Lcpd (iii, a & lcs)


  • On the Rockstar Games Social Club website, players can find the «LCPD Blotter», which lists statistics about crimes committed by GTA IV players as a whole.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, the LCPD patrol in Alderney. However, Alderney is a separate state from Liberty City. The only difference between the Liberty City police and Alderney police is the uniform and sometimes, the accent of the officers.
  • At higher wanted levels (five and six stars), the LCPD seem to begin disappearing as more and NOOSE officers begin to show up. This may indicate that the LCPD are too afraid of death to take on the player, or simply are handing over the chase to the better prepared and more capable law enforcement agencies.
  • When the player has a three star wanted level, the officer talking through the tannoy of the police helicopter often shouts «This is the LPCD!», when in fact it should be LCPD. This could indicate that the helicopter pilots care less about shouting LCPD to the player than normal officers.
  • At the LCPD station in East Holland, If the player enters the parking lot in the back and ascends the stairs up to the helipad, he/she can find one to three officers surrounding a body.
  • On the beach in the Northwestern corner of Bohan, you can sometimes find one lone officer standing next to a body.
  • GTA IV is unique for letting the player be able to shoot the gun off an enemy without killing the enemy. If the player shoots any weapons other than a pistol off from the officer, he will pull out a pistol. If the player shoots the pistol off from the officer, the officer would flee. This also applies to the FIB and NOOSE.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, police officers are more aggressive, doing drive-bys at 4 stars instead of 5 stars and wielding more powerful weaponry such as Assault SMGs and Automatic Shotguns. Officers also wield Advanced MGs from helicopters.
  • If you choose to go out the front of the hospital in the mission The Snow Storm, one of the officers will wield a Combat Shotgun, uncharacteristic, as the standard-issue shotgun is the Pump Shotgun
  • The telephone number for LCPD recruitment is 555-RECRUIT (555-732-7848). It can be dialled, but there will be no answer.
  • A pistol can be seen in police officers’ holsters. These are part of the character model and so will stay in the holster even when the officer has drawn their pistol.
  • According to the GTA Chinatown Wars manual, the LCPD runs a «Guns For Ca$h» amnesty program, sponsored by Ammu-Nation.
  • The Star Junction/Triangle substation resembles the US military recruitment station that exists in the real Times Square. Coincidentally, in 2008 — the year GTA IV is set — the station was the site of a bombing incident.



In GTA IV, LCPD officers on the streets commonly drive two variants of police cars: The Police Patrol and the Police Cruiser, which serve as their primary pursuit vehicle of choice when the player attains a 1-star or 2-star wanted level, and will continue to appear in conjunction with NOOSE and forces in a 3-star wanted level or higher. In GTA Chinatown Wars, the LCPD is only equipped with the Police Patrol (although game art of both the Police Patrol and Police Cruiser are still used when the player is Busted), and only appears up to a 4-star wanted level (alongside NOOSE Enforcers), as the FIB takes over at 5 stars.

The LCPD also extends their authority in the air in GTA IV with the use of Police Mavericks, which commonly patrol the sky even when the player does not have a wanted level. Police Maverick will occasionally join a 1 or 2 star wanted level when they happen to be within close proximity of the player, but the helicopter is certain to appear only when the player has a 3-star wanted level; the NOOSE’s Annihilator takes over from 5 stars onwards. At sea, the LCPD is equipped with Predator boats, which only appear when the player is wanted at any level. The boats carry two more officers armed with rifles at the back, opening fire at the player.

The Ballad of Gay Tony also includes two more LCPD vehicles, the Police Buffalo (named «Police Cruiser» in game) and the Police Bike, a police motorcycle. Both vehicles are not used by LCPD officers, and are only available in The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer. A third police vehicle, the Police Stinger, does not bear the LCPD’s signature blue-and-white livery, but does sport the LCPD logo.

Weapons and other portable equipment

Police officers carry a range of equipment. As a weapon of defense, a collapsed ASP extendible baton is in place on the officer’s utility belts but officers do not utilize the weapon at all. The baton is reinstated in the GTA Chinatown Wars rendition of the LCPD. The standard issue police firearm is a Glock 22 pistol. This is used when making arrests, pursuing suspects and self defense. If an officer is disarmed, they will resort to using their fists to defend themselves. If an officer is patrolling in a vehicle, and the suspect has a two star wanted level or more, the officer carries an Ithaca 37 pump shotgun. Officers patrolling at places of high security such as The Statue of Happiness, Civilization Committee Headquarters, and the Rotterdam Tower stations carry MP-10 SMG (only in missions) and M4A1 Carbine assault rifles, which are a good deterrent of terrorist activity and crime. When the suspect has a five star wanted level or more, officers will attempt to shoot the player with PSG-1 sniper rifles from rooftops, specifically those in Chinatown and The Exchange.

The police also carry personal radios in order to report crimes and call for assistance — they can sometimes be seen talking into them while patrolling, as can Security Guards.


The uniforms of the LCPD resemble that of the famous New York Police Department (NYPD).
Depending on the in-game weather, the officers may be wearing different uniforms, such as a raincoat marked «LCPD» and a white hat cover. Officers uniforms are generally navy blue with black buttons. Officers can wear either a long sleeve, short sleeve, or short sleeve with a long sleeve black under shirt. Officers also have the choice of wearing hats, ties and either leather or normal police jackets. The officer’s tie clips have «LCPD» engraved in the middle. Officers who wear sky blue shirts, as opposed to navy blue shirts, are traffic enforcement officers, as seen by the different badge and patch on the officers with sky blue shirts. Despite the fact the game classifies them as traffic enforcement officers, they do not perform the usual duties of traffic enforcement officers, such as issuing citations. Traffic enforcement officers, unlike their real-life counterparts, are armed.

Alderney Police wear different uniforms than Liberty City police, despite being from the same department. Alderney police uniforms bear resemblance to those of the New Jersey State Police (NJSP). However, their stations bear the LCPD logo, as do their vehicles.


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The LSPD follow a rank and hierarchy system similar to the real world counterpart of the LAPD. Some of the LSPD officers have patches on their uniform sleeves which show their rank. To determine whether an officer is Police Officer I or II, officers with a tie and no rank on their shoulder will most likely represent Officer I because most rookies out of the academy wear a tie on the job. Officers that don’t wear a tie and have no rank on their shoulder are most likely Officer II.


  • Captain III
  • Captain II
  • Captain I
    • Captain Poro [citation/verification needed]
    • Captain A. P. Jones
  • Lieutenant II
  • Lieutenant I
  • Sergeant II
  • Sergeant I
  • Detective III
  • Detective II
  • Detective I
  • Officer III+I
  • Officer III
  • Officer II
    • Officer Ronson
    • Officer Stalley
  • Officer I

Image Gallery

Official Screenshots

LSPD units chasing suspects on bikes in the LS River.

An LSPD officer arresting a suspect behind Franklin Clinton.

LSPD Cruiser giving chase.

Officers taking cover and firing at Franklin during Blitz Play.


LSPD badge, as worn by officers.

LSPD patch logo. Note the incorrect LSSD seal.

Recruiting advertisment.

Los Santos Police Department Mural.

A male LSPD officer.

A female LSPD officer.

Two Police Officers drinking Bean Machine coffee.

LSPD Officers at Los Santos International Airport.

A group of LSPD officers.

Male and female officers on foot patrol near Mission Row Police Station.

An LSPD Detective.

Two LSPD Detectives in an unmarked cruiser.

LSPD Command Pilot in a Police Maverick.

View from the Police Maverick camera looking for a suspect.

LSPD dashcam footage of two LSPD cruisers in pursuit, as shown on Underbelly of Paradise.

LSPD officers arresting Poppy Mitchell

LSPD officer with Body Armor next to an Ambulance.

An LSPD officer watches a paramedic treat a civilian.

Two GTA Online Protagonists in LSPD uniforms.

Michael De Santa in a LSPD uniform, left unused in the game files.

Mission Row Impound Garage.

LSPD drone.

Command Pilot uniform detail.

Command Pilot in a Titan during Extradition.


Внешний вид

В GTA III и GTA Liberty City Stories, LCPD носят форму, состоящую из темно-синей куртки с золотым значком и длинных темно-синих брюк. Полицейские участки находятся в следующих местах:

  • Портленд-Вью, Портленд
  • Торрингтон, Стонтон-Айленд (штаб-квартира)
  • Пайк-Крик, Шорсайд-Вейл

Транспорт LCPD это, как правило, Полицейская машина и полицейский вертолет, а также Predator на воде. SWAT используют Enforcer.

В GTA III и GTA Advance полицейские машины раскрашены в черный и белый цвета. Полицейская машина в GTA Liberty City Stories имеет черный корпус и белую крышу с парой горизонтальных белых полос. GTA III и GTA Liberty City Stories на машинах написано «LCPD» и «Police».

Стандартное оружие LCPD в играх вселенной 3D – Пистолет. Спецназ использует Micro-Uzi в GTA III и GTA Advance, и Micro-SMG в Liberty City Stories. Единственный раз, когда полиция вооружена по-другому, это миссия The Guns of Leone в GTA Liberty City Stories, они используют MP5.


В бета-версии GTA III, LCPD отличался от итогового варианта. Транспорт был выполнен в бело-голубой цветовой гамме, а полицейские имели усы. Также присутствовал военный вертолёт, вырезанный из финальной версии игры.

Volpe, Mark Anthony

Возраст: 45
Место рождения:Дюкс, Либерти-Сити
Связи с преступным миром:Преступный синдикат Мессина
1982 — тяжкое убийство
1993 — вымогательство
1994 — непредумышленное убийство
1995 — нападение
1996 — непредумышленное убийство
1998 — организация нелегальных азартных игр
2000 — организация нелегальных азартных игр
2005 — непредумышленное убийство

Подозревается своими сообщниками по криминальному синдикату Мессина в том, что работает на полицию, хотя настоящим стукачом является его брат — Фредо Вольпе. Подозревается в организации сети подпольных букмекерских контор, действующих в четырёх частях Либерти-Сити, однако он принимает ставки только на подтасованные игры. Считается, что однажды он отрезал язык одному из бойцов «семьи» Мессина за то, что тот предположил, будто его брат — информатор. Имеющихся аудиозаписей достаточно, чтобы засадить его в тюрьму на 12 пожизненных сроков.


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Senior management

Police Commissioner

Mitt Fitzsimmons (2008)

Deputy Police Commissioner

Francis McReary (Fate is up to the player’s choice)

Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs

Tom Pireni

Narcotics Agent

Albert Thomas


  • Chief of Department
  • Bureau Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Police Spokesman
  • Inspector
  • Deputy Inspector
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
    • Detective Moeller
    • Detective Atkinson
  • Officer
    • Officer Bint (formerly/fired) ()
    • Officer Charlie
    • Officer Jeff
    • Officer Joey
    • Officer McCornish
    • Officer Matthews
    • Officer Macelton
    • Officer Mitch
    • Officer O’Toole
    • Officer Sanchez
    • Officer 1214

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Easy Fare
  • Jamaican Heat
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Rigged to Blow
  • Russian Revolution
  • Street Sweeper
  • Blow Your Cover
  • The Snow Storm
  • Three Leaf Clover
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words
  • Final Interview (If the player alerted the guards and the police)
  • Holland Nights
  • Portrait of a Killer
  • Late Checkout
  • Smackdown
  • Tunnel of Death
  • Undertaker — Francis’ Funeral
  • A Revenger’s Tragedy
  • Out of Commission

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • I Luv LC
  • Corner Kids
  • Boulevard Baby
  • Frosting on the Cake
  • Not So Fast
  • No. 3
  • Caught with your Pants Down
  • For the Man Who Has Everything

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

  • Pursuit Farce
  • Tricks of the Triad
  • Natural Burn Killer
  • Flatliner
  • Raw Deal
  • The Tow Job
  • Trail Blazer
  • Copter Carnage
  • Dragon Haul Z
  • The Offshore Offload
  • One Shot, One Kill
  • Torpedo Run
  • Evidence Dash
  • Salt in the Wound


Main article: Police Stations

The Los Santos Police Department is large and organized, occupying a number of Police Stations throughout the city of Los Santos.

Location map

Dedicated LSPD Stations

Mission Row Police Station — Sinner Street & Vespucci Boulevard including Story Mode Impound Garage (Map).

La Mesa Police Station — Popular Street & Capital Boulevard below the Olympic Freeway (Map).

Vinewood Police Station — Elgin Avenue & Vinewood Boulevard (Map).

Vespucci Police Station — San Andreas Avenue & South Rockford Drive (Map).

Vespucci Beach Police Station — Vespucci Beach (Map).

Shared Stations

Del Perro Police Station — Red Desert Avenue at Del Perro Pier (Map).

Davis Sheriff’s Station — Innocence Boulevard & Roy Lowenstein Boulevard including Online impound lot (Map).

Rockford Hills Police Headquarters — Eastbourne Way & Abe Milton Parkway (Map).



The Liberty City Police Department is around 40,000 officers strong, with many different roles, most notably on beat patrol all throughout Liberty City. They reign in a «complete operational» status over Liberty City, meaning they are the single law enforcement organization in the whole city, besides the and NOOSE. The department is then organized into different divisions. They include Highway Patrol Units (while usually freeway/bridge duties are transferred to a State Police agency), tactical response units from NOOSE tactical units, aviation units, plain clothes units and the harbour units. The Aviation Unit of the LCPD (formed in 2001) has a fleet of several helicopters (consisting of Maverick type copters) which are on constant patrol. Aviation assistance can be summoned from one of the four stations with aviation facilities. The Police Mavericks can be seen often in the skies of Liberty City, most often patrolling with NOOSE Annihilators above major bridges such as the Hickey Bridge and East Borough Bridge. The LCPD is otherwise underfunded, unable to afford specialized pursuit vehicles and as a result have to use their regular patrol cars to chase suspects. They often injure or kill the very citizens they are assigned to «protect and serve» — many police cars accidentally hit and/or kill civilians while chasing the player.

View of the front of the massive LCPD station in East Holland.

The LCPD is known for its very aggressive techniques in pursuing crime, most notably, saturating an affected area of high crime rate with dozens of officers and patrol cars. They take the famous NYPD rationale of having a large police presence ensuring prevention and quick response. In times of emergency they respond appropriately, and pour all available resources into stopping or containing an incident. The LCPD (along with NOOSE and the FIB) become extremely aggressive when the player is wanted, and continue to shoot at the player even after the protagonist has died and «grayed out». While chasing criminals, the player or occasionally whilst driving, police vehicles hit civilians with their cars.

LCPD officers are sometimes seen writing tickets (as noticed around Middle Park and in Highway Patrol duties on the various bridges where they await speeders). Officers on foot patrol are sometimes seen chasing and apprehending criminals, which after they are caught, a radio car is contacted to take the criminal away for processing. The LCPD is also on an active recruiting campaign, with «Join The LCPD» posters and billboards at select locations throughout the city, and adorning the front of the LCPD The Triangle/Star Junction Sub-Station, (which is in front of a Liberty City Services Booth). They also appear in the streets if the player dials 911 to summon a police car with two officers inside. One officer will check around for any incidents. If a criminal attacks an officer, two officers wield pistols and pursue the criminal and catch the protagonist at gunpoint. If there aren’t any criminals around, they will get back inside the vehicle and leave. Unlike civilians, who report crimes via the telephone, a lengthy process, police sightings are reported immediately. Further crime, attacking a police officer, and evading arrest will increase the player’s wanted level. At two stars, police cars are sent to the area. At three stars, NOOSE vehicles are deployed, as well as police maverick-type helicopters. At four stars, NOOSE Annihilators and FIB Buffalos, complete with four FIB Special Agents in body armor and equipped with automatic weapons, are deployed. LCPD officers are authorized to commandeer civilian vehicles to continue chasing a suspect or respond to an emergency, often stating it as «Official Police Business» to the driver as they pull them out of the car.

List of Police Stations

Main article: Police Stations

Liberty City

The LCPD is large and organized, possessing 5 Borough stations and 13 Police Stations throughout Liberty City.

  • Broker
    • Hove Beach Police Station
    • South Slopes Police Station
  • Dukes
    • East Island City Police Station
    • Francis International Airport Police Station
  • Bohan
    • Fortside Police Station
    • Northern Gardens LCPD Station
  • Algonquin
    • Suffolk Police Station
    • Lower Easton Police Station
    • Star Junction Police Station
    • Westminster Police Station
    • Middle Park East Police Station
    • Varsity Heights Police Station
    • East Holland LCPD Station
    • LCPD Dock (only in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars).


The Los Santos Police Department is famous for tackling crime in the most aggressive and unhinged way possible. This is through community outreach like stop and frisk, spectacular police chases and liberal use of stun guns and service revolvers.

— description

According to the badges on officers, the LSPD was established in , nearly a hundred years after Los Santos was founded. Being a a large police force, the LSPD appears to be well-funded and equipped, although unlike previous games, LSPD officers and cars very rarely appear on the streets of Los Santos.

The LSPD has jurisdiction over the entirety of Los Santos. This includes Del Perro, Davis, and Rockford Hills, despite those being different cities, though they may have contracted the LSPD for policing. They also have jurisdiction over Los Santos International Airport and the Port of Los Santos, despite their real-life counterparts having their own police departments (Los Angeles International Airport having the Los Angeles Airport Police and the Port of Los Angeles having the Los Angeles Port Police respectively).

The only sure ways to find LSPD officers are at LSIA, directly outside police stations, during pursuits of Street Criminals, or by dialing 911 in the in-game phone for the Police. Arrow stations also usually have an officer or two, particularly the underground ones. In Downtown Los Santos, foot patrols of two officers can be found within a two-block radius of the Mission Row Police Station, often interacting with the homeless that frequent the area. In other areas of Los Santos however, it is rare to find an occupied patrol car unless it is in pursuit of an NPC driver.

Уровни розыска

Первый уровень

Даётся, если вы выстрелили, ударили, или протаранили человека, машину на глазах у полицейского. За вами будут гоняться только те стражи закона, которые видели нарушение.В этом случае оторваться от погони очень легко:надо спрятаться где-нибудь и подождать.

Второй уровень

Даётся, если вы выстрелили в полицейского или убили ещё несколько граждан. В этом случае за вами уже будут гоняться постоянно, и просто ожиданием уже не оторваться. Кроме того, стражи закона открывают огонь на поражение и начинают таранить вас или ваш транспорт. Если несколько способов уйти от погони:Перекраситься в Pay’n’Spray, или дать взятку полиции (в виде пикапа звёздочки), это сбросит уровень розыска на одну звезду.

Третий уровень

Даётся, если вы убили несколько полицейских. Единственное отличие от второго уровня-за вами послали вертолёт. Он будет летать за вами и стрелять из пулемёта. Кроме того, вертолёт пролетает сквозь большинство зданий. Его можно сбить базукой или расстрелять из М16. Это немного облегчит вам погоню, но скоро вертолёт вернётся.

Четвёртый уровень

Даётся. если вы сбили вертолёт или убили ещё несколько полисменов. Теперь к вертолёту и стражам порядка подключаются отряды SWAT. Они будут строить вам баррикады на дорогах. Передвигаются на Enforcer’ах и вооружены Узи.

Пятый уровень

Даётся, если убить несколько SWAT’овцев или сбить ещё несколько вертолётов.Вместо спецназа за вами начинает охотиться ФБР.Они передвигаются на FBI Kuruma и вооружены АК47. Примечание:Этот уровень розыска можно получить только после разблокировки острова Стаунтон.

Шестой уровень

Даётся, если убить несколько ФБР’овцев.Они заменяются на армию, которая передвигается на танках и Barracks OL, вооружены М16. На этом выжить практически невозможно:танк взрывает вашу машину одним только прикосновением, а пехота легко расстреляет вас из М16. Примечание:Этот уровень розыска можно получить только после разблокировки Шорсайд-вейл.


LSPD officers are shown to be very aggressive and violent, with police brutality being very common, such as an officer shown pressing his baton against a suspect’s neck in the lobby of the Mission Row Police Station during the mission Eye in the Sky. It is implied that the LSPD is heavily corrupt and systematically racist, and that they also hire and have sex with prostitutes, although this cannot be seen in-game. However, despite these, it is implied by the LSPD pilot in Eye in the Sky that there are actually good, non-corrupt officers in the LSPD.

LSPD officers are often too aggressive for their own good, letting their aggression take charge instead of common sense. This results in the LSPD appearing to be extremely incompetent and dim-witted. Their actions include, but are not limited to, severely damaging their own cars during pursuits, driving recklessly at full speed, standing still in the open while being shot at, shooting at armored and/or heavily armed vehicles with their mostly-inferior weapons, not calling for backup when overwhelmed by groups of suspects, driving over clearly visible spike strips and blowing out their own tires, taking cover behind or standing near a vehicle which is on fire and about to explode, shooting at oncoming vehicles, setting up roadblocks on the wrong side of the highway, rushing into areas that are obviously being watched and guarded by armed suspects, and hitting other officers with their cars and sometimes killing them as a result, as well as blindly charging a heavily armed suspect with no regard for their own life. Officers are often heard during pursuits yelling profanity and threats at the suspect, such as threatening to kill the suspect for simply not stopping. They are, however, shown to follow at least one realistic procedure: if their lights and sirens are on, and they approach an intersection, they will switch their siren to a «yelp» or «phaser» tone at the intersection. Once they pass the intersection, they will switch the sirens back to the usual «wail» tone.

Against NPCs

Officers can be encountered stopping NPC crimes by shooting NPCs who are resisting arrest or shooting vehicles they are pursuing, often killing the suspects. Unless it is a scripted random event, the player is not permitted to use force to attempt to assist in the capture of a pursued NPC suspect, as a wanted level will be attained and police attention will immediately switch to the player.

LSPD officers, as well as LSSD deputies and NOOSE operators, will fire on NPCs who harm them, including unarmed passing motorists who may accidentally hit officers with their vehicles.

Like the LCPD in GTA IV, the police can assist the player if they see NPCs attacking them or someone else, although unlike the LCPD, they will open fire on sight instead of arresting them.


Транспортные средства

В Grand Theft Auto IV сотрудники полицейского департамента обычно ездят и патрулируют на Police Patrol или Police Cruiser. Воздушное пространство патрулируют Police Maverick и он присоединяется к преследованию, если у игрока трёхзвёздочный уровень розыска. Annihilator будет помогать, если у игрока 5 или 6 звёзд розыска. На водном пространстве патрулируют Police Predator и будут преследовать, если у игрока трёхзвёздочный уровень розыска.

В Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, сотрудники полицейского департамента ездят только на Police Patrol. На водном пространстве патрулируют Coast Guard Launch и будут преследовать, если у игрока трёхзвёздочный уровень розыска.

The Ballad of Gay Tony включает в себя еще два транспортных средства полицейского департамента, Police Buffalo (названный «Police Cruiser» в игре) и Police Bike. Ни один из автомобилей не используется офицерами полицейского департамента, и они доступны только в мультиплеере. Третий полицейский автомобиль Police Stinger, на нём нет стандартной полицейской раскраски, но на нём присутствует логотип LCPD, и он также не используется в одиночной игре.

Следует отметить, что впервые в этой серии сотрудники полицейского департамента могут использовать гражданские транспортные средства, если рядом нету полицейских машин. При необходимости офицер будет использовать любой автомобиль независимо от его производительности или скорости. Это означает, что если игрок входит в охраняемые районы, такие как ВПП международного аэропорта Фрэнсис, они могут оказаться преследуемыми офицером на Ripley или Airtug, что выглядит слегка смешно.

Police Cruiser

Police Patrol

Police Buffalo (TBoGT)

Police Bike (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

Police Stinger (The Ballad of Gay Tony)

Police Predator

Police Stockade


Police Patrol (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars)

Coast Guard Launch (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars)

Полицейские машины и взрывающийся NOOSE Annihilator

Вертолёт в GTA: CW (вероятно, Maverick)


Виды униформы (офицеры с избыточным весом)

Види униформы (офицеры с обычным телосложением)

Женщины-полицейские (Кадр с первого трейлера)

Полицейские в GTA: CW



Police Cruiser (2nd generation Stanier).

Police Cruiser (Buffalo).

Police Cruiser (Interceptor).

Unmarked Cruiser

Police Transporter

Police Riot

Police Maverick (only in The Big Score Subtle Approach,The Paleto Score ,Chopper Tail, parked on top of some police stations and the patrol Police Mavericks around the city)

(parked on top of some )


Police Predator.

Sheriff SUV (only in The Fleeca Job)

Sheriff Cruiser (only in Paleto Score Setup)

Police Bike (only in mission Crooked Cop, Chopper Tail and in GTA Today)

FIB (Granger) (only in Chopper Tail and in Crime Scenester)

Buzzard (can be found on top of the Davis Sheriff’s/Police Station)


Body Armor (at wanted level 3 and higher)

Nightstick (only at specific locations such as LSIA)

Flashlight (only at night)


Pump Shotgun

Carbine Rifle (specific locations)

Advanced Rifle (only in The Big Score — Obvious Approach)

Micro SMG (only used while in the Police Predator and during The Bank Contract/Finale)

Assault Shotgun (at Bolingbroke Penitentiary)

SMG (only in Chopper Tail)

Sniper Rifle (only in Blitz Play)

Beta Content

Cut Officer Types

The following is based on Grand Theft Auto IV cut content and has not been verified by canon sources. Reader discretion is advised.Please do not add unverified or speculative content to this article unless confirmed by Rockstar Games or in-game data.

Female police officers

In GTA IV there were supposed to be female police officers. One can be spotted in the first GTA IV official trailer meaning they were cut late in development

Traffic Police Officers

In GTA IV there were supposed to be traffic police officers. One can be spotted in the second GTA IV official trailer meaning they were cut late in development. Strangely their model can still be found in the game as m_y_cop_traffic_01.wdd

LCPD traffic cop notice the LCPD bag

LCPD traffic cop notice the LCPD bag

LCPD traffic cop notice the LCPD bag

LCPD traffic cop seen in the second GTA IV trailer

Cut Equipment


In GTA IV the police officers were supposed to be armed with nightsticks as there are some quotes like You know where a nightstick goes?, I’m going to break this stick off in you!, Don’t make me use my nightstick on your head!, I got 15 inches for you to suck on.

Cut Beta Content — Nightstick (29:20 — 29:35)

End of information based on Grand Theft Auto IV cut content.

Police in Scripted Missions

Sometimes, police (during missions) just appear in a certain mission for another purpose rather than to attack the player, this happens through out the entire storyline of GTA IV to GTA Chinatown Wars. One of the reasons for this is to add an even more since of realism to the gameplay and also the theme of the story.

Police Scripted Missions in GTA IV

(This list starts with GTA IV and ends with The Ballad of Gay Tony).

  • Jamaican Heat — After you’ve killed all the gang members, two police officers will arrive and run onto the opposite side of the street you’re on.
  • Crime and Punishment — After the second half of the cutscene, if Niko Bellic runs up the street he will see a police cruiser stop in front of a house an run into the backyard.
  • Rigged to Blow — Once you blow up the garage, a police cruiser and a fire truck will surround the area.
  • Russian Revolution — When Dimitri Rascalov and Ray Bulgarin leave the building, officers will spawn outside, ready to attack Little Jacob and you.
  • Union Drive — While chasing the black-mailers, a police cruiser will attempt to chase the black-mailers, causing the cruiser to get flipped over in the process.
  • Buoys Ahoy — While chasing the hitmen, the police will attempt to interfere and accidentally blow themselves up in the process.

The Lost and Damned

  • It’s War — After killing the first gang, the police will show up to investigate the crime but will not harm the player.
  • Action/Reaction — Once the last cutscene is finished, Johnny leaves the area quickly, having that cops are going to show up and give him a wanted level if he attempted to stay.
  • This Shit’s Cursed — The Police Radio can be heard after shooting a triad or two off the top of the roof, causing then a cutscene to show Billy Grey being arrested (the last police radio also says that he is incarcerated).

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Boulevard Baby — Can appear when you leave the club, but leave quickly because if you don’t, you get a wanted level.
  • Clocking Off — The officers will appear when Luis Lopez, Armando Torres, and Henrique Bardas leaves the area with the drugs.
  • No. 3 — They appear through the second half of the mission but they never actually hurt the player while he has the three-star wanted level.


LSPD officers wear navy blue uniforms similar to that of their real life counterparts. They either wear short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts, with their badges being displayed on the left side. Chevrons are worn on the sleeves to identify the ranks of the officers. Around their waist is a duty belt, containing a dual-magazine pouch, a shoulder radio (real-life LAPD officers use handheld radios instead), handcuff pouches and a holster containing a Glock 38. Some officers wear duty hats and shades. Airport officers patrolling LSIA wear body armor with duty hats and shades. They do not wear duty belts. The badges of male officers are incorrectly all gray, while female officers correctly wear gray with gold inlays. The badges are in an oval shape, differing from the rounded teardrop shape of actual LAPD badges with two points framing the top of the badge. Further, it features a design of two officers in riot gear dragging a civilian instead of the city seal. The badges also lack numbers.

The detectives from the Unmarked Cruisers do not wear uniforms, and primarily wear tuxedos instead, with no visible identification of being LSPD units.

LSPD Command Pilots wear a pale green coverall with matching gloves and grey boots. Their coveralls have Police Command Pilot patches on both sleeves and an LSPD Wings patch on their right breast with a standard Police Officer badge on their left breast.

When chased at a three-star wanted level and above, the officers in cars wear bulletproof vests over their uniform, which can make them tougher to kill (unless killed by headshots). Female officers, however, do not use body armor.

There is an unused LSPD uniform for Michael which can be worn using trainers. At one point in Grand Theft Auto Online, an LSPD uniform could be worn by a GTA Online Protagonist after the Heists Update, but the outfit has since been blacklisted.

Появления в миссиях

Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Easy Fare
  • Jamaican Heat
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Rigged to Blow (GTA IV)
  • Russian Revolution
  • Street Sweeper
  • Blow Your Cover
  • The Snow Storm
  • Three Leaf Clover
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words
  • Final Interview (опционально)
  • Holland Nights
  • Portrait of a Killer
  • Late Checkout
  • Smackdown (GTA IV)
  • Tunnel of Death
  • A Revenger’s Tragedy
  • Out of Commission
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
  • Pursuit Farce
  • Tricks of the Triad
  • Natural Burn Killer
  • Flatliner
  • Raw Deal
  • The Tow Job
  • Trail Blazer
  • Copter Carnage
  • Dragon Haul Z
  • The Offshore Offload
  • One Shot, One Kill
  • Torpedo Run
  • Evidence Dash
  • Salt in the Wound

Types of Officers

There are two types of police officers that vary in their appearance and how they use the assigned equipment listed below:

  • Overweight officers are more passive in their roles and are more prominent in their patrol vehicles. When pursuing a suspect, they cannot run as fast as the average suspect and are seen wielding their pistols in two hands. They only rely on the basic equipment and their pistols (or sniper rifles), but they are still effective when the time comes to apprehend the suspect.
  • Fit officers are somewhat better trained and are more determinant of their actions. When pursuing a suspect, they are likely to catch them, and will sprint after the suspect if they also attempt to sprint. They can also use pump shotguns and carbine rifles, in addition to pistols and sniper rifles.