Столпы вечности: 6 советов по созданию персонажа

Ranged weapons[]

Bows and crossbows

Bows and crossbows have the largest attack range among all the ranged weapons in the game. Bows are the fastest to use. Crossbows are slower to reload/fire than hunting bows or war bows but they do more damage. The more powerful Arbalests can’t be cocked by hand and need to be planted and cranked, and thus are slower to reload than crossbows, but still faster than Firearms.

Bows Base Damage Damage Type Range Speed Interrupt Weapon type bonus Weapon Focus / Specialization
10-15 Pierce 12m Fast 0.5 sec (Average) Faster than War Bow Peasant
13-20 Pierce 12m Average 0.5 sec (Average) Increased damage over Hunting Bow Adventurer
18-26 Pierce 12m Slow 0.75 sec (Strong) Middle ground between the arbalest’s damage and bow’s speed. Knight
22-32 Pierce 12m Very Slow 0.75 sec (Strong)
  • Crits can inflict Prone
  • -0.3 Crit damage multiplier


Firearms are very slow to reload, taking longer to reload than any other weapons and aren’t very accurate, but they make up for it by dealing high damage, their low base Interrupt value and unique advantage in dealing with Wizards standard magical defense.

Arquebuses do the most damage per shot of the firearms and have the lowest accuracy penalty but are the slowest to reload. Pistols do less damage than arquebuses and have a higher accuracy penalty but reload faster. Blunderbusses reload as fast as pistols and are quite inaccurate, but they fire 6 projectiles that each do a small amount of damage. If the target does not have much armor and has low Deflection, or if it’s from a Sneak Attack, blunderbusses are the most devastating.

Firearms Base Damage Damage Type Range Speed Interrupt Weapon type bonus Weapon Focus / Specialization
6-9 (six projectiles) Pierce 8m Very Slow 0.05 sec (Weakest)
  • +4 bypass
  • -0.3 Crit damage multiplier
22-30 Pierce 8m Very Slow 0.35 sec (Weak)
  • +6 bypass
  • -0.3 Crit damage multiplier
24-36 Pierce 10m Extremely Slow 0.35 sec (Weak)
  • +6 bypass
  • -0.3 Crit damage multiplier

Magical implements

Magical Implements are ranged magical missile weapons, that are quite fast and accurate, but not very powerful and have low interrupt value. Wizards gain a bonus via their Blast ability when using Magical Implements.

Implements Base Damage Damage Type Range Speed Interrupt Weapon type bonus Weapon Focus / Specialization
9-14 Pierce / Crush (Best) 10m Fast 0.5 sec (Average) Adventurer
9-14 Crush / Slash (Best) 10m Fast 0.5 sec (Average) Noble
11-16 Pierce / Slash (Best) 10m Average 0.5 sec (Average) Noble


The following text is shown when The Watcher first enters Defiance Bay, alongside a narration:

Defiance Bay. The city at the heart of the Dyrwood’s revolution now seems on the brink of another.

Refugees line the streets, homeless and hungry, displaced by Waidwen’s Legacy, hoping for relief within the city walls and finding none.

Dissidents congregate to protest and to heckle, calling for an end to animancy and the ouster of their duke. The city’s militiamen cast fearful looks as they patrol the streets, their hands trembling at the hilts of their weapons.

The capital of a country that had not long ago incinerated a god now appears to be a spark away from sharing the deity’s fate…

The White March — Part I[]

The first expansion for Pillars of Eternity. The action takes place in an abandoned dwarven stronghold, Durgan, where, as rumor has it, one can find tons of incredibly valuable artifacts.

Side quests

Quest Given by Start location Notes
Siege of Crägholdt Steward Caed Nua – Great Hall Started by talking to Steward after receiving Durgan’s Battery quest.
A Lovely Drop Reyfald Stalwart Village
Regrets Worth Trading Okrun
Overstaying His Welcome Haeferic Stalwart Village – The Gréf’s Rest
A Good Haul Feara
The Hunter’s Favor Thyrsc Stalwart Village – Thyrsc’s House
His Better Half Ygadr’s soul Longwatch Falls
The Grey Sleeper N/A Started by pulling out The Grey Sleeper from the stone.


Task Given by Start location Notes
The Thermal Pearl Tealdor Stalwart Village
Sacred Instruments Ista
The Fisherman’s Penance Galvino Durgan’s Battery – Galvino’s Workshop
Garodh’s Chorus N/A Durgan’s Battery – Great Hall orRussetwood – Flames-That-Whisper Caverns Can be received by picking up one of two pieces of the broken helm.


Task Given by Start location Batch
Bounty: The Gleaming Society Tealdor Stalwart Village 1
Bounty: Meztla 1
Bounty: Disciples of the True Flame 2
Bounty: Laenric 2


This character is a party member.
This character starts quests.


Xoti is found at Port Maje at the Dawnstar encampment if you haven’t searched the Engwithan Digsite, or at the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka. Simply talking to her and revealing that you are a Watcher following Eothas will earn her faithful service. She starts with the unique hatchet, Xoti’s Sickle, and Xoti’s Lantern.

  • The class options available to Xoti are the priest subclass , the monk subclass , or a multiclass of the two (Contemplative).
    • is Xoti’s unique priest subclass that grants Hatchet proficiency and a selection of protective Eothas spells as well as druid-like plant spells.
    • is Xoti’s unique monk subclass with buckler proficiency, +3 Wounds per kill, but +1 Wound ability cost.


  • Xoti likes:
    • Pro-Eothasians: Supports the followers of Eothas.
    • Lighthearted: Appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
    • Impassioned: She is a passionate person and responds well to people with similarly strong emotions.
    • Worldly: Appreciates a cosmopolitan lifestyle and outlook on life.
  • Xoti dislikes:
    • Antireligious: Believes the gods and religions serve a useful purpose for mortals and dislikes irreverence or insults directed at them.
    • Irresponsibility: Finds it distasteful when others do not take their duties seriously or attempt to evade their rightful responsibilities.
    • Skullduggery: Takes a dim view of people who employ underhanded and deceptive tactics to get their way.


  • As a fellow follower of Eothas, Xoti is infatuated with Edér from the moment they first meet.
  • Xoti’s religious zeal causes Edér to keep his distance, but this can be addressed through specific companion banter.
    • After the banter that begins with «You’re a follower of the light?», Edér will seek advice from the Watcher.
    • Any response results in a resolution between Xoti and Edér, allowing them to become friends instead.
  • If this situation plays out (or not), it will be reflected in Xoti’s end-game slides.
  • Xoti and Maia can form a relationship through their mutual reputation likes.
  • The Watcher learns about this through banter and conversations with Maia.
  • Their relationship/breakup will reflect in Xoti’s end-game slides.

The Watcher

Xoti can be romanced if your reputation with her is positive 2 or higher. More ‘intimate’ dialogue options are available after she wakes up from the nightmare.

Buffs in Pillars of Eternity[]

There are various ways to (temporarily) increase a character’s Resolve beyond their base score. These buffs are not restricted to the upper limit that is imposed during character creation — so a temporary score of 30 or more is not impossible.

Passive abilities/talents

unlimited – permanently active once learned

Type Ability RES modifier
Quest reward talent Berath’s Boon +1
Rewarded talent Effigy’s Resentment +1


one – bonus while equipped

Slot Item RES modifier
Head Ultimate Hat of Alluring Perfection -2
Hands Bracers of Enduring +1
Neck Cloak of the Theocrat +1
Head Company Captain’s Cap +1
Neck Glanfathan Adraswen +1
Fingers Snerf’s Folly +1
Head The Pilgrim’s Lasting Vigil +1
Fingers The Ring of Wonder +1
Neck Unwavering Resolve +1
Head Waage’s Hat of Leadership +1
Armor Coat of Ill Payment +2
Neck Amulet of Joka’te +2
Waist Broad Belt of Power +2
Head Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak +2
Neck Lost Periapt of the Winding Path +2
Fingers Serel’s Ring +2
Armor Kerdhed Pames +3
Head Argwes Adra’s Helm +3
Fingers Ring of Changing Heart +3
Neck Shroud of Mourning +3
Hands Siegebreaker Gauntlets +4
Head Company Captain’s Cap +3
Armor Of Resolve 1 Enchantment +1
Armor Of Resolve 2 Enchantment +2

Resting bonuses

Location Inn Room RES modifier Lasts for
Gilded Vale Blackhound Inn Dyrwood’s Pride +2 2 rests
Copperlane Fox and Goose Merchant’s Stay +1 2 rests
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Celestial Suite +2 1 rest
Hearthsong Celestial Sapling Wanderer’s Reprieve +1 2 rest
Caed Nua Brighthollow Chapel +3 3 rests

Prostitute boons

one – for the protagonist only

Location Brothel Prostitute RES modifier Lasts for
Ondra’s Gift Salty Mast Big Durmsey +2 1 rest
Ondra’s Gift Salty Mast Iqali +1 1 rest

Active abilities/spells

– temporary bonus when used

Type Ability RES modifier Duration Affected characters
Item Lord’s Authority +5 30 sec user

Consumable items

– temporary bonus when used

Type Item RES modifier Duration Affected characters
food Dragon Egg +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Egg Dish +3 300 sec user
food Dragon Meat +3 150 sec user
food Dragon Meat Dish +3 150 sec user


Lore has the following effects.

Determines the level of a scroll a character may use. In order to use a scroll, a character’s lore score has to be twice the number of the scroll’s level (except for level 1).

As with other skills, Lore is checked in dialogues and scripted interactions, when there are questions regarding knowledge about the world, its inhabitants or mysteries.

Note that the highest scroll level in Pillars of Eternity is 6 (5 without expansions), so casting-wise, the highest Lore needed is 12. Moreover, as there is only one level 6 scroll (Scroll of Prayer Against Treachery ), if you do not need to cast this one, you only need Lore 10 to cast all the other Pillars of Eternity scrolls.


At first level, a character only has their initial class and background bonuses to skills. Each class confers bonuses in two or three skills and each background in one or two skills.

Upon achieving a new level, a character gains six skill points. Advancing a skill to the next rank costs one point, plus one point per time the skill has already been advanced. Note that class, background, and other bonuses are «free» and do not increase the cost of advancing skills.

Class bonuses

The following table lists bonuses received from classes:

= 1 rank, = 2 ranks
Class Stealth Athletics Lore Mechanics Survival

Background bonuses

This section lists all bonuses from backgrounds:

= 1 rank, = 2 ranks
Background Stealth Athletics Lore Mechanics Survival
Farmer (NPC only)
Gentry (NPC only)
Midwife (NPC only)
Soldier (NPC only)
Trapper (NPC only)


Rites are a special, non-craftable type of scrolls that temporarily boost specific skills.

Certain wearable and consumable items can additionally provide temporarily bonuses to skills. See the associated skill pages for more information.


► Тип схватки/боя — Исключительно дистанционные.

► Основные характеристики — Интеллект и Сила.

► Вторичные характеристики — Ловкость.

► Основная особенность — «Магия на любой вкус и цвет».


Этот класс может сеять хаос и разрушение на поле битвы, но вот может умереть даже от обычной простуды, поэтому очень важно следить за балансом своей группы. Это мы говорим о балансе атакующих и так же защитных заклинаний

Кроме этого, каждый играющий может запутаться в процессе колдовства. Первое, что следует запомнить, играя Волшебником: прежде чем применить заклинание, его необходимо выучить; далее выученное заклинание необходимо переместить в специальную волшебную книжку — это может быть гримуар;  теперь колдуйте!

Если вы мучаете своего Волшебника и не даёте ему отдыхать, тогда учтите то, что он будет иметь ограниченное (сильно) количество применяемых заклинаний, но вот более «продвинутые» маги умеют восстанавливать некоторые заклинания сразу же после схватки. Помимо этого, вместительность волшебного гримуара так же будет ограничена (по четыре заклинания каждого уровня), поэтому не взирая то, что волшебный гримуар является многоразовым и заклинания каждый раз можно менять, лучше всё-таки иметь несколько таких книжек. Стоит помнить, что Волшебник не для новичков, так как для его управления вам потребуются определённые навыки.

5 Выбранные вами черты характера помогут определенным строениям персонажей

Рекомендуем ознакомится с другими гайдами на популярные игры tattoo-mall.ru. Расскажем про секреты и хитрости, которые можно использовать в играх со своей выгодой. А также про полезные и интересные историй в видеоиграх.

После того, как вы решили, на каком классе вы хотите специализироваться, рекомендуется адаптировать другие варианты, чтобы дополнить его. Например, раса вашего персонажа будет предлагать определенные преимущества, которые могут быть полезны для определенных ролей. Если вы решили стать расой, подобной лунному богу, вы отлично подойдете в качестве целителя поддержки, поскольку их сила Серебряного прилива будет генерировать волны исцеляющего лунного света для вашей группы.

Раздел культуры также предложит вам начальную статистику. Например, если вы выросли в «Живых землях», это даст вам плюс один бонус к вашей мощи — отлично подходит для тех, кто выбирает классы для рукопашного боя. Выбрав расу, культуру и опыт, которые связаны с вашим классом, вы можете дать себе неплохой старт в своем приключении. Так что выбирайте бонусы к навыкам, которые, по вашему мнению, вы будете много использовать.

Бонусы от расы, культуры и фона вашего персонажа удобны, но не слишком важны. Итак, не стесняйтесь выбирать все, что вам кажется наиболее захватывающим, что позволит вам создать персонажа, столь же увлекательного, как и некоторые из интересных людей, которых вы встретите во время своего квеста.


► Тип схватки/боя — Абсолютно любой.

► Основные характеристики — Интеллект.

► Вторичные характеристики —  Ловкость и Сила.

► Основная особенность — «Огромное влияние на разум».


Сайфер — это самый гибкий и интересный класс в игре! Он имеет огромное количество самых разных навыков, которые будут влиять на разум вашего врага. Сайфер может стать как воином ближнего боя, так и дальнего, а его средоточие на интеллекте помогает ему атаковать ментальными умениями. При помощи этих умений вы можете сводить своих врагов с катушек, уничтожать и калечить их здоровый рассудок, вводить в ступор, обездвиживать и даже подчинять своей воле!

Если посмотреть на этот класс с другой стороны, то его  сила и ловкость вполне позволяет создать прекрасного бойца ближнего боя, который владеет любыми видами оружия и не важно, двуручная пика это или же небольшой кинжал, а может даже и рапира. Несмотря на всё, он даже в самом начале игре может сразиться одновременно с несколькими противниками сразу: парализуя одного, контролируя другого и сражаясь с другим! В общем, полезный и универсальный класс во всех смыслах

Несмотря на всё, он даже в самом начале игре может сразиться одновременно с несколькими противниками сразу: парализуя одного, контролируя другого и сражаясь с другим! В общем, полезный и универсальный класс во всех смыслах.


Skills come to play in a variety of different contexts and partially determine
how the player character or their followers can interact with the world around them.

Notably, only the Watcher’s skills are taken into account in dialogue (i.e. a dialogue option that requires 8 Lore won’t be available to a Watcher with 7 Lore, even if they have Durance with 12 Lore in the party). Other party members can use their skills in regular gameplay (the game will automatically select the character with the highest applicable score whenever eg. Mechanics are used) and scripted interactions where it’s possible to select a character to carry it out (i.e. retrieving the dragon egg during Nest Egg, where you can pick a character with a high Athletics score).


Skill Purpose Gameplay effect Use in interactions and conversations(based on the in-game description)
Stealth allows characters of any class to attempt to avoid being seen or heard Can stay close to NPCs in scouting mode for a longer period without being seen
Athletics Once per encounter, characters with Athletics can use the Second Wind ability to recover lost Endurance. A higher Athletics score increases the effect of Second Wind Used in interactions that require physical exertion, such as climbing, jumping, running, or swimming.
Lore A character’s accumulated miscellaneous knowledge and trivia, often of occult or esoteric topics

Lore allows characters to use scrolls. Which level is available is determined by dividing the Lore score by 2 (with a minimum of 1). As such:

  • Rank 1 can use level 1 scrolls
  • Rank 4 can use level 2 scrolls
  • Rank 6 can use level 3 scrolls
  • Rank 8 can use level 4 scrolls
  • Rank 10 can use level 5 scrolls (the highest scroll level in Pillars of Eternity without expansions)
  • Rank 12 can use level 6 scrolls (the highest scroll level in Pillars of Eternity: The White March — Part II)
For picking up on relevant historical or cultural contexts, contributing general knowledge, or using own mastery of lore in conversation.
Mechanics Makes it easier to open locks, find and disable traps, and place traps of your own.

Also needed to find hidden loot and switches, as neither Perception nor Stealth do this.

This skill allows you to disarm traps and pick locks. If the difficulty level is equivalent or lower than the Mechanics rating, it’s free. If it’s one level higher, it costs a variable amount of lock picks (the higher the level, the more lock picks it needs). Anything above and picking or disarming is not possible.

Each level of mechanics also grants +3 accuracy for own traps per level.

For any mechanical purposes, such as interacting with machines, disarming and arming traps or mechanisms, etc.
Survival Allows characters to choose from a variety of long-term bonuses each time they camp. The first six ranks grant the following bonuses:
  • Rank 1 — Damage Reduction
  • Rank 2 — Received Healing Multiplier
  • Rank 3 — Bonus Movement
  • Rank 4 — Accuracy Bonus vs. Creature Type
  • Rank 5 — Increased consumable duration
  • Rank 6 — Bonus Damage vs Flanked Enemies

Note: After 6th rank, the previously earned bonuses become more powerful in the same order they were received (for a max of 3 levels of bonuses).

Used in wilderness challenges, and for contributing specialized knowledge of nature or alchemy.


Main article: News

  • February 1, 2018: The receives its monthly update.
  • January 25, 2018: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire’s launch date is announced: April 3rd, 2018. Pre-orders are available on Obsidian, GOG and Steam. Three editions are available: the base game, a Deluxe Edition with digital goodies, and the Obsidian Edition with the season pass added. Pre-orders will contain the Captain’s Footlocker, an item bundle that will be made available for backers of the crowd-funding campaign as well.
  • November 15, 2017: The Backer Beta is Live!


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire — Backer Update 42 — The Backer Beta is Live!

  • September 21, 2017: Obsidian Entertainment and Versus Evil announce Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Publishing Partnership.
  • February 25, 2017: Crowdfunding campaign successful with $4,407,598 and 33614 backers – PayPal available via the backer portal – Adam Brennecke says: «Thank You!»


Pillars of Eternity takes the central hero, memorable companions and the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, add in the fun, intense combat and dungeon diving of Icewind Dale, and tie it all together with the emotional writing and mature thematic exploration of Planescape: Torment.

The world map is dotted with unique locations and wilderness ripe for exploration and questing. You’ll create your own character and collect companions along the way – taking him or her not just through this story, but, with your continued support, through future adventures. You will engage in dialogues that are deep, and offer many choices to determine the fate of you and your party. And you’ll experience a story that explores mature themes and presents you with complex, difficult choices to shape how your story plays out. The keys to success in combat is positioning your party and coordinating attacks and abilities.

The game uses a tactical «real-time with pause» system and a slow combat toggle that can be used with or in lieu of the pause feature. The camera has a fixed axonometric (high angle like isometric) perspective with zoom. The environments are 2D backgrounds combined with 3D characters and visual effects.


The cult of Ondra takes on many forms, the most noticeable of which are Ondra’s Giftbearers. They are a group which collects trinkets, love notes, and other objects from people that live far from the sea in exchange for a small fee. These objects are then cast into the ocean or dropped in a particularly deep spot during a special ceremony. There have been some cases of Giftbearers abusing their responsibility, which led to them being mistrusted or even attacked in some areas.

Of note is the secretive Abbey of the Fallen Moon, a remote cloister in the White March. Unknown to all but the highest ranking members of the cult and Giftbearers, it is built around the corpse of Abydon, the smithing god. It houses both the Salt Well, where the greatest burdens are forgotten, and the orders of High and Low Tides: the most revered ranks of Ondra’s faithful, dedicated to memory and forgetting. The order of the High Tide is responsible for the day-to-day operations and defense of the Abbey, as well as preparing for the Low Tide‘s vows. The Low Tide is composed of Giftbearers who inhabit the Halls of Silence beneath the Abbey, where they submit to slow erasure of memory. Ultimately, they are sacrificed in the ritual of the Rising, where the Tidecaster selected by the Conclave arrives to drown them all and allow members of the High Tide to take the vows and inhabit the Halls below. Notably, many members of the Low Tide later regret their choices and the slow disintegration of their minds. Thus, the ritual is designed to prevent them from ever leaving the confines of the Abbey and revealing their secrets to the world beyond.


The ritual of sprinkling holy water is one of the most important traditions in the Ondrite church. For Ondra’s followers, it signifies not only a sanctifying of the church, but the actual presence of the Lady of Lament herself. All Ondrite holy water comes from the ocean, and those pilgrims who convey the water from the sea are held in great esteem among Ondra’s faithful.


A large, liver-spotted man, barrel-chested and paunchy, cowers in the far corner of the room, his white hair a tangled, stringy mess. He covers his face and chest with trembling hands, unable to look in your direction.

Maerwald was once a great and ambitious man seeking to establish himself as the new master of the keep. He banished the dark things lurking in the keep after centuries of neglect. Together with the Steward, he tried to restore the beauty of the keep, laying claim to it when no one else would take it. However, as time went by, his mental condition deteriorated. His withdrawal turned to isolation. Restorations stopped, followed by the servants and repair crews departing.

By the time the Watcher reaches him, Maerwald has completely secluded himself beneath his keep in the uppermost level of the Endless Paths of Od Nua, driven to madness by the resurgent memories of his past lives. He is only intermittently lucid, switching erratically between his three personalities.

The reason for his madness is simple: Maerwald’s previous lives were marked by violence and brutality. The oldest personality is of a female Glanfathan marauder of the Nine Claws clan in the Broken Stone War, who orchestrated a raid on a frontier colonial settlement. The raiders burned the houses, killed the men, and raped the women. It just so happened that the very marauder that organized the raid and ordered her men to violate the women was impaled on a pitchfork at the end of the raid. Her soul transferred to the closest vessel it could find, the boy her lover had just conceived by rape.

The victim gave birth to the boy and raised him as a soldier, imbuing him with hatred of the Glanfathan people. She told him that his father was slain in the raid on the village, except that he was a proud Aedyran soldier who died defending his family. The boy wound up enlisting just in time to participate in the War of Black Trees, carrying out Admet Hadret’s strategy of scorched earth. He committed atrocities against the clans, especially the Nine Claws he blamed for his father’s «death», burning entire villages to the ground with the people inside their homes.

These terrifying memories lurked within the soul, waiting for the time to strike. And so they did: As Maerwald stared into the fire in his hearth at Caed Nua, watching the wood burn, the memory of those other fires two centuries ago came to the fore. Together with the smell of burning flesh and the screams. Nobody could withstand that strain. Maerwald unraveled, eventually seeking refuge in the topmost level of the Endless Paths…


Note: Pillars of Eternity only

  • Interdiction – Condemns the priest’s foes, Dazing any enemies in the area of effect.
  • Empowered Interdiction – The priest’s condemnations of an enemy become more apt, increasing the Accuracy of his or her Interdiction ability.
  • Untroubled Faith (Priest) – The priest’s ability to inspire becomes more than just a sum of his or her actions, negating Reputations that negatively influence Holy Radiance.
  • Painful Interdiction – Priests are able to channel their fury through Interdiction, adding a painful Weakening affliction to the attack.
  • Brilliant Radiance – Enemies take Burn damage from the priest’s Holy Radiance (vessels take increased Burn damage)
  • Inspiring Radiance – Allies gain an Accuracy bonus from the priest’s Holy Radiance.
  • Aggrandizing Radiance – Allies gain less healing from the priest’s Holy Radiance, but the priest gains a bonus to all Attributes and Movement.
  • Bonus 1st Level Spell – Gain an extra spell cast of level 1 spells.
  • Bonus 2nd Level Spell – Gain an extra spell cast of level 2 spells.
  • Bonus 3rd Level Spell – Gain an extra spell cast of level 3 spells.
  • Bonus 4th Level Spell – Gain an extra spell cast of level 4 spells.

The following talents are available only to priests of specific deities:

  • (Berath): The Pallid Hand – Accuracy bonus with Mace and Great Sword. Can cast special version of Concelhaut’s Corrosive Siphon.
  • (Magran): Inspired Flame – +10 Accuracy with Sword and Arquebus. Can cast a limited version of Burst of Summer Flame.
  • (Eothas): Hope Eternal – Accuracy bonus with Flail and Morning Star. Can cast healing spell that shortens Frightened and Terrified.
  • (Skaen): Prey on the Weak – Accuracy bonus with Stiletto and Club. Adds Baby Sneak Attack.
  • (Wael): Incomprehensible Revelation – Accuracy bonus with Quarterstaff and Rod. Can cast a weaker version of Arkemyr’s Dazzling Lights.

Downloadable content[]

Unlike the previous title, there are multiple free content packs planned for release to increase the game’s longevity, as well as three paid downloadable content pieces. The latter are functionally similar to The White March expansion pack, but providing a greater variety of environments, stories, and gameplay.

Free content packs

  • The first free DLC, Critical Role Pack, was released on May 9, 2018, alongside the launch of Deadfire and features new character portraits and voices from the web series Critical Role.
  • The second free DLC, Rum Runner’s Pack, was released on May 25, 2018, and adds the sidekick Mirke, a number of new alcoholic drinks, and the «Drunk» personality.
  • The third free DLC, Beard and Hair Pack, was released on June 8, 2018, and adds 7 new hairstyles and beards, as well as the «Energetic» personality.
  • The fourth free DLC, Scalawags Pack, was released on June 22, 2018, and adds a number of ship upgrades, 3 new crew members, and the «Savage» personality.
  • The fifth free DLC, Deck of Many Things Pack, released on August 2, 2018 alongside Beast of Winter. It adds the ship The Deck of Many Things, and it’s motley crew of merchants selling a variety of unique items.
  • A number of Mega Boss Battles have been included as updates to the game alongside the releases of various expansions and DLCs:
    • Mega Boss — The Crystal Empress, released on September 26, 2018 alongside Seeker, Slayer, Survivor. It adds the first mega boss, Belranga, as well as the Mythic quality to equipment.
    • Mega Boss — The Voracious Mountain, released on October 25, 2018 as an update to Mega Boss Battles. It adds the second mega boss, Hauani O Whe — a mountainous ooze.
    • Mega Boss — Sigilmaster Auranic, released on December 14, 2018 alongside The Forgotten Sanctum. It adds the third mega boss Sigilmaster Auranic.
    • Mega Boss — The Helfire Colossus, released at the same time adds the fourth mega boss Dorudugan.


  • The first expansion, Beast of Winter was released on August 2, 2018, and «takes the Watcher and their party to an island populated by a mysterious doomsday cult that hides an ancient secret. Players will get to experience adventuring in «The Beyond,» a mysterious dimension populated by ancient souls and filled with devilish challenges».
  • The second expansion, Seeker, Slayer, Survivor, was released on September 26, 2018, and «is a combat-focused expansion taking place on a previously undiscovered island that will challenge the martial prowess of your party, and your tactical skills as a commander, as you embark on a mission to rediscover ancient relics, and pit your party against Eora’s most skilled and savage».
  • The third expansion, The Forgotten Sanctum, was released on December 14, 2018, and «will test your party’s allegiance and morality in a quest to help (or obstruct) the great wizards of Eora. Will you befriend, betray or befuddle these venerable mystics as you uncover secrets lost to the generations? The consequences of your actions will be felt across the Deadfire Archipelago whatever you decide.»


  • The Captain’s Footlocker: Made available to crowd-funding backers and pre-orders of the game. Includes three in-game items St. Drogga’s Skull, a pet seagull-looking bird Beakhead, and a .
  • Explorer’s Pack: Included with the Deluxe and Obsidian editions, and available for purchase separately. Includes a some in-game items (put in the player’s inventory upon creation of a new game), and some digital content: Official Pillars of Eternity II Soundtrack, In-Game Pet, Special In-Game Item, PoE Pen and Paper RPG Starter Guide, High Resolution Game Map and Digital Guidebook Vol. II. The digital material can be found in the game directory:
  • Pillars of Eternity Owner’s Bonus: Gaun’s Pledge: Given to all owners of Pillars of Eternity, adds the unique ring Gaun’s Pledge to the players inventory on a new game.
  • Scavenger Hunt: A promotional event on the Obsidian website. Involved finding 55 codes hidden throughout promotional media to unlock in-game items and special rewards. Includes , Stinky Pete, Cloak of Berath, Sails of Berath and Cutthroat Cosmo.


Сюжет игры начинается с того, что протагонист первой части, он же Хранитель и Владыка Каэд Нуа, умирает. Его, а так же его замок и кучу подданных уничтожает бог перерождения, весны и света Эотас, что вселился в огромную статую в подземельях под замком и пошёл в неизвестном направлении творить произвол, попутно вытягивая души (и соответственно убивая) у всех, кто попадается ему по пути.
Хранитель обретает себя в местном загробном мире — «Там», где тут же попадает на аудиенцию с богом смерти Берасом.

Берас сообщает, что может воскресить Хранителя в обмен на услугу — ему нужно последовать за Эотасом на архипелаг Мёртвого Огня и разузнать, что он задумал. Хранитель может как согласиться, и тогда часть его спасённой Берасом души вселится обратно в тело , так и отказаться и благополучно умереть, перерождаясь в какого-то зверька.

На архипелаге Хранитель быстро оказывается втянут в политические разборки между четырьмя силами — племенами местных жителей Хуана, которые медленно консолидируются под властью королевы Онеказы и известны за свои особенные отношения с морем и бурями; Вайлианской Торговой Компанией, что заинтересована в архипелаге в основном из-за огромных источников адры, которая им нужна для исследования анимансии; Королевской Компанией Мёртвого Огня — торгово-военным флотом Рауатай, которые видят в островах кучу плодородной земли и возможность побороть голод на родине; и Принчипи сен Патрена — безземельных аристократов, выходцев из Старой Вайлии, которые пришли в эти воды в поисках новой родины, но в итоге уже практически выродились в разномастное сборище пиратов и контрабандистов.

Принимая или игнорируя политические игры, Хранитель рано или поздно обнаруживает, что Эотас придерживается определённого маршрута — под водой он ходит между островами, на которых есть адровые столбы — сосредоточения душ в материальном мире — из которых высасывает души для своеобразной подзарядки. Между тем, время от времени Хранитель попадает в иной мир, где присутствует на совете богов, которые всё никак не могут определиться с тем, что же им делать с Эотасом. Воедика, например, предлагает уронить на него одну из лун, Скейн хочет убить его изподтишка, Хайлия желает прежде всего узнать, что он задумал, и так далее. Быстро становится понятно, что они и сами не знают, чего хотят, и уж тем более не знают, что делать с Эотасом.

Следуя за ожившим богом, Хранитель в итоге добирается до затерянного острова Укайзо, найти который желает каждая фракция в архипелаге. Пользуясь чьей-то поддержкой или же действуя в одиночку, Хранитель с командой добирается до Укайзо, где наконец встречается с Эотасом. И снова решает судьбу мира.

Возможные глобальные концовки:

1. Вмешательство

2. Бездействие

3. Вдохновение

Эотас в обличье Мароса Нуа и абстрактный Хранитель

4. Жалость

5. Божественная воля

6. Конец

Более частные концовки, вроде концовок персонажей-сопартийцев, фракций и поселений зависят от решений, которые принимал игрок на протяжении всей игры, и некоторые из них весьма не очевидны.