Описание предметов и их связок в risk of rain 2

Наемник (Mercenary)

Наемник — боец, который сражается в ближнем бою. Чтобы его открыть, вам предстоит зачищать один уровень за другим так, чтобы не погибать и до тех пор, пока не откроются небесные порталы. Когда это случится, войдите в один из порталов и доберитесь до обелиска. После этого у вас появится наемник. Вот его характеристики:

  • Здоровье — 140 единиц. После повышения каждого левела прибавляется еще по 42 единицы;
  • Урон — 12 единиц. После повышения каждого уровня прибавляется еще по 2,4 единицы;
  • Скорость бега — 7 метров в секунду.

Навыки наемника:

  • «Удар мечом» — наносит урон 300% от базового;
  • «Круговой удар мечом» — наносит урон всем противникам вокруг вас;
  • «Рывок» — быстрая атака, которая оглушает врага;
  • «Танец лезвий» — серия из шести сокрушительных ударов.

Наемник подойдет игрокам, которым нравится сражаться в ближнем бою.


Version History

Anniversary Update
  • Gameplay Changes
      • Tendril Damage: 20% of explosion ⇒ 10% of explosion
      • Tendril Fire Frequency: 0.25s ⇒ 0.125s
    • Tendril Same Target Frequency: 2s ⇒ 1s Developer Notes: This change is made specifically to avoid the Artificer’s Nano-Bomb tendrils proccing Ice and Fire Bands. The tendrils will now fire twice as often, but at half the damage.
  • Quality of Life
    • Graphics Updates
Early Access Content Update 5
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Developer Notes: We want to enforce the Artificer’s role as a high-damage, high AoE character. Nano-Bomb in general was core to the fantasy, but was pretty much inferior to Nano-Spear in every way.
      • Blast Radius: 4m ⇒ 6m

        • Now has slight gravity
        • Blast Radius: 10m ⇒ 14m
        • Blast Damage, Max Charge: 1200% ⇒ 2000%
        • Blast Force: 1300 ⇒ 3000
        • Lifetime: 5s ⇒ 10s
        • Improved FX for clarity
      • No longer has -75% damage falloff at the edge of the blast

  • (Undocumented) Updated descriptions for , , , and to include keywords
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4892828)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Hidden Realms Content Update
  • Bug Fixes
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4233443)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Update proc coefficient, travel speed, and fire rate to match Flame Bolt

Early Access ‘Skills 2.0’ Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Fire a bolt for 220% damage that explodes in a small area. Hold up to 4.

    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Charge up a piercing nano-spear that deals 400%-1200% damage and freezes all enemies.

    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Burst into the sky, dealing 800% damage and stunning nearby enemies.

    • Added New Skin:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Add 2 new skill variants
    • Add 1 new skin
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3961583)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • New Passive:

      The Artificer now hovers while holding Jump.

    • Add new crosshair
    • Add new bloom effects for
  • Bug Fixes
    • Prevent attacks with proc coefficient 0 applying Crowd Control effects like
    • Set interrupt priority of frozen state to be higher than stun state to fix issues with the Artificer being interrupted by Stun GrenadesChance to stun on hit.5% (+5% on stack) chance on hit to stun enemies for 2 seconds.
Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3731106)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Increase Artificer proc coefficient on from 0.2 to 1.
    • Increase Artificer proc coefficient on pillars from 0 to 1.
    • Increase Artificer’s

      *Artificer mistakenly had very low proc coefficients. Consider these bug fixes.*

      explosion radius from 1.5m to 2.5m to alleviate it not always freezing enemies who trigger it

  • Bug Fixes

Version History

Anniversary Update
  • Quality of Life
    • Now display ambient level on the HUD
Early Access Content Update 5
  • Gameplay Changes
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4233443)
  • Quality of Life
Early Access ‘Skills 2.0’ Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
    • ︎Fix health regeneration boost being applied outside of Drizzle

      Drizzle difficulty is intended to have increased health regeneration of 250% for players. This was being accidentally applied to ALL difficulties since launch. Oops. We will be monitoring this closely to make sure the pacing of the game stays consistent.

Early Access ‘Skills 2.0’ Content Update
  • QOL
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Bug Fixes

Moon Worshipper

Это задание требует, чтобы вы несли 5 лунных предметов (Lunar Items) за один заход — это непросто, если вы не знаете, что такое лунные предметы или как их получить. На самом деле, это проще, чем вы думаете.

Лунные предметы требуют, чтобы лунные монеты были куплены или разблокированы. Эти лунные монеты время от времени сбрасываются врагами, и вы можете увидеть, сколько у вас есть только под вашим золотом в левом верхнем углу экрана

Важно то, что ваше количество Лунных Монет сохраняется, поэтому идея состоит в том, чтобы копить до тех пор, пока у вас не будет хотя бы 5 Лунных Монет, а затем попытаться обменять их на Лунные Предметы за один заход, либо открываем Лунные Стручки (Lunar Pods), либо посещаем Базар Между Временами (Bazaar Between Time) через Синий Портал (Blue Portal), который иногда появляется рядом с заряженным Телепортом

9 Acrid

Unlock: … To Be Left Alone

Acrid is a pestilent beast from the Void Fields. He is very complicated to unlock and players will need to have some level of game knowledge to complete the tasks required to play as this monster. Players must travel to the Void Fields through the Bazaar Between Time and activate nine different Void Cells.

Despite being really hard to get, Acrid isn’t particularly great. His poison is awesome for melting bosses, but since it can’t really be lethal he struggles against the weakest enemies. His bulk and AoE are acceptable, but his lack of mobility for a melee fighter makes him vulnerable to most areas and difficult to complete the game with.

Loader – A+


Starting at the A+ Tier, we first have a loader, the insane spiderman, that can literally do anything. Loader has been in the game for a while, and she hasn’t been updated for an entire year now. Her primary abilities always start with no fall damage, which further expands with her character being the best melee survivor in Risk of Rain 2.

The loader has the second-highest health pool in the game. This makes her entire character impeccable because, in the early game, Loader has always remained the king. With the recent 1.0 patch, she has improved over her bands’ meta, and players can get guaranteed to proc that further expands with longevity through green items.

One of the main problems with other survivors in this tier list guide was that, although nearly all characters are unique. They always lack a significant feature, but in the case of loader. She is the most mobile survivor in the game while still dealing insane damage.

For new players in Risk of Rain 2, reading this tier guide, I highly recommend not jumping directly to loader. She can be tough to control, especially since her swinging mechanic needs a lot of consistency because that is your only chance to damage enemies. On the flip side of the coin, you are not too keen on getting adjusted to her swinging mechanic. You can also wait for the Thunder Gauntlet to charge, which deals damage up to 2100%. Similarly, there is also the M551 Pylon that requires patience because of rapid recharge.

Health 160 (Increases 48 per level)
Damage 12 (2.4 Increase per level)
Armour  Over at 20
Speed  Remains Same – 7 m/s
Health Regen Usually 2.5/s and an increase of 0.5 per level

MUL-T (RoR2)

MUL-T подходит для сражений против врагов, которые находятся на расстоянии. Чтобы открыть этого персонажа, пройдите 5 раз событие телепортации на первом уровне. Вот характеристики MUL-T:

  • Здоровье — 200 единиц. После повышения каждого уровня прибавляется еще по 60 единиц;
  • Урон — 12 единиц. После повышения каждого уровня прибавляется еще по 2,4 единицы;
  • Скорость бега — 9 метров в секунду.

Навыки MUL-T:

  • «Рывок» — увеличивает броню;
  • «Авто-гвоздострел» — стреляет очередями из гвоздей;
  • «Многофункциональный» — позволяет использовать два оружия одновременно;
  • «Огненная канистра» — запускает во врагов канистру, которая врывается;
  • «Перфоратор» — мощная атака, которая наносит 600% урона от базового;
  • «Переключение оружия» — позволяет выбирать между гвоздометом и болтометом.

Этот персонаж лучше всего себя проявляет в сражениях против боссов.



Challenge Description Unlocks
Ascendant Defeat the bosses after activating 2 Shrines of the Mountain.

Royal Capacitor

Blackout Defeat the unique guardian of Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating.

Eccentric Vase

Bookworm Collect 10 Monster or Environment Logs.

Radar Scanner

Cleanup Duty Destroy 20 flying rocks in Sky Meadow.


Cosmic Explorer Discover and enter three unique portals.

Spinel Tonic

Funded! Collect $30,480 total gold.

The Crowdfunder

I Love Dying! Die 20 times.

Forgive Me Please

Mechanic Repair 30 or turrets.

The Back-up

Moon Worshipper Carry 5 in a single run.

Glowing Meteorite

Multikill! Kill 15 enemies simultaneously.

Helfire Tincture

One with the Woods Fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods.

Gnarled Woodsprite

Warm For Life Die three times while burning.

Blast Shower

Open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta.

Preon Accumulator


  • The player can only sprint forward and forward/to the side, which might seem to limit the use of Strafe, but they can still attack enemies behind them while sprinting away by quickly flicking the camera behind the player while using Strafe.
  • Phase Blink travels in any horizontal direction with an exceptionally short cooldown, making it ideal for maintaining as much uptime on Strafe as possible.
  • Phase Blink’s teleportation distance increases with higher movement speed.
  • Laser Glaive stalls downward movement in the air and can be used to increase horizontal distance when jumping, or to avoid fall damage.
  • Laser Glaive can travel through terrain.
  • Laser Glaive, Blink, and Arrow Rain can all be used to avoid fall damage, though Laser Glaive needs a target to be used. Be careful, as the player is vulnerable while hovering.
  • Arrow Rain resets horizontal momentum, so use it first in jumping combos in order to Blink to the desired location.
  • The player can use Blink or Arrow Rain during Laser Glaive in order to cancel the otherwise long startup animation for Laser Glaive.
  • Jumping during the animation of Laser Glaive will send the player higher.
  • Arrows from Strafe and Flurry can travel through terrain.
  • While Flurry deals much more damage than Strafe once the player increases their critical strike chance, it has a slower overall start-up time in early stages, which can hinder its effectiveness against groups of enemies. This can be further exacerbated if Arrow Ballista is taken over Arrow Rain. A Backup MagazineAdd an extra charge of your Secondary skill.Add +1 (+1 per stack) charge of your Secondary skill. can be an invaluable pickup, allowing for rapid multi-target damage with consecutive uses of Laser Glaive

    Since each arrow from Flurry can trigger items, stacking Predatory Instincts’Critical Strikes’ increase attack speed. Stacks 3 times.Gain 5% critical chance. Critical strikes increase attack speed by 12%. Maximum cap of 36% (+24% per stack) attack speed. can increase its attack speed rapidly.


7 The Mercenary

Unlock: True Respite

This class is absolutely the most fun to play overall. Who doesn’t want to be a samurai that jumps around slicing his enemies in half? Sadly, The Mercenary’s ability kit is not very useful and somewhat lackluster. He has high damage and mobility, but lacks the health necessary to make up for being a melee attacker.

There are certain items that can make this character insanely strong, but they are very situational and are a struggle to find within the real game. Playing as The Mercenary will ensure a good time but players need a lot of skill to successfully finish a run with him. Despite not being good, players need to end a run completely after looping back to the beginning to unlock him.

Scaling Difficulty

The difficulty indicator

Scaling difficulty is a core mechanic of Risk of Rain 2. As a run progresses, the difficulty will steadily rise, making enemies both stronger and more numerous.

The steadily rising difficulty is represented in-game through a bar in the top right corner of the screen. This bar shows the selected initial difficulty, the current run timer and the current status of the scaling difficulty. As the bar progresses, it will pass through multiple named sub-difficulties in order:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Insane
  • Impossible

The HAHAHAHA sub-difficulty has a maximum of level 99.

In addition to the increase over time, every time an environment is completed (aside the Bazaar Between Time and Void Fields), the difficulty will jump forward, which will cause a spike in difficulty, and the bar will also increase faster. This increase is exponential, which means that as more are completed, the game becomes exponentially harder.

The game files mention a «Very Easy» difficulty, although it is never seen during normal gameplay.

Effects of difficulty

Each of these sub-difficulties contain two intermediate «notches». Every time a «notch» is reached, or the next sub-difficulty is reached, enemies will level up, which is indicated by a visual effect and a level-up sound similar to a player level-up, although with a lower pitch. Just like players, enemies gain 30% health and 20% damage (compared to their base values shown in the Logbook) per additional level.

In addition to enemy levels, the difficulty also affects the spawn rate of enemies. As the sub-difficulties progress, enemies will spawn faster and in greater numbers. After a while, stronger enemies will start to spawn outside of the , including mini-bosses (such as Greater Wisps) and Teleporter Bosses (such as Stone Titans). Higher difficulty also increases the frequency of , and even allows for elite mini-bosses and Teleporter Bosses.

The final effect of difficulty is the cost of interactables. When reaching a new environment, the cost of Chests, Shrines of Chance, Turrets, etc. is calculated relative to the difficulty.


The core mechanics of scaling difficulty do not change in multiplayer, but two numerical changes are applied:

  • The initial difficulty is higher, although this is not reflected on the bar. This is why the spawn rate is higher and chests are more expensive. Enemies still start at level 1, however.
  • Time has a greater effect on scaling difficulty (the bar advances faster). This is reflected on the bar, although the effect is subtle for a low player count.

Unlike the first game, playing multiplayer solo (starting a server but not waiting for other players) will not change the scaling compared to «true» singleplayer.

Как разблокировать жест утопленника

Чтобы разблокировать «Жест утопленников», вы должны убить 20 крабов-отшельников, прогнав их за край карты. Хотя формулировка задачи гласит, что вы должны прогнать их за пределы карты. край карты, убийство крабов-отшельников с падением также считается.

Раки-отшельники появляются на пятом уровне Abyssal Depths и будет прятаться по карте, издалека кидая в вас камни. Когда вы подойдете к ним, они убежат в обратном направлении. Подойдя к ним, когда они находятся у края карты или обрыва, вы можете убить их, прогнав. Сделайте это 20 раз, и вы разблокируете «Жест утопленника».

Рекомендуем ознакомится с другими гайдами на популярные игры tattoo-mall.ru. Расскажем про секреты и хитрости, которые можно использовать в играх со своей выгодой. А также про полезные и интересные историй в видеоиграх.

Есть два подхода к решению этой задачи. Первый — добраться до Abyssal Depths и отправиться на более высокие уровни карты

Увидев краба-отшельника, осторожно уменьшите его здоровье до уровня, при котором он умрет от повреждений при падении. Избегайте использования таких предметов, как нестабильная катушка Тесла, Razorwire и дроны так что вы случайно не убьете их

Второй (и более простой) вариант — пройти мимо Abyssal Depths, пока не дойдете до Titanic Plains во втором круге , так как в этот момент на карте появятся крабы-отшельники. В Titanic Plains есть несколько легко доступных краев карты, которые идеально подходят для этой задачи. Если вы пойдете в магазин с Небесного луга, вы можете потратить лунные монеты, чтобы гарантировать, что следующий этап — Титанические равнины.

Оказавшись там, дождитесь появления крабов-отшельников, затем загоните их к краю карты. Если сбить их здесь, они погибнут от повреждений при падении. Сделайте это 20 раз, и «Жест утопленников» станет вашим.

Редкие предметы (зеленые)


При убийстве врагов создает столб лавы радиусом 12 метров (+ 2,4 метра за стек), наносящий 350 процентов от базового урона (+280 процентов за стек).


Дает 25-процентный шанс выстрелить цепной молнией, наносящей 80 процентов от базового урона до 3 (+2 за стек) целей в пределах 20 метров (+2 метра за стек).

Predatory Instincts

Критические удары увеличивают скорость атаки на 10 процентов. Максимум может увеличиться на 30 процентов (+30 процентов за стек).

Как получить: Достичь + 200 процентов к скорости атаки.

Old War Stealthkit

При получении урона появляется вероятность увеличения скорости передвижения персонажа на 40 процентов и появления у него невидимости на 3 секунды (+1,5 секунды за стек). Чем больше урона вы получите, тем выше окажется шанс активации предмета.

Harvester’s Scythe

Повышает на 5 процентов вероятность нанесения критического удара. Криты исцеляют 8 единиц (+4 за стек) здоровья.

Как получить: завершите Призматическое испытание (Prismatic Trial).

Fuel Cell

Позволяет держать при себе заряд дополнительного оборудования (+1 за стек). Уменьшает время восстановления экипировки на 15 процентов (+15 процентов за стек).

Как получить: подберите 5 разных видов снаряжения (Активные предметы).


Убийство врагов увеличивает ваше здоровье на 1 единицу на постоянной основе, максимум до 100 единиц (+100 за стек) здоровья.

Как получить: победите 3000 врагов.


Дает 18-процентный (+10 процентов за стек) шанс получить пачку патронов при убийстве врага, которая сбрасывает все кулдауны.

Berzerker’s Pauldron

Убийство 3-х врагов в течение 1 секунды приведет вас в бешенство на 6 секунд (+4 секунды за стек). В этом режиме у персонажа увеличивается скорость передвижения на 50 процентов и скорость атаки на 100 процентов.

Как получить: зарядите телепорт с менее чем 10 процентами здоровья.

Runald’s Band

Дает 8-процентный шанс попасть по врагу ударом рунического льда, замедляя его на 80 процентов и нанося 250 процентов урона (+125 процентов за стек).

Как получить: откройте потайную комнату в Заброшенном Акведуке.

Kjaro’s Band

Дает 8-процентный шанс попасть по врагу ударом рунического торнадо, наносящего 500 процентов урона (+ 250 процентов за стек).

Как получить: откройте скрытую комнату в Заброшенном Акведуке.

Wax Quail

Прыжки во время спринта закидывают вас на 10 метров (+10 метров за стек) вперед.

Как получить: достигните +300 процентов к скорости движения (включая спринт).

Version History

PC Patch v1.1.1.4
  • Bug Fixes
PC Patch v1.1.1.2
  • Quality of Life
      • Armor Buff: 200 armor (66% damage reduction) ⇒ 100 armor (50% damage damage reduction)
      • Developer Notes: Power Mode is gated behind a difficult challenge, but its current iteration is a bit too insane. Players should be motivated to leave Power Mode every now-and-then, and this is a safe way to make it less powerful while still keeping it fun.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed MUL-T not properly stopping its second primary in all cases when exiting
    • Fixed MUL-T’s not resetting its cooldown timer on firing, making it reload much faster
    • Fixed MUL-T’s behaving strangely with , making it fire much slower
Anniversary Update
  • Major Content
    • Added New Skill Variant:

      Enter a heavy stance, equipping both your primary attacks at once. Gain 200 armor, but lose -60% movement speed.

    • Added New Class Challenge: MUL-T: Seventh Day
  • Quality of Life
    • Graphics Updates
  • (Undocumented) Subsequent shots of no longer reset the cooldown
PC Patch v1.0.1.1 (Build ID No.5440050)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Content Update 5
  • Major Content
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Developer Notes: MUL-T has gotten some love from this patch to really push forward the idea that his weapons are strong in specific roles. Faster swap time and more responsive actions for the weapons will (hopefully) make weapon swapping feel better. We’ve also admittedly creeped cooldowns down over time, and MUL-T felt a bit left behind.
      • Base Acceleration: 25 ⇒ 30
      • Now charges after firing, rather than before.

        • Now behaves like a rocket instead of a grenade
        • Lifetime: 3s ⇒ 4s
        • Explosion Radius: 5m ⇒ 7m
        • Velocity: 70 m/s ⇒ 100 m/s
        • No longer has an initial shotgun of 6 nails.
        • Now has a final shotgun of 12 nails.
        • Now fires in a consistent corkscrew pattern
        • Proc Coefficient: 0.4 ⇒ 0.6
        • Damage: 60% ⇒ 70%
        • Wind-down duration: 0s ⇒ 1.152s
      • Swap duration: 0.7s ⇒ 0.4s

      • Cooldown: 8s ⇒ 6s

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with spread from bloom being applied to both minimum and maximum spread (ie you could never have a bullet travel dead-center when your spread bloom is at maximum) for MUL-T’s
    • Fixed MUL-T’s not properly animating over the network
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4892828)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Artifacts Content Update
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix MUL-T’s dash impact with heavy enemies not stunning and dealing bonus damage for clients
    • Fix MUL-T’s dash impact with heavy enemies not triggering on-hit effects
Early Access Hidden Realms Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
      • Cooldown: 3s ⇒ 1.5s.
      • Animation Duration: 0.4s ⇒ 0.3s.
      • Grenade Speed: 50m/s ⇒ 70m/s.
PC Early Access Patch (Build ID No.4233443)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Improve vacuum effect to pull towards enemies

  • Bug Fixes
Early Access ‘Skills 2.0’ Content Update
  • Major Content and Changes
    • Added New Skill Variant:
      • Fire an arcing hunk that explodes for 360% damage. Hold up to 4.
      • Saw nearby enemies for 1000% damage per second.
    • Added New Skin:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
    • Added New Class Challenge:
  • Gameplay Changes
    • ︎ Show both primary and alternate fire descriptions in Character Select
    • Move “Multifunctional” passive into “

      This change was made to make the UI for MUL-T’s skills easier to read. There is no functional difference.

    • Add 2 new skill variants
    • Add 1 new skin
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update
  • Gameplay Changes
  • Music & SFX
  • Bug Fixes
    • Update the rotation of Soulbound CatalystKills reduce equipment cooldown.Kills reduce equipment cooldown by 4s (+2s per stack). on MUL-T to no longer be upside down
    • Alternate equipment slot for MUL-T now counts towards ‘Moon Worshipper’ achievement
Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3731106)
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Patch (Build ID No.3703355)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Reduce base movement speed from 9 to 7 to match all other Survivors
    • Reduce base damage from 12 to 11
    • Increase Transport Mode speed boost from 200% to 220% to compensate for his lost base movement speed.
    • We really really don’t like to nerf characters in general — these are very light touches, and the movement speed being higher was an oversight. We also want to make sure that MUL-T’s big success isn’t coming from its ability to abuse Ocular HUD for infinite crits.
  • Bug Fixes
Early Access Launch

Introduced MUL-T



Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 0.6
Description Rapidly fire nails for 70% damage. Finishes with a blast of 12 nails.
  • Fires 12 shots per second, for 840% damage per second.
  • Fires in a corkscrew pattern.
  • Needs 1.152s after releasing the fire button to cool down.
  • The final blast recoils a little.
Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Fire a piercing rebar that deals 600% damage.
Type Primary
Cooldown 1.5s
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Fire a rocket that explodes for 360% damage. Hold up to 4.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Pest Control Challenge. (As MUL-T, defeat two Beetle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone.)
  • There is a 0.3 second delay after firing each shot before it is possible to fire again. This means it takes 0.9 seconds to fire all 4 shots at base attack speed, if ignoring the delay after the final shot.
  • All 4 shots can be fired and reloaded every 2.4 seconds for 600% damage per second. 960% damage per second or more is unattainable unless the cooldown is reduced.
  • The cooldown begins when the first shot is fired. Subsequent shots reset the cooldown. When the cooldown ends, all 4 shots are reloaded.
  • Enemies that are damaged by the AOE but are not hit by the projectile directly take 90% damage, or 1/4th of the shot’s direct power.
  • Travels at 100m/s.
  • Explodes in a 7m radius.
Type Primary
Proc Coefficient 1
Description Saw nearby enemies for 1000% damage per second.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Gotcha! Challenge. (As MUL-T, land the killing blow on an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator.)
  • Deals 100% damage 10 times per second.
  • Slightly pulls the player forward whenever they hit a target.
  • Can sprint while firing (start firing and then sprint).


Type Secondary
Cooldown 6s
Proc Coefficient Canister: 1Bomblets: 0.3


Interrupts enemies and briefly stuns them.
. Launch a canister for 220% damage. Drops stun bomblets for 5×44% damage.



Type Utility
Cooldown 6s
Proc Coefficient Charge: 1Ram: 1


The skill deals more damage the faster you are moving.
. Zoom forward, gaining 200 armor and 220% movement speed. Deals 250% damage to enemies.

  • Grants 200 Armor.
  • Grants up to 45% additional speed.
  • Forces the player to move forwards at full speed. Steering still possible as normal, but jumping is not.
  • Bonus damage scales linearly with bonus movement speed, including the movement speed granted by Transport Mode.
  • The player cannot ram a monster twice in one skill use.
  • Ramming into large enemies will halt the skill and deal an additional attack:
    • Deals four times the original damage (Including bonus damage from movement speed).
    • Stuns the target.
  • Can be used during Power Saw without cancelling it.
  • Cooldown does not begin until the skill ends.


Type Special
Cooldown 0.5s
Description Passively hold TWO equipment at once. Activating ‘Retool’ switches the active Equipment and MUL-T’s primary attack.
  • Swapping takes 0.4s.
  • As of the Anniversary Update, carrying two equipments and being able to swap them is no longer considered a passive and is now unique to Retool.
Type Special
Cooldown 5s
Description Enter a heavy stance, equipping both your primary attacks at once. Gain 100 armor, but lose -60% movement speed.
  • Unlocked via the MUL-T: Seventh Day Challenge. (As MUL-T, clear the Void Fields on Stage 7 or later)
  • Correction: It actually only raises the player’s slow coefficient by 50%, which results in a 1/1.5, or 66% movement speed multiplier.


Следующий из разблокируемых персонажей в Risk of Rain 2, похоже, находится в руках богов ГСЧ, и, честно говоря, есть небольшая путаница в том, как их разблокировать. Сначала вам нужно дождаться появления Небесного портала, который, по мнению игроков, появляется после одного цикла в конце третьей волны, хотя это также может быть просто ГСЧ.

Как только он появится, пройдите через телепорт, и вы встретите Обелиск. Здесь у вас будет два выбора: уничтожить себя у обелиска или войти в портал. Любой выбор приведет к разблокировке наемника, но если вы выберете «Уничтожить» себя, вы сразу же разблокируете наемника.

3 Выживший в дальнем бою + Козье копыто Пола

  • Стиль игры: Скорость — это название игры, особенно для выживших в дальнем бою, так как нельзя слишком долго находиться в центре боя.
  • Козье копыто Пола: просто увеличивает движение скорость на 14 процентов, которая удваивается для каждого надетого стека.

Goat Hoof Пола — один из лучших предметов, зависящих от скорости в Risk of Rain 2 , и игроки будут часто видеть это в своих забегах. Однако, будучи персонажем дальнего боя, постарайтесь собрать как можно больше из них. Попадание в хорошую дальнюю позицию и выход из сложных дальних атак против вас — важные навыки, которые нужно освоить, чтобы добраться до более поздних волн.

Козье копыто Пола — хороший общий предмет для любой сборки, но чем больше у кого-то стеков есть как класс дальнего боя, они будут более маневренными (и более способными наносить урон). Строгое 14-процентное увеличение скорости — это нормально, но 140-процентное увеличение скорости с 10 из них не имеет себе равных . Передвижение со скоростью света, безусловно, делает одну из самых забавных сборок Risk of Rain 2 .


Challenge Description Unlocks
Acrid: Bad Medicine As Acrid, land the final blow on a Scavenger.
Acrid: Easy Prey As Acrid, land the killing blow on 50 total enemies that have 1 hit point left.
Acrid: Pandemic As Acrid, inflict Poison 1000 total times.
Artificer: Chunked! As Artificer, fully defeat the teleporter boss in a one-second burst of damage.
Artificer: Massacre As Artificer, perform a multikill of 20 enemies.
Artificer: Orbital Bombardment As Artificer, kill 15 enemies before touching the ground.
Bandit: B&E As Bandit, kill the final boss with ‘Lights Out’.
Bandit: Classic Man As Bandit, successfully use ‘Lights Out’ to reset your cooldowns 15 times in a row.
Bandit: Sadist As Bandit, kill a monster with 20 stacks of Hemorrhage.
Captain: Smushed As Captain, kill the final boss using a Supply Beacon
Captain: Wanderlust As Captain, visit 10 different environments in a single run.
Captain: Worth Every Penny As Captain, repair and recruit a TC-280 Prototype.
Commando: Godspeed As Commando, fully charge the first-stage teleporter before the timer hits 5 minutes.
Commando: Incorruptible As Commando, clear 20 stages in a single run without picking up any .
Commando: Rolling Thunder As Commando, land the killing blow on an Overloading Worm.
Engineer: 100% Calculated As Engineer, defeat the teleporter boss in less than 5 seconds after it spawns.
Engineer: Better With Friends As Engineer, recruit 12 minions at one time.
Engineer: Zero Sum As Engineer, finish charging the teleporter with zero monsters remaining on the stage.
Huntress: Finishing Touch As Huntress, land a killing blow with every possible hit of a single glaive.
Huntress: One Shot, One Kill As Huntress, collect and carry 12 Crowbars at once.
Huntress: Piercing Wind As Huntress, start and finish either Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres without falling below 100% health.
Loader: Earthshatter As Loader, land a Charged Gauntlet hit at 300mph or higher.
Loader: Swing By As Loader, reach and proceed through the Celestial Portal in 25 minutes or less.
Loader: The Thunderdome As Loader, kill three other Loaders in the Bulwark’s Ambry.
MUL-T: Gotcha! As MUL-T, land the killing blow on an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator.
MUL-T: Pest Control As MUL-T, defeat two Beetle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone.
MUL-T: Seventh Day As MUL-T, clear the Void Fields on Stage 7 or later
Mercenary: Demon of the Skies As Mercenary, don’t touch the ground for 30 seconds.
Mercenary: Ethereal As Mercenary, complete a Prismatic Trial without falling below 100% health.
Mercenary: Flash of Blades As Mercenary, use 20 abilities in 10 seconds.
REX: Bushwhacked As REX, complete an entire teleporter event while under 50% health.
REX: Dunked As REX, kill a Clay Dunestrider on Abandoned Aqueduct by throwing it into a pit.
REX: Full of Life As REX, heal for 1000 health at once.

Captain – A+


Ever since, the Captain has set foot in Risk of Rain 2 universe after patch 1.0. He has immensely become my favorite survivor in the game. His main meta of being efficient and having destructive weapons is what brings me back. Captain’s M1, the Vulcan Shotgun, is without a doubt the best M1 in the game. On the other hand, his secondary is somewhat weird, it’s often inconsistent, and personally, Power Tazer isn’t my type. This gets compensated because his passive, Defensive Microbots allows him to be incredibly defensive in situations where rotation is a must.

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They are still useful in late scenarios because of high damage. Besides, Captain still lacks mobility, he isn’t the fastest in the game, but it’s understandable because his entire playstyle is circled around movement and not camping. If you are able to use his hacking features properly and get items like Legendary chest, it can save you a decent amount of time, and being efficient with Captain is always the goal.

Although, I said Captain is my favorite survivor in the game. I didn’t say I use him often. The Orbital Strike’s require a lot of practice, and If you aren’t willing to do that. There is a decent amount of chance you will end up cancelling the process, and to top it off, hitting air enemies with it is an absolute mess.

Health 110 (+33 per level)
Damage 12 (2.4 increase every level)
Speed  Remains Same – 7 m/s
Health Regen 1/s (+0.2 per level)