mountain structure. There is a two-person door blocking the main entrance to the cave, but you can fly up to the upper level outside (using clouds to keep you charged), and reach the Child of Light through the tunnel. It’s in a little cave offshoot on the right.

Cave of Prophecies (4)

Due to the addition of the Cave of Prophecies and the Trials during the Season of Prophecy, players will receive one Winged Light for each trial they complete. As there are four Trials, there are four Winged Light.

The tunnel entrance to the Cave of Prophecies (Isle WL 6, 7, 8)

The entrance to the Trial of Water (Isle WL 6)

Trial of Water (Isle WL 6)

Isle WL 6

Entrance to the Trial of Earth (Isle WL 7)

Trial of Earth (Isle WL 7)

Isle WL 7

Entrance to the Trial of Air (Isle WL 8)

Trial of Air (Isle WL 8)

Isle WL 8

Isle WL 6: You receive this Winged Light at the end of the Trial of Water. It stands at the top of the glowing mountain at the end of the Trial.

Isle WL 7: You receive this Winged Light at the end of the Trial of Earth. To reach it, you must complete the maze-like Trial and get to the shining tower at the end of the Trial. The Child of Light stands in the tower.

Isle WL 8: You receive this Winged Light at the end of the Trial of Air. You must climb the towering islands to reach the main island at the top, where the Child of Light stands.

Isle WL 9: You receive this Winged Light at the end of the Trial of Fire. The Child of Light stands after the final checkpoint, after you kill all the monsters.


Beyond the Coliseum lies the Temple, where the player sits to watch the Elder’s cut scene. This will enable you to interact with the Spirit Shop’s of the Valley Spirits. After watching the cutscene the player slides down to an area with clouds and to the next Realm (Golden Wasteland).


With the 0.7.0 update to the game, a new small area was added to the Temple. This is where the Season of Belonging Spirit was found, along with Seasonal Candles. A was also added here.

This area is a multi-level maze with an entrance gate on the left near the ground, and an exit up above, along the right-side wall as you enter. Entering via the Constellation gate at the bottom will require two Spirits from The Hidden Forest. Inside of the maze contains some areas with .

Finding Keys

Currently you can only get specific keys by going to certain areas that have the right notes in their background music. Often, you’ll have to wait a while for the music to quiet down before starting your practice/performance session. Below, you’ll find suggested locations for specific keys. However, these are not the only places which support a specific key of your choice, though notably the most convenient.

Here is an infographic summarising this section, made by Clement#8978 on Discord.

Infographic by Clement#8978 on Discord (posted with permission)

If you prefer a video, here’s a guide to help:

Where to find all 12 major scales — Sky- Children of the Light

The OST page does include the in-game keys for some tracks. If you are familiar with the game locations of the tracks, and have access to the OST, that page may also be helpful.

C major

The in-game music sheets are usually in C major. These include Music Sheets #3, #4, #5, and #7.

C Major in Home

C Major in the Forest Temple

The graveyard

Some places that give you the C major key include:

  • Homespace
  • The Temple in . Wait for the background music to finish.
  • The Upper or Lower (the Graveyard) Swamps in

C♯/D♭ major

The of 8-player elevator in Prairie

The Boneyard in Forest

Two spots that give the C♯/D♭ major key:

  • The starting point for the 8-player puzzle in
  • The Boneyard in

D major

Butterfly Fields in Prairie

The Temple in Valley

The Battlefield in Wasteland

Here are four areas which will set your key to D major:

  • Go through the portal to Daylight Prairie from Home
  • The Temple in
  • The Battlefield in

D♯/E♭ major

D sharp/E flat major is the key used when playing Music Sheet #8 (Dismiss Spirit, Season of Gratitude).

The courtyard past Forest’s clearing

The Broken Temple in Wasteland

Here are two spots for playing with the key E♭ major:

  • The Forest’s Brook in .
  • The Broken Temple in Golden Wasteland.

E major

If you have Music Sheet 16 from Season of Prophecy, this is the most convenient way to get the E major key.

Otherwise, you can go to the , in the place where you exchange your stars for candles. (Don’t walk too far into the level as the music will change.)


Pausing your key in Eye of Eden, click for Video Guide

Though, by using a technique (pausing your key) demonstrated in the video linked above, you can also play with E major in Eden. However, this requires being able to tell notes by ear. When the desired key is achieved (tested by playing an instrument), pause the in-game music by simply going to the Audio Settings and turning off the music.

The Treehouse in Hidden Forest, added in the Season of Assembly, also plays E major after the music finishes.

F major

Sunny Forest in Forest

The Citadel in Valley

The first Floor of Vault

Three places that support F major include:

  • Sunny Forest in
  • The Citadel in
  • The first Floor in

F♯/G♭ major

The Boneyard in Forest (after jellyfish)

The most convenient quiet place with F sharp/G flat major is the Boneyard in Hidden Forest, after the Jellyfish have been released and the background music has finished. Though, there is also a section of the background music in the 8-player elevator where the key for the instruments is G♭ major.

G major

Forest’s clearing

A place with G major is the clearing/Social Area in Hidden Forest, after the background music has finished,

You can also go to the start of Isle of Dawn.

G♯/A♭ major

The Coliseum in Valley

You can get the G sharp/A flat major key in the Coliseum in Valley of Triumph after completing either race, and waiting for the background music to finish.

The fourth Floor of Vault

An area with the key A major is the fourth Floor in .

A♯/B♭ major

A sharp/B flat major is the key for Music Sheet #11 (Wise Stance, Season of Belonging).

The after-Temple area in Forest

A place with A sharp/B flat major is the after-Temple area in , after the background music has finished.

B major

There are a few moments where the key is B major.

To play an instrument with this key, you’ll need to use a technique called «pausing your key». To do this, you’ll need to be able to tell notes by ear. When the desired key is achieved (tested by playing an instrument), you can turn off the background music in Audio settings, at the right moment, to pause your key.

The Boneyard in Forest

Any race in Valley

The second Floor of Vault, click for video

B major is part of the background music in:

  • The Boneyard in Hidden Forest. Activate the Jellyfish — the beginning of the music will be in B major.
  • Towards the end of a race in Valley of Triumph. A section towards the end of the music is in B major.
  • The second Floor of Vault of Knowledge. A section of the music will be in B major

Losing Winged Light

Ways of losing Winged Lights:

  • Being attacked by Crabs or Dark Dragons (see creatures page)
  • Continuous exposure to rain
  • Standing in polluted water (Golden Wasteland, Eye of Eden, Polluted geyser in Sanctuary Islands)
  • Going through Eye of Eden

When a player loses Winged Light, it will fly away from the player and appear as orange wings with a white light column. The player can try to pick them up again, but they will break after 14 seconds, or immediately when it drops into the polluted water, and the player will have lost their light and ability to fly, so it is often very hard to reach them. Other players may help with picking up the lost Winged Light before time runs out. The lost wing(s) will turn back into Children of Light and can be found again in their original location, but there is no way of knowing which of the Children of Light were lost and where to find them again. You must revisit the previous Children of Light you have collected from the Realms to recollect your Winged Light. Lost Winged Light can be recollected from the Children of Light that appear in their original form, not to be confused with the sparkle left behind by a Child of Light.