Реалистичная генерация мира


At first, a few fluid and solid combustion generators will do, but they quickly fail to produce the needed power. A galacticraft solar panel may also suffice for a bit at around 40 RF/tick but will quickly fail to provide necessary outputs. One known technique of producing vast amounts of power is the Environmental Tech Solar Array, which provides over 200 RF/tick at it’s most basic model. If you will go long periods of time without using power, consider investing in a few Mekanism Energy Cubes to save up. If you go this route, consider using cups of coffee in a culinary generator — each cup will produce over 1 million RF in total. Eventually after reaching mystical agriculture you will be able to grow dragon eggs, which each provide over 2 billion RF.

Суть генерации[]

Она заключается в следующем: мир создается вместе с картой тепла. Это значит, что в мире теперь есть различные зоны температуры и влажности. Другими словами, всё как на нашей планете Земля, генерируемый мир разделяется на климаты. Единственное отличие это некая скрутка, ибо мир в майнкрафте остается таким же плоским и бесконечным.

Простой пример: вам необходимо найти пустыню. Логично предположить, что она находится в жарком климате. Если вы можете определить, что вы находитесь в умеренном климате (лиственные леса и равнины), то вам надо идти на юг. Первое время в нулевой Эре в таких случаях гораздо проще ориентироваться по древнему Атласу.

Misc. Advancements[]

  • The Betweenlands (1) — Find a swamp with a druid circle, make a talisman, and enter the Betweenlands
    • The Betweenlands (2) — Craft a weedwood sword
    • Weedwood — Collect weedwood sticks from a weedwood bush
    • Controlling — Craft a smeltery controller
      • They Be Stealin’ My Bucket — Cast an iron bucket
      • Get Lost, Oh Wait… — Craft a compass
        • Speedrunner — Craft a stopwatch
        • What’s My Biome? — Craft a biomealyzer
        • Into the Depths — Craft a depth meter
  • A Place for My Things — Build custom storage drawers in a framing table
  • Under Da Sea Lantern — Obtain a block of prismarine
  • Papers Please — Make the OG minecraft paper
  • Wooly Blankets — Make wool using wicker blocks
  • Glass Blowing — Create glass in a smeltery
    • Upgrade Your Prospects — Create a tough dowsing rod
      • StarPower — Obtain Star Dust from a rock crystal sample
        • Extended Crafting: Iron

          Advanced Mapping — Eat a JourneyMap Token Iron Apple

          — Create the most basic extended crafting table

        • Rock, Paper, Crystals — Obtain a rock crystal
      • Roses are Red, Lapis is Blue — Get some lapis
      • Iron Sights — Find iron
        • Smelter Tank

          Fast Farm — Craft a watering can

          — Make a porcelain or seared brick tank for smeltery heating

      • Gold Standard — Find some gold
        • The Market — Use the Farming for Blockheads market
        • Casting a Nugget — Make a nugget cast
  • Tinkerer — Make a crafting station
    • Part Maker —

      Tools Station — Make a tool station

      Make a part maker

  • Defeat the Endermenance! — Get some ender dust from an enderman
    • Top 10 Weirdest Gadgets — Craft a weirding gadget
    • Resonation — Craft a resonating wand
  • Starlight geolocation — Craft a fosic resonator
  • Reactor Idle — Obtain a Carminite Reactor


The only new mobs encountered are those in space: Evolved creepers, skeletons, zombies, witches, and endermen. Beware lightning storms on Jupiter as they will create many very strong evolved witches. All mobs now have a 50% chance to spawn with a diamond sword and 50% odds of any amount of diamond armour. Boss mobs will also be encountered in all the planetary dungeons. These are:

Mercury: Magma Boss

Venus: Spider Boss

Moon: Skeleton Boss

Mars: Creeper Boss

(and more…)

All the dungeon boss mobs can be avoided through use of the Scamulator, an ore/block from the respective planet and cheese from the moon to create the next schematic.

Important Notes[]

  • The modpack has had a complete re-write of all the CraftTweaker Scripts to make our lives easier during development along with easier updates. However in the process some bugs may show from items being staged wrong. Or recipes not working correctly, we have done all the testing we can to ensure this won’t happen. But with all development processes things will get past QA. So if you find any problems please report them to our tracker, thanks!
  • Tomb Many Graves has been removed! So what does this mean for me? Well if you have any graves lying around they are now gone. The change has been done due to the lack of support from other mods in the pack which TMG was not getting all the player items. Leading to item loss and users not playing the pack again. So we have changed to using Corails Tombstone which has the mod support we need, along with some added items which will help the player in the long run. Also for you builders out there, you now have graves to place around your base! We’re sorry if you’ve lost items from the old graves. But this is a major update and we had to make the change now rather than later. We hope you can understand this.
  • If you get a crash relating to `java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: OpenGL45` your LWJGL is out of date. The needed version is 2.9.4 if your using MultiMC you can change the version in the instance settings. Twitch you should use the Jar Launcher as this will auto use the correct version. Likewise for ATLauncher.
  • Refined Storage (1.6) has a major change in how the mod works. So please review the changes to see what’s broken on your network. There is nothing we can do on the pack side to help with, the possible breakage of your networks/autocrafting etc… So please ensure you read the changelog and understand the changes done by the mod. The modder has put work into upgrading current networks. But expect to find issues! This is your only warning about this. So don’t open issues on the tracker about issues. Unless it’s an actual bug with the mod!
  • Viescraft has been updated (which the mod did a refactor) this means that your ships will vanish, along with some items. This is another thing we can’t control with mod updates. All we can say is sorry. Feel free to spawn in components to re-make your ships. Note: Ship building changed a bit so please read up on the changes.
  • ContentTweaker Molten Fiery is now removed (deprecated in 3.0.8)
  • Astral Sorcery has a new perk system, and as a result the mod will reset your perk experience.
  • Astral Sorcery rituals may not be active after upgrading. To restart them, simply pick up the crystal from the pedestal and place it back down.
  • The Compact Machines Advancement («Project Miniaturization») may have been reset if you currently had the advancement. See for a resolution.

Основная идея SevTech: Ages

В сборку входят моды от десятков разработчиков, которые позволяют пройти весь эволюционный путь от пещерного человека, не знавшего даже верстака, до летающего во время обеденного перерыва в космос. Игра рассчитана на неторопливое прохождение и продвижение через различные эпохи от родоплеменного строя до развитого социума, где каждый знает своё место. Переходы между веками возможны при выполнении определённых условий – получения указанных достижений, подсвечивающихся фиолетовым цветом.

Основные изменения

К наиболее заметным изменениям SevTech: Ages относятся:

  • появление многообразия мебели с разных эпох: столы, подставки;
  • подсказки с информацией о блоках;
  • сотни механизмов и агрегатов, которые можно смастерить из блоков;
  • десятки видов транспорта: наземный, водный, подземный, воздушный, комический;
  • зачарование инструментов и оружия;
  • изменение внешнего вида множества привычных вещей;
  • сельское хозяйство;
  • появление десятков новых мобов, блоков, способов крафта вещей.

Игровой процесс

Вначале перед игроком появляется девственно чистый мир. У него в инвентаре пара примитивных орудий и рецептов (как «вчерашняя обезьяна» понимает, что там изображено, не совсем понятно). В процессе добычи простейших ресурсов и превращения полена с камнем в секиру, персонаж начинает развиваться, а мир – становиться разнообразнее. У первого появляются и прокачиваются новые навыки, умения, второй – наполняется разнообразными блоками, предметами, обитателями и ландшафтами.

Рекомендуем еще: Сборка FCraft Майнкрафт.

Часть непонятных вещей, собранных в эпоху огня и меча, становится доступной после перехода в следующие эры. В игре полно динамических предметов и вещей, появление которых зависит от уровня развития персонажа. Мобы появляются также соответствующие уровню героя.

Совместное прохождение

Возможности SevTech: Ages доступны и для совместного прохождения. Разработчики постарались, чтобы все игроки ставились в одинаковые условия, даже если один начинает позже других. Модификация «Вместе всегда» синхронизирует геймплей, позволяет формировать сообщества для ускорения прогресса каждого его члена.

Варианты сборок

Мод SevTech: Ages выпускается в трёх вариантах:

  1. Оригинальная сборка – со встроенным лаунчером и Java – не требует установки данной библиотеки.
  2. Облегчённая или оптимизированная – нацелена на слабые компьютеры. Из неё удалены улучшающие картинку моды, не оказывающие влияния на игровой процесс и миры. Конфигурация многих модов адаптирована под старые компьютеры.
  3. Улучшенная – сборка для мощных систем с прекрасной графикой, шейдерами и реалистичным звуковым сопровождением.

Без проблем для понимания

Все модификации переведены на русский язык. Кроме названий предметов и рецептов авторы локализовали вступления, оповещения и содержание большинства книг.



Уровни температур изменяются по оси Z.

Последовательность такая:

  • Теплый климат
  • Горячий климат
  • Теплый климат
  • Прохладный климат
  • Ледяной климат
  • Прохладный климат

… и так по кругу и до бесконечности..

Уровни влажности изменяются по оси X.

Последовательность такая:

  • Средняя влажность
  • Высокая влажность
  • Средняя влажность
  • Низкая влажность

… и всё так же до бесконечности.

Непривычно, правда?

Игрок в начале игры всегда будет появляться в тёплом биоме среднего уровня влажности. Для удобства разработчики в официальной вики составили таблицу температур и влаги.

Средняя влажность Высокая Средняя Сухая
Теплый климат Тепло, средне Тепло, влажно Тепло, средне Тепло, сухо
Горячий Горячо, средне Горячо, влажно Горячо, средне Горячо, сухо
Теплый Тепло, средне Тепло, влажно Тепло, средне Тепло, сухо
Холодный Холодно, средне Холодно, влажно Холодно, средне Холодно, сухо
Ледяной Очень холодно, средне Очень холодно, влажно Очень холодно, средне Очень холодно, сухо
Холодный Холодно, средне Холодно, влажно Холодно, средне Холодно, сухо

The Twilight Forest[]

Carminite Acclimation and Hydra Slayer are technically the only two required advancements, since you only need Steeleaf, Fiery Tears, Ghast Tears, and a Carminite Reactor from the Twilight Forest. Since you’re here, you may as well complete some of the others to aid you, but none of the others are actually required.

The Twilight Forest has many optional advancements and loads of food available!

  • The Silence of the Forest — Obtain a Raven Feather (required)
    • With Fire It Writes — Craft a Magic Map Focus (required)
      • I Can See Forever — Craft a Magic Map (highly recommended)
    • Time To Even The Scales — Slay the Naga (required)
      • Bring Out Your Dead — Slay the Twilight Lich (required)
        • Trophied Champion — Place a trophy on the pedestal in the ruins (required)
          • Carminite Acclimation — Defeat the Knight Phantoms (required)
            • Something Strange In Towerwood — Use a ghast trap (recommended)
        • Ultimate Showdown — Slay the Hydra, Ur-Ghast, and Snow Queen (required for early advanced mapping)
        • Mighty Stroganoff — Slay the Minoshroom (required)
          • Hydra Slayer — Slay the Hydra (required)
          • Breaking the Maze — Find the Mazebreaker Pickaxe in it’s Vault (recommended)
        • Alpha Fur — Slay the Alpha Yeti (required for early advanced mapping)


The industrial age revolves around your ability to build large immersive engineering machinery, and eventually produce plastic.

Aluminium, cobalt, lead, nickel, platinum, and silver ore begin to appear in the world.

Aluminium brass, constantan, electrum, enhanced galgadorian, galgadorian, invar, modularium, pigiron, redstone alloy, reinforced metal, and steel become craftable in this age.

It is recommended that you produce steel whenever you are able as you are simply going to need so much of it. An Arc Furnace can aid in this, but is likely too expensive to be worth it at this point.

The uncrafting table requires 6 blast brick, 2 crafting stations, and a maze map focus

The Uncrafting Table

At this point in the game, you will be able to craft blast bricks. It is highly recommended you use your first 6 bricks to create an Uncrafting Table as they will be easily recoverable as explained below.

This wonderful device will allow you to reverse almost all recipes to their original form for the cost of some XP. After having created it, you can then take nether brick blocks from the Fortress and uncraft them down into bricks, thus saving you from needing the entire hibachi process in the future. Pretty nifty, huh. This can come in handy for many many other things, so it’s quite recommended to have one.

The only downside to obtaining this is it requires an extra maze map focus, so whether you want to get this is up to you.

Age 0 Crafting[]

In Age 0, crafting the wooden gear is a bit of an involved process. It requires four (4) Red Cedar Planks and four (4) Buffalo Tooth items to craft, both of which are products of the Totemic mod. The process of acquiring them will be briefly detailed, but you can find more info about Totemic online.

Brief Introduction to Totemic Rituals

To get started with Totemic, you should first craft a «Totempedia». This will help to explain some of the concepts of the mod, as well as explain the purposes of the various rituals, as well as how to activate them. Next, you will have to craft a Totem Whittling Knife, which allows for the in-world crafting of totem poles. While you are crafting, go ahead and make at least one (1) or more Totemist Drum(s), one (1) Flute, at least one (1) or more Wind Chime(s), and one (1) Rattle. You can also craft a Jingle Dress if you want, but it is not necessary.

Now that you have all of those items, grab some vanilla saplings (oak, birch, etc.) and some cows, since you need to transform both of these into items from Totemic. Put the cows in a hole/fenced area/whatever you want to keep them contained, plant the saplings, and then construct a totem pole (consisting of one totem base and at least one totem pole) within a 6-block radius of the items you want to transform. The totem pole is constructed by placing any logs (not planks) down, then right-clicking on them with your totem whitting knife on the correct setting. You can change the knife’s settings by holding shift with it selected in your hotbar, then scrolling with your mouse wheel. Note that the totems can be up to 6 blocks tall.

With the totem crafted, the cows enclosed, and the saplings planted nearby, place the drum(s) on the ground nearby, put the wind chimes on the underside of a leaf block (you can get leaves by using Flint Shears), and look in the Totempedia for the rituals you need to perform.

- To get buffalo, you need to perform the "Buffalo Dance" ritual, which is activated by sneak-right-clicking once on the drum, then once on the wind chime, in order. Once the ritual has been activated, simply play your instruments and fill up the top bar before the bottom bar runs out of time. 
- For the red cedar saplings (and to make fully-grown animals breed), play the "Rite of Spring" ritual. This is activated by sneak-right-clicking your flute, then a drum. Proceed to play your instruments to fill the bar before the timer runs out once activated. 

Congratulations! You now have buffalo and red cedar saplings. Simply wait for your buffalo to reach adulthood before harvesting their teeth, and let the saplings grow into trees, and you’re ready to make wooden gears in Age 0!

The Twilight Forest[]

Carminite Acclimation and Hydra Slayer are technically the only two required advancements, since you only need Steeleaf, Fiery Tears, Ghast Tears, and a Carminite Reactor from the Twilight Forest. Since you’re here, you may as well complete some of the others to aid you, but none of the others are actually required.

The Twilight Forest has many optional advancements and loads of food available!

  • The Silence of the Forest — Obtain a Raven Feather (required)
    • With Fire It Writes — Craft a Magic Map Focus (required)
      • I Can See Forever — Craft a Magic Map (highly recommended)
    • Time To Even The Scales — Slay the Naga (required)
      • Bring Out Your Dead — Slay the Twilight Lich (required)
        • Trophied Champion — Place a trophy on the pedestal in the ruins (required)
          • Carminite Acclimation — Defeat the Knight Phantoms (required)
            • Something Strange In Towerwood — Use a ghast trap (recommended)
        • Ultimate Showdown — Slay the Hydra, Ur-Ghast, and Snow Queen (required for early advanced mapping)
        • Mighty Stroganoff — Slay the Minoshroom (required)
          • Hydra Slayer — Slay the Hydra (required)
          • Breaking the Maze — Find the Mazebreaker Pickaxe in it’s Vault (recommended)
        • Alpha Fur — Slay the Alpha Yeti (required for early advanced mapping)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fix platinum crushing / etc recipes (#2315)
  • Fix wool dying recipe giving 1x output instead of 8x — No, we are not jerks (#2307)
  • Adjusted tooltip of Journeymap Token to clarify it needs to be eaten not just obtained (#2291)
  • Fix Ore Excavation modifier recipe not working (#2314)
  • Fixed some buckets being shown/hidden incorrectly
  • Blacklist aspectrus crop from carryon (#2341)
  • Adjust fiery sword and pickaxe recipes to be craftable in age 2 (#2288)
  • Add a few more entries to book array (#2363)
  • Twilight Forest Castle Doors now drop the right item
  • Re-remove tiny iron dust recipe (#2298)
  • Move Garden Scythe into proper age 3 to match items used in recipe
  • Add back Ironberry Juice recipe (#2298)
  • Add missing platinum magical crop (#2350)
  • Add missing Rope Block decompression recipe (#2379)
  • Fixed dupe cocoa bean recipe (#2386)
  • Fixed staging on the Unchant Pylon (#2380)
  • Fix many logs not working with BWM Sawmill (#2369)
  • Add missing recipes for Diamond and Emerald Workblades (#2260)
  • Re-add ingot -> dust crushing recipes (#2353)
  • Fixed Mantle of Stars Aevitas not giving any hunger/saturation (#2371)
  • Fixed Bone dupe when repairing sharp bone in crafting grid (#2358)
  • Turned off Better with Mods handling of default Mossy Cobble and Mossy Stone Brick recipes (#2393)
  • Fixed dupe bug by Blacklisted Immersive Engineering blocks from the Cyclic Sack of Holding (#2410)
  • Fix Arc Furnace bronze alloying giving incorrect output amount (#2334)
  • Mining Ilmenite with silk touch will now give the block
  • Fix Chisels and Bits chisel recipe to work in 2×2 grid
  • Removed ability to put ironbackpacks inside of ironbackpacks (#2402)
  • Fixed Parchment advancement not triggering in some situations (#2416)
  • Disabled the Uncrafter for good (#2436)
  • Fixed Paperclip Factory not forming when conveyors weren’t facing/moving items north (#2404)
  • Fixed Orematic Mk2 and Mk3 requiring some blocks being placed in a specific orientation
  • Fixed more dupe bugs caused by Cyclic Uncrafting Grinder and Cyclic Sack of Holding
  • Fixed Better with Mods Saw no longer working on leaves and melons (#2428 and #2483)
  • Fixed Explorer Map now showing for the Cartographer (#2480)
  • Moved Galacticraft Battery and Energy Storage Module to stage 4 to allow for the Tier 1 Space Suit to be charged (#2503)
  • Move sign recipe to age 0 (#2507)
  • Fix Power adapter breaking instantly with no drop (#2478)
  • Move Flat Bread to age 0 to match Flour (#2508)
  • Fix Mekanism Tank clearing recipe giving creative tank in return (#2513)
  • Fix Astral Sorcery Rock Crystal Sample not showing in JEI (#1271)
  • Fixed missed recipes in ExPlant with it’s uranium (#2539)
  • Fixed Blood Magic bound tools being able to break in some situations
  • Hopefully fix the spawn rate for Imps (#1910)
  • Fixed Wither Skulls not craftable with withering souls (#2564)
  • Fixed invalid recipe for a few Extra Planet things (#2575)
  • Fix Car Mod Yellow Painter using the wrong dye (#2594)
  • Fix Diamond Block not having an uncraft recipe back to Diamonds (#2599)
  • Fix IE Bottling Machine being staged wrong (#2607)
  • Fix Molten Stone exploit with melting Seared Cobblestone (#1673)
  • Fix Nether Wart turning into beetroot when breaking the block below it (#1274)
  • Fix Netherrack breaking into Low Grade Charcoal from explosions etc (#1941)
  • Move the Tinkers Bacon back a stage to allow usage when you have Pig Iron Tools (#2614)
  • Remove the Actually Additions Crafting stick in favour for the Extended Crafting version (#2198)
  • Allow Leather Cordage to be made in top or bottom slots
  • Blacklist Buggy Fueling pad from carry-on
  • Blacklist all of PneumaticCraft from Carry-On to prevent crashes (#2651)
  • Add missing Gray Wool dying recipe (#2653)
  • Fix glue cauldron recipes for pelts being derpy (#2680)
  • Fix Tier 4 space suit using Tier 1 armor layer (#2695)
  • Fix inconsistency with the Mining Level on Nether Quartz Ores (#1782)
  • Fix remove Prismarine variants from the Chisel to force the crafting recipe also fixes dupe issue (#2450)
  • Remove recipe for the clay armour as we force another recipe (#1674)
  • Fix recipe conflict with cocoa beans turning into dye powder instead of cocoa powder (#2386)
  • Fix incorrect tooltip on Tier 4 Rocket Schematic (#1908)
  • Fix missing recipe for the pipe pulsar due to the pack not having the assembler table (#2762)
  • Staged Skeleton Trap Horses in Age 1 (#1611)
  • Add hardness to Reinforced Coke Brick (#2784)


  • Updated Privacy Policy
  • Experiment 115 now grants all nutrition groups instead of only protein
  • Add dying recipes for the Twilight Forest Castle Doors
  • Removed the Cyclic conveyors as they are not needed and the new ones claims more Ids which we don’t want to waste
  • Adjusted Aevitas attunement perk and Mineralis ritual to only spawn Geolosys ores
  • Added recipes for the Bronze tools added by Pickle Tweaks
  • Added recipe for rice dough to the Mixer modular machine (#2447)
  • Updated Better with Mods potash recipes so they are more clear
  • Allow any Heavy Oxygen Tank to be used in the Oxygen Storage Module recipe (#2479)
  • Allow a larger selection of cobblestone slabs for the Kiln recipe (#2482)
  • Add a additional 50% drop chance for Wild Dog Pelts from Wild Dogs and also added a higher drop rate with Looting
  • Added upgrade recipe for the Primal Chest Advanced to a Minecraft Chest
  • Added Startlight Transmutation for Kepler Iron and Copper to Inferium and Prosperity Ores (#2514)
  • Updated Desh Ore advancement to trigger on Unrefined Desh as well as Desh Ore for those that don’t use silk touch (#1516)
  • Add recipe to decompress arrow bundle (#1391)
  • Added a recipe to turn Mud Clumps into Wet Mud blocks (#1551)
  • Added Flame String to the String Ore Dictionary (#2628)
  • Added recipe for the Quark Trowel in stage one
  • Added recipe for the Blood Magic Crystal Cluster (#2112)
  • Added grinding/crushing recipe for the Prismarine Block (#2657)
  • Added recipes from the TiC drying rack to the Industrial Drying Unit (#2721)
  • Added tooltips to Space Suit so players are aware of how to charge them
  • Added tooltip to BWM Hibachi telling players to use a redstone signal to light
  • Crafting the Tier 1 Space suit now yields a fully charged version
  • Added a recipe to the ArcFurnace for Glass Panes using Pile of Sand
  • Adjusted the cost for making Steel in the ArcFurnace (#1796)
  • Added recipes to the ArcFurnace for Redstone Alloy and Modularium (#2437)
  • Added more blocks to be classed as sealable for GC thanks to @Iorce! (#2764)
  • Added Charcoal Block recipe to the Crystallizer (#2791)
  • Changed the size of the Bit Bag by x4


Steeleaf is a very useful material introduced in this age, because it can be used with Tinker’s Construct items to quickly replenish their durability. Of course, the main materials introduced in this age are the ores gold, iron, lapis, and rock crystal. The rock crystals are extremely useful for crafting in Astral Sorcery, partially for the recipes including them but also for the liquid starlight they produce in a lightwell (they can produce much more than aquamarine — despite what JEI may say). Gold is most useful for making Tinker’s casts and buying things in the market. Iron is useful for making stronger items, as well as star metal ore. Lapis is useful for luck on pickaxes, nocturnal powder, and a few other small recipes.

Stardust is another important material in this age — and it is accessible through two recipes! — either by starlight infusion in the Astral Sorcery multi block structure, or by crafting it in a hellfire forge. Options!

Additionally, the middle ore gems from the Betweenlands are used for creating more complex Tinkers devices, and octine ingots are used for creating pistons (if you can’t find any!).

JourneyMap Token Recipe

Journey Map

A fair warning that the JourneyMap Token is extremely resource intensive. It requires the completion of all of the Twilight forest to obtain the Lamp of Cinders, as well as Charms of Keeping, which can only be found in Twilight Forest dungeon chests. The Ring of Ascent is only found in loot chests in the Betweenlands. If you’re able to collect these pieces, the rest of the token should be easy peasy. Unlocking Journey Map will transfer all your location markers from the antique atlas, as well as reveal all the area you have ever visited prior to this point.

If you do not eat a JourneyMap Token in age 2 (medieval) or 3 (industrial), you will unlock advanced mapping automatically in age 4, the Modern Age. However, this will not count towards completion of the advancement (sorry, completionists).