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Ренч – один из членов DedSec и по совместителству лучший друг Маркуса.  Ренч – незаурядный персонаж Watch Dogs 2. Его лицо скрыто маской, поверхность которой представляет собой LED дисплей, отображающий в виде смайликов эмоции, которые испытывает Ренч. Он грубый, веселый, адреналинозависимый и очень смелый. У Ренча было не самое легкое детство. Ренч и сейчас стеснителен и замкнут, особенно в общении с противоположным полом. Скорее всего, маска – вынужденная мера, которая позволяет Ренчу подавлять патологическую застенчивость.

Его отношения с другими: С Маркусом лучшие друзья, с Ти-Боном немного враждовали, однако после подружились. Ренч многим напоминает Дефолта из Watch Dogs, кстати, есть предположение, что Дефолт – его брат.

В начале Ренч очень не доверял Рею и даже бывало конфликтовал с ним, но потом отношения стали менее напряженными.

Имеет собственного робота по имен Ренч – младший. В свое время Ренч взломал обычного робота-наблюдателя,  и перепрограммировал его в своего «робо-сына».

Каждый герой уникален по-своему


The Viceroys were originally a small-time group of underworld players until army veteran «Iraq» turned them into a powerful criminal organization second only to the Chicago South Club.

As part of their evolution, the Viceroys seized control of the dilapidated Rossi-Fremont public housing complex, which they converted into a hideout they christened the «Castle». It included multiple apartments where gang members and their families lived, a lounge and arcade for senior Viceroys, several packing areas for black-market goods, and a server room/office for Iraq, who was rumored to keep the computer key etched on his dog tags. To keep their base secure, the Viceroys surrounded it with armed guards at all times and fitted every space they could find with re-purposed ctOS surveillance equipment.


While the Viceroys make most of their revenue from traditional drug manufacturing and marketing operations, they have expanded into new areas, including embezzlement, extortion, bribery, kidnapping, and even cybercrime. Furthermore, under Iraq, they have entered into an arrangement with the Club to provide protection for the latter’s newly forged human trafficking network, which has drawn the Viceroys even more closely into the world of international crime.

To keep people convinced the Viceroys were just street criminals, Iraq separated the gang into two groups. The first group was made up of Gangbangers, lowly thugs whom Iraq allowed to tag and bag under the supervision of senior members. The other group, which Iraq referred to as his «family», was made up solely of members loyal only to him. They were trained in military skills and tactical warfare, and wore distinctive orange armor identifying their level of ability. Those with only chest and skull armor were rated as Soldiers, while those with full armor were classified as Commandos.


The Black Viceroys were ultimately subdued by Aiden Pearce when he infiltrated the Castle and killed most of the «family», including Iraq and his bodyguard Coleman. With Iraq’s death, the Viceroys lost their influence to the point they were no longer an issue by the time of Watch Dogs: Bad Blood and were swept aside by the Militia as the major player in the underworld.

Audio Files

There are three audio files which can be found during the mission. The audio files are all located on the FBI floor of the Dellum Towers, in three separate FBI servers, in three different rooms.

The Man in the Mask #1

Name: The Man in the Mask #1Author: Unknown
The suspect is remarkable in that he wears a mask at all times. The mask prevents our facial recognition software from determining his identity. We have also run several vocal passes, the results are indeterminate as to region and upbringing. His work is that of a high-level, albeit self-taught, hacker whose calling card often involves crude jokes left encoded into his target’s core program.

The Man in the Mask #2

Name: The Man in the Mask #2Author: Unknown
Previous to his DedSec involvement, the subject known as Wrench mostly pursued cyber-attacks of dubious humoristic value. Changing website text to scatological verbiage, often using bathroom humor. This sort of adolescent acting-out has transformed as he has become more deeply involved in DedSec. He now operates within a team, generally pursuing either corporate or political targets. The subject is considered dangerous.

The Man in the Mask #3

Name: The Man in the Mask #3Author: Unknown
As for DedSec member Wrench. Surveillance indicates that he is awkward around the opposite sex and uses his mask as a deflecting device. A psych analysis postulates a disrupted childhood along with possible debilitating shyness. Subject copes with this using a mask which he has programmed to reflect his emotions as a sort of electronic billboard. Within the world in which the subject operates, this solution is considered ingenious.


Маркус также может делать другие вещи: управлять окружающими приборами, шлагбаумом и другими преградами. Также он может взрывать паровые трубы и другие механизмы. Маркус может взламывать людей и брать у них банковский счет, ботнет-ресурсы. Кроме того что он может брать ботнет-ресурсы и банковский счет он может подслушивать чужие телефонные разговоры и подсматривать чужие переписки. С улучшениями Маркус сможет: управлять машинами не садясь в них, управлять подъёмниками, использовать шоковые гранаты и СВУ, управлять роботами, отключать системы безопасности, может угонять транспорт без сирены, разгонять машины до максимальной скорости, возвращать вертолёты на базу, позволяет делать людей целью банд или полиции, отвлекать людей, может взламывать светофоры и устроить хаос на дороге, отключать все объекты на время находящийся рядом с Маркусом, отключать свет рядом с ним. Маркус может переодеваться в разную одежду покупая ее или получить бесплатно. Он может покупать машины и заказывать их, но для этого ему нужно приложение «Машина по требованию». Также машину можно не покупать и найти разные машины которые потом можно будет заказывать.


Marcus Holloway

While he is obviously friends with the entirety of the DedSec crew, Wrench grew particularly close to Marcus Holloway due to their mutual love of Jimmy Siska movies, sci-fi, action films, and their different but compatible senses of humor. They grew especially close during the events of W4TCHED, in which Marcus developed newfound intimacy with Wrench after returning his mask (a very personal item of Wrench’s; one that an FBI agent described as «a totem») to him when both the FBI and Dusan Nemec stole it from him for the sole purpose of psychologically intimidating Wrench.

Another prominent example of their friendship is in the DLC mission Moscow Gambit where, after learning the Bratva kidnapped Marcus and tried to kill him with a car crusher, Wrench angrily punched a hole in a nearby wall. Once Marcus returned to the Hackerspace, Wrench hugs him tightly, clearly relieved that Marcus is alive.

Sitara Dhawan

Being a member of DedSec, Wrench respected Sitara as both a friend and a capable hacker who brought her talents for art, speech, and programming to the forefront of DedSec’s public image and operational capacity. They do seem to have a fairly playful side to their relationship, as Sitara once teased Wrench when a Prime_Eight doxxing list suggested Wrench’s real name to be Reginald.

Josh Sauchak

Wrench also respected Josh as a talented hacker, however, their relationship was not without their disagreements and misunderstandings. For example, during a cutscene in the mission Haum Sweet Haum, Josh and Wrench could briefly be seen arguing before Marcus broke them up. Generally, though, Wrench got along with Josh.

Horatio Carlin

Wrench’s interactions with Horatio were minimal, to say the least. This is not to say Wrench didn’t think highly of Horatio, however; at the end of the mission Eye For An Eye, Wrench mourned his death, noting that the Tezcas could have come after any one of the DedSec crew members.

Raymond «T-Bone» Kenney

Wrench’s relationship with T-Bone was rocky from the start, with their initial greetings being sly but passive-aggressive compliments of each other’s’ hat and mask. This became even more tumultuous when T-Bone proposed using Wrench Jr. as a plant to detonate an EMP inside of a Tidis facility, a suggestion that Wrench vehemently despised; so much so that when Marcus agreed to it, he almost compromised his friendship with Marcus. By the end of the game’s story, however, he eventually learned to get along well with T-Bone.

Aiden Pearce

Wrench’s relationship with Pearce, as seen in Bloodline, starts off as a rivalry, as the two battle over the BrocaBridge. Wrench becomes responsible for a piece of shrapnel getting lodged within Aiden’s chest; however. as the two become closer. they become accomplices. Wrench ends up helping Jackson revive Aiden from a coma with the help of Skye Larsen, showing his respect for him.

Jordi Chin

Jordi’s relationship with Wrench begins when Jordi accuses Wrench of kidnapping Aiden Pearce. Since Aiden is incapacitated, Jordi offers Fixer Contracts to Wrench. Wrench and Jordi then worked together to destroy Thomas Rempart’s shipments. Following this, Jordi offers further Wrench Fixer Contracts that the player can complete as side missions, as Wrench.


During the events of Bloodline, it is revealed that Wrench is bisexual and had a husband, Zane, prior to coming to London. The first inclination towards this is a scratched out heart with the name Zane in it, that is on a table in Wrench’s hideout. Later on in the DLC, Wrench mentions how he busted up Zane’s car after they divorced. In the side quests with Marcus, Marcus asks if Wrench is doing okay after the divorce, but Wrench refuses to say Zane’s name and says that he can fall down a well for all he cares, suggesting the breakup between the two was bad. In an audio log sent by Marcus, Marcus again asks if Wrench is okay and suggests that he should hookup with a guy Marcus knows, who drives monster trucks.

Audio Logs

Audio Log #1

«It’s 3AM and I’m in the hospital. My legs are busted. One pretty bad. Doctor says it won’t come back 100%. Apparently I’ve been here a week. I only remember the night they attacked. I barely reached my front door and these guys were on me. I figured to rob my house, but the police tell me they never entered the building. Just beat me unconscious and left. Cops asked if I had enemies. Where to begin. My guess is the Merlaut job. We rattled somebody’s cage. What was that video I saw? Whatever it was, someone wants to keep it secret.»

Audio Log #2

«I saw my old partner in the paper this morning. ‘The driver, Aiden Pearce, 38, lost control of his vehicle in the Pawnee underpass. His young niece, Lena Pearce was killed in the crash.’ Poor girl. But Aiden doesn’t lose control of vehicles. That was no accident. And the timing’s interesting. Same week as my attack. Right after our job at the Merlaut. That’s going to upset Aiden. He’s a smart hacker, I taught him that. But he’s a vengeful sonofabitch. You piss him off, he won’t let you go. You kill his niece — God rest your soul.»

Audio Log #3

«After months of physiotherapy, the verdict is in. Doctor says my leg will never recover. I’ll need a brace for life. Eventually a wheelchair. Those bastards crippled me. They wanted to scare me away. Make me flee to Bermuda and start over. What could be so fucking precious, so secret and dangerous, that they would cripple a man because he glanced at it? They haven’t scared me. They’ve lit a fire under me.»

Audio Log #4

«Aiden and I weren’t the only people raiding the Merlaut Hotel that night. Someone else was snooping inside. But he wasn’t after cash. He was after data. He knew precisely what he wanted. That video. How did he know it was there? I don’t even know if he got it. He probably had to run once the alarms went off. If I can track him down, I might get some answers on who attacked me.»

Audio Log #5

«Well that was easy. I’ve found our secret hacker. My legs may be shot, but I haven’t lost my touch at the keyboard. He’s hiding inside Rossi-Fremont, some little ghetto corner of Chicago. Welfare, drugs — they’re revolting creatures you keep at arms length. One of these creatures snuck inside the Merlaut server. Maybe I’ll find that video on his computer. Problem is I can’t break in remotely. I need someone to go inside. Someone more street-savvy than me. Someone like me. Unfortunately, he won’t work with me anymore. He’s made that pretty clear.»

Audio Log #6

«I’ve been reading lots on Chicago’s new vigilante. He seems to have popped out of nowhere. Most interesting, he arrived on the scene soon after Aiden’s car crash. Isn’t that curious? The two share a self-righteous anger. Could it really be him? Aiden’s always been a dangerous fighter. I cleaned him up good and taught him how to breach a network. But he always had that hair trigger rage. You can never take the street punk out of a man like Aiden. I suppose being the vigilante gives him a safe outlet.»

Audio Log #7

«Well well, the police are in quite a frenzy. The vigilante’s twisted their panties in a knot. If I were to psycho-analyze Aiden, I’d say he’s projecting. He can’t fix the death of his niece, so he’s fixing all other injustices littering our streets. Maybe that helps scratch the itch, but it doesn’t answer the question that must be nagging at him. Who killed his niece? One thing I’ve learned about Aiden — he’s got a rabid protective streak. Tinker with his family at your peril. I wonder. Maybe I can tempt him. Give him a way to avenge the little girl. And get what I want.»

Audio Log #8

«I’ve found something curious. Something called the Bellwether. I don’t have a lot on it, but the name popped up during my review of the Merlaut job. Far as I can tell, it’s some kind of code inside CTOS. The term bellwether basically means a harbinger of the future. What a puzzling name for some code inside a smart city. I know my programmers. They over-think everything. That name is deliberate. My curiosity has been piqued.»

Audio Log #9

«I haven’t got all the pieces yet, but that corrupted video from the Merlaut — somehow that’s connected to this Bellwether code. There’s an opportunity here. Something beyond simple vengeance. Something memorable. I’ll need to be careful. If I involve Aiden, he can’t know my motives. The man’s reckless, self-centered, but he’s got a curiously strong moral compass. It’s a terrible weakness. Makes him hard to control. I just need to find a way into that code. See what they’re doing inside ctOS, then cripple it all.»


Before Watch Dogs 2

Dušan Nemec was born in Yugoslavia in the 1990s and moved to America at a young age. He grew up on the internet, loving the experience, and preferring to talk on chat boards over real-life interaction. He preferred learning how to program over sports, and his heroes weren’t sports or athletes but programmers in Silicon Valley. His technology made him the city’s newest young billionaire, while his charm, skill, and transformation turned him into the chief technology officer at Blume. He prefers data over weakness.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

Dušan Nemec conjured up a plan to gain dominion over all who use CTOS 2.0. He encountered Marcus on the beach during a party he was having while Marcus was wasted and wished him luck with his party. He then ironically chose to support DedSec without their knowledge, for them to serve as a boogeyman to help him recruit major companies and even Governments into his plans for a satellite-based web security system (which would ultimately allow Dušan to see, use and sell their data for his personal gain). He went as far as to artificially inflate their number of social media supporters, which he admitted to and rescinded when he first confronted Marcus and even admitted that he admires Marcus, but he also proclaimed that the people do not care for DedSec’s agendas, even if it is true. He even revealed that he has recreated Marcus’ CTOS profile and has put out a warrant for his arrest and then leaves.

He then contracted Galilei to ship his satellites into orbit in order to create his new data backbone. He handed the Auntie Shu Boys access to the Bellwether program to test out its efficiency by them using it to take advantage of the New York Stock Exchange. He even set up a 10-year contract with Tidis Corporation to build Advanced War Machines which can be controlled by CTOS 2.0. so as to suppress all those who choose to oppose him, including civilians, law enforcement, DedSec, and even the military. After Marcus sabotaged the Auntie Shu Boys plot to gain dominion over the Stock Markets, Dušan Nemec issued a press conference and promised the citizens to further strengthen the CTOS 2.0., much to DedSec’s anger. Marcus even exposed Tidis Corporation for creating military technology to be used against civilians, before destroying all of their research data, military technology, and all of their facilities, destroying their long term plans.

DedSec then sabotaged Mark Thruss, the puppet of Mary Catskill and Dušan Nemec by exposing his fraudulence before election day. After these events, Marcus Holloway’s profile was once again added into CTOS 2.0 and a bounty was put on his head by the FBI. With the help of his fellow DedSec members, Marcus Holloway was camouflaged from CTOS 2.0.’s surveillance systems and he used the opportunity to break into Blume’s HQ with the intention to steal all of the data and research Dušan Nemec had for his plans as well as the list of his allies. Marcus and the rest of DedSec eventually gathered more than enough evidence of Dušan’s plot to expose him to the public and the authorities.


Marcus and Ray Kenney then personally visited Dušan Nemec at his penthouse suite and revealed to him that they have finally exposed him for all he has done and now the authorities have put out a warrant for his arrest. While Dušan state that they are bluffing, Marcus stated that the authorities are at his doorstep and Blume is not going to support him now. With DedSec leaving, the authorities broke into Dušan Nemec’s place and arrested him, thus causing Dušan to be permanently incarcerated.


Josh is socially awkward, mostly quiet with little to say and doesn’t seem as emotional as the other cast members. He also doesn’t understand some slang words unless they’re explained to him, such as «cornhole», however, he has a sense of humor similar to that of the other members of DedSec and often makes quiet jokes during cutscenes with the rest of the team. Josh himself implies that he has Asperger’s Syndrome during the Swelter Skelter segment of Looking Glass, and later confirms it in the DLC mission Caustic Progress. It is also referenced in Horatio’s report on Josh where he is referred to as having high-functioning autism. Josh’s voice actor, Jonathan Dubsky, has also revealed in an interview that Josh, his character, has Asperger’s.

Josh holds himself to a very high standard — at the beginning of Looking Glass, he is the first to discover the presence of bot accounts on their social media pages, but is still very hard on himself for not finding it sooner. He is also shown to be more streetwise than his demeanor might suggest, such as when he tricks Lenni Kastner with a sleight of hand at the end of Caustic Progress and closes with the one-liner «Don’t fuck with the Hawt Sauce».


Некоторые из персонажей, показанные в роликах:

  • Маркус Холлоуэй — главный герой игры, хакер
  • Ренч — союзник и друг Маркуса Холлоуэя, хакер
  • Ситара — союзница Маркуса Холлоуэя, хакер
  • Джош — союзник Маркуса Холлоуэя, хакер
  • Гораций — союзник Маркуса Холлоуэя, хакер
  • Ти-Боун — знаменитый хакер, который уехал из Чикаго после событий Bad Blood. Союзник Маркуса Холлоуэя
  • Ренч-младший— робот-компаньон DedSecа
  • Душан Немеч — главный антагонист игры. Генеральный директор корпорации Blume
  • Марк Трасс -антоганист. Конгрессмен, который планирует сфальсифицировать выборы
  • Ленни — антагонист, который является лидером хакерской группой Prime_Eight
  • Эйден Пирс — хакер, который уехал из Чикаго после событий в первой части. Союзник Маркуса.
  • Джорди Чин — устранитель. Нанял Маркуса для устранения русской мафии. Появляется в DLC Операции  «Горькая пилюля»
  • Миранда — союзник Маркуса, которая дает нужную ему информацию.
  • Зодиак — антагонист в DLC миссии.


After a failed attempt to hack into the Merlaut Hotel, his uncle Aiden took him and his sister on a trip to Pawnee. However, on the way, a Chicago South Club hitman named Maurice Vega and his partner attempted to kill Aiden by shooting out one of the tires on the car, causing it to crash; although he and his uncle survive the crash, his sister does not. The crash and the death of his sister caused him to develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), making it extremely difficult for him to speak to anyone except his mother.
After the death of his sister, he and his mother were heavily guarded by Aiden Pearce, due to Aiden not being able to take the loss of another family member.

Events of Watch Dogs

Some time later, Jackson’s mother is kidnapped by Damien Brenks, though Jackson eludes capture as he was on the train at the time. After his uncle eliminated the Fixers attempting to abduct him, Aiden joined him on the train and asked if he knows where they’ve taken his mother. Though he remained silent, Jackson showed perceptiveness after pointing Aiden towards Racine Boat Restoration through his drawing on his tablet. Aiden then dropped him off with his therapist Yolanda Mendez while he sought out the whereabouts of his mother.

Later on, however, Jackson decides to investigate one of Racine’s buildings himself, but was trapped in the security room as the building was mob-owned and surrounded by Fixers. Jackson witnessed his uncle kill the Fixers on the monitors and was scared of him when Aiden found him, though he decided to trust him. As he drove him back to Yolanda’s house, Aiden told him that making sure he’s safe is what makes his uncle strong, Jackson comparing himself to a «Healer» from the game «Glitch Wars

Later on in the game, Jackson and Nicole leave Chicago after discovering that Aiden is the Vigilante. It is unknown where they have moved to, but Aiden theorizes they have most likely changed their names, and are staying off of the internet for their own protection.

Events of Bad Blood

In an audio log from Aiden that may be found at Nicky’s house, Aiden says he doesn’t know anything about what Jackson and his mother are doing now, except that they’ve changed their names and don’t use the internet. He imagines Jackson becoming the kid he used to be before Lena died, moving on towards a happier life but doesn’t dare find out if this is true or try and contact them out of fear of endangering them again.

Events of Bloodline

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Jackson returns in Watch Dogs: Legion as part of the Bloodline DLC, where it is revealed that he had moved to London to get his doctorate’s degree at Imperial College London. Aiden takes a fixer gig in London after being informed by Jordi Chin, with the intention of reuniting with Jackson.

Aiden and Jackson hadn’t seen each other since the events of Ghosts of the Past over fifteen years prior, and have an extremely tense reunion when Jackson catches Aiden sneaking into his apartment to check up on him. However, they steadily reconnect as Jackson volunteers to help Aiden investigate both Thomas Rempart and Wrench. Jackson is soon kidnapped by Thomas and rescued by Aiden — towards the end of their escape, Aiden falls into a coma from his gunshot wounds and Wrench shows up as their impromptu getaway driver.

The three of them eventually make contact with Skye Larsen (one of Jackson’s biggest role models, from whom he recently won a college scholarship) and in exchange for returning the BrocaBridge prototype to her, she helps them revive Aiden and also triples Jackson’s scholarship fund. While using BrocaBridge to journey through Aiden’s subconscious mind, he and Aiden both gained significant closure over the death of Lena Pearce and left the experience with a much healthier relationship.

Events of Watch Dogs

DedSec can trace their origins back to Umeni which at one point sent many of their engineers to prison, subsequently, after being released many of them went on to form the group and fight against corporate injustice and corruption.

At some point in the game, they contact Aiden Pearce to target many corrupt Umeni executives to have their revenge and later on contact him again to infiltrate Danny SoSueMe’s mansion to recover data stolen from them. They also tip him on a shipment containing a Biometric Assault Rifle and to give him the whereabouts of two high ranking Chicago South Club members for him to dispose of on behalf of the group. However, Aiden is not affiliated with DedSec, though he does have dealings with some of its members.

Following Clara Lille’s death, DedSec declares her a martyr and promises a reckoning.

Near the end of the game, they contact Aiden again before he is about to take control of the CTOS satellite to ask for 30 seconds to search through the system and collect all data necessary that could help them in their quest for justice. However, Aiden refused to do so and Dedsec warned that they will not forget this.

It is revealed on one of their broadcasts during the credits that they are tired of people ignoring their warnings, stating their reputation has been damaged and that they had been attacked by other hackers such as Defalt, declaring a digital war upon Blume and the citizens of Chicago.

Despite the fact that Aiden was responsible for releasing the blackmail to the public, DedSec claims credit for this action.

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood

During the «Council of Daves» investigations, it is revealed that one of DedSec’s leaders had grown tired of the other Daves wanting more to «stroke their own egos through social media than bring real change» and wished to further militarize DedSec. The rogue Dave lured Dave04 and DaveZB over to the Ambrose Theatre, Defalt’s old haunt, and murdered them, then coded a video of Defalt’s meeting with the Daves into a QR square on the Pawnee Dam, as a message to the other Daves, to implicate Defalt. He then arranged a meeting with Daveftp, Dave Capisano and Dave_of_Spades at a construction site in Pawnee, then sent Fixers in to ambush them. However, Raymond «T-Bone» Kenney learned of his treachery in time and arrived to protect the Daves from the waves of fixers sent to kill them. The Daves pledged their gratitude to Kenney, who declared that they now owed him a favor. It is unknown what became of the treacherous Dave.

Про что игра?

Перво-наперво, краткий ликбез для тех, кто не играл ни в одну часть Watch Dogs (на данный момент их две). Watch Dogs — это игры с открытым миром, имитирующим реальный город США (в первой части — Чикаго, во второй — Сан-Франциско). В чём-то игры можно сравнить с серией GTA — здесь тоже нужно выполнять миссии, нередко — стрелять, можно угонять любые машины. 

По городу можно свободно перемещаться

Главное отличие от GTA — в Watch Dogs мы играем за хакера, а потому во многих ситуациях можем обойтись без стрельбы, достаточно уметь взламывать различные системы. При этом, если без стрельбы игру пройти можно, то без взлома — никак. Но не волнуйтесь, взломать что-то здесь довольно просто — в этом смысле Watch Dogs мало отличается от многочисленных фильмов про хакеров. Взлом систем представлен красивой визуализацией и несложными головоломками.

Природа стала «живее»

Ну и все задания и прочие штуки отслеживаются через смартфон героя. Там что-то вроде приложений, в которых мы и выбираем задания, а также прокачиваем собственные способности. Смартфон же является основным инструментом взлома.

Игра про хакеров — это круто и свежо. Про них столько фильмов сняли, а вот толковой игры (ну кроме Uplink, но это совсем другое) до Watch Dogs не было. Пожалуй, главной проблемой первой части было то, что обычный такой хакер являлся собой Ларой Крофт и Нейтаном Дрейком в одном флаконе. И это, конечно, немного диссонировало с игрой.

Режим вождения от первого лица (опционально) очень похож на первую часть

Логично было бы во второй части переработать боевую систему, чтобы воевать с пушкой наголо было настолько сложно, что просто невыгодно, и мотивировать игрока стать стопроцентным хакером, а не универсальным солдатом. Увы, с первой же миссии второй части очевидно, что разработчиков неслабая физическая подготовка простого паренька-хакера ничуть не смущает. У Эйдана Пирса, героя первой Watch Dogs, хотя бы возраст был оправданием его способностей. Но Маркус — совсем молодой. А воюет как суперсолдат.

Перестрелять всех в округе? Конечно, любой хакер это умеет  

Более того, теперь Маркус — не просто Лара Крофт и Нейтан Дрейк, но ещё и и Сэм Фишер (главный герой Splinter Cell). У Маркуса в распоряжении появились гаджеты: двухколёсный джампер и квадрокоптер — ну всё как в Splinter Cell. И даже разделение гаджетов по стилям боя — один-в-один (с поправкой на синонимы) как в Splinter Cell — призрак, боец, ловкач. А ещё Маркус в ближнем бою орудует чем-то похожим на удавку Агента 47 (Hitman).


Wrench is a slim, average height man. His appearance is mainly inspired by punk rock culture. His clothing consists of a black spiked leather mask with an LED visor, a spiked vest with attached patches and pins, a black DedSec hoodie, ripped denim jeans, a red spiked bracelet, black strapped bracelets, and black studded leather sneakers.

Wrench’s mask and mechanical goggles appear to «blink» emotes and various eye expressions, and the mask features a voice modulator that gives his voice a more robotic tone. The goggles can also project multiple pixelated symbols and appear to be made of many small, square-shaped bulbs. Wrench also has a series of tattoos on his arms influenced by Cyberculture. His vest shows a sewed patch inspired by the «y u no» meme on the right side, and an «anarchy» symbol tattooed on his neck. He has additional tattoos on his stomach and back, which are visible when he attends Swelter Skelter in costume during Looking Glass.

While attending the Swelter Skelter fest, he wears his trademark mask, a hood that features a large mohawk, a black motorcycle vest, a black man-thong with a spiked front, spiked kneepads, and black shoes.

Wrench’s face is revealed when he is deprived of his mask during W4TCHED. He has a large, prominent port-wine stain birthmark around his left eye. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. Interestingly, during the mission Motherload, he wears spiked shoulder-pads and spiked knee pads despite not wearing them in any cutscenes before the mission. It’s possible that he put them on just for that mission, or developers forgot to remove them from the controllable model. In Bloodline, he removes his mask and reveals his face to Aiden to prove he is trustworthy enough, saying «No Mask, No Wrench, Just Reggie.»


DedSec is a notorious hacking collective that operates in cities all around the world. The group itself is opposed to the implementation and use of the CTOS and has the objective of proving that the system is flawed and unnecessary. The group’s members hack into various CTOS systems for destructive purposes in order to highlight its weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It was revealed by Clara (under the identity «BadBoy17») that DedSec has an aggressive side, where they unsuccessfully tried to attack a CTOS center in The Loop, and as a result of that failed attack, Blume added more armed guards to the center. This is given further credibility during the end credits of Watch_Dogs, where a broadcast states they won’t tolerate being ignored any longer, and in Watch_Dogs 2, where in one audio log left by another of their members, Horatio Carlin, he states that «if there was a bar ranging from «activist» to «anarchist», ‘d probably fill the whole damn thing»; additionally, that same audio log implies there are multiple branches of DedSec, as Horatio stated that he ran a few ops with the Council of Daves to see what worked for them and try to adapt it to the members of the Bay Area, before realizing that the Chicago and San Francisco Branches of DedSec couldn’t be more different from each other.

One way in which DedSec have voiced their opinion and made their presence known to the public was through their seizure of the CTOS’ official website. The website was seized and then subsequently transformed into an ambiguous advertisement page. The page was turned entirely black and covered with a DedSec logo, formed from ASCII characters. Similarly, tagging and graffiti has been sprayed onto a number of CTOS advertisement media and other Chicago signposts.

Audio logs left by one of their members, G1gg1L3s, reveals that the Chicago branch of DedSec’s leaders are referred to as the «Council of Daves», or just «the Daves», because they all include the name Dave in their usernames in online communications.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

DedSec in San Francisco.

DedSec has given/will give you the truth, do what you will. 
―DedSec’s slogan in Watch Dogs 2

There are at least one million followers/members of DedSec in San Francisco, California. Their belief is technology should not be used to control people; as a result, they are actively fighting against the San Francisco CTOS, spamming messages about themselves and their cause. Unlike the Chicago chapter, the San Francisco DedSec lacks a militaristic side and focuses more on nonlethal pranks and muckraking-in particularly, advertising their app, which allows their fans to lend their computers’ processing power to their operations. The protagonist, Marcus Holloway, is a member of DedSec. One of the goals in the game is to get more people from the area to download their app and join them, so that DedSec can gain more resources and processing power for bigger hacks; such can be done by doing certain missions to get the follower count up.

DedSec Hideouts

In Watch Dogs 2, DedSec has many hideouts, called hackerspaces, which include their main base in the basement of Gary’s Games and Glory, and a seemingly abandoned garage.

Рэймонд Кинни

Рэймонд Кинни или Ти-Бон Грэди — это персонаж, который перекочевал из первой части игры.  Теперь он стал одним из основных в Watch Dogs 2.

Это очень умелый хакер, и ему сложно удерживаться от проникновения туда, куда нельзя. Его вовсе не пугает возможность попасться, а наоборот подзадоривает. Он готов многим пожертвовать ради удовлетворения собственных желаний.

Внешне он – толстяк очень высокого роста, каштановыми волосами и бородой. Ти-Бон одет в рубаху серого цвета без рукавов, майку, и кожаные повязки. Его джинсы старые, грязные, потертые. А обувь – боты коричневого цвета. Также он носит очки для сварки, пирсинг в ноздре, кольца на бороде.

По характеру Ти-Бон очень покладист, обожает спиртное. Его жизнь переменилась после того, как Ти-Бон с помощью прослушки выяснил, что его скоро арестуют копы. Ти- Бон обратился за помощью к Эйдену, который помог товарищу убежать.