5 browsers to open blocked sites and avoid geo-restrictions



  • Fix: internal block tanks ignoring neighbour tanks
  • Fix: building guide not storing settings on drop
  • Fix: fix infobook crash on some ore dictionary recipes
  • Fix: XP shower breaking after block update


  • Feature: more flexible building guide
  • Feature: enhanced building guide (can place blocks in survival)
  • Feature: rotating elevator
  • Feature: implement modlist config GUI
  • Feature: epic eraser (to remove flim-flammed lore)
  • Feature: wrench-like thingie for rotating blocks
  • Fix: amount of sprinkler particles is now controlled by game settings
  • Fix: rope ladder drops items for each broken block
  • Fix: canon aiming now properly calculates height
  • Fix: /dev/null stack overflow
  • Fix: skyblock stacking
  • Fix: proper liquid xp registration
  • Fix: Turkish locale problems
  • Fix: block not checking redstone state after placing
  • Fix: flim-flammed lore is now places in separate tag, display configurable by config
  • Fix: break animation on tanks and rope ladders
  • Tweak: more OreDictionaly compatibility
  • Tweak: elevator no longer changes player X,Z coordinates after teleport (configurable)
  • Tweak: /dev/null now requires sneaking to open GUI
  • Tweak: add options for sprinkler consumption rate
  • Tweak: improved grave logging

How to Stay Secure

The first thing any Steam user should do to stay safe is to understand what they’re up against. Do your research on the malware as information becomes available to stay in the know. You can also read Steam’s support page or contact their support team with questions you may have.

As cyber threats begin to emerge in the gaming space, your best bet is to protect yourself from all angles. StrongVPN is one of the best VPN encryption tools available for gamers. Our use of the WireGuardⓇ protocol helps reduce lag while playing online and simultaneously provides impressive security against DDoS attackers and virtual intruders. VPN cannot protect you against viruses and malware, but as threats expand for gamers, guarding yourself against multiple types of cyberattacks is a wise choice. 



  • Fix: Fix pencil glasses recipe
  • Fix: Fix missing fluid textures
  • Fix: Fix block breaker duplicating some types of blocks


  • Feature: Glyphs (created with drawing table)
  • Feature: Machines now accept Thermal Foundation’s Essence of Knowledge
  • Feature: Magnets now have configurable whitelists
  • Fix: Add tint to fluids in tanks (fixes TiC fluids)
  • Fix: Fix potential crash when rendering sprinkler outside of world
  • Fix: Fix skyblock drops
  • Fix: Fix off-hand usage of few items
  • Fix: Add missing recipe for big wooden button
  • Fix: Fix shower XP dupe
  • Fix: Fix blocks dropping when placed with magnet
  • Fix: Improvements to sky block rendering speed
  • Fix: Fix guide book recipe rendering
  • Tweak: Tanks can now be drained without sneaking
  • Tweak: Skyblocks are now disabled only when Optifine shaders are enabled

Steam Malware Explained

The malware in Steam has some unique properties to it. Known as SteamHide, this malicious program hides within the profile pictures on Steam users’ accounts. The image files then act as a host to the malware, leading to infection for those who interact with the images and trigger the program. 

A recent article from Threat Post suggests that this type of malware is something we will begin to see more of down the line. Due to the ease of infection, this malware could become more prominent as it evolves. 

With over 20 million users playing games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2 through Steam every day, this malware poses a major threat to gamers worldwide. While image-based malware distribution isn’t a brand new concept, this is the one of the first times an attack like this has been based within a video game platform. Steam users will need to protect themselves moving forward to prevent a breach. 

Why a VPN is Perfect for the School Year

The internet is essential for schooling these days, so having a secure connection has obvious merits. However, the uses for VPN go beyond the obvious when it comes to the school year. For example, if you’re planning to study abroad in another country, VPN can be highly useful for accessing essential websites from your home country that may not be available in the country you’re visiting. 

If you’re a student who likes to play video games or stream in your spare time, an extra layer of security is a powerful asset. Gamers commonly have to deal with session-ruining DDoS attacks from salty, tech-savvy opponents, and VPNs are highly successful at preventing this type of attack. 

With StrongVPN, you also receive the added bonus of being able to secure a whopping 12 devices simultaneously. This means your smart phone, laptop, and more can all be encrypted without issue. 

With a VPN backing you up, you’re sure to have a productive, secure school year.

Get started with StrongVPN today. You can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription here to begin browsing securely and freely.

How did the Facebook Data Breach Happen?

On April 3, 2021, it was revealed that a major data breach had occurred within Facebook. A user in a forum published the personal information of over 533 million Facebook users. The range of users affected was global, and the accuracy of the information was verified by Business Insider, confirming that the breach was legitimate. 

The scope of the breach was massive. The information of users spanning 106 countries was given out for free by the original poster, and included names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and more. 

When asked about the data breach, Facebook confirmed that the cause was a vulnerability in a previous build of their platform. While the hole was patched back in 2019, the data had clearly leaked before that was fixed. This breached data may be old, but the personal details shared are still a clear violation of privacy.


Основные блоки

Изображение Название Описание
Исцелитель Будет каждую секунду добавлять и игрокам, которые стоят на нём. Этот блок может быть получен только в режиме Творчество.
Бак Хранит жидкости, подобно баку из BuildCraft, но при разрушении жидкость в нём остается.
Медвежий капкан Останавливает мобов попавших в него.
Разбрызгиватель Разбрызгивает воду из бака. Увлажняет грядки.
Лифт Позволяет опускаться и подниматься.
Могила Создаётся на месте смерти. Могила не может быть создана.
Установщик блоков Ставит блок перед собой. Требует сигнал красного камня.
Разрушитель блоков Разрушает блок перед собой.
Выбрасыватель предметов Выбрасывает предметы строго вниз.
Губка Впитывает блоки жидкостей.
Лестница-люк Сочетает в себе функции лестниц и люка.
Руководитель по строительству Визуально помогает в постройке сферических строений.
Мишень Показывает точность стрельбы из лука.
Флаг Декоративный флажок. Имеет множество цветов.
Трофей Трофеи выпадают из мобов, как голова.
Предметная пушка Выстреливает предметами, как раздатчик.
Вакуумная воронка Засасывает предметы/опыт неподалёку от себя и сохраняет.
Вентилятор Сдувает предметы, мобов на некоторое количество блоков.
Золотое яйцо Из яйца вылупляется маленький «Я».
Большая кнопка Имеет большие размеры, нежели обычная кнопка. Настраиваемое время активации.
Подсвечиватель деревни Показывает границы деревни.
Путь Увеличивается скорость ходьбы по этому блоку.
Верёвочная лестница Упрощает спуск с высоких мест.
Станция пожертвований Позволяет помочь разработчикам денежкой (донат).
Радио Позволяет прослушивать интернет-радио в игре.
Блок неба Блок, который позволяет получить изображение неба в пещере при подаче на него сигнала красного камня.
Проектор карты высот Отображает карту местности в виде голограммы.
Детектор слизней Предмет, который позволяет найти чанк спауна слизень.


Изображение Название Описание
Смеситель краски Смешивает краски, позволяя получить банку краски.
Холст Чистый, белый блок. Основа для нанесения краски.
Банка краски Банка краски, необходима для окраски кисточки.
Стол для рисования Позволяет выбрать рисунок на не подготовленный трафарет.
Трафарет Трафарет, готовый к использованию, переноса рисунка на блок.

Жидкий опыт

Изображение Название Описание
Разливочная машина опыта Позволяет наполнять ёмкости жидким опытом.
Автоматическая наковальня Служит для автоматизации процесса.
Автоматический стол зачаровывания Служит для автоматизации процесса.
Душ опыта Распыляет опыт.
Высасыватель опыта Забирает опыт у игрока, помещая его в хранилище.


Изображение Название Описание
/Багаж Сущность в форме сундука, следующая за игроком и подбирающая блоки упавшие на землю, как добычу с других сущностей так и блоки добываемые инструментами. Багаж можно открывать, а также, если присесть и нажать по нему ПКМ, то вы возьмете его в инвентарь, со всем его содержимом внутри.

Если по багажу ударит молния, то он станет бледно-белым и увеличится вместимость блоков. Считается, что это отсылка к сундуку из рассказа Терри Пратчетта «Цвет волшебства» и «Безумная звезда»



  • Fixed flickering leaves after snowman trophy is rendered
  • Fixed rare startup crash with FoamFix (incompatibility with threaded model baking)


  • Added wooden big button (works like vanilla)
  • Extended big button inventory size
  • Display size of stack contained in /dev/null/
  • Canvas blocks now mimic material and sounds
  • Fix item duplication with dropper
  • Fix draining fluids from tank with bucket
  • Fix translation names for entities
  • Fix incorrect spawn position of cartographer, magnet, golden eye
  • Fix luggage item search
  • Fix rendering of some custom models in /dev/null
  • Fix dummy contents of custom recipes
  • Fix block shapes (fence connectivity now works correctly)
  • Changed paintbrush model to fix flickering
  • Paintbrush tries to recolor block before replacing with canvas
  • Skyblocks rendering disabled by default when Optifine is detected
  • Sponge no longer updates liquid blocks (configurable)


  • Fix few crashes, including interaction with some client HUD mods
  • Fix deployed hang glider visibility
  • Lower sonic glasses default opacity
  • Limit block breaker and placer speed
  • Use proper tool in block breaker
  • Fix paint mixer tone slider
  • Sign JAR


  • Initial MC 1.12 release
  • any block can be configured as elevator
  • fix hanging after using block placer
  • change big metal bar recipe to prevent conflicts
  • fix crash with Optifine and imaginary blocks
  • fix tank column rendering glitch
  • removed restrictions from auto-anvil input slots

Is Using a VPN at School Complicated?

A common misconception about VPNs is that they require technical proficiency. The StrongVPN app, while definitely complicated on the back end, could not be simpler for the user. All you have to do is install the appropriate app, launch it, and click “Connect”. StrongVPN uses a “Best Available Location” feature to automatically select the best endpoint server for you. It also defaults to WireGuardⓇ, the best available VPN protocol, to guarantee a secure and fast connection. Of course, if you have specific preferences, the interface of StrongVPN makes it easy to change settings and experiment with different protocols and server locations. 

Legal background about German Blocked Account

Expatrio Blocked Account fully complies with the applicable immigration law

The German Federal Foreign Office thoroughly assessed the Expatrio Blocked Account and approved it as a proof of financial means during the visa application process.

The Expatrio Blocked Account is therefore approved by the highest instances and complies with all laws, provisions, treaties and requirements of the German authorities in visa applications and residence permits. This includes especially, but is not limited to, § 2 (3) Residence Act (AufenthG) and Administrative Order of the Residence Act (VwV-AufenthG). The monthly Blocked Amount is regularly €861 (€10,332 per year) which is specified in the §§ 13 and 13a (1) Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetzes — BAföG) for students at secondary schools and universities in Germany.

Here is what will be written on the «Blocked Amount Confirmation»:

The Blocked Amount of €__________ and the Additional Basic Sum of €__________ are blocked in favor of the Federal Republic of Germany respectively the local authority to which the foreigners office is assigned (“Blocking Beneficiary”), that has jurisdiction for the current place of residence of the account holder – or if the account holder has moved from Germany – to his/her last place of residence in Germany represented by the foreign office. 


We will try keep the building instructions as up-to-date as possible, but things may change without notice.


Run gradle build

OpenBlocks uses Forge Gradle build system, as almost any other mod this days. There are few good tutorials, so we will include just basic command for building:

The resulting files should be in the folder. File ending with is unobfuscated version for development use.

Linux or OSX

Much the same as Windows, open a terminal window where you wish to checkout the repo and type

In OSX, git is typically supplied. Otherwise it can be installed through the apps thingy that OSX has (Obviously I know very little about OSX but you want the dev tools stuff).

(To install git and other command line tools on OS X, tun in the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app))

The linux git can be fetched from any package manager. If you’re on a Debian based machine (This includes Ubuntu) you likely have aptitude, so the command would be .

If you’re running a RedHat based system, such as CentOS or Fedora (or some other Distro I’ve never heard of), then you might have the yum package manager . In the case that this does not work through yum, you might not have the packages added to yum to be able to find git. I wont go in to these here, but if you have issues feel free to contact NeverCast in #OpenMods on irc.esper.net.

Then run gradle

OpenBlocks uses Forge Gradle build system, as almost any other mod this days. There are few good tutorials, so we will include just basic command for building:

The resulting files should be in the folder. File ending with is unobfuscated version for development use.

Expatrio’s Blocked Account explained

We brought many partners under one roof to provide you with the best service!

Our partner MANGOPAY is enabling us to serve ten-thousands of customers per year with their partner banks in Germany. To make the international transfer to your Blocked Account cheap and convenient, we have implemented Cohort Go. In Germany, you need a Current Account to receive your monthly pay-outs. We have partnered up with several local banks to support you in the current account opening process.

As you can see, we offer you a comprehensive service — and the best is: everything is included in your User Portal, so you can handle your relocation online!



  • Fix: crayon block destructible in adventure mode
  • Fix: vacuum hopper fluid bar not updating
  • Fix: bear traps keep entities trapped after game restart
  • Fix: canvas block breaking animation
  • Fix: luggages keep their enchantments when placed in world and broken again
  • Fix: luggages can now be named with name tags
  • Fix: trophies resetting item spawn timer when broken
  • Tweak: bear traps open when trapped entity is killed
  • Tweak: flim-flam now has blacklist/whitelist switch


  • Feature: proper API (available in Maven repo)
  • Feature: sleeping bag event
  • Feature: paintbrush can now dye vanilla blocks (like wool)
  • Feature: paintbrush can now be dyed in crafting inventory
  • Feature: paintbrushes from few other mods should now work with canvas blocks
  • Feature: add vanilla color selector to paint mixer
  • Fix: disable ticking of few TileEntities (should decrease lag when using canvas, imaginary, sky blocks, etc.)
  • Fix: change block breaker timing to prevent item duplicating


  • Feature: scaffolding (cheap blocks that decay after some time)
  • Feature: option to disable block and/or entity picking by magnet
  • Fix: magnet now tries to obey block placement/break restrictions
  • Fix: block breaker not pushing to BC pipes
  • Fix: better player data handling on Mini-Me
  • Tweak: elevator’s XP drain is now off by default


  • Fix: tank NPE when breaking
  • Fix: fluid level not rendering properly in tank item
  • Fix: crash when updating huge surfaces made of skyblocks
  • Fix: rendering glitch caused by stacking /dev/null/
  • Fix: some methods in OpenPeripheral adapters for donation station and projector not working
  • Fix: should not crash when other mod registers liquid XP
  • Tweak: xp <-> fluid conversion rates are configurable
  • Tweak: changed misleading config option comment, added separate one to ignore number of blocks between elevators


  • Feature: few blocks (guide, paint mixer) now store settings when broken
  • Feature: graves now replay death cause when right clicked
  • Feature: named graves item will display name when placed
  • Feature: right clicking graves with shovel drops items without destroying grave
  • Feature: OpenPeripheral integration with guide
  • Feature: all trophies now visible in creative inventory
  • Feature: info book keyboard controls
  • Feature: info book table of contents for each chapter
  • Feature: grave spawn event
  • Fix: tank walls are now rendered as ISBRH (should improve performance)
  • Fix: no restrictions when placing blocks with /dev/null
  • Fix: info book crashing in some server configurations
  • Fix: graves won’t spawn in protected region
  • Fix: auto anvil overwriting items in output slot
  • Fix: shower TE being recreated on every load
  • Fix: info book crash with ModularPowerSuits
  • Fix: info book crash on items without recipes
  • Fix: cannon not working with world ticks disabled
  • Fix: graves not spawning when played died in void
  • Fix: sprinkler droplet visual range
  • Fix: delay luggage renderer initialization to prevent render glitches
  • Tweak: config options for grave skeleton spawning
  • Tweak: building guide render extended (configurable)
  • Tweak: graves now available from creative inventory
  • Tweak: allow sleeping on tall glass and other non-suffocating blocks
  • Tweak: graves may spawn dirt block when created in air
  • Tweak: graves visible in creative inventory

Cyber Threats at Schools and Universities Explained

Being on campus isn’t a safeguard against the wide array of online dangers out in the world. Perhaps the biggest potential issue is the use of public WiFi. Public WiFi, like the kind you’d find at a school or in a restaurant, opens you and your device up to prying eyes. It’s very possible for someone to use a shared WiFi connection to intrude on your activity, allowing them access to your passwords, personal information, and online activity. 

The other prominent issue on school WiFi is browsing restrictions. As a way to control how on-campus internet is used, some schools impose overly-strict filters and restrictions around certain websites to prevent access. This practice is a form of digital censorship, and can sometimes even interfere with access to websites and services necessary to complete schoolwork. 

Using your own internet seems like it would be a solution, but internet service providers (ISPs) are another potential nuisance. ISPs tend to impose limits, throttling connections if they exceed those limits even slightly. This can be an issue if, for example, you live with multiple roommates and need to upload an important file quickly to meet a deadline. Connection throttling can quickly sabotage your efforts. 

So how can you deal with these kinds of threats to your privacy and access? 

How VPN Helps Deter Cyber Threats

When it comes to avoiding invasive third parties, a VPN can be highly effective. VPNs (virtual private networks) encrypt your internet connection by rerouting through independent endpoint servers. This process accomplishes two things: it protects your connection from prying eyes and masks your IP address. Since your connection is passing through the VPN endpoint server, the sites being accessed will read your IP address as the address of the server rather than the address of your device. 

This type of encryption solves many common problems you may face in school. First and foremost, encrypting your connection significantly improves your security on public WiFi. A VPN connection creates a sort of “tunnel” between your device and the endpoint, which stops WiFi snoopers from observing your activity and accessing your information. This is useful on campuses, in coffee shops, in airports, and anywhere else where you may be exposed. 

Meanwhile, the masking of your IP address helps to circumvent other potential issues. Since your device will appear to be connecting from the IP address of the endpoint server, unreasonable restrictions of the network can be worked around. You can also shield your activity from your ISP and avoid any unfair throttling practices. This essentially allows you more freedom to explore the internet while also helping to keep you secure in the process.



  • Feature: improve bulding guide rendering performance
  • Feature: new behaviour of hang-gliders, based on real world
  • Feature: variometer (acoustic indication of vertical speed) for hang-glider (activated with V by default)
  • Feature: optional mode that places grave only when grave item is present in inventory
  • Feature: make Last Stand xp cost fully configurable
  • Feature: make trophy drop rate fully configurable, allow drops without looting sword
  • Feature: limit grave spawn height (excludes bedrock layer by default)
  • Feature: option for minimal tank balance threshold (for performance tuning)
  • Fix: Last Stand now properly uses value of damage after armor reductions
  • Fix: block placed with placer are now facing the same direction as placer
  • Fix: resize vacuum hopper hitbox
  • Fix: limit cursor range to 64 blocks
  • Fix: sprinkler item duplication
  • Fix: rare crash during tank rendering
  • Fix: luggage taking damage from weird sources
  • Fix: xp shower ignoring redstone state after game load
  • Fix: glitches when trying to sleep with deployed hang-glider
  • Fix: /dev/null item duplication
  • Tweak: cursor requires sneaking to select new block
  • Tweak: change height map projector model to include cone when map is present
  • Tweak: show page numbers on ToC page of infobook
  • Tweak: rotate builder guide dome template to allow more orientations



  • Fix: block breaker sometimes ignored restrictions
  • Fix: random crash in Pedometer
  • Fix: Golden Egg leaving floating blocks when broken
  • Fix: random crash when placing golden egg
  • Fix: crash when activating trophy sound
  • Fix: enchantments won’t show in info book if disabled
  • Tweak: Limit rate of block updates and syncs on Tanks
  • Tweak: Mini Me now uses skin of player that placed egg
  • Tweak: Luggage GUI now show entity name
  • Tweak: Sponges can be now harvested with axe faster


  • Feature: /dev/null
  • Feature: blocks can now be rotated with most other mod tools
  • Feature: very simple pedometer
  • Feature: on_inventory command to store and restore players inventory
  • Feature: storing inventory on player’s death (may be later restored with command)
  • Feature: using dye on Building Guide block now changes markers color
  • Feature: Building Guide now displays total number of marker blocks on change
  • Feature: Sponge-on-a-stick
  • Feature: Tanks are now comparator compatible
  • Feature: Tiny People
  • Fix: changed material of most blocks from dirt to stone (should be now easily breakable with pick)
  • Fix: Natura Clouds added to default cartographer blacklist
  • Fix: ComputerCraft 1.6 compatibility
  • Fix/Tweak: Trophy drops now enchantment sensitive, don’t drop from non-player kill
  • Fix: error while connecting to some radio servers
  • Fix: “Magnet too far” when trying to deactivate
  • Fix: ineffective Tank algorithm
  • Fix: yet another XP duplication bug
  • Fix: crash in Magic Crayon item with missing NBT
  • Fix: shuffle Flim Flam Enchantment breaking items with inventory GUI
  • Fix: changed some URL links to use load-balanced versions, URL auto-replace
  • Fix: random inventory render glitches
  • Tweak: Grave blast resistance, grave breaking when block below is destroyed


  • Feature: XP Shower
  • Fix: Sky Block render glitches
  • Fix: Last Stand Enchantment ballancing
  • Fix: Tank contents duplication bug


  • Feature: Fan strength is now controlled by redstone
  • Feature: Radio now accepts with URLs pointing to PLS and M3U files and understands HTTP redirections
  • Feature: actual Sky Block
  • Feature: Last Stand Enchantment
  • Feature: more tomfoolery!
  • Fix: Block Placers and breakers sometimes swapping/emptying inventories
  • Fix: crash when trying to display crayon in Thaumonomicon
  • Tweak: better guide shape generation


  • Feature: Almighty Book!
  • Feature: Radio!
  • Feature: middle clicking on Tank with any liquid gives item with full amount
  • Feature: proper Building Guide localization
  • Feature: other mods block breakers now pick all dropped items
  • Feature: Item Cannon Pointer no longer resets after single click
  • Feature: blacklist for blocks that should be ignored by Cartographer
  • Feature: disableMobs blacklist now accepts mod names too
  • Feature: way to specify special block rules for Elevator
  • Fix: target dropping arrow shot by infinity bow
  • Fix: squids spawning water in nether
  • Fix: Sprinkler animation sometimes halts
  • Fix: missing drops from Canvas
  • Fix: Trophy resetting type after breaking with any Block Breaker
  • Fix: invalid Sponge step sound
  • Fix: Item Cannon not able to target in certain directions
  • Fix: Luggage trying to pick item even with full inventory
  • Fix: Block Placer using whole stack instead of single item
  • Fix: Elevator not working when high level jump boost/other jump helpers are used
  • Fix: color formatting in Paint Mixer GUI
  • Fix: Trophy flickering when placed in creative
  • Fix: crash when using Cursor with no selected target
  • Tweak: Enderman Trophies now shoot Ender Pearls instead of teleporting directly


  • Feature: Graves now log location and item number, added config option debug.gravesDebug for fixing interactions with other mods
  • Tweak: Vacuum Hoppers now have slightly bigger item pickup change (enough to pick XP orb when fence is placed above)
  • Tweak: Vacuum Hoppers now suck XP even if no outputs are configured
  • Fix: Luggage despawning
  • Fix: missing Liquid XP localization
  • Fix: Multiple Graves spawning on death
  • Fix: Canvas crashing when clicking empty side