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Translated byMicrosoft from Deutsch

Really very varied Gameplay, has taken forever to unlock all Achievements. Can only recommend it if you have Autism and too much Money. (Autoclicker needed)


Translated byMicrosoft from Spain

I Do Not understand the people who write negative reviews on this masterpiece, the only bad thing is that when the pony dies you have to see 5 videos to revive it and some bugs for which your pony arrives at the Extratosfera.
Graphics: 1000/10 Ponys: 23/10 (I feel like the personalization of the pony is a little limited) world Size: 800/0 In Short: «Game of the Year»


Translated byMicrosoft from Spain

While playing I realized it was a great game, it’s like a No man’s Sky, but this has up to multiplayer, great game to spend with friends. Now I’m going to give a little summary of the pros and cons of this wonderful game that has given me so much fun in less than an hour.
Pros:-You can see the Truños.
-The graphics are better than the GTA V, my computer almost explodes with such a marvel.
-You Can Create the Pony (Horse, Pony, Pegasus, etc), these are growing as the game passes.
-Its gameplay is somewhat complex at first, but you get used to the passage of time.
-It Has a great depth in the lore (Even more than Dark Souls).
-Has + 18 content.
-+ 60 Fps.-Its mode of exploration and mining are more fun and deeper than Minecraft.
-Your penis can grow to more than 50cm when playing this wonderful game.
Cons:-The game is very capitalist.
-It Is very much based on aesthetics.
-Becomes very racist regarding the Pony´s (Horse, Pony, Pegasus, etc).
-It Is Hembrista and oppressive towards men.
-You Get tired of mining and need carpal tunnel surgery.
-It lacks content.


Translated byMicrosoft from Deutsch

★ ★
The Game is, of course, for Children.
The daily better Login bonus Encourages you to deal with the Game on a daily basis.
All interesting Things cost Gold. You can mine that in the Mine. Classic with Pickaxe. When the Pile is all, it replenishes immediately and you can endlessly mine pieces of Gold. Properly farms. Spamclicking ahoi. I ran my Autolicker over it. But something like that should probably not be the Point of a Game, certainly not for Children.
Apart from Taking a bit of care for Ponies (swimming shower, play, Toilet aisle, sleep, feed), you can buy a few more Items and Clothes. Children may enjoy the Part of the Game.
It was too boring for me;)
You can create the Ponies in the Editor (very rudimentary), but you can’t give them Names.
All but 1 Success pops everyone on by the Mine alone when you mine down or take other Actions, but the mine is fastest.
How to get the last Success, I don’t know. A question To that effect in the Forum remained unanswered.

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Features of Joy Pony

If you love taking care of pets, then you’ll enjoy Joy Pony! Ponies are small horses that you can take care of in this game.

A Perfect Pet Game – Have you ever played a pet game and enjoyed it? There are so many simulation games about pets today that you can enjoy. But if you’re particular about your pets, then you’re looking for something new, right? If you love the show My Little Pony, then Joy Pony is the perfect game for you to play. Why? Because in here, you can take care of your own pony that you found outside.

In this fun game, you’re going to take care of a pony that you’ve found outside in the pouring rain. Here, you’ll take care of it as your own pet so you must first wash away the dirt. Then, you can feed it with delicious and nutritious meals and then tuck it to sleep. In this game, you can also talk with your pet so you’ll know what it’s feeling!

Feed your pony – One of the basic necessities of even animals is food. Without it, they’ll die in a few days which is why they constantly hunt a lot. But in Joy Pony, it’s now your responsibility to feed your pony since you’ve taken it in as a pet. Here, you’ll need to feed it with delicious and nutritious meals in order for your pet to grow healthy. You can also give it milk and desserts from time to time!

Talk with your pet – Most pet owners today talk to their pets even if they know pets don’t talk. However, most pets today are capable of communication in their own way which is why they’re called domestic animals. In this game, you can also talk to your pet and ask it some questions like “How are you”, “You hungry?”, or “You thirsty?”. Or you can also tell your pet that it’s beautiful or to go to sleep. In this game, there’s also some negative sentences that you can utter.

Take care of your pony – This game lets you take care of a pony as your own pet. This is why you’ll need to treat it as such. Here, you can cure your pet from any sicknesses, massage it, play with it, chat with it, feed it and more. Enjoy seeing your pet become happy today!

Take Care of Your Pony

There are many fun cartoons you can watch today that are geared for kids. It’s important to let our kids watch kid-friendly movies and shows in order to grow up right. Thankfully, there are many movies and even games that they can play today. One of them most popular cartoons today is called My Little Pony and it features cute ponies! So, if you want to take care of a pony, you can play Joy Pony which is a simulation game.

In this pet game, your goal is to make your pony the happiest one possible. The game starts with a pony stuck in a box outside while raining. Thankfully, you saw the pony and you’re now responsible for taking care of it. Here, you first need to shower it and brushing every dirt of your pony. After your pony’s nice and clean, you can give it some food to eat such as carrots, cakes and even milk.

Then, your pony will also need to sleep so you can play with it first or give it a rub. There are so many things you can enjoy with your new pony in here!