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Включить режим производительности Nvidia

После установки драйвера для видеокарты от компании Nvidia можно ускорить работу Just Cause 3 с помощью режима производительности. Это немного упростит графику в игре, но повысит FPS

Обратите внимание, что этот метод доступен только в случае, если у вас видеокарта с чипом от Nvidia. Вот как это сделать:

  • В нижнем правом углу экрана, в трее, нажать правой кнопкой мыши на иконку «Настройки NVIDIA»;
  • В открывшемся окне справа выбрать вкладку «Параметры 3D»;
  • Нажать на опцию «Регулировка настроек изображения с просмотром»;
  • Справа поставить флажок напротив «Пользовательские настройки с упором на:»;
  • Передвинуть «ползунок», который находится ниже, в крайнюю левую позицию «Производительность»;
  • Снизу нажать на кнопку «Применить».

Далее необходимо запустить Just Cause 3 и убедиться, что все отображается корректно. Если возникают проблемы, то нужно вместо «Пользовательские настройки с упором на:» выбрать «Настройки согласно 3D-приложению».


  • Rico mentions when he begins chasing the drone «I live for stealth.» This is actually very unlike him, because the only stealth missions Rico has ever been on are an optional beginning for Test of Loyalty and a few Random Encounters where Alessia mentions espionage. Every other time Rico’s only plan is to go in «guns blazing». So it can be assumed this is spoken ironically by Rico.
  • «Suit up» is a saying in many works of fiction where characters are about to either physically or metaphorically put on a special suit (for example a space suit, or diving suit) and embark on an expedition / adventure / dangerous mission.
  • The burned village may be a reference to the The burning of the north, and it is possible the Eden Corporation was the one that did it.
  • The burning wreck and dead cows will stay at the mission starting location forever. There’s also a burning building with a couple of dead rebels and a destroyed Drone in the area. The house has many Small Destructibles

    The burning building with the dead rebels could be the ones that shot down the drone, as mentioned above.



During free-roam:

  • Military vehicles at Military bases in Medici are instantly replaced by Rebellion-marked versions when the base is 100% complete.
  • Stria Obrero with an EMP bomb — Is parked at Refugio Umbra.
  • As explained in Mario’s Rebel Drops, any vehicle you deliver to a rebel controlled garage will become available for Rebel drop, however most of these vehicles will still be in civilian colors.
  • Stria Facocero — Parked at many Checkpoints and Liberated town police stations as well as military bases. Can also appear in traffic. The armed version is unique to the faction.
  • Weimaraner — Same as above. Does not appear in traffic.
  • Stria Obrero — Same as above. Does not appear in traffic.
  • Urga Szturm 63A — Same as above. Can appear in traffic.
  • Urga Ogar 7 V8 — Same as above. Does not appear in traffic.
  • Custode 29 — In water traffic and guarding various liberated ports.
  • CS Navajo — Guarding various liberated bases.
  • Urga Hrom D — Same as above.
  • Rebel Corvette — Guarding various liberated military ports.
  • CS Powerrun 77 — Same as above.
  • CS7 Thunderhawk — Guarding Vulture and Griphon once liberated. Possibly bases too. Can also be seen taking off from said bases and Falco Maxime: Centcom.
  • U-7 Dravec — Same as above. Can replace or fly with the CS7.
  • CS Baltdjur — Can only be seen in the Random Encounter called Convoy Rescue. It is driven by a Military soldier.

In missions:

  • CS Powerrun 77 — Featured in Connect the Dots.
  • Stria Facocero — Featured in Welcome Home and other missions.
  • Stria Obrero with an EMP bomb — Featured in A Long and Dangerous Road.
  • Urga Bkolos 2100 — Featured in Missile Cowboy, Tangled Up In Blue, and The Shatterer of Worlds.
  • Urga Hrom D — Featured in Connect the Dots.
  • Urga Szturm 63A — Featured in A Long and Dangerous Road and other missions.
  • Weimaraner — Featured in Welcome Home and other missions.

Простое решение тормозов в Just Cause 3

  1. Скачайте и запустите всемирно известный CCleaner (скачать по прямой ссылке) — это программа, которая очистит ваш компьютер от ненужного мусора, в результате чего система станет работать быстрее после первой же перезагрузки;
  2. Обновите все драйверы в системе с помощью программы Driver Updater (скачать по прямой ссылке) — она просканирует ваш компьютер и обновит все драйверы до актуальной версии за 5 минут;
  3. Установите программу WinOptimizer (скачать по прямой ссылке) и включите в ней игровой режим, который завершит бесполезные фоновые процессы во время запуска игр и повысит производительность в игре.


In vehicles

Just like Rebel soldiers, military soldiers can be overheard speaking in vehicles. Though Rico can’t get into vehicles with them, they will be heard if a roadblock appears and a traffic jam of Military vehicles occurs.

Some of these quotes are also heard from soldiers patrolling outside vehicles.

  • «These so-called Rebels make me laugh! Just a bunch of kids waving guns around. No organisation to speak of. Nothing like the General’s well-oiled machine.«
  • «I’m fine with being stationed here instead of in the mines. If you get bored here, there’s plenty of seagulls to take potshots at.«
  • «I wish Di Ravello would let us wear shorts, although I don’t think anyone would take us seriously in them.«
  • «Hey, hey, you know what my favorite part about being in the Military is? It’s commandeering anything that looks fun — cars, boats, people’s apartments. If I want it, I just wave my gun around and I get it.«
  • «You know, you wear those fatigues pretty well. Mine are always too big.«
  • «Oh, I’m so bored. I haven’t seen any combat at all in the last few weeks. I’ll take anything at this point if it means I get to shoot something.«
  • «One of the other soldiers told me Di Ravello’s in a bad mood today. I was like ‘how is that different from any other day?’. Then I looked over my shoulder, just to make sure he wasn’t standing there.«
  • «I was between joining the Military and getting a college education. I made the right choice — I prefer bullets to books.«
  • «This Rebellion is going to fail. They should just accept that the General is in charge, and that’s how it’s going to stay.«
  • «I heard when they capture a terrorist, the local police commander practices enhanced interrogation techniques.«
  • «You want to know how to stay awake? Imagine the General finding you asleep at your post and what he would do to you.«
  • «Rico Rodriguez better not bring anything funny while I’m around. He won’t know what hit him. Then I’ll get all the promotions. That’ll teach him to bring a grappling hook to a gunfight.«

Radio announcements during heat

Similar to the Panau Military, Rico can overhear the Medici Military radio communications during Heat.

  • «All units! We have reports of violence!» — Level 1.
  • «Reports of violence in the area! All units, converge!» — Level 1.
  • «This is Dispatch, sending ground units to your location.» — Any level.
  • «Sending additional ground units to your location immediately.» — Any level.
  • «Understood, we are providing additional manpower to your location.» — Any level.
  • «Additional troops inbound.» — Any level.
  • «Copy that, reinforcements inbound.» — Any level.
  • «Group support inbound! Hang in there ground team!» — Any level.
  • «This is Dispatch, request received, reinforcement en route.» — Any level.
  • «We are sending naval support to your position.» — Any level in water.
  • «This is HQ, we got boats on route to your location.» — Any level in water
  • «The situation has escalated, additional reinforcements en route.» — Level 3 through 4.
  • «Situation has escalated, sending additional units to your location.» — Level 3 through 4.
  • «Choppers are inbound, repeat, choppers are inbound.» — Level 3 through 5.
  • «Be advised, we have choppers approaching your location.» — Level 3 through 5.
  • «This is dispatch, tanks inbound.» — Level 2 through 5 (north of wall), Level 3 through 5
  • «Attention, we are sending tanks to your location.» — Level 2 through 5 (north of wall), Level 3 through 5
  • «This is HQ! All hands on deck! Get down there and end this!» — Level 5.
  • «Authorizing a tactical response team to your position.» — Level 1 through 5 (north of wall), Level 3 through 5.
  • «Situation secure! Heavy support inbound! HANDLE IT!» — Level 5.
  • «This is spiraling out of control! Sending in the big guns! Take care of it!» — Level 5
  • «Situation critical! Sending heavy support, finish it!» — Level 5
  • «All units on alert, re-establish visual contact.» — Searching.
  • «Initiate search protocol. Find the target as soon as possible.» — Searching.
  • «All units, find the rebel! Pursue aggressively!» — Searching.
  • «Attention all units, target escaped. Stay alert.» — Lost heat.
  • «Come in. Is anybody left out there? Come in! Dammit!» — Lost heat.
  • «What’s the situation? Have we lost him? Report!» — Lost heat.
  • «Men! Pile out and fire!» — In combat zone
  • «Commando time!» — In combat zone, dispatching paratroopers as base defense reinforcements

Planes take off strangely

Planes take off vertically

 All Platforms  

Rico may be in a semi-rare Army of Chaos Pointman Scout Tank, but the EM-979 Airliner is not taking off properly in this screenshot

At Aeropeurto General Benitez, some EM-979 Airliners take off vertically.

They seem to take off normally most of the time, but rarely there’s a plane that flips 90 degrees up the moment it leaves the ground and then goes straight up for a while.

This happens when the front wheels spawns in the ground. Once the player approaches the plane, the wheel pops out of the ground and the whole plane suddenly jumps 90 degrees up.

This may have been addressed in a patch, making this glitch rare, but recently someone has seen it again.

Planes take off too soon

A player-controlled plane can easily take off in under 100 meters, but the A.I. planes seem to be programmed to try to look more realistic.

At Aeropuerto General Benitez, the planes taking off may take off a little earlier than usual. Similar to the vertical takeoff glitch, the plane will try to fix itself and go back to its regular path, so it’ll dive back down to the ground and resume it’s «takeoff» like nothing happened.

This one can be made to happen when you grapple a car to the front of the plane, but this would not count as a glitch then. It only counts as a glitch if it happens on its own with out any interference from the player.

This may have been addressed in a patch, making this glitch rare, but recently someone has seen it again.

Some game setting keep resetting themselves

Screen resolution keeps resetting

 PC   (Windows 7 and Windows 10)

If the screen is 1920×1080, the game automatically sets it to 1280×720 almost every time the game is turned on. It’s easy to set it back to what it should be when customizing the graphics settings, but for some reason this setting wants to go back to this default.

Fullscreen option resetting

 PC   (Windows 7 and Windows 10)

For some people, the game resets the fullscreen option to windowed every time it is launched.

Although easy and fast to reset manually, it is annoying to have to set it back to fullscreen every time the game is launched.

Невидимая сила

Но самая приятная способность испытуемого — умение превратить все звуки практически в осязаемые, благодаря чему свойства носителя и особенности тракта перестают отвлекать внимание. В наибольшей мере этот эффект проявляется все же с дисками высокого качества

На альбоме AM «Future Sons & Daughters», выпущенном на 180-граммовом виниле лейблом Naim Edge, планы не разделялись на ближние и дальние, а образовывали единое пространство. Попутно отмечу отчетливый и мелодичный бас, а тем временем на противоположном крае частотного диапазона царил полный покой. ВЧ у Parasound настолько ненавязчивы, что нет смысла даже как-либо описывать их характер. И достигнуто это не путем их смягчения или уменьшения. Просто они совершенно естественны.

Для уменьшения помех кнопка «моно» управляет реле, расположенными на плате самого фонокорректора

Подход, при котором тракт никак не взаимодействует с фонограммой, оказался выигрышным с совершенно разными по технологии записи альбомами — первопрессом The Who «Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy» и современным «My Oracle Lives Uptown» Уильяма Орбита. Фонокорректор JC3 Jr показал мне несовершенство и шарм больших гитарных комбиков и микрофонов с тяжелым корпусом в записи The Who, и отправил в увлекательное путешествие с Уильямом, композиции которого сменяли друг друга, будто звуковые ландшафты. Общее у этих двух впечатлений то, что мне удавалось на время совершенно забыть о системе, на которой это все воспроизводилось.


  • U-39 Plechovka — Free roam (standard\default rebel weapon).
  • U-55S Pozhar — Free roam (rare).
  • Prizrak U4 — Free roam and missions (rare).
  • U-96 Kladivo — Free roam (police stations).
  • Urga Vdova 89 — Free roam and missions (extremely rare).
  • USV 45 Sokol — Free roam and missions (fairly rare).
  • UVK-13 — Mission only.
  • CS Predator — Mission only.
  • CS110 Archangel — Mission only.
  • CS27 Misfortune — Mission only.
  • CS Predator — Mission only.
  • Random explosive (special) weapons next to 3 different dead rebels in a Roadside Event, with a crashed Stadt-Tresor ST 8530 among more dead bodies.
  • Vehicle mounted weapons (Urga Bkolos 2100, CS Odjur, others).
  • Weapons in weapon crates at captured military bases and police stations.

Just Cause


It is disappointing that Eidos has not included any SDK for its community. However, there have been ways to extract their archives. This article documents as much JC-related modding as possible.


Thanks to the MultiEx community and QuickBMS, extracting the *.ARC files has been made possible.

First, locate the folder containing your game Archives. (Its named should be named Archives, for obvious reasons.) Create a new text (.txt) file in that folder, then paste the following code in it:

for i = 1 < 0xFFFF
get NSIZE long
getdstring name nsize
get offset long
get size long
if NSIZE == 0
log name offset size
next i

Save the file.

Now download QuickBMS, and extract it to your Desktop. You may delete the src folder if you want.
Double click on quickbms.exe, then for the first part, select the text file you created. For the next part, select one of the archives, from pc1.arc to pc4.arc. Then create another folder to save the extracted content to. Hit «OK», then once it is finished, you have now extracted the content from the game!


This is an Archive. QuickBMS, along with the script included above, are able to open most of them. (Note that pc0.arc cannot be opened with the above script.)

As a reference, these are the first 4 bytes (headers) in the 5 archive files normally included with Just Cause:

File Name Header
pc0.arc 4C 00 00 00
pc1.arc 04 00 00 00
pc2.arc 04 00 00 00
pc3.arc 04 00 00 00
pc4.arc 04 00 00 00

In fact, pc0 is most likely unopenable due to its unusual header. That, or the header could be indicating a different file format, with which will need a new script.


Stands for Direct Draw Surface. These files are used with DirectX to apply textures to models. Paint.NET has a plugin if you are looking to convert these to a normal format.

Main article: DirectDraw Surface.


Still an unknown acronym, these files appear to control how NPCs function. Acronym may stand for «Binary Finite-State Machine» as FSM’s are quite common with NPC programming.


Normally standing for Level Of Detail, these files could be the actual models, containing actual point-by-point info, as well as animations.

Main article: Level Of Detail.

List of the only known JC1 mods

  • Two trainers can be downloaded here.
  • See Myths for the unfinished superman mod that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
  • This link leads to a Cheat Engine script which allows to spawn any vehicle with any faction colors and symbols, as well as repaint already existing ones. The video in the end of the page explains how to use it properly.

Как разогнать видеокарту для Just Cause 3

Все, что связано с «разгоном», направлено на увеличение производительности, но это довольно обширные темы, о которых в двух словах рассказать сложно. К тому же это всегда довольно рисковое дело. Если что, мы вас предупредили.

Чтобы добиться большего значения FPS в Just Cause 3, сначала можно попробовать разогнать видеокарту. Самый простой способ сделать это — воспользоваться встроенными функциями ПО от производителя видеокарты.

Например, в комплекте с некоторыми видеокартами от GIGABYTE поставляется программа Graphics Engine, в которой есть несколько уже готовых профилей разгона. Это позволяет выжать из видеокарты 5-10 дополнительных кадров в секунду.

Если программы от производителя нет, то всегда можно воспользоваться универсальным решением — MSI Afterburner. Это одна из лучших программ для разгона, в ней множество разных настроек.

Но тут придется все настраивать вручную. Повышать следует в первую очередь частоту самого видеочипа («Core Clock») и частоту памяти видеокарты («Memory Clock»). Слева находятся базовые значения этих параметров. Справа отображаются температура и увеличение вольтажа — эти характеристики позволяют следить за «здоровьем» видеокарты.

При повышении частоты возрастает нагрев видеокарты. Если температура переходит отметку в 85 градусов, то следует увеличить скорость оборотов вентиляторов («Fan Speed»). Если температура повысилась до 100 градусов, то следует немедленно прекратить разгон, иначе чип может расплавиться. Мощный «разгон» требует водяного охлаждения, поэтому не следует повышать частоты более чем на 10%.

Slow rendering when riding a missile [semi-resolved]


If the player grapples to an Agency submarine missile and rides it to a distant place, the game may have trouble loading the target area fast enough, which results in the player being able to enter normally solid structures, such as buildings. If the missile is about to crash into a building in that location, it will go right through and Rico will be stuck inside.

This is possibly because the game doesn’t have enough time to render in the details, since the missile has an extremely high speed almost superior to a real modern fighter jet’s top speed.

Fast Travel teleports the player out of any stuck location.

Just Cause 4

How it works

Just Cause 4 mods normally change the game by inserting files into the game’s root directory to replace/overwrite the game’s original files.

Most mods require a program called a «mod loader» (which automatically runs the game with the mods installed) and a «dropzone» folder to function. Mod loaders can be obtained on the same sites where mods are distributed. The mod loader creates a folder commonly called a «dropzone». Downloaded mods are normally compressed/zipped, so they have to be extracted/unpacked. The files can then be either added to the game manually, or inserted into the dropzone folder (usually the latter, in most cases). When the game is played, rather than running the game from the original game files, the mod loader implements the files in the dropzone into the program.

Obtaining mods

  • justcause4mods.com — The largest JC4 modding site, with ~100 downloadable mods, give or take. Most mods on this website require the use of mod loaders and dropzone folders. It is suggested to use mods from this website if you’re new to modding. When compared to other mods, mods on this site are relatively simple and easy to install.
  • Unlike Just Cause 2 and 3, Just Cause 4 will not have an official multiplayer mod, and will probably never have any sort of multiplayer mod.
  • Modding tools for JC4 can be obtained here.
  • A different set of tools is here.
  • A relatively simple and easy «mod creator» can be found here. Once again, it’s suggested to use this mod creator if you’re new to modding since it’s relatively easy to use. However, keep in mind that its modding capabilities are comparably very limited, and can only change the values of some variables and factors, eg. the damage of a certain weapon, or the top speed of a certain vehicle.

Maximizing animation and cinematic content workflows for JC4

«Maximizing animation and cinematic content workflows for JC4» is a 102 page PDF, written by Brian Venisky, senior technical animator at Avalanche Studios. The PDF likely contains some information that could be relevant to modding JC4, or at least for modders to better understand the game.

Unfortunately we can not upload a file that large directly onto the wiki, but here’s a link.

Shooting a rocket launcher at anti-air

In other words, you get to the overall by means of finishing story missions and liberating towns! Turning the map from pink to blue via spilling a whole lot of crimson and spreading chaos. Explosions are free Just Cause 3 speciality. Above all, everything is destructible, however the game boasts the finest demolition jobs since Red Faction Guerrilla. By deploying the upgraded grappling hook, allowing up to 6 separate tethers right now! You could resultseasily propel big! Sometimes flammable structures into each other, concocting colossal fireballs.

However, the greatest new addition is the wingsuit, which lets in Rico to fly huge distances and gives a chicken’s eye view of merry destruction. Climbed the highest peak in the sport and jumped off within the path of the brightest lights below. After swooping majestically for numerous mins deployed the parachute and dropped smack in the middle of a navy base. For instance, two laser sights have been straight away trained on me and a second later RPG fired! But zipped upwards to a crane with the grapple, leaving that noticed one rocket whack into a jeep and the opposite the second shooter.

Awesome story missions

Tethered the final grunt to an ignited gas canister and it promptly shot into the air with him flailing in the back of a makeshift Fulton extraction. A pop up appeared informing me had set a non public first rate for the resulting distance he flew. Reinforcements arrived and mowed them down with machinegun fire the weapons by no means sense splendid! However the AI is dumb and faulty sufficient to make this trouble much less than terminal. Finally, row of storage cylinders collectively and they fell like dominos in the distance as nonchalantly strolled out the the front gate. Rico’s too cool to look at explosions. In conclusion, the sport works quality every time it resources these superhero fantasies. Above all, found it actually didn’t paintings some distance too often.

Plenty of challenges to take on

That closing bullet factor is particularly crucial, because it appears not likely to be constant except Square modifications online device. Just Cause 3 game is only a single participant recreation! However it establishes an automatic connection to Square’s Uplay fashion servers as quickly as you start the game until your computer is absolutely offline. In addition, that connection shall we the sport floor up to date leaderboards for little factoids as you play. Matters just like the like farthest soar in a vehicle or the longest time spent without touching the ground. We desire Square Enix and can get things proper because Just Cause 2 is a great sandbox experience to play with.

Massive and realized world with engrossing scenes

When in an open global as huge as this, you almost count on there to be a quick tour gadget in place. As endured to play began to suppose speedy tour didn’t exist. After that, completing a tale project unlocked speedy travel. Therefore, my remedy become speedy squandered through yet some other questionable design decision. For something motive Avalanche Studios decided to make fast travel use constrained to the quantity of flares you posses. At first you simplest have get right of entry to to one flare. In order to unencumber more flares you yet again have to finish demanding situations.

Just Cause 3 download is one of those games you could use to unwind from a tough day’s work. It doesn’t try and pretend to be something it’s now not and it embraces what it’s far. Similarly, you could play it like all taking pictures sport before it, experimentation is what makes it shine. Its tale isn’t made to win any awards and its voice performing is horrible in the quality manner. It’s now not best though, and sadly for all its suitable the questionable layout selections. The erratically unforgivable load times keep it from being the gem that it need to have been.

  • Download Just Cause 3
  • Free Just Cause 3
  • Game Just Cause 3
  • Get Just Cause 3
  • PC Just Cause 3


Native religion(s)

For full info on the ancient religions, see Ancient Medici.

Medici has at least one native religion that is still being worshiped (as proven by new flowers at all ancient altars). The more common one of these seems to have worshiped a bull-deity. This religion also includes large statues of women. These statues are never inside a temple and can only appear just outside the temple doors, or on the edges of balconies. One ancient temple has statues that move when approached by the player (listed as part of an easter egg).

The other ancient religion has stone obelisks. Each obelisk (except one, which might have been under construction) has a pentagram and some letters carved into it. They also have small eternal fires on them which even burn under water. It is currently unknown why or how these fires burn under water (possibly as a result of witchcraft performed by the worshippers). Some theories also suggest that these burning obelisks might lead to another easter egg. The obelisks probably belong to a different ancient deity, or even a whole separate religion, as indicated by them never co-existing at the same settlement/ruins as the bull and women statues.

It’s unknown what religion this belief is a part of, but reportedly, «The quaint town of Cirilla is named after Cirillo Salroso, patriarch of the ancient Salirosan people. On the third Sunday of every month, those that still uphold the «Way of Cirillo» meet privately, to share bottles of wine and good food, hoping the spirit of their once-beloved leader will look down upon them and their families favorably.»


Medici seems to predominantly follow Christianity. While the branch is never specified, it is likely that it is Catholicism, like its other Mediterranean neighbors. For the newer religious buildings, see Churches in Medici.

Strangely, there doesn’t seem to have been any recent activity at any of the newer cemeteries. One of these is near Burgoletto at about N 40 45.650 E 5 38.000. There are a number of graves, each marked with a stone, but the stones themselves are completely unmarked. The only building present is a relatively small square shaped building that has no religious symbols. Its architecture is identical to the newer religious buildings, so it probably belongs to the same religion, but the absence of religious symbols and lack of recent activity would indicate that Medici is a relatively nonreligious country (either following the trend of its European neighbors, or perhaps because the regime restricted religious practices, parallel to real-life dictatorships).

Medici has no lack of churches, however, as they can be found all over the country.


Explosions are much bigger than usual. The explosion is first a bright white flash, immediately followed by a huge mushroom cloud roiling upwards, with some lightning-like energy zapping around it. The explosion is about 20-30 meters in diameter and 30-40 meters tall. Anything hit by it simply gets deleted by the explosion, with only its shadow remaining. Even Bavarium shielded vehicles cannot resist the explosion and will be instantly destroyed.

The explosion this weapon produces is almost identical from the explosion of the Bavarium Nuke FOW that the Falco Maxime: Centcom military base fires at you. It can also destroy surrounding objects such as planes.

It can almost destroy entire outposts in one hit.

It is arguably the strongest player-usable weapon in the game, as it can take out an entire SATCOM Dish in one hit. To balance its high power, the warheads will arc and to hit longer distance targets one should aim above the target slightly so the missile will hit your target.

Needless to say, the power of this weapon is enough to kill the player –– or anything else in the game (that’s destructible), for that matter –– in one hit.

In free roam (JC2)

Vehicle What makes it rare Location How to drive it (if possible)
MV Command It’s an MV V880, but with no doors and no roof. It also counts as a unique vehicle for the «trying everything once» achievement. Appears during Heat levels 4 and 5 anywhere. Hijack it.
MV Quartermaster Panau Secret Service version. Is very rarely driven by the secret service soldiers in the Panau City bridges. Can also be seen in one side-mission. Hijack it.
Fengding EC14FD2 Reapers version. Two are at the Reapers HQ. Just get in.
H-62 Quapaw Japanese Military version. At Hantu Island at approximately X:3080 Y:1590. Just get in. It’s not guarded.
Winstons Amen 69 Ular Boys version. At the Ular Boys HQ. Just get in.
Zhejiang 6903 Ular Boys version. At the Ular Boys HQ. Just get in.
Bering I-86DP Large Panau Military aircraft.
  • Kem Udara Wau Pantas.
  • Kem Jalan Merpati.
Hijack it.
SV-1007 Stonewall SV-1003 Raider with an Auto cannon. Only three spawn locations.
  • Kem Udara Wau Pantas.
  • Paya Luas Airport.
  • Pulau Berapi.
Hijack it.
Civadier 999 Sports car with hardtop and cabriolet variants. The latter variant considered incredibly rare.
  • In traffic in Panau City.
  • Panau Falls Casino.
  • In traffic in tropical areas. (Rarely)
Hijack it.
Rowlinson K22 Smallest and fastest helicopter in the game. Based on the Robinson R22 in real life. It also has the fastest takeoff speed in the game.
  • Unnamed outpost at X:8300; Y:28370.
  • Mile High Club ground base at X:27320; 9990.
  • On top of the Burj Panau, the tallest building in the Financial District of Panau City.
  • At the tops of some buildings in the city of Bandar Baru Nipah, at about X:15880; Y:4290.
Just get in.
Garret Traver-Z The fastest car in the game. It resembles various sports cars in real life, but most prominently, the Nissan 350Z. Just get in.
MTA Powerrun 77 The fastest boat in the game. It resembles some racing boats in real life. Just get in.
Makoto MZ 260X An unmarked version of the Makoto MZ 250 dirt bike. Just get in.

General info

The game was rumored to be under construction for over a year, until it was announced on November 11, 2014. By the time of the announcement, the game had been worked on for about 3 years.

According to the developers, the Just Cause series is a proper sandbox and they are improving further on that. That means JC3 is even less story-focused. The map is also said to be much more densely full. The story will basically let the player know how to use the tools and the player will be able to use them anywhere.

In comparison to Just Cause 2, the storyline is now much longer, but there are no faction sidemissions. However, there are now Random Encounters (which can re-occur) and a lot more types of races and other challenges.

The game allows players to shoot their way through walls, blow up and pull down even bigger Radars and Statues, which will shatter into more pieces. You can even blow up an entire bridge if you’re being chased on it. «That is the scale of destruction we’re after, not really breaking a hole in the wall.»

«The Modding community has always been something spectacular in all games and any game that gets the love of the modding community is already in a good spot. A game that’s all about the sandbox — really in a good spot.» — A developer for Just Cause 3.

The game also has «volumetric terrain», which allows players to explore underground caves and climb tall buildings easier.

Just Cause 3 was officially announced by Square Enix at the 2015 E3 conference on June 16th. The game was released on December 1st, 2015.

This is the sequel to Just Cause 2, released in 2010.

A sequel, Just Cause 4, was released in 2018, three years and three days to the date this game was released.


  • According to the PC and Xbox retail box cover, it’s the «winner of 10 E3 awards».
  • According to Machinima, it’s the «number one craziest action game».

Еще больше ухудшить графику в Just Cause 3 (режим «картошки») — выключить сглаживание и т.п.

Если Just Cause 3 запускается, но сильно тормозит, то перед началом всех процедур следует снизить графику до минимума через настройки игры. Если это не помогло, то придется прибегнуть к помощи сторонних программ для настройки видеокарты:

  • NVIDIA Inspector для видеокарт от Nvidia;
  • RadeonMod для видеокарт от AMD.

Загрузив программу, запускаем ее. В случае с NVIDIA Inspector нужно запускать файл nvidiaProfileInspector.exe, а не nvidiaInspector.exe. Сверху, в строке «Profiles:» можно выбрать любую игру, которая поддерживается драйверами Nvidia.

Ниже представлены все доступные настройки. Их много, но для того, чтобы ухудшить графику в игре до «картофельной», вполне достаточно всего нескольких, которые находятся в разделе «Antialiasing».

Наибольший прирост производительности дает изменение этих двух параметров:

  • Texture filtering — LOD bias;
  • Antialiasing — Transparency Supersampling.

Каждая из этих настроек имеет разные значения. Некоторые из них могут делать картинку в Just Cause 3 неудобоваримой, поэтому следует попробовать разные комбинации значений, которые дают более-менее сносное играбельную картинку.

В случае с RadeonMod все аналогично: нужно найти настройки, отвечающие за отображение текстур и снижать их до тех пор, пока FPS в игре не станет достаточно высоким.


After bringing one to a garage, it can be called in at any time via Rebel drop.

  • It is provided for the «City Sprint» race near Citate Di Ravello. The car is used for the race and can be brought to a garage. This is the only set spawn point for this vehicle, as the other ones below are all random.
  • It can be found in Roadside Events. These roadside spawn points are random and do not dependably appear at the same place again. The car is on top of a broken looking flat trailer that can be used as a Stunt ramp and an Autostraad Reisender 7 that was supposedly just towing the trailer. Depending on the uneven terrain, the car may immediately fall off the trailer and land upside down with tires spinning in the air. This roadside event can happen in any of the three regions: Insula Fonte, Insula Dracon, and Insula Striate.
    • One location to look for the car is at the road north of the Hillside Sprint challenge. It can spawn anywhere between the dirt road leading to the challenge and the dirt road that is east of Vis Electra. The coordinates are N 40 40.670 E 5 44.670
    • The car has been spotted in a tunnel near the entrance of Falco Maxime: Centcom.
    • Has also been found multiple times along the roads of Costa Sud, usually close to Litore Torto.