Как сделать ядерную бомбу в майнкрафте


Применение ядерного заряда

С помощью атомной бомбы можно решать практические задачи, а можно и чисто игровые. Вот, например, присмотрели вы себе участок. Всё в нём хорошо, да вот беда – гора рядом, а вы не выносите гористую местность. Знаменитая формула «E=mc2», будьте уверены, оправдает ваши надежды, и домик вы построите на равнине. Или же вам нужно добраться до какой-нибудь породы, сокрытой в недрах Майнкрафт. Зачем тратить силы и время, если энергии атома с лихвой хватит, чтобы убрать всё лишнее.

Словом, сфер применения масса. Но можно и поразвлекаться. Очень увлекательно, скачав карту «Чернобыль», устроить настоящий взрыв на ЧАЭС. Прошло уже почти три десятка лет с момента трагедии, но вы можете повторить её, с той лишь разницей, что от трагедии останется только название. Смотреть, как взрывается ЧАЭС или любая другая АЭС, зная, что вам ничто не угрожает – дорогого стоит.


Main Coils

The hadron comes in two major components for its coils, the plating and the coil itself. The coil is a 3×3 hollow circle, meaning there is 8 total coil blocks per segment, keep this fact in mind for later parts. All 12 exposed sides must be covered with plating in order to be valid. (See image) There are plating blocks provided with varying colors, but it may be expensive to manufacture (in terms of Steel) all of them especially if your hadron is very large as the recipe may require. At no point can the hollow path be obstructed or lack a coil or plating block.

Example cross-section of a hadron coil.


The core (in a circular style hadron) is ideally in the center of one of the sides of the circle. The sides must be facing into the coil paths, otherwise it will fail to operate. An access terminal is usually required to open the GUI, it may be placed on any side as long as it is in the center of the segment.


Corners follow more or less the same principle as the main coils. They must turn the traveling particle at 90 degrees. The outer edge of the corner may be omitted however. (See image)

Example corner with some plating removed to show

Analysis Chamber

Unlike most other components of the hadron, the analysis chamber is more strict in its construction. It must be exactly 3 blocks in length and sometimes requires the use of lower tier coils directly adjacent to it if problems occur. Any of the blocks may be of a window variant however. It is usually directly opposite to the core and access terminal.

Example analysis chamber with window. Different plating type adjacent is purely cosmetic in choice.

Power Plugs

Power plugs provide the core and coils with electricity to work. Coils consume a lot of power, so there are several different tiers to power plugs with different charge rates. They can be upgraded easily by taking one and adding a fuse in your 2×2 crafting grid. The charge rates however may exceed the default NTM machine power transfer rate, so a Transformer (usually a DNT-20Hz one) is used to increase the rate and simultaneously act as a large buffer.

Example power source


  • Fixed schrabidic acid and schrabidate recipes not having icons
  • Black book recipes are no longer shapeless in order to fix a bug where no ore-dicted recipe can be used
  • Fixed titanium filters exceeding the item meta and saving incorrectly
  • Fixed HEV and AJR armor not working as faraday cages
  • Fixed chain’s hitbox length not matching the texture
  • Fixed 4 gauge claw shells operating incorrectly with entities that have 0 health
  • Fixed 4 gauge wooden stake shells outright not working
  • As a work around due to faulty server software, some anvil operations can now be done using the blast furnace
  • Fixed guns that fire multiple round per cycle having negative ammo


Its ingot and compound plate forms are what are primarily used, but its powder and unrefined blend form can also be used.

It is used to make tools. While the tools don’t have a harvest level any higher than iron, they have the advantage of being completely unbreakable. These tools can then be upgraded into Schrabidium tools which gives them numerous abilities, at the cost of them being no longer indestructible.

It is used in various mid-late game machines to make them much tougher. One missile fuselage can even be plated in Desh to increase its HP.

Unrefined Desh blend has 2 uses: the Desh Dynosphere and a Radiation Absorber upgrade.

Compound plates with Schrabidium nuggets can be used to upgrade a CMB Steel shredder blade into an indestructible Desh one.

It is used for production.

A Desh stamp for use in Presses is currently being worked on as an indestructible stamp. Low priority, so it will take a while to be added, if at all.

Compound Plate Recipe

Desh cannot be stamped, so it has to be made into a compound plate instead in one of the Anvils:

  • 2 Desh Ingots
  • 2 Polymer Powder
  • 1 High-Speed Steel Ingot

(Produces 4)


Euphemium can be used for:

Validating Ammo in the «Annihilation Ray ZOMG Cannon»

-Crafting the Pacifist’s Machine Gun

-Making extremely endgame items, such as Artificial Xen Crystal, Spark Blend, Euphemium Compound Plates (which can be used to make Euphemium armor), Dineutronium Dynosynthesis (Dineutronium is even more endgame), etc.

It has can be used in the Custom Nuke. It contributes 1 to its anti-mass stage. Ingots and nuggets contribute the same, so nuggets are preferred in this case.

Compound Plate Recipe

Euphemium cannot be stamped, so a plate form must be produced like this in one of the Anvils:

  • 2 Euphemium Ingots
  • 2 Astatine Powder
  • 1 Nether Star

(Produces 4)

Fuel Data

Operating Level(0%-100%): HE(1 rod) — HE(2 rods) — HE(4 rods)

Th fuel

25%: 8.01M — 16.03M — 32.08M

50%: 9.04M — 18.81M — 37.63M

75%: 9.02M — 18.05M — 36.11M

100%: 9.45M — 18.9M — 37.81M

U fuel

25%: 10.06M — 20.14M — 40.31M

50%: 11.79M — 23.6M — 47.22M

75%: 11.25M — 22.51M — 45.03M

100%: 11.81M — 23.61M — 47.23M

Pu fuel

Not tested

MOX fuel

Not tested

Sa fuel

I don’t think there is any way I can get the operating level above 30ish%.

Conclusion: 50% and 100% give the biggest amounts of energy. Between these two, there’s an insignificant difference, the 100% giving better results. Maybe with bigger amounts of fuel or just hotter fuel, there would be a bigger difference.

I didn’t take notes about coolant consumption, and I am not planning to complete this thing. Feel free to do it yourself.

Крафт добавляемый плагином NuclearMC:

Атомная бомба​

Железный блок, Ядро реактора, Железный блокЖелезный блок, Топливный стержень, Железный блокЖелезный блок, Фейерверк, Железный блок

Топливный стержень​

Железный слиток, ОБОГАЩЕННЫЙ УРАН, Железный слитокЖелезный слиток, ОБОГАЩЕННЫЙ УРАН, Железный слитокЖелезный слиток, ОБОГАЩЕННЫЙ УРАН,Железный слиток

Водородная бомба​

Железный блок, Ядро реактора, Железный блокЖелезный блок, Звезда незера, Железный блокЖелезный блок, Фейерверк, Железный блок

Ядро реактора​

Железный блок, Редстоун, Железный блокРедстоун, Алмазный блок, РедстоунЖелезный блок, Редстоун, Железный блокУрановая рудаПолучено в результате полезных ископаемых


The Watz Reactor is currently being reworked, this article may no longer be accurate when said reworking is completed and released.

The Watz Power Plant is a multiblock reactor that generates power and Poisonous Mud using Pellets and a Titanium Filter. Using a Multiblock Structure marker is recommended when building it.

The Watz Plant is very large, here is the breakdown of all its required components:

  • 96 Watz Stability Elements
  • 88 Watz Reaction Chambers
  • 44 Watz Supercoolers
  • 88 Reinforced Control Rods
  • 12 Electricity Ports
  • 1 Watz Reactor Control Computer Core
  • 4 Access Hatches
  • 172 Reinforced Stone

Pros and Cons


  • BWR, no coolant required.
  • Can make huge amounts of power with the right setup and fuel.
  • 100% modular, allows creativity.
  • Can run on a multitude of fuels for your needs, capabilities, and desires.
  • Will maintain use even in Fusion or Watz stages.
  • Very aesthetic compared to the regular reactors.
  • Extremely violent meltdown.


  • Designing can be complicated or take a lot of space.
  • Fuel depletion percentage very slowly decreases effectiveness of the rods.
  • Can take a long time to «fully» deplete (rather deplete to an appreciable percentage), which means breeding can take a very long time but the power produced is incredible even from little fuel.


  • Egregiously expensive.
  • Self-igniting fuels cannot be fully stopped from reacting unless manually removed.
  • Steam production can be very high, requiring use of numerous Industrial Steam Turbines, which are also expensive.
  • Extremely violent meltdown.

Meteor Treasure loot

More information about this can be found in the loot tables page

The meteor treasure block has a high chance of spawning in most meteors and will drop 1-3 loot items when broken. Items that get dropped are randomized from a list of 36 items. These items are:

Super Conducting Coil, Advanced Alloy Plate, Desh Blend, Desh Ingot, Advanced Battery, Lithium-Ion Power Cell, Advanced Power Cell, Schrabidium Nugget, Plutonium Ingot, Ingot of Thorium Fuel, u233 Ingot, Reinforced Turbofan Blades, High-Speed Steel Ingot, Polymer Ingot, Tungsten Ingot, CMB Steel Ingot, Semi-Stable Lanthanium Ingot, Semi-Stable Actinium Ingot, Meteorite Block, Plasma Heater, Fusion Reactor Control, Watz Reaction Chamber, Rare Earth Ore, Superconducting Magnet, Reactor Control, Diesel Generator, RT Generator, Plutonium 238 Fuel Pellet, Weak Uranium RTG Pellet, RTG Unit, Electromagnetic Cartridge, Mini Nuke, Eightfold MIRV, Defabricator Energy Cell, Combine Ball, and Glitch.

Note: The glitch has plenty of its own effects, outlined in the glitch article. Use at your own risk!

Design Philosophy

The most important goals of any RBMK reactor is to generate energy whilst preventing a meltdown. Heat is necessary to produce steam in steam channels and heat is generated by fuel rods receiving and outputting neutrons. This means that the most optimal placement for steam channels is somewhere near the fuel rods of a reactor; ideally diagonally from them. However, since neutrons travel horizontally, and most fuel types require slow neutrons to react whilst splitting into fast neutrons, some thought must be placed into where the neutrons in your reactor are going and what type they are. Fuel rods should be placed horizontally from each other. Neutrons that reach the edge of a reactor are wasted, but reflectors can be placed there to reflect neutrons back into the fuel rods, increasing the efficiency of your reactor. If a fuel rod requires slow neutrons, moderators should be placed between it and any other source of neutrons, such as reflectors and other fuel rods.

An RBMK reactor utilizing absorbers.

Preventing a meltdown is important as well, since a destroyed reactor is not very useful. Making the fuel rods of a reactor too reactive or not having enough sources of cooling, will lead to the reactor overheating and causing a meltdown. The primary way to reduce reactivity is control rods; which will reduce the amount of neutrons passing through depending on how much of the rod is inserted. Control rods should be placed between fuel rods and other sources of neutrons, whether it be another fuel rod or a reflector. An alternate way is neutron absorbers. As seen in the example to the right, neutron absorbers can be used instead of reflectors to prevent these three fuel rods from becoming too reactive, since they are receiving plenty of neutrons from other sources.

Steam channels are important for cooling down a reactor. Boiling water into steam takes heat away from the reactor, and as such steam channels should be placed regularly and have enough water to be boiled, lest the reactor overheats. Similarly, since increasing the amount of components in a reactor increases passive cooling, there should also be enough additional columns in a reactor to provide a passive cooling effect.


There are more designs in the #rbmk-designs channel in the discord server.

(Note that some of these designs were made before critical RBMK fuel changes, and as such, might cause an immediate meltdown or not work at all. Please test the optimal fuel rods and power settings for them before use! This area will be updated soon with better reactor designs.)


It is not recommended to completely fill it with pure schrabidium pellets, as it would run poorly and be unsafe. Ideally, it uses a good combination. Remember, higher «ranking» pellets provide more energy per tick, but have poorer multiplier stats and deplete faster, while lower-ranking ones provide less power per tick, they have better multiplier stats and last longer.

Pellet Stats

Pellet Type Maximum Age (ticks) Power Per Tick (HE) Power Multiplier Heat Provided Heat Multiplier Decay Multiplier
Pure Schrabidium Fuel 50,000 14,000 -2.5% 200 +5% +5%
HES Fuel 108,000 6,500 0% 85 0% +2.5%
MES Fuel 216,000 2,300 +2.5% 50 0% 0%
LES Fuel 432,000 700 +5% 15 0% -2.5%
Beryllium Moderator 864,000 5 +5% -5% +2.5
Neptunium Fuel 216,000 300 +10% 25 +10% +0.5%
Advanced Moderator 216,000 100 +10% -0.5% -1%
Lead Reflector 1,728,000 -5% -5% -5%

Pellet Notes

(In order from the table above)

Good for producing power quickly, but poor stats and lifespan require moderators.

Alternative for Pure Schrabidium, slower, but safer.

It only has a power multiplier, but it still makes good energy.

Makes very little power, but it has good stats to negate higher tier pellets’.

Very good stats and lifespan, except for its decay multiplier.

Very good power multiplier, but poor heat stats, irrelevant if you control your heat production.

Expensive, but the overall best moderator, decent lifespan, and decent stats other than power.

Cheap, but bogs down power production, just let a Pure Schrabidium pellet decay into one.

Подробнее о предметах плагина NuclearMC:


• Урановая руда может быть получена путем добычи. Различные руды / блоки имеют настраиваемую вероятность выпадения урановой руды при добыче.

• Урановая руда бесполезна до тех пор, пока ее не обогатят путем плавки. Обогащенный уран используется для изготовления топливных стержней для реакторов и ядерного оружия.

Ядерные реакторы

• Чтобы создать ядерный реактор, вам необходимо разместить 1 активную зону реактора, 3 котла, 1 бункер и 1 печь в конфигурации, показанной ниже (примечание: печь должна быть размещена последней):

• Чтобы использовать ядерный реактор, просто поместите топливные стержни в бункер. По умолчанию 1 топливный стержень будет питать печь столько же времени, сколько ведро лавы (1000 секунд).

• Радиоактивные ядерные отходы будут образовываться во время работы реактора и будут помещены в бункер или сброшены на землю, если бункер заполнен.

Ядерные отходы будут излучать игроков, если они будут держать их в своем инвентаре или стоять рядом с ними, когда они лежат на земле. Носите защитное снаряжение, чтобы уменьшить его эффект!

• Пока реактор работает, он израсходует воду в котлах. По умолчанию каждые 30 секунд используется 1 уровень воды в котле.Если в реакторе закончится вода, он расплавится (взрыв + радиация в окрестностях)

Ядерное оружие

• Есть два вида ядерного оружия: атомная бомба и водородная бомба.

• Оба оружия вызывают сильный взрыв при ударе и излучают окружающее пространство, но водородная бомба более мощная.

• Чтобы запустить ядерное оружие, щелкните предмет, глядя в том направлении, в котором вы хотите запустить ракету, и она взорвется при ударе.


• Уровень радиации игроков отображается на панели босса, как показано ниже (панель босса исчезнет, ​​когда их уровень излучения будет равен 0).

• Источники излучения включают: хранение ядерных отходов, стояние рядом с ядерными отходами, аварии реакторов, ядерное оружие и регионы Worldguard с флагом рад в секунду.

• Эффекты излучения настраиваются, но по умолчанию эффекты следующие: слабость, начинающаяся с 25 рад, тошнота с 50 рад, увядание с 75 рад и вред со 100 рад.• Уровень радиации игроков будет медленно снижаться с течением времени, или они могут использовать таблетки радиации, чтобы значительно снизить уровень радиации.

• Количество радиации, получаемой игроком от источника радиации, можно уменьшить, надев защитную экипировку. Для каждого элемента защитного снаряжения, который носит игрок, количество получаемых рад уменьшается на 25%, поэтому, если игрок носит полный защитный костюм, он полностью защищен от любого излучения. По умолчанию,Рецепты изготовления хазматов такие же, как и у обычных доспехов, но материал — губка.

The Satellites

Orbital Death Ray

The orbital death ray is a satellite that lets you «summon» death rays with 15 seconds cooldown, those death rays play an animation then initiate a small N² Explosion and shoots out blue/purple energy projectiles for extra destruction, open the linked interface and a map will show near surroundings, left click to death rays the coordinate it shows.

Also, the ray will fall, impact, and stop at the first surface it touches, this means if you are inside a cave and then use this ray, it will not fall to your Y position bypassing all stone blocks, but will instead hit the surface.

Surface Mapping Satellite

It displays currently loaded chunks, that’s it. Open the satellite control interface and it will show you a basic map of them.

Xenium Resonator

Allows teleportation with no cooldown using a satellite designator linked to it. Does not support dimension jumping.

Asteroid Mining Ship

This one needs a cargo landing pad, this rocket periodically will come back to earth and return to space, it will deploy its cargo in the cargo landing pad, the items that it can give you are (all in the form of powder, unless otherwise specified):

  • Vanilla materials
    • Coal (very common)
    • Iron (common)
    • Lapis Lazuli (common)
    • Redstone (very common)
    • Diamond (common)
  • Mod materials
    • Fluorite (very common)
    • Aluminium (very common)
    • Titanium (uncommon)
    • Copper (very common)
    • Lead (common)
    • Desh Blend (uncommon)
    • Thorium (common)
    • Uranium (uncommon)
    • Plutonium (uncommon)
    • Energy Powder (uncommon)
    • Nitanium Blend (uncommon)
    • CMB Steel (very rare)
  • Crystals and Misc.
    • Phosphorus Crystals (very common)
    • Aluminium Crystals (uncommon)
    • Tungsten Crystals (uncommon)
    • Gold Crystals (uncommon)
    • Lithium Crystals (semi-rare)
    • Diamond Gravel (rare)
    • Uranium Crystals (rare)
    • Plutonium Crystals (rare)
    • Trixite Crystals (very rare)
    • Starmetal Crystals (very rare)

It is perhaps the most useful satellite in the mod.

(The landing cargo pad will require a satellite ID-chip with the same frequency as the satellite itself too.)

Things to do before you start

One thing that you can do before engaging in the progression, as well as something you should always do if you have the time, is looting structures. Your world is littered with buildings and dungeons alike, all full of stuff free for the taking. You shouldn’t solely rely on structures for your resources, but they give you a head-start when it comes to progressing through the mod. Here’s a list of structures which are great for raiding in early-game:

  • Antennas: A common structure with a few resources, mainly steel ingots, wires and basic circuits.
  • Radio stations: A great source of concrete and steel, the small side building also has tanks filled with diesel. The chests often also contain revolvers and sometimes weaker shotguns which are fantastic alternatives to your stinky old vanilla bow.
  • Relay stations: Huge antenna-like structures with loads and loads of steel. Steel sets are only marginally better than iron — but with steel so easily accessible and in such quantities, you’ll be able to make steel tools quickly.
  • Crashed space ships: Somewhat rare and filled with items that aren’t very useful in early game, they still contain a considerable amount of steel and a chest full of rare items, more often than not consumables and rocket launchers.
  • Crashed vertibirds: Helicopters that are buried in the desert, they are a good source of steel and often contain parts for power armor.
  • Factories: Large structures made of brick which have many machines and chests full of raw materials. Some say there’s a treasure hidden in the lava.

However, this world isn’t a place filled with just candy and free stuff, there’s also places which you absolutely should not enter, or even approach, unless you are well equipped:

  • Nuclear power plants: Easily recognizable by their large cooling towers and by the fact that everything in proximity to it is dead, these structures contain many valuable resources. However, every power plant also has its own on-site nuclear waste storage, which causes ambient radiation levels to skyrocket. Unprotected players may die within less than a minute if they choose to approach a power plant. To add insult to injury, high levels of radiation can also turn creepers into mutated nuclear creepers, may Lauren have mercy on your soul if you encounter one of these.
  • Radiation hotspots: Rare, but extremely dangerous craters filled with rocks that are boiling from radiation. They offer no noteworthy loot, so it’s best to avoid them.
  • Nuclear waste storage tanks: Tower-like structures with nuclear waste leaking out of them. Buried deep within all the nuclear waste usually lies a treasure chest, but without the equipment, you are unlikely to even get to see any of it without dying a dozen times.
  • Duds: Not very dangerous per se, but you should not meddle with them. There are certain ways to extract resources from them, but those are very dangerous and not relevant to you unless you have reached end-game.
  • Poison geyser: Easily recognizable from the lack of grass surrounding a patch of crumbled rock, the geyser periodically spits out a jet of poison gas. Below it there are a few blocks of yellowcake, although these aren’t very useful until you have reached the nuclear age.

«Атомные» нюансы

Ядерный заряд станет доступен в Майнкрафте, если установить «Industrial Craft2». Взрыв поражает очень большую площадь, уничтожая 75% блоков. Если разрушающий эффект перегревшегося реактора АЭС в Minecraft направлен больше вглубь, то атомная бомба стремится поразить вокруг себя.

Активируется она лишь редстоуном или переключателями. Интервал между активацией и детонацией – 15 секунд. Слабому компьютеру заряд грозит понижением количества кадров. Мощному пк один взрыв не страшен, но большое их число вызывает лаги.

Защитой от взрыва в Майнкрафт является квантовый или нанокостюм. Если его нет, можно сделать двухслойное укрытие из укреплённого камня. Жаль, что такими костюмами не обладали спасатели на ЧАЭС. C v. 1.106 взрыву сопутствует радиация, а это чревато эффектами голода и отравления. Вообще, расщеплённый атом очень опасен, поэтому будьте аккуратнее: что на АЭС в Minecraft, что с атомной бомбой.

Ядерную бомбу, точнее, её силу, можно регулировать. В «.minecraft/config» присутствует файл «IC2.cfg». Если его открыть (сделать это можно Блокнотом), можно увидеть такую же, как на скрине, строчку. На скриншоте значение мощности – 35.0. оптимально будет поставить значение от восьмидесяти до ста. Нужно понимать, что, чем больше число, тем больше проблем на сервере или вашем пк (будет вам персональная ЧАЭС).

Ядерная «петарда» способна справиться в Майнкрафте и с иссушителем. Один заряд отнимает у того половину здоровья. Два-три заряда, и иссушитель погибнет. Главное, заманить того к месту с бомбой. А можно, кстати, приманить его к АЭС и перегреть реактор. Правда, дороговато выйдет.


The hadron core itself has a buffer of 10 MHE, 2 input slots, 2 output slots, and 3 buttons. The first button is the power button, it will not operate if it is off, however, if the hadron is already running and is turned off in the middle, it will still operate fine. The second button is to toggle «hopper mode», which is to improve hopper automation compatibility by only operating if there are more than 1 item in both slots, leaving 1 behind in each slot to not be used. Normal mode uses all inputs if possible. The second button toggles between circular and linear modes. The two modes determine which recipes can be used and may be dependent on your design. A linear style hadron can only use linear recipes, but a circular style one can use both linear and circular recipes.

Example hadron GUI

Coil Strengths

Ranking from weakest to strongest coils (all are prefixed with «dense» in game). Multiply by 8 to determine segment strength:

  1. Superconducting: 10
  2. Gold: 25
  3. Neodymium: 50
  4. 4000K Superconductor: 100
  5. Schrabidic: 250
  6. Schrabidate: 500
  7. Starmetal: 1,000
  8. Chlorophyte: 2,500
  9. Mese: 10,000

Power Consumption and Management

Basic power consumption chart for recipes and coils

The total power drain of the Particle Accelerator can be calculated by a simple formula: (coil strength)x(number of coils)x(10kHE). This must be calculated separately for different types of coils.

The Particle Accelerator is a very power hungry machine, often requiring GHEs of power. If you do not have enough power, the operation will fail and your ingredients will be wasted.

For max efficiency, it is always best to have the exact amount of coil strength needed for the most powerful operation you will be using. For example, if the most powerful recipe you will be using is the Sparkticle, then it is always best to have coil strength exactly equal to 500,000.

The same applies to power usage. The Particle Accelerator will ALWAYS consume the full amount of power you give it. If you use 100GHE plugs, it will consume 100GHEs per operation! Clearly, this is not ideal (considering that the power cost for the Digamma Particle is 10GHE). Don’t be afraid to use a combination of different plugs to exactly match the power consumption of your coils.

Below is a comprehensive list of recipe costs (assuming you have the exact coil strength needed for operation):

  • Chicken Nugget: 100kHE
  • Antimatter: 800kHE
  • Antischrabidium: 800kHE
  • Muon: 10MHE
  • Higgs-Boson: 40MHE
  • Dark Matter: 1GHE
  • Strange Quark: 1GHE
  • Sparkticle: 5GHE
  • The Digamma Particle: 10GHE
  • Note that these are per operation.

Below is a comprehensive list of the power consumption of each coil type:

  • Superconducting: 100kHE
  • Gold: 250kHE
  • Neodymium: 500kHE
  • 4000K Superconductor: 1MHE
  • Schrabidic: 2.5MHE
  • Ferric Schrabidate: 5MHE
  • Starmetal: 10MHE
  • Chlorophyte: 25MHE
  • Mese: 100MHE

The Hell Zone

The nether has not changed significantly since installing Nuclear Tech, aside from two things:

  • There’s now a couple of ores spawning in the nether, most notably uranium, tungsten and sulfur, all of which are also found in the overworld
  • The nether in its entirety is now slightly radioactive

The last fact might frighten you, but be assured it’s just a mild 0.1 RAD/s which isn’t all that big of a deal. It would take almost 3 hours for you to die in the nether from radiation, so take your time and get some quartz. Might as well use some phosphorous, but watch out for the white ingots — they’ll set you on fire if you don’t have a suit to protect yourself from them. There’s also plenty of uranium which becomes interesting later.

Ядерная бомба[]

Ядерная бомба


Твёрдый блок, сущность (после активации)

Действует лигравитация

Только после активации








Да (64)


Да (Активация)

Первое появление

IC v4.73

Активированная ядерная бомба


ID сетевой игры
ID сохранения

Ядерная бомба — самый мощный тип взрывчатки в IndustrialCraft 2. Поражает огромную площадь, при этом уничтожая 75 % выпавших блоков. Аналогичным эффектом обладает взрыв ядерного реактора при перегреве, однако реактор бьёт больше вглубь, чем на радиус. Активируется только сигналом красного камня или любым переключателем. Время до детонации 15 секунд. На слабых компьютерах взрыв ядерного заряда может понизить количество кадров. Даже на мощных компьютерах большое количество взрываемых ядерных зарядов вызовет падение производительности.

Может использоваться для облегчения обнаружения и/или добычи алмазов и других руд, в том числе и урана. Просто разместите атомный заряд на высоте примерно 15-20 блоков от коренной породы, и если у вас нет нано/квантового костюма, бегите подальше или сделайте укрытие из двух слоёв укреплённого камня, поскольку прочность обсидиана в моде IndustrialCraft 2 сильно уменьшена. Огромная подземная дыра обычно имеет на краях множество руд.
В папке имеется файл , его можно открыть с помощью блокнота. В файле имеется строчка

# Maximum Explosion power of a nuke, where TNT is 4

Можно выставить значение на свой вкус, но с увеличением мощности усиливается падение производительности на сервере, вплоть до его падения. Оптимальным является параметр с по .

Начиная с версии 1.106, взрыв ядерного заряда оставляет после себя заражённую радиацией область. К любому игроку или мобу, зашедшему на неё, будут применены эффекты Отравление и Голод.

Ядерная бомба, взорванная рядом с иссушителем, отнимет у него около половины здоровья. Это серьёзно облегчает битву с ним. При правильной организации места призыва иссушителя с парой ядерных бомб он может быть быстро убит, но использование более трёх бомб избыточно, и при любом использовании ядерного оружия следует учитывать его последствия в виде значительных разрушений.
В экспериментальной версии ядерная бомба активируется с помощью лежащего посередине урана или плутония и лежащих по краям блоков промышленного ТНТ.


В последних версиях рецепт крафта, как и сам блок, перенесен в разряд секретных.

Ингредиенты Процесс
Утолщённый отражатель нейтронов +Улучшенный корпус машины +Улучшенная электросхема


В обычной версии ядерная бомба работает как обычный ТНТ (для активации её можно поджечь или дать сигнал красной пыли). В экспериментальной версии:

  1. В эти слоты помещаются промышленный ТНТ (ITNT). Количество ITNT в одном слоте будет продублировано в остальные. До 1 стопки на ядерный заряд.
  2. В этот слот помещается плутоний (как полный, так и кусочки) или различные виды урана. Плутоний в несколько раз мощнее, но мощность взрыва не зависит от использованной его формы. До стопки на ядерный заряд.


  • Thingy
    • Best DFC core. Invisible to the creative menu and NEI. Still craftable.
    • Sorta a secret, but many people know it exists at this point.
    • Very Expensive, But well worth it. Allows for one if not the best power output and power to material ratio.
  • ZOMG Cannon
    • Negative energy super-weapon. Not invisible at all. Crafted using the assembly machine.
    • Not really a secret.
    • Very Good for destroying bases and things quickly, it’ll shred through any block necessary.
    • Uses Euphemium Nuggets as ammo.
    • Although it absolutely destroys everything it touches, high viscosity fluids (such as buildcraft oil) just delete it, due to it not having a propulsion of its own.
  • The Book Of Boxcars (aka Black Book)
    • «Magic» book necessary to create Electronium. Invisible to both the creative menu and NEI. Can be crafted if Baby Mode is enabled. Otherwise, it can only sometimes be found in a Meteor Dungeon.
    • Also can be bought from the hidden catalog or 100 caps.
    • Not really a secret, since certain high-tier items need it in order to be made.
    • Used to craft multiple special and bizarre items, including Boxcar Bullets, Metastable U-238-m2, and a few more.
  • Euphemium Armor
    • Invincible armor, quite simply. Invisible to the creative menu, but not NEI. Can be crafted, though it is extremely expensive.
    • Not a secret, everyone knows it exists.
  • tile.#undef.name
    • An indestructible statue that can be found in the Meteor Dungeon. Hidden from both the creative menu and NEI. You can give it a Cursed Revolver and a Broken Pocket Watch. It glows brightly.
    • Actually kind of a secret.
    • Gives the Regeneration effect when it is equipped with the pocket watch and a cursed revolver, similar to a beacon.
    • The initials “ELB” are inscribed on the base. This is likely referring to the character Euphemia Li Britannia from Code Geass.
  • Meteor Dungeon
    • A super-rare generated structure that contains many special items and areas.
    • Not much of a secret at all in any sense of the term, it’s just rare.
    • Spawns Every 15000 chunks or so.
  • Broken Pocket Watch
    • Used in Euphemium Armor, serves little purpose outside of that. Hidden from the creative menu, craftable.
    • Not really a secret either.
  • The Polaroid
    • An item that does, things(?) Not hidden from the creative menu, craftable.
    • It being readily available in the creative menu makes it one of the least «secretive» item on this list.
    • Has multiple textures and writings at the bottom of it, it all depends on game/world load.
  • item.memory.name
    • A battery item that has an obscene amount of power storage. It was an item made to test batteries of extremely high capacities. It may be considered the item equivalent or predecessor to the FEnSU. It was usually used to test DFC configurations as Spark Energy Storage Blocks are insufficient for it. It is hidden from both the creative menu and NEI.
    • Sort of a secret.
  • Locksmith Table
    • Put a stick into the randomizer slot of a locksmith table, Guess what. It explodes.
    • More of a joke/Easter egg, but sure.
    • heh.
  • Ducks
    • Some Chickens are actually NTM «Ducks».
    • More of an Easter egg, as the beginning of the world says you can «Duck» by pressing «O».
  • NTM Dirt
    • Right-clicking it with a brittle spade will make it drop the 3 «elements» needed to craft Metastable-U238.
    • Sorta a secret.
    • Can be bought from Hidden Catalog or found in the Meteor dungeons.
  • Fabulous Hat
    • May or may not exist.
    • Fabulous.
    • Unique.
  • Hidden Catalogue
    • Only (legitimately) obtainable by obtaining special achievement and completing the Secret Puzzle. Sells powerful items at a sharp discount. To spawn it in use «/give @p hbm:item.bobmazon_hidden»
    • Sorta a secret, except lots of people know about it now.
    • You Need the Level 6 NTM Achievement to buy anything.
  • Bobcat
  • Pink Log
    • Oak log but with pink colored wood. Normal colored bark makes it indistinguishable from regular oak. Hidden from the creative menu and NEI. Has a 1/10000 of spawning randomly in trees instead of normal oak logs, it is only made in world generation, it cannot be grown. Needed to craft .
    • A secret, but it can be found accidentally in recipes easily due to it being able to be used like regular wood and is needed to craft Gerald.
  • Secret Air Strike Designators
    • There are 3 secret air strike designators that you can get through commands. One is VT stinger rockets, it shoots multiple homing missiles. Another drops cloud in a line, and the 3rd drops boxcars in a line.
    • Actually a secret