The Mavor is the only strategic artillery piece available in Vanilla Supreme Commander, as it is capable of firing at any ground target on the map due to its almost unlimited Range. This, of course, excludes any target within its large minimum range. On land maps sized 81 km, it can cover all land patches if built. The Mavor shells are very accurate and powerful, and also have a very large damage radius. Because of this, the Mavor can destroy any building in one to two shells. Any shields protecting the building will be quickly dealt with. Further, thanks to the large damage radius, the Mavor can efficiently break through any shield patch.

Because of the shell’s high air time, the Mavor is inefficient against mobile units. However, any non-experimental land unit hit by a Mavor shell will be immediately destroyed. Experimental units will receive massive damage, and the Mavor can sometimes also hit flying experimental units, with a little luck.

The only time the Mavor has a maximum range is on the massive 81×81 km maps, but this does not usually get in the way of anything.

The Mavor is quite fragile compared to other experimentals and artillery platforms so be sure to keep it well protected, preferably with multiple Heavy Shield Generators and several T3 SAM Turrets to watch for T3 Bombers.

Factional differences[]

The Cybran Gemini has missiles, as opposed to the plain direct fire weapon mounted on the other ASF’s. This results in less shots missed and leads to a higher Effective DPS. It also should be noted that when fighting above or around hills, the Gemini’s missiles are more likely to hit the terrain than the other fighters. This could negate the advantage or even work against the Gemini.

The Cybran and UEF ASFs have two 200 DPS weapons, while the Aeon Corona and Seraphim lazyne each have one 405 dps weapon.
The UEF ASF has the most health, Seraphim the second, Aeon third,and the Cybran ASF has the least health. The UEF ASF also has the highest initial shot damage of all the factions. This is balanced out by the slightly slower rate of fire. This is only significant when taking on slow or stationary targets, as this will occasionally allow one to take out the target in a single pass, when a fighter with lower initial shot damage would not have done so—making it open for return fire. This makes it good against gunships and higher tier units, but not as effective against massed lower tier units, which is why T2 fighter-bombers should still be around in numbers.

The biggest difference is that the Cybran Gemini is equipped with stealth. This means other fighters and SAM batteries cannot shoot at it when it is outside visual range, unless it is in range of an omni radar system. Also, it can sometimes fire two missile volleys in one run on a target, and it has been observed taking down other ASF’s with around 450 health remaining. It is to be noted that the Cybran Gemini is, in fact, able to take down Restorers cost-effectively assuming radar coverage for both sides but Omni for neither in the area, as a lone Restorer, worth 1200 mass, will take down one 400-mass Gemini and then be killed in a few shots by the second due to its Stealth advantage. Even without the advantage, one Gemini can reduce a Restorer to 1/2 Health before dying, a pointed contrast to other ASF’s. It also has tracking projectiles, making it more accurate. Overall, the best early ASF is the Gemini, but omni sensors render its stealth obsolete. It is good for defending bases out of enemy omni range, though.  The Gemini’s missiles almost never miss and have a huge damage per shot.

The Aeon Corona is able to dodge T1 AA and T2 flak very well, and the Seraphim lazyne has been known to dodge T1 AA and sometimes SAMS by the openings in its design. The Corona and lazyne are practically the same, but the lazyne has about 50 more health, making it a bit better for fighting T1 air. However, the Aeon can supplement the Corona with a few Restorer T3 Gunships. The lazyne is unique in that it doesn’t leave a trail when it moves, unlike its human counterparts. Thus, it can be a bit harder to locate it if you don’t have radar or line of sight on it. However, it is generally agreed that the Gemini is the stealthiest ASF.

The Corona can turn its turrets 35 degrees relative to its front, making it possibly the easiest to micro ASF and the most powerful.

UEF Experimentals[]

The UEF is known for its brutal prowess, and shows it frequently on the battlefield by using advanced ways of old-school war tactics.

Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle

The Fatboy II is a remake of the incredibly powerful original Fatboy from Supreme Commander 1. The design of the Fatboy has changed, now operating on 4 treads and losing its purpose as a mobile factory, and turning into a long-range offensive tank. The fatboy is primarily an assault unit. It has one of the longest ranges in the game, so put it behind your main force. Do note, it has more power and equal range to the UEF Poseidon Battleship, until the «Stacked Cannon» research upgrade for naval units.

AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane

This mighty gunship is inspired by the AC-130 Spectre used in modern warfare today. It slowly circles its enemies and possesses incredible fire-power, but has fairly low health and won’t survive long against formidable Anti-Air defenses.

C-230 Star King Extreme Experimental Air Transport

The Star King is the UEF main way of transporting its experimental units across the battlefield. This very large transport can also transport up to 75 other additional units, but can get easily harassed or even destroyed by a group of Anti-Air fighters, so it should be escorted when delivering experimentals.

Air Fortress Experimental Mobile Factory

The Air Fortress is a more cost-effective air factory in the late game, producing the same air units as an air factory, at a fraction of the cost and time. It is also a mobile factory, meaning you can launch a surprise air assault very close to your opponents base.

Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier

The Atlantis II has made its comeback into Supreme Commander 2, from its predecessor the original Atlantis. It has the same purpose and abilities through except this time Atlantis arms twin mid-range cannons and it has no air-defense but air production compensates this weakness, possessing the ability to submerge while it is amassing a large air force, and emerging to unleash that force onto an unprepared opponent.

Disruptor Station Experimental Quantum Distortion Artillery

The Disruptor is a very effective four-barrelled long-range artillery, possessing the ability to shock enemy targets upon impact of its ‘quantum distortion’ shells. Having four-barrels, it is a more cost-effective solution to sharp-shooting your opponent in comparison to an equal amount of Long-range Artilleries.

King Kriptor Experimental Assault Bot

The King Kriptor is the Universal Colossus inspired, UEF major experimental. It possesses much more fire-power than its inspiree, wielding multiple cannons and artillery to unleash havoc unto its opponents. It compensates for this by having significantly less health. It will lose in a fight against the Illuminate Colossus without use if its secondary, shorter range weapons. Its main cannons are best used against basic ground unit swarms because of their splash damage.

Noah Experimental Unit Cannon

The Noah is the most creative weapon in the UEF’s arsenal, possessing the same range as the Disruptor, it can launch small armies across the map without having to build any transports. It also serves as an advanced factory, making the same land units as a UEF land factory, in a fraction of the time and cost.


Phalanx Anti Missile

The Phalanx Anti Missile is the UEF’s main anti missile system. It is designed to shoot down missiles at a high rate. Its name is a reference to Phalanx CIWS.

The Phalanx Anti Missile is used by the Buzzkill, the Governor Class, the Neptune Class and the Summit Class.

As tactical missile defense weaponry, the Phalanx Anti Missile has a high rate of fire and DPS, making it quite effective against sustained enemy fire. It’s drawback though is that it takes some time before the Phalanx Anti Missile starts shooting, and the missile is actually destroyed. Because of this, the Phalanx Anti Missile will have a tough time protecting anything in its forward perimeter, or from behind a shield.

Factional differences[]

Factories of all 4 factions cost the same, build at the same speed and are overall equal. Their Hp does differ slightly.

The two only notable differences are the naval factory’s build layout: While all other faction’s naval factories build on the left, the Seraphim naval factory builds on the right. Also, when creating an engineer from an air factory, the factory is stalled while it lowers the unit to ground level.

As a synergy, note that Aeon are unique in that they can sacrifice old engineers to units or buildings, this is better than the alternative of self destructing and reclaiming them, as you get the resources and can put it to use immediately.

UEF T3 Land Factory

UEF T3 Air Factory

UEF T3 Naval Factory

Cybran T3 Land Factory

Cybran T3 Air Factory

Cybran T3 Naval Factory

Aeon T3 Land Factory

Aeon T3 Air Factory

Aeon T3 Naval Factory

Seraphim T3 Land Factory

Seraphim T3 Air Factory

Seraphim T3 Naval Factory


  • The Megalith’s main Proton Cannons are considered of class Direct Fire Naval, showing they were designed as anti naval weaponry.
  • The Megalith is the largest land based Experimental.
  • Dr. Brackman uses a modified Megalith armed with unique missile launcher designed to destroy QAI’s mainframe in the 5th Forged Alliance mission.
  • The Megalith can move in reverse without turning around. Give it a move order very close to its rear and it will move backwards while still firing.
  • Strangely, the cannons are considered Proton Cannons, even though they look nothing like other Proton Cannon rounds. A Proton Cannon projectile looks like a yellow shell enveloped in energy, but Megalith fire looks similar to Heavy Electron Bolters. This may be due to the fact that it is «Experimental» and thus mounts an experimental new model of Proton Cannon.
  • If timed properly, and if a mechanic is near at hand, a Megalith’s Crab Egg may be Ctrl-Ked right before releasing its cargo, letting you reclaim the wreckage while still getting a fully operational unit for 1/10th of the mass. However, if you are busy building an army of bricks, this may take a little too much micromanagement.
  • If you place a unit egg on a wreck, the Megalith will very quickly reclaim the wreck. This is an effective strategy for reclaiming wrecks of other experimentals before your enemies do.
  • The Megalith’s fan name is «crab».

Tech 1[]

Tech 1 is the basic starting level in a game of Supreme Commander. The ACU you start with is capable of building most tech 1 buildings, with a few exceptions. This includes all 3 factories, which produce tech 1 units. All 3 factories are capable of producing tech 1 engineers and a small selection of units.

Units common to tech 1 land factories are scouts, light assault bots, medium attack units (usually a tank although Cybrans get the Mantis bot instead), light artillery and light mobile AA units. The only exception is the Seraphim factory, which has scout and light assault bot combined in a single unit, the Selen.

Common to all 4 air factories are air scouts, interceptors, attack bombers and light transports; the Cybrans also get the Jester light gunship. Common to all naval factories are frigates and attack submarines. However, the aeon get a T1 attack boat to compensate for their frigate lacking AA. T1 structures are all virtually identical among the factions at this stage. T1 point defense is also basically the same, but the Aeon and Seraphim point defenses turn faster than the others, and so they are slightly more resistant to kiting than their UEF and Cybran counterparts.

To advance in Tech levels, you need to either upgrade your factory, (which will then produce Tech 2 units, notably the Tech 2 engineers) or your ACU, though this is not recommended due to the cost.

Sneaky strategy[]

Occasionally, if your opponent doesn’t scout, you can fool them into thinking that there is a walled point defense structure in a position that he hasn’t scouted yet but has radar coverage for. This is because any unidentified land structure appears the same to radar. The reason this can work is because the nine-block pattern of a walled point defense is easily recognizable, and therefore possible to fake for minimal protection. However, these fake point defenses will likely result in your opponent bringing artillery to bear on the position, so don’t expect it to hold for long. It is more of a deception and distraction tactic than anything.

Doing this multiple times on the same map might also lure your opponent units onto real point defenses, only to realize too late that this one was real.

Illuminate Experimentals[]

The Illuminate use the alien technology adopted from the Seraphim to great potential, flexing their great knowledge of quantum technology to great heights.

Urchinow Experimental Assault Block

The Urchinow may resemble a large sea shell, but is known to be a very powerful offensive unit. Possessing incredible fire-power in groups of three or more, Urchinows can be force to be reckoned with, having the capability of taking down an entire base on their own.

Wilfindja Experimental Sea Hunter

Lacking the use of a navy, the Illuminate make up for this loss with the use of the Wilfindja. This sea hunter attacks its enemies with a series of drones, to quickly defeat even a sumerged naval unit with the advantage of firing at all angles against the ship.

Airnomo Experimental Air Defense

The Airnomo utilizes quick flying projectiles to tear apart any incoming enemy air force. Though it does have Anti-Ground weapons, it moves quite slowly and these ‘arm cannons’ are highly in-effective, so it is recommended you don’t send it in alone.

Space Temple Experimental Teleporter

The Space Temple shows-off the Illuminates tenacity towards using teleporting technology. It can transport a massive land force across the map in no-time, but it’s a two-way teleporter, so your enemy can use it to send a force right back at you.

Pulinsmash Experimental Mobile Unit Magnet

The Pulinsmash uses tremendous experimental technology to great effectiveness, harnessing the ability to generate a magnetic field to suck in two enemy units and smash them together. It can suck in both ground units and air units, but it cannot suck in experimentals. Due to its situational usefulness, many people avoid building this unit altogether. However, many people fail to consider the fact that against non-experimental aircraft these units are the best anti-air in the game, with a much better range then the Airnomo and more firepower in the late game since it ignores shields and health completely, instantly destroying the unit. This makes it an amazing late game counter to things like gunship spam.

Universal Colossus Experimental Assault Bot

The Universal Colossus in the successor to the Galactic Colossus of the first Supreme Commander . The massive assault bot still uses its predecessor’s ability to suck in units with its ‘globular grippers’, but now has the ability to shoot the debris of units back at the opponent, and when combined with its central ‘eye’ beam, is a devastating force. The Colossus has one of the largest health reserves of any units or structures in the game, second only to the Cybran Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot, wielding a massive 67,500 health points!

Loyalty Gun Experimental Conversion Ray

The Loyalty Gun uses the very effective capturing ability built with an engineer and ACU to new heights. This stand-alone long-range conversion ray, can capture units and structures from great distances, and can even capture Experimental Land units. Other than conversion beam means defenseless so it must be escorted with any units or base defenses especially against air marshals.

Darkenoid Experimental Giant Saucer

The successor to the Czar, the Darkenoid is an enemy base’s greatest nightmare. When active, it fires both multiple light lasers, heavy bombs and the characteristic weapon of the Czar, the quantum beam. And when destroyed it still deals enormous damage. 1,000 tons of falling wreckage isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Sooprizer Experimental Gunship

This giant gunship is the illuminate version of the soul ripper. The sooprizer is a powerful gunship, and a major experimental of the illuminate. It has considerably less frepower than the soul ripper, but compensates by having many more HP. It will beat the soul ripper in a 1on1 fight though. 10 sooprizers (are overkill) will thrash ANY base they come up against ( with the exception of a hard AI base,) Plus when the sooprizers die, they do a lot of damage, so even if the attack fails, a large portion of the opponents base will die.


Armored Assault Bots are useful for escorting or defending against experimental units.

These units, while substantially more powerful than a standard unit, are also substantially more expensive. On the flip side, a handful of these units can hold their own against an experimental unit. It is not rare to see a Cybran Monkeylord destroyed by a group of Percivals. Percivals are particularly effective against Fatboys: armored enough to take the Fatboy’s massive damage output until they are inside the shield and can take one or two final shots. A group of twelve or more should take out a Fatboy. In fact, these units are the missing level between Tech 3 and Experimental. You should build them if your economy is strong enough, but can’t build any experimental units yet.

Armored Assault Bots are also perfect back up to your experimental units. They are the only units that can take the splash damage directed at the experimental units, and they are great at increasing the army’s damage output, and cleaning up around your experimental units.

The Brick is very capable of carrying out attacks with very little escort, but it is important to remember that Percivals only fire once every 4 seconds, so it can be killed by a surround of units, even tech 1 units. Escort for Percivals is absolutely necessary, therefore, unless you have enough Percivals to deal with a swarm of units. Titans are excellent escorts for Percivals, thanks to a much higher rate of fire, shielding, and the ability to chase down escaping units, including faster experimentals if need be.

An interesting thing about armored assault bots, and submersible land units in general is that they can fire while semi-submerged, as long as their firing point is out of the water (for Percivals, their shoulder-cannon, and for Bricks, a little red dot that kinda looks like an eye) they can target and destroy units on land, but those units cannot target the armored assault bot. This includes air units, excluding the Torpedo Bombers.

Princess Rhianne Burke[]

Rhianne Burke is the third Princess of the Aeon Illuminate and the current leader of the Aeon faction.

Records concerning Princess Rhianne Burke are highly classified. What is known is that she was born into a caste of seers and her lineage guaranteed that she would be a strong candidate to ascend the throne. When the previous Princess, Miranda Burke retired, Princess Rhianne assumed the throne with a great deal of fanfare.

Public records indicate that Princess Rhianne, a strong woman with an amazing amount of charisma, enjoys a great deal of support among the Aeon. However, intercepts of Aeon communication signals seem to indicate that Princess Rhianne is attempting to steer the Aeon in a new direction: the emphasis is on establishing a lasting peace as opposed to cleansing — as the Way shows it. Should the Aeon emerge victorious in the closing days of the Infinite War on Earth, Princess Burke means it as she used Black Sun to make her consciousness be one with the quantum rift and spread it to every human being throughout the galaxy, UEF, Aeon and Cybran, and to spread her message of peace, bringing the warring factions to their senses and freeing the future of war and conflict.

In the ending of Forged Alliance, the princess closes the quantum rift the Seraphim used to initially cross into our galaxy. It is still unknown if she survived, but General Hall says that «we’ll keep looking.» She is presumably still missing as of the events of Supreme Commander 2.

Naval forces[]

The Cybran navy isn’t the strongest navy in the game, but it is most definitely the best equipped. The Cybran Navy has a little bit of everything from all over the Cybran faction; stealth, amphibious units, nanodart AA, T2 air staging facilities… You get the point.

All of the Cybran’s T2 naval units empower Cybrans on the battlefield, and their T3 Strategic Missile Submarine, as well as the T3 sonar installation are interesting as well.

The Salem class is the cornerstone of the Cybran navy, and is a destructive unit no matter how it’s used. It’s weaponry isn’t particularly powerful, except it’s torpedoes, which are famous for their higher-than-average damage levels, nor does it have powerful AA or notable Torpedo Defenses. It’s strength lies in its ability to grow legs and clamber onto land, to continue the fight when other naval units would be left high-and-dry. It is noticeably slow on land, however, and does best on land when it has enough space to safely bombard the enemy base, but does not have to walk a far distance to do so.

The Barracuda is the Cybran’s submarine hunter. It is argueably superior to the other factions’ sub hunters due to its increased damage and stealth abilities.

The CI:18 Mermaid is usually the Cybran’s first and best naval stealth unit. It is somewhat easy to pick out in a direct confrontation, but is cheap, and a few of them will allow you to move massive naval-bombardment forces into position without your enemy ever knowing.

The Cybran Cruiser is noted for it’s multitude of uses on the Battlefield. It has a main cannon just as powerful as the Salem Class’, as well as air staging facilities, tactical missile defenses, and a powerful nanodart AA rack which can attack both air AND naval/land units. It is the most versatile of all the cruisers, and presents an opportunity which should not be passed up.

The two unique Cybran T3 units are the Plan B, and the Flood XR stand out from the rest, quite noticeably. The Plan B is not only capable of launching strategic and tactical missiles, just like the other subs, but also has unbelievably powerful torpedo tubes. It is capable of dealing with any task force coming it’s way, and with assistance can easily fend off small navies. While it doesn’t have stealth, this can easily be provided by a CI:18 Mermaid… or… a Flood XR. The Flood XR is a slightly less noticeable alternative to the Mermaid, it is tiny, no larger than the average T3 sonar installation. The reason it is a practical alternative is because of it’s stealth field, and the ability to move. It goes hand-in-hand with strategic missile submarines and experimentals allowing, them to be built, or build their payload in complete secrecy.

Novax Defense Satellite[]

The satellite itself stays at suborbital position after launching and can be moved around the battlefield. The satellite can move around quite quickly, and has a decent range of fire, making it near impossible to run away when under attack from a satellite. It can only attack ground targets with its Orbital Death Laser. The Orbital Death Laser does 3000 damage over 8 seconds and reloads every 15 seconds, giving it a very low DPS. This makes the Defense Satellite completely unreliable for taking out high value targets (i.e. experimentals, ACUs, Paragons).
The weapon is primarily suited for destroying unshielded targets like outlying Mass extractors and field armies, for harassing any unprotected unit, or for secondary base defense. It’s very difficult to break through any shielding with just one Novax. However, two or more Novax Defense Satellites are much more of a threat against bases and heavier shielding is required to stop them. While the satellite is indestructible, it is usually more of a hassle to your opponent than a serious threat.

Novax Satellite


Обезьяний лорд: Экспериментальный Паукообразный бот Ужасающий и культовый аппарат для Народа Кибранов, Обезьяний лорд является связующим звеном любой должным образом разработанной и оборудованной сухопутной армии симбионта. Стоимость его постройки невысока (второй по величине в Верховном главнокомандующем и Кованом союзе, побежденном только Атлантидой ОФЗ), и он выполняет любое количество ролей. Двойные тяжелые электронные болты позволяют ему бегать по мишеням издалека, но именно массивная микроволновая пушка бесконечно увеличивает разрушительные возможности этого боевого подразделения. С помощью этой пушки, вокруг которой построена остальная часть подразделения, опытный командир Сибран может победить полномощного Fatboy, и даже самый лакейский командир может направить Обезьяний Владыку на вырезание огромных полос разрушений через сооружения. В отличие от фазонного лазера, используемого монолитным Галактическим Колоссом, микроволновый лазер установлен на трехсот шестидесятиградусной, полностью вращающейся башне, что позволяет ему устранять ближерасположенные подразделения и тех, кто его фланкирует, без неуклюжего вращения всего шасси. Кроме этого основного оружия Обезьяний лорд имеет шесть зенитных ракетных капсул и равное количество торпедных трубок; это оружие слабее, чем его специализированные аналоги, встречающиеся на более распространенных единицах, и лучше всего используется в самообороне. В дополнение к этому пугающему дополнению к вооружению Обезьяний лорд также оснащен персональным радаром и сонаром, которые скрывают его от вражеского радара, даже находясь в пределах видимого диапазона. Кроме того, в случае поражения Обезьяний лорд, его смертельные муки и взрывы нанесут большой урон.

Потрошитель Душ: Экспериментальный огневой корабль, отбрасывающий тень на своих меньших коллег во всех отношениях, Потрошитель Душ является вершиной стремления Кибрана к превосходству огневых кораблей. Смешиваясь со стеллажами ракет и тяжелыми электронными болтами, Потрошитель Душ оправдывает свое имя мстительностью и может с легкостью прорвать себе дорогу даже через обшивку бронированного командного пункта. Его броня делает его еще лучше: Потрошитель Душ не только способен пережить устойчивый огонь из целых батарей стационарной ПВО Т3, но и возьмет с собой некоторые или все эти башни, а также множество других жертв, среди которых есть и другие. Благодаря своей разрушительной мощи и выносливости Потрошитель Душ является одной из лучших боевых единиц для снайперских наземных экспериментов и установок, а также ядерных шахт — действие, которое может полностью преобразовать исход раунда. Однако эта боевая единица не лишена недостатков: ее зенитные ракетные капсулы практически бесполезны в поздней игре, не имея возможности сражаться с истребителями воздушного превосходства и сильно превосходя их по зенитным вооружениям CZAR и Атлантиды.

Скатис: Экспериментальная передвижная быстроходная артиллерия Ветеран старой земной войны однажды описал выживание артиллерийского шквала как «бегущий сквозь дождь и не промокающий». Хотя его уже давно нет в живых, Сибранцы отнеслись к его словам с закрученными сердцами и создали Скатис — передвижной артиллерийский орудийный комплекс, способный совершенно безнаказанно разрушать землю и оборонительные линии. Несмотря на то, что для этого необходима сильная окружающая оборона (особенно в игре, где фигура сохраняет меньше здоровья, чем даже Парагон) и определенное количество микроменеджмента, Скатис с лихвой окупит себя в тот момент, когда его шесть протонных пушек начнут плевать своим грузом и вращаться по оси, которая является ядром этой страшной машины. Она имеет самую высокую скорость стрельбы из любой артиллерийской единицы в игре и (несмотря на неточность, возникающую из-за скорости вращения оси, что требует от пушек расплывчатых огневых решений) отнимает энергию со скоростью, которую многие командиры не в состоянии поддерживать (около тридцати пяти тысяч в игре, две тысячи в кованом альянсе). В расширении многие игроки игры рекомендуют считать Скатиса родоначальником игры и, возможно, даже заменой титанического Обезьяны.

Экспериментальные юниты[]

В оригинальной игре имеет огромнейшее количество брони (240.000 и 360.000 при получении максимального ветеранства) и смертельный лазер не встречающееся больше нигде в серии, который испепеляет за считанный секунды всё в радиусе действия включая экспериментальные единицы, а так же как и Киберпаук Кибран уничтожает мгновенно технику и здания лишь своим весом. После уничтожения наносит немалый урон при падении.

  • «Буря» — экспериментальный линкор-субмарина. Улучшенная пушка «Забвение» наносит около 10к (в будущем редактировании будет названа более точна цифра) урона в сочетании с 6-ю торпедными установками «Хроно», предназначенными для самообороны, а также возможностью создания Т1 и Т2 морских подразделений (в Forged Alliance так же может строить Т1-Т3 инженеров). Этот юнит способен уничтожать флот, когда всплывает на поверхность благодаря его способности погружаться под воду и быть более трудно обнаруженным. Этот юнит настоятельно рекомендуется командирами для миссий, требующих военно-морских подразделений, где он превосходен в обороне и строительстве.
  • «Царь» — летающая крепость. Установленный в центре квантовый генератор лучей доминирует в юните, но он так же оснащен Т2 зенитными установками и глубинными торпедами. Если вражеский командир сталкивается с одним из них, уничтожение указанного командира практически неизбежно, но отсутствие брони делает этот юнит очень хрупким. Он будет уничтожен, если подвергнется значительному зенитному обстрелу или обстрелу Т3 истребителей, поэтому многие командиры не рекомендуют отправлять его в одиночку для воздушных атак. Однако при правильных условиях это становится очень разрушительной машиной. Не может быть отремонтирован юнитами с инженерными комплектами из-за его неспособности приземлиться, но он восстанавливает броню, хотя и медленно. Кроме того, он обладает способностью как конструировать, содержать, так и выполнять техническое обслуживание воздушных судов, что позволяет ему функционировать в качестве летающего авианосца.

В оригинале её луч такой же смертельный как и луч Колосса. К тому же падение этой крепости наносит огромные повреждения, от которых никак не укрыться, из-за этого многие игроки строят её что бы уронить на базу противника. Так же в оригинале имела ограниченное количество топлива, которое нельзя было никак восстановить (хотя наврятли крепость доживёт до момента, когда топливо закончится, так как запас очень большой, либо её быстрее уничтожат)

«Идеал» — экспериментальный генератор ресурсов. Имеет возможность генерировать почти безграничное количество ресурсов, которые вырабатываются в зависимости от спроса. В спокойствии производит 20 материи и 1000 энергии, а так же держит этот уровень производства, когда требуются его ресурсы. Производит до 10.000 материи и 1.000.000 энергии. Однако это почти безграничное производство приводит к тому, что он является самой уязвимой постройкой, поскольку он взрывается с силой стратегического оружия после уничтожения. Имеет очень низкое количество брони, самое низкое из всех экспериментальных единиц. Время сборки чрезвычайно велико и требует огромного количества ресурсов, однако легко компенсирует простым завершением. Мудрые командиры часто надежно защищают его, обычно несколькими щитами и десятками точечных защит и зенитными оружиями, предназначенными исключительно для его защиты.

На практике строится лишь на больших картах, так как игроки просто не позволят начать строить, либо будут специально выматывать игрока его строительством, после чего его уничтожат. В случае, если игрок смог построить «Идеал», то верным решением будет постройка ещё таких же зданий, ведь проблем в ресурсах уже нет.


The Ythotha doesn’t have a single powerful weapon like the Galactic Colossus’ Phason Laser, of DPS 2500, however, all 3 of its main weapons combined, it easily out-damages the Galactic Colossus, with a combined DPS of 3610, and an impressive initial shot damage of 8000. Unfortunately, a large portion of its DPS comes from its Unstable Phason Beam Generator. The projectile is very slow often making it useless when engaging many smaller units, as the other faster weapons will destroy it long before the projectile reaches it’s target, it is best utilized against more powerful units, like Experimentals, giving the projectile time do its damage. In the role of countering other experimental units, the Ythotha excels. Overall, the Ythotha is much more prone to having wasted DPS than the Galactic Colossus (which uses a rapid-firing beam which can quickly and flexibly switch between targets, in comparison to the mix of weapons of the Ythotha) and thus is a poorer choice for quickly leveling a base or group of non-experimental units, unless you count its release of an Othuy upon it’s death, which can cause severe damage to non-experimental units and low-tier buildings.

The Ythotha is the first form of the Experimental Assault Bot. When it is destroyed, it unleashes an Othuy, a quantum energy being.

The Ythotha has a lot less health than the Colossus (only 67000) but makes up for it in weaponry. It has, aside from the main laser, a Gatling Plasma Cannon, a Heavy Sinn Unthe Cannon and 2 Olaris AA Artillery Cannons. Much like the Colossus it is amphibious and has no weaponry against subs. It has a sliver of anti-air weaponry, but it is barely as effective as the Ia-istle mobile gun and largely ineffectual against planes. Its AA is exceptionally weak due to the fact that it has a poor turret position and fires slow-moving shots which can be easily avoided by many aircraft, and so cannot be depended upon to shoot down a lowly Air scout, let alone any combat planes. If by chance its AA cannons do hit, they possess a slight area of effect. Even compared to regular mobile Seraphim «Flak» cannons, or even T1 AA, this AA is horrible and it might as well not exist – an escort of Iashavoh flak or ASFs on standby is much preferred. It is disabled while underwater.

It is worth noting that, like its Colossus cousin, it completely lacks any self-defensive ability when underwater, making it vulnerable to massed torpedo attacks. Its increased height and lower weaponry make it less viable on maps with low water, as it will only fire its eye, reducing affective dps severely and making it more prone to surface fire.