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Q: What are the skills in Life is Feudal: MMO?

A: There are total 55 different skills in our game, that are divided into three types:

  1. Crafting — allows the character to craft and construct items, objects, and buildings;
  2. Combat — allows the character to equip certain type of weapons and different types of armors as well as warhorses and use siege weaponry;
  3. Minor — allows the character to impose certain in-game actions like gestures or additional moves.

Note: Every branch of skills consists of 3 (combat) and 4 (crafting) tiers . Combat skills additionally include four independent skills. The next tier of each skill is unlocked upon reaching 30 skill points in the previous tier. Increasing next tier skill past 29.999 is possible upon reaching 60 skill points in previous tier. Minor skills are the only exception, as they consist only of independent skills.

1. Food and hunger

As you know, humans must eat and you are not an exception.

Hunger is the value representing how well fed your character is and it affects the speed of regeneration of major attributes. Hunger is depleted by Hard Stamina regeneration. If hunger reaches zero it will start to deplete your Soft Hitpoints resulting in hunger, fainting and death. First of all you must find food.

There are multiple ways to get food. The first one is simple foraging. Try using Nature’s Lore → Search for something edible on grassy terrain or in a forest.

You can try to locate mature apple trees to gather apples from, you may try to gather berries and mushrooms in forests, hunt prey for food, learn fishing or even start your own small farm. There are multiple ways of how to acquire food in a medieval world and these actions will allow you to stay alive.

There is another aspect of the food system that you should be aware of. Life is Feudal also features a Food Quality Multiplier. The greater the quality of a food you have eaten the higher that multiplier will be and it directly affects the speed of your skill progression! Fried Fish is a good source of nutrition, but a nicely cooked Fish Stew with onions and peas will boost your skill gains drastically! Being a good cook or having one nearby is a great advantage.


The goal was to design an open, virtual world, with its own set of rules and mechanics, giving players the opportunity to do whatever their imagination desires within it. Dig vast tunnels, shovel treacherous moats and raise hills that cast shadows over neighbouring towns. With some ingenuity and a little patience, be apart of the creation of immense landscapes and extensive cities, as the world develops before your eyes.

Not limited by width or height, you can create underground towns or sky-high castles. Erect a large pyramid, carve out an expansive maze, or even a humble home amongst the trees: the only limitation is your imagination! We wanted to hand over the creative reigns to the players as much as possible. Please watch our pre-alpha videos to get a look at these aspects of the game in more detail.

Perhaps you will be the one to build a great wall, or set the stones for an era-defining empire in our world!


A massively multiplayer online role-playing game means that you won’t be alone in your feudal sandbox; there will be many other players who want to work with you, or even work against you… and all the while shaping our medieval world!

With a statcap and skillcap concept (UO style), alignment and a rich crafting system, spiced with an innovative mobile minigames concept, players can truly immerse themselves in the RPG elements of Life is Feudal.

While your adventure may initially start solo, you may quickly meet up with others to form groups, then guilds, and finally: work your way up to establish medieval societies. Life is Feudal: MMO is a realistic social experience, where the best way to thrive in the world is to work together and build a fully functioning society, ensuring everyone has a place. From the cat-like hunters, efficient gatherers and farmers, to peace-keeping soldiers and civic leaders: there’s a place for everyone in Life is Feudal: MMO, and a world ready to be explored!

Уникальная боевая система

В игре довольно уникальная боевая система. Ее называют no-target системой. Она основана на физике, где направление атаки зависит от того, в какую сторону вы двигаете мышкой. Вы даже можете сделать комбо-удар, который будет сопровождаться специальными эффектами. Здесь присутствует система боевых формаций. Это новый способ позволяющий вам действовать координированно и контролировать ситуацию на поле боя. От того какая ситуация во время боя, командующий отрядом должен отдавать правильные команды для изменения формаций. Чем больше численность вашей формации, тем вы получаете больше бонусов и больше возможностей сокрушить врага.

Q: What types of weapons are presented in game?

A: Depending on your personal preferences, there are several types of weapons in the game:

  • Ranged — everything that can bring doom to your enemies from a distance. Includes: bows, crossbows, javelins, throwing knives, and even slings armed with stones;
  • One-handed sword —  a noble weaponry for a glorious battle. Includes: sword, falchion, sabre, scimitar;
  • One-handed axe — simple and effective way to send your foe to his Maker. Includes: battle axe, nordic axe, war axe;
  • One-handed mace — to crush your enemy without spoiling his armor. Includes: morning star, war pick, flanged mace, cudgel;
  • Hand-and-a-half sword — for a quick strike out of nowhere.  Includes: bastard sword, big falchion, estoc, Gross Messer;
  • Two-handed swords — for crushing your enemy with double impact force. Includes: claymore, flamberge, zweihander, longsword, practice weaponry;
  • Two-handed axes — double the hand, double the malice! Includes: war scythe, bardiche, broad axe, great axe for practicing;
  • Two-handed maces — to crush your enemy without spoiling his armor with a double power! Includes: Sledge hammer, maul, practice maul;
  • Spears — armor is too tough? Pierce is the answer! Includes: spear, boar spear, awl pike, bec de corbin;
  • Pikes —  That long pointy stick will stop any horse and will let its rider to fly forward due to inertia. Now, this weapon is your choice! Includes: short, long and medium pikes;
  • Lances — to take out another mounted knight. Includes: Jousting lance, lance, decorated jousting lance;
  • Polearms — slashing and piercing damage in one single weapon — a dream indeed! Includes: poleaxe, partisan, guisame.

When witnessing such a variety, it’s essential NOT to forget: every weapon has its own type of damage. Let’s take a quick look through them:

  • Slashing damage — most common type of damage that can be encountered in-game — slashing blow. Can be dealt by the most bladed weaponry as well as by aggressive wild animals. Effective against unarmored or slightly armored characters. Almost ineffective against heavily armored characters;
  • Blunt damage — a non-lethal type of damage which can, however, lead to serious injuries. Affects Soft HP instead of Hard HP. Can be dealt with hammers, mauls and some of the wild animals. Сan send a heavy armor character to a tough knockout, but will not be effective while fighting with a light armored character. Low amount of blunt damage is dealt if the opponent is hit with the grip of the weapon;
  • Piercing damage — can be dealt by spears, pikes and bodkin arrows. A good way to take heavy armored character down;
  • Chopping damage — 
  • Impact damage — 
  • Siege damage — to crush the walls. Could be dealt by sledge hammers, siege weaponry, siege torch, trebuchet and fire arrows. 

Choose the weapon according to your personal preferences and situation around you.

Item Quality[]

Quality Caps

There are three possible limiters to the quality of an item produced with the Forging skill: skill level, material used, and a non-linear recipe function, which the next section is dedicated to.

The first limiter is Skill. You can never craft a Forging item with a quality higher than your Forging Skill Level.

The second limiter is on the type of material used. Crafting an item out of Iron or Steel will produce an item with a quality lower than predicted by the recipe. Items made with Iron will be at 60% of the predicted quality and Steel at 80%. Consequently, this means that Iron and Steel has upper quality limits of 60 and 80 respectively. Items made from Copper and Vostaskus Steel don’t have a quality multiplier.

Non-linear Quality Function

Unlike most crafted items, the final quality for an item crafted with the Forging skill doesn’t necessarily result in the quality as predicted by the recipe. There is a noticeable exponential function or modifier to the quality of produced items.

The red line represents if the predicted quality by the item recipe. The blue line is what has been observed in game.

Items that have a predicted recipe quality between 5 and 64 turnout to have a lower quality and items with a predicted quality of 66 and higher turnout with a higher quality.

The estimated equation for determining the final quality is as follows.

nl_quality = 3 + ( predicted_recipe_quality ^ 1.35 ) / 4.5

Eg, an item predicted to have a quality of 40 from the recipe, would turnout to have a quality of 35.

Keep in mind, this is just an estimate equation derived from experimentation and not an equation found in the game files.

Complete Formula

Combining this with the Quality Caps mentioned above, the following, and more holistic, equation can be used to determine an item quality.

nl_quality = 3 + ( predicted_recipe_quality ^ 1.35 ) / 4.5

real_quality_result = floor( min( skill_level, ( min( nl_quality * shop_bonus, 100) * material_modifier )))

The «material_modifier» is 0.6 for Iron, 0.8 for Steel, and 1 for Copper and Vostaskus Steel.

The «shop_bonus» is the bonus to quality from using the Blacksmith’s shop; the «shop_bonus» is 1.2 when using a Blacksmith’s shop. If using a Forge and anvil, the «shop_bonus» is 1.

These observations also apply to crafting armor components in the Armorsmithing skill.

Как жили феодалы.

Феодалы проводили время в войнах, пирах и  забавах. Любимые развлечения феодалов — охота и турниры — были связаны с военным делом.

Турнир — это военное состязание рыцарей в силе и ловкости. На турниры собиралось много зрителей. Знатные феодалы заполняли трибуны, а простой народ теснился вокруг арены. Участники турнира, одетые в боевые доспехи, разъезжались в противоположные концы арены. По знаку судьи они на конях во весь опор мчались навстречу друг другу. Тупым турнирным копьём рыцарь старался выбить противника из седла. Нередко состязание кончалось тяжёлыми увечьями и даже гибелью некоторых участников. В награду победитель обычно получал коня и доспехи побеждённого противника.

Физическую силу феодалы ценили гораздо больше, чем ум и образование. Они были грубы и невежественны. Многие феодалы были совершенно неграмотны и вместо подписи ставили крест.

На пирах в рыцарских замках рекой лилось вино, столы ломились от звериных туш, зажаренных целиком. Обитателей замка и гостей веселили своими грубыми выходками шуты, которые непременно были в доме всякого знатного феодала.

Буйные, заносчивые феодалы считали себя людьми «благородными», то есть стоящими намного выше простого народа. Они кичились древностью своих родов и числом знаменитых предков,

С ненавистью и презрением относились феодалы к крестьянам. «Лучше всего, когда крестьянин плачет;  худо, когда он радуется»,- говорили они.

Даже в своих песнях рыцари выражали ненависть к людям, которые их кормили и одевали:

  • Любо видеть мне народ
  • Голодающим, раздетым,
  • Страждущим, не обогретым!..
  •  Чтоб крестьяне не жирели,
  • Чтоб лишения терпели,
  • — Надобно из года в год,
  • Век держать их в чёрном теле…

Хорошо вооружённые, укрытые мощными стенами замков, феодалы силой заставляли крестьян подчиняться своей власти и выполнять повинности.

  • < Жизнь и быт крепостных крестьян Европы
  • -> Феодальная раздробленность в Западной Европе >

9. Combat practice

Now, since you have learned a bit of combat theory, it is time for some practice. We are going to start fighting with… thin air!

Equip you primitive axe. Press R (default) to enter combat stance/mode. Draw your weapon using the draw ability on your hotbar.

Note: Many peaceful abilities are unavailable while you are in a combat stance/mode.

The direction of your mouse movement, while clicking the Left Mouse Button, will start an attack in that direction. Practice a few swings in all four directions (left to right, right to left, overhead and thrust attacks).

Note: You can invert the controls of your mouse movement and attack direction in the Controls menu.

Let’s track some animals for some live weapon practice of your combat skills. Target a cell and look for some small tracks. That should lead you to your first prey.

Remember to use the Flee ability if the fight is not going in your favor.

Good luck in your upcoming battle!

Note: Do not forget to Skin an animal that you kill.

Important notice! Do not attack other players, unless they attacked you first or your guilds are in an official state of war! Any criminal actions (trespassing, assault, knockdown of innocents and murder) will lower your alignment. Your amount of alignment affects your skill loss if you die. So the lower your alignment the harder skill loss hit will be. VERY evil characters (alignment −500 and less) can lose almost all of their skill points after death!


  • Если в инвентаре игрока нет алкоголя, система сообщит игроку, что есть недостающие материалы. Алкоголь не требуется смешивать, достаточно, чтоб он находился в инвентаре.
  • Созданные коктейли имеют больший эффект опьянения в отличии от порошков, но при равном качестве, эффект коктейлей длится дольше.
  • Если создать коктейль с негативными эффектами, вы получите яд. Качество яда определяет время действия его после нанесения на оружие. Если вы нанесёте яд на оружие и снимите его в инвентарь, яд автоматически снимется.
  • Антидоты не снимают эффект опьянения! Не пытайтесь снять опьянения антидотами, персонажу станет ещё хуже!
  • Как и в ремесле травничество, качество коктейлей определяют длительность положительных эффектов. Чтоб повысить качество выпускаемой продукции, одевайте на персонажа Одежду алхимика.

Q: How can I start my own farm?

A: You need to level up Household to Tier 2, so you could unlock the Farming skill.  Farming is used to produce crops for activities such as Cooking, Animal Lore, and sowing new crops. Here’s what you need to harvest your first crop:

  1. Check the map and make sure you are in the correct region for the crops you want to grow, as they cannot be grown outside the region where they can be gathered;
  2. Check the calendar and wait for the right seeding season for the crops you want to grow;
  3. Prepare a soil for a sow. Unplowed soil will not be able to bring any harvest. With a shovel equipped, you can right click on the ground and choose Farming/Plow to turn the selected soil to plow it. Alternatively, you can craft a Plough and use it to plow the soil faster. Rocky surfaces and some steep tiles cannot be plowed, so get rid of rocks and pavement before seeding anything;
  4. After all the preparations will be finished and the seeding season is finally there, sow your seeds;
  5. Wait until the gathering season of your crops and gather them before they decay;
  6. After you harvest your crops, the used soil will turn into regular soil and will decrease in quality. 


Note: Low quality fertile soil can be improved by fertilizing it. This ability will be unlocked once you achieve Level 90 Farming. Take Dung from your coops, barns, and stables, right click on the ground and choose Farming/Fertilize.

For more detailed description of farming processes, proceed .

Q: My skills are increasing very slowly. Is there any way to quicken this process?

A: Speed of the skill growth is governed solely by their current level and place in the skill branch and it cannot be increased by any means. Reaching lower milestones (0 — 30) may take from 30 to 150 minutes, depending on their tier, while the higher milestones and tiers may take days and even weeks. Highest ones (90 and 100) are the toughest and will take months to reach such mastery. Note: Growing skills is a passive activity, but it depends on the amount of Experience you’ve accumulated by performing various activities from Crafting and Combat skill group. You can boost the experience gain speed by increasing your food quality multiplier with a food of high complexity. As an alternative, or as an addition, you can also boost your experience gain multiplier with “Power Hour” premium feature, available in premium shop and for premium subscribers. Additionally, ith Premium Subscription, you can increase not one, but two skills at the same time.

Вооружение феодала.

Нелегко было безоружным крестьянам одолеть феодалов даже одного — конный воин — рыцарь — был вооружён тяжёлым прямым мячом и длинным копьём. Большим щитом он мог прикрыться с головы до ног. Тело рыцаря защищала рубашка, сплетённая из железных колец,- кольчуга. Позднее кольчугу сменил стальной панцирь. На голову рыцарь надевал шлем, в минуту опасности он опускал на лицо забрало — металлическую пластинку с узкими прорезями для глаз. Рыцари сражались на сильных, выносливых конях, которые также были защищены доспехами.

Вооружение рыцаря было очень тяжёлым, оно весило до 50 килограммов. Поэтому воин был неуклюж и неповоротлив. Если всадника сбивали с коня, он часто не мог подняться без посторонней помощи. Чтобы сражаться на коне в тяжёлых доспехах, нужна была долгая выучка; феодалы готовились к военной службе с детства.

Железное оружие стоило очень дорого, за боевого коня и полное вооружение всадника надо было отдать целое стадо — 45 коров! Это мог сделать лишь крупный землевладелец, на которого работали крепостные крестьяне. Поэтому военным делом долгое время занимались почти исключительно феодалы.


During a storm, lightning can hit the ground, which could spell disaster! If lightning strikes a building, a fire could begin to spread – make sure to keep this in mind when deciding on construction: avoid overly elevated areas that could put you at a higher risk.

Mining and the extraction of resources can also have dire consequences if not careful, a basic mine could lead to destructive earthquakes. Earthquakes don’t just cause damage to buildings, they can also cut through large areas of trees. Strengthening the walls may require a high amount of resources, but it greatly lowers the chance of an earthquake.

The spread of disease is also something to be wary of. Sickness can be caused and accelerated by different factors:

  • unvarying and monotonous food: Ensure your citizens are eating a vitamin-rich diet by covering all food groups and providing variety – meats, bread, berries and mushrooms – to keep them healthy and productive.
  • harsh cold weather: keep your people out of the cold with firewood and warm clothing.
  • contact with sick wild animals: you’ll need hunters to protect against the wild animals.

Hunters are also imperative for protecting your pastures from wolves, foxes and other beasts who will make a snack out of your livestock. You can also control the animal population by cutting down the surrounding forest where most animals prowl. Doing so, however, may end up in a lack of meat and hides, among other things. If the wild animals disappear completely, your residents will have no clothes on their back and no food in their bellies!

Ничто так не радует, как союзник

Наши задачи в самом начале игры находятся где-то далеко за гранью понятного. Однако ничего сверхъестественного нам и не стоит делать. Вся суть Life is Feudal: Your Own — выживать, развиваться и объединяться с себе подобными. Поначалу лучше не попадаться другим игрокам на сервере под руку, так как всегда найдутся те, кто захочет подпортить жизнь начинающего феодала. Хоть в игре и присутствует карма, портящаяся из-за нападения на других игроков, в особые дни все запреты сходят на нет. Вообще в одиночку играть в Life is Feudal: Your Own плохая затея, ведь человек — существо стадное, а поэтому найти свое стадо все же придется. В таком случае и игра становится интереснее и развитие персонажа легче.

Горы и леса — первое, что видишь вначалеГоры и леса — первое, что видишь вначале

На первых порах попотеть придется каждому. Создание предметов и вникание в игровую вселенную происходит спустя несколько часов геймплея. То мы будем разбираться с основами управления, то искать ресурсы, а то и вовсе бегать по лесу и наслаждаться красивыми пейзажами. Кстати, о пейзажах и визуальной составляющей. Графически Life is Feudal: Your Own выполнена неплохо. Те самые пейзажи иногда вызывают дикий восторг, особенно в самом начале игры. Но когда видишь анимацию все положительные впечатления о визуальной части продукта забываются.

Опасный типОпасный тип

Герой двигается, будто у него в штанах килограмм гов..а камней, а когда попытается кого-то ударить все это действие напоминает битву однорукого с одноногим. Так и хочется переключиться на режим от первого лица, лишь бы не видеть инвалидности движений персонажа. Да, кстати, в Life is Feudal: Your Own есть два режима — от первого лица и от третьего (прям как в Skyrim). Какой из них лучше сказать сложно, и в том, и в том есть свои недостатки и достоинства. Да черт с ней с этой анимацией, кому она нужна вообще, здесь это не главное. Все это можно сказать, если бы не одно «но». Это «но» заключается в плохой оптимизации, из-за которой наблюдать за припадочным поведением персонажа становится еще отвратительнее. Естественно, в патчах все поправят.


A massively multiplayer online role-playing game means that you won’t be alone in your feudal sandbox; there will be many other players who want to work with you, or even work against you… and all the while shaping our medieval world!

With a statcap and skillcap concept (UO style), alignment and a rich crafting system, spiced with an innovative mobile minigames concept, players can truly immerse themselves in the RPG elements of Life is Feudal.

While your adventure may initially start solo, you may quickly meet up with others to form groups, then guilds, and finally: work your way up to establish medieval societies. Life is Feudal: MMO is a realistic social experience, where the best way to thrive in the world is to work together and build a fully functioning society, ensuring everyone has a place. From the cat-like hunters, efficient gatherers and farmers, to peace-keeping soldiers and civic leaders: there’s a place for everyone in Life is Feudal: MMO, and a world ready to be explored!

LiF Your Own vs MMO

Life is Feudal: Your Own is an alternative to the new and revolutionary Life is Feudal Sandbox MMORPG. LiF:YO is a pocket world, which gives you complete freedom in creating your own server and your own rules. LiF:YO offers you essential tools to configure your server any way you like and to play with your friends. You are free to modify the game’s assets to create your own unique play-style — you are only limited by the size of the map and the maximum amount of players.
There are also features that you exclusively have access to in the Life is Feudal MMO official servers, such as guild systems and sieges! You can enjoy LiF:YO’s features and stick with your friends on your own private server or join in with other players around the world and experience what else LiF:YO has to offer!
Remember “Life is Feudal” and you can define how feudal it will be in Your Own world.

Q: What are the basic stats in Life is Feudal: MMO?

A: There are 5 main indicators — combinations of which will determine what kind of skills can be used by a single player:

  1. Strength (Str). Each point of strength determines effective equipment weight by 0.5 points. It does not increase attack damage, but allows you to effectively wield heavier weapons and armor;
  2. Agility (Agi). Each point of agility increases movement speed and accurracy of ranged weaponry;
  3. Constitution (Con). Each point of constitution grants +1 soft HP and +1 hard HP. Each point will increase the inventory capacity by 0.5 points;
  4. Willpower (Will). Each point of willpower grants player +1 soft Stamina, +1 hard Stamina, and increases the weight capacity by 2;
  5. Intellect (Int). Each point of intellect past 10 increases total skillcap by +2 points.

For more detailed information and list of corresponding skills proceed to: https://lifeisfeudal.gamepedia.com/Statistics

Realistic-fictional world

Life is Feudal is a mix of historical authenticity and unique additions, creating a truly distinctive experience for the player.

Ever inspired by the medieval ages (from the fall of Rome ‘til the rise of gunpowder in Europe), we really wanted to properly represent this time period with as much realism as possible in our approach to every aspect of our game building process. With this in mind, we wanted to also make sure Life is Feudal reflected our own creativity and have therefore injected the game with our own story, race archetypes, and some equipment and items.

Religion is more prevalent and holds more power in our world, allowing some localized wonders to appear and giving players the ability to recall back home and to protect their divine private property from vandals. Learn more about lore on our special section on the site.

Currently, the MMO is in Open Beta stage; we have a lot of different functionality done, but we still have a lot of work to do and are excited to work with you guys to make Life is Feudal even better.

Sign up for the Life is Feudal Beta today, visit play.lifeisfeudal.com. For more information, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow the game’s development on Twitter @LifeisFeudal for all the latest developer updates and news.

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[RU/EU] FARLAND PVP | Start 20.12.2020


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Far East PVP Server, NO Rules, GMT+10, wipe 01.08.2020



Das Burgenland Ritterspielgaming.de



TimeLine PVP/PVE x100



Ferelden [Heavy RP/PVE/PVP (NO KOS) Player made Quests]



{ RU_EU_PVP } Middle Ages {start 12/07}









[US/EU]OGG|Stefna Vinna|RP/PVP|StrKits|Evts|Econ|No Wipe|Nov 22



Misfortune isle PVP no rules karma bonus



RU/ Wild World PVP/ 18/04



Exodus to Felucca|PVE/RP/PVP|Active GMs/events/econ 3-18



Dorestad Islands|NEW 1/5/18|PvPvE/RP|Events|skills1.8K









WestGoth X10 RP/PVE/PVP Events/Tradeposts Start 15.02.20



Sleepless Midnights |PVP|PVE|RP|Livemap












The forgotten Islands RP PVE PVP https://discord.gg/DsHCb7t






NewLand x10






PVP/PVE Underworld



Частный монумент в Life is Feudal: MMO[]

Для создания частного монумента вам потребуется 1 Полено. Установить его можно в любой незанятой местности, для чего нажмите на подходящем блоке земли правой кнопкой мыши и в открывшемся окне выберите «заявить право собственности». При соблюдении всех требований на выбранной клетке появится частный монумент с начальной зоной в 9 клеток вокруг него (проверить можно клавишей F4).

Для расширения зоны монумента нужно нажать ПКМ на подходящем блоке земли за или на территории монумента, после чего выбрать «заявить право собственности/изменить размер», откроется меню строительства в котором при помощи ползунков X и Y можно выделить желаемую территорию под покровительство монумента, при этом блок на котором было вызвано меню строительства станет начальной точкой отсчета зоны. Также сам монумент должен находиться на территории этой зоны. После подтверждения изменений зона изменится на выбранную в течении игровых суток.

  • Монументу необходимо постоянно приносить пожертвования через меню «поклоняться монументу» при помощи монет. В противном случае территория монумента будет постепенно уменьшаться, а сам монумент пропадет вовсе.
  • На сервере Avalon «Частных монументов» построить невозможно