Gravitation suite/гравитационный нагрудник

Benefits chart[]

The following chart details the benefits bestowed by the Gravity Suit in each game:

Game Damage reduction Other benefits
Metroid: Zero Mission 50%* Allows free movement in liquids and provides protection from magma.
Metroid Prime 20% Allows free movement and full sight in liquids.
Metroid: Samus Returns 50% Allows free movement in liquids and provides protection from magma.
Super Metroid 75% Allows free movement in liquids and provides protection from magma.
Metroid: Other M 75% Allows free movement in liquids and negates high and low gravity effects.
Metroid Fusion Varies Allows free movement in liquids and provides protection from magma. Damage reduction varies per enemy.

*The Gravity Suit alone provides 30% damage reduction, while the Varia Suit provides a 20% increase. Despite this, Samus cannot use the Gravity Suit without the Varia Suit here under normal circumstances.


  • The Gravity Suit is replaced by the Hazard Shield in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is interesting to point out that there is actually no water in the game besides rain. A liquid substance called Fuel Gel appears, but the enhancements with the Hazard Shield are not nearly as much as the Gravity Suit.
  • Nightmare is fought twice in Other M, the second time Samus is equipped with the Gravity Feature. Due to Nightmare’s ability to refocus gravity, it is unknown why Samus did not activate the Gravity Feature during her first encounter with Nightmare or before their encounter in rooms where gravity was shifted.


Samus wearing the Gravity Suit in one of the endings of Metroid: Zero Mission.

The Gravity Suit in another ending picture from Metroid: Zero Mission

Artwork for Metroid: Zero Mission

Gravity Suit in item form, Metroid Prime.

Samus acquires the Suit in Gravity Chamber.

Samus in a Save Station wearing the Gravity Suit, in Prime.

Samus in the Gravity Suit after losing the Phazon Suit.

Samus wearing the Fusion Gravity Suit in Prime.

The Gravity Suit’s Spider Ball.

The Gravity Suit in Metroid Prime Trilogy

Possible early model of the Gravity Suit’s Morph Ball.

The Gravity Suit in the Metroid Prime comic

Metroid: Samus Returns item form.

The Gravity Suit seen in Metroid: Samus Returns.

The Gravity Suit and Queen Metroid in Fusion Mode

Metroid: Samus Returns Gallery

Metroid: Samus Returns Gallery

Official artwork of the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid.

Artwork of the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid

Item form, Super Metroid.

Samus runs towards the Screw Attack in her Gravity Suit, Super Metroid.

A drawing of Fusion’s Gravity Suit taken from the Fusion manual.

Rear view of the Gravity Fusion Suit in Metroid Prime.

The Core-X containing the Gravity Suit from Metroid Fusion.

Samus after recovering Gravity Suit functionality in Metroid Fusion.

Samus contemplates after escaping the Restricted Laboratory.

The Gravity Feature from Metroid: Other M. Note the purple glow and pink highlights on the chestplate.

Samus using the Gravity Feature to escape the vacuum of space in Metroid: Other M.

Samus uses her Gravity Feature in her second battle with the Nightmare.

An unused model from Other M, labeled «samus_gravity».

The sprite for the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid.

The sprite for the Gravity Suit in Metroid Fusion.

The Gravity Suit seen without the Fully-Powered Suit (via Item toggle).

The sprite for the Gravity Suit in Metroid: Zero Mission.

The Gravity Suit appears as a variant of the Varia Suit in Miitomo.

The Super Metroid Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros.

The Blue Team costume in Super Smash Bros., which more closely resembles the Gravity Suit.

The purple alternate costume in Super Smash Bros. Melee

The Gravity Suit’s Trophy in Brawl

The purple alternate costume in in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Nintendo Land

Super Metroid Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Metroid Prime Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The Super Metroid Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (second from left)

The Metroid Prime Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (far right)

Super Metroid Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Metroid Prime Gravity Suit costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Taunting with the Metroid Prime Gravity Suit in Ultimate

Jenni Källberg cosplay

Jakks Pacific figure (uses the Suit as it appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes/Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Гравитационный Нагрудник


  • В этом нагруднике можно летать с помощью гравитационной тяги. Двигатель активируется кнопкой “G” (по умолчанию). Взлет осуществляется двойным прыжком. Помните: если двигатель включен, энергия будет тратиться вне зависимости от того, летите вы или нет!
  • Включает в себя все преимущества Квантового Нагрудника.
  • Внутренне энергохранилище в 10.000.000 еЭ, заряжается и разряжается не более чем за 25 секунд.
  • Может служить для подзарядки МФЭ и ЭХО. Его можно использовать как портативное энергохранилище.
  • Подзаряжает Ваши инструменты.
  • Полного заряда хватает на 20 минут полета. Скорость полета можно резко увеличить, нажав клавишу Ускорения (по умолчанию “H”), при этом энергия будет потребляться в 3 раза быстрее.
  • Уровень заряда и статус режима полета отображается в углу экрана.


Для создания Гравитационного нагрудника требуются два основных компонента – Гравитационный Двигатель и Улучшенный Мульти-пак.

Начнем с создания Охлаждающего ядра:

Далее создаем Гравитационный Двигатель:

И наконец, Гравитационный Нагрудник:

What is Gravitation Suite Addon?

This addon for Industrial Craft 2, it’s story UFO on Roswell. The team developer addon  glad to present you the latest advanced scientific development

Sceenshots of visual indicator energy state:


UltimateLappack (based on our advanced development in the field of power and properties of iridium in combination to superconductors).

Tech specification:

  • Energy storage 10 000 000 eu and it’s can full charge and discharge about at 25 seconds !!! It’s fully charge MFE only for 2 seconds.
  • Can charge and discharge at MFE and MFSU. You can use it as portable storage.
  • Visual indication of activation mode and charge state ! (See screenshot at spoiler ! You can change visual indicator energy state placement in config file. Hud position is: 1 – topleft, 2 – topright, 3 – bottomleft, 4 – bottomright.)

GravitationChestPlate (Based on the latest gravitational engine and UltimateLappack).

Tech specification:

  • It’s allow fly ! . Default key for activate Gravitation engine is “F” (you can change it in options). Fly mode activate by double jump. Remember: if gravi engine is “ON”, you loose energy irrespective of you fly or not.
  • contains all spec of quantum body armor.
  • energy storage 10 000 000 eu and it’s can full charge and discharge about at 25 seconds.
  • can charge and discharge at MFE and MFSU. You can use it as portable storage.
  • supplies with energy your electrotool (as drill, saw, laser and etc..)
  • full charge will suffice for 20 minutes of flight. Can boost fly by press “Boost key” (сonsumption of energy increases in 3 times).
  • visual indication of activation mode and charge state ! (See screenshot at spoiler ! You can change visual indicator energy state placement in config file. Hud position is: 1 – topleft, 2 – topright, 3 – bottomleft, 4 – bottomright.)

Ultimate Solar Helmet (Based on “Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel”).

Tech specification:

  • This item available only with addon Advanced Solar Panels .
  • energy storage 1 000 000 eu and new technology with superconductors can full charge for few seconds !
  • armor strength equivalent of quantum helmet
  • no special abilities of quantum helmet (food and underwater supply, because advanced solar panel replace this modules)
  • can charge all electric items in Inventory (charging algorithm: first charge armor, second others items in inventory)
  • default generating value: day – 512 eu t, night – 64 eut (you can change this values in config file)

Advanced Lappack

Tech specification:

  • energy storage 1 000 000 eu.
  • can charge at MFE, MFSU
  • visual indication of charge state.

Advanced Diamond Drill

Tech specification:

  • 35% faster than diamond drill
  • energy consumption 100% more than diamond drill

Advanced Chainsaw

Tech specification:

  • 35% faster than chainsaw
  • energy consumption 100% more than chainsaw
  • can eff operate with (wool, melon, pumpkin, cactus)

Vajra (ultimate tool)

Tech specification:

  • Based the destruction of intermolecular bonds with the microwave magnetic field
  • Can break any block in game (exclude bedrock) with one hit (include in flight mode)
  • 30% better damage than nanosaber
  • energy consumption 3333 eu per hit (work time with vajra + Ultimate Lappack equivalent diamond drill + lappack).


The Gravity Suit as obtained in Metroid Prime

Usually obtained after the Varia Suit, the Gravity Suit enhancement changes the orange plates of Samus’ armour to purple, while the visor and lights are often turned blue. In Metroid Prime, the Gravity Suit also changed the lights in the Varia Suit’s pauldrons to solid bands. The version found in Metroid: Samus Returns also altered the structure of the suit, adding more lights to the shoulder and thigh armour, while the purple plating also extended to the back and sides of the torso.

When wearing the Gravity Suit, Samus is able to move unhindered in environments with abnormal gravity and negates the resistance that would normally be exerted on her in liquid environments. Depending on the version, the Gravity Suit may also impart some additional properties: The model found in Metroid Prime gave Samus a clearer view while underwater, whereas, in Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Metroid: Zero Mission, and Samus Returns the upgrade reduced the damage she took to a greater extent than the Varia alone and negated damage sustained from contacting magma. In Super Metroid, Metroid: Other M, Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid: Samus Returns, it was the final suit Samus acquired.

The Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread.

Other M’s Gravity Feature had the same gravity-negating property of the typical Gravity Suit, but did not change the appearance of the Power Suit itself: Instead, the suit only generated a pinkish aura when in use, in a manner similar to the Space Pirates’ Hazard Shield in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Only when its gravity-altering powers are in effect, the suit gains a purple aura and turns her visor, chest plate, shoulder plate, Arm Cannon’s green lining, and the hind knee joints lights pink. It negates the extreme gravity in certain areas of the Cryosphere near Sector Zero, and while it does not negate magma damage, it activates its defensive aura should Samus come into contact with magma. The Gravity Feature also protects Samus from air currents when an area of the ship is decompressing, seen in the Control Bridge when she fights Phantoon. It should be noted that the Gravity Feature’s damage reduction will always take place, even if the aura is not active.

While the Gravity Suit is not acquired in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Luminoth have an upgrade analogous to it in the form of the Gravity Boost accessory.

Space Pirates seem to have copied Gravity Suit technology, as scans in Metroid Prime claim that Aqua Pirates used Gravity Suit technology to survive underwater. In Super Metroid, the Pink Space Pirates in the underwater region of Maridia may also use this technology.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Samus (Gravity Suit) Trophy

A Power Suit that provides even more damage protection than the Varia Suit. This Gravity Suit also allows Samus to move without water resistance when underwater. In most games in the series, this suit also blocks lava damage and friction. In addition, it allows Samus to use item bonuses like the High Jump, Space Jump, and Speed Booster, even when underwater or in lava.
How to Obtain: Randomly Obtained

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Samus (Gravity Suit) Trophy

NTSC-U: Power Suits aren’t known for being good in water, so if you’re the aquatic type, what you need is a Gravity Suit. This stylish, glowing suit upgrade not only completely nullifies fluid resistance—making moving underwater a breeze—but also reduces damage and improves your underwater vision. What more could you ask for?PAL: Power Suits aren’t known for being good in water, so if you’re the aquatic type, what you need is a Gravity Suit. This stylish purple suit upgrade not only completely nullifies fluid resistance, making moving underwater a breeze, but also lets you see better underwater and even reduces damage. What more could you ask for?!
How to Obtain: Randomly Obtained


An early Metroid fanart contest in Nintendo Power featured Samus in purple armor.

  • Metroid‘s manual depicted an aura around the Varia Suit similar to the Gravity Feature, although it was colored yellow instead.
  • In Metroid Prime, the Gravity Suit was modeled and skinned by Gene Kohler.
  • In the final cutscene of Prime, the Gravity Suit is shown with the green accents of the Varia suit, rather than the blue accents used throughout the game. It also has the Varia Suit’s more pronounced pauldron indentations, and lacks the Gravity Suit’s usual bright purple reflections. This is likely because Samus’ helmetless model was based on the Varia Suit, and later retextured improperly in an attempt to make it match the Gravity Suit.
  • According to unused text in a beta build, the Gravity Suit in Prime was intended to protect against magma. It is unknown why this function was removed.
  • The PED Suit and Hazard Shield slowly begin to turn purple as they become further corrupted, resembling the Gravity Suit.
  • In Metroid: Zero Mission, it’s possible to see the Gravity Suit without the Fully Powered Suit by enabling the scrapped item toggling function via hacking.
  • The reason why the Gravity Suit coloration in Other M is different is because of Yoshio Sakamoto’s creative preferences. When he saw purple-colored Suit in serious-toned cutscenes, namely, Dr. Madeline Bergman’s explanation of the conspiracy, he found that the purple Suit’s presence in a serious scene was silly and asked for the change.
  • The SA-X may have possessed the Gravity Feature from Other M, but it does not have the pink accents present in the decompressing Docking Bays when it and Samus fight the Omega Metroid.
  • There is a machine at the bottom of Nightmare’s Room that resembles the Gravity Suit powerup from Super Metroid. This fact may refer to the Suit being the reward for defeating Nightmare in Fusion, or a cross-reference to the creature’s gravity-manipulating powers.
  • In Super Metroid

    Strangely, the Gravity Suit alone does not give Samus the Varia Suit’s dimensions in the status screen.

    , if one was to take off the Varia Suit and obtain the Gravity Suit, the Power Suit will actually have the Gravity Suit’s colors before switching to the proper sprites. This happens the same way when obtaining the Varia Suit (albeit orange instead of purple).

  • In Metroid Prime, several Sequence Breaks can be performed to skip the Gravity Suit. The Gravity Suit can also be gained before the Varia Suit by passing through the Twin Fires Tunnel without the Spider Ball. If the Gravity Suit is skipped and Samus kills the Omega Pirate, the Phazon Suit acquisition cutscene will depict Samus wearing the Gravity Suit when it should be the Phazon Suit. When the cutscene is over, the color scheme will revert to Phazon. The same applies to acquiring the Gravity Suit before the Varia Suit: Samus will appear to gain the Varia Suit, but it then reverts to the Gravity Suit.
    • Similarly, if the Gravity Suit is skipped in Super Metroid, she will still be wearing it in the ending.
    • If Samus has the Gravity Suit acquired before the Spider Ball, the Morph Ball still looks as though she wears the Varia Suit.
    • In Prime, If the Varia Suit is acquired after acquiring the Gravity Suit, Samus will appear to obtain the Phazon Suit in the cutscene, but once the cutscene is finished, it reverts back to the Gravity Suit.
  • Interestingly enough, Samus does not use the Gravity Suit to survive Bomad’s gravity bomb in Samus & Joey, instead using her Morph Ball.


Изображение Название Описание
Улучшенный алмазный бур На 35 % быстрее алмазного бура.

Потребление энергии на 100 % выше, чем у алмазного бура.
Внутренняя энергоёмкость 45 000 еЭ.
Может быть зачарован.
Имеет несколько режимов, в том числе может копать 3х3х1 (сразу 9 блоков).

Улучшенная электропила На 35 % быстрее электропилы.

Потребление энергии на 100 % больше, чем у электропилы.
Может эффективно разрезать: шерсть, арбузы, тыквы, кактусы.
Внутренняя энергоёмкость 45 000 еЭ.
Может быть зачарована.
Может стричь овец ПКМ, срезать листву и траву.

Грави-инструмент Хранит 300 000 еЭ.

Инструмент 4 в 1 (гаечный ключ, электрокраник, мотыга, отвёртка).
Гаечный ключ работает только в режиме «без потерь»!.
Гаечный ключ также совместим с гаечным ключом из BuildCraft, a отвёртка является отвёрткой из RedPower.
Переключение режимов осуществляется нажатием ПКМ с зажатой клавишей M (можно изменить в настройках).

Ваджра Разрушает любой блок в игре за 1 использование (кроме коренной породы и рамки портала Края).

Энергопотребление 3333 еЭ за 1 использование.
Внутренняя энергоёмкость 10 000 000 еЭ.
Можно использовать как оружие. На 30 % больше урона чем у наносабли.
Имеет режим «Шёлковое касание».
Переключение режимов осуществляется нажатием ПКМ с зажатой клавишей M (можно изменить в настройках).


Metroid: Zero Mission

The Gravity Suit reduces damage taken by only 50%, which alludes to the 50% damage reduction in Metroid upon acquiring the Varia Suit. Damage caused by any magma or lava are negated. It does not protect Samus from an unnamed liquid in Tourian, which appears upon returning. The Gravity Suit is obtained from a Chozo Statue located in Chozodia. It remains inactive until Samus overcomes the Ruins Test in Chozodia.

Metroid Prime

The Gravity Suit returns in Metroid Prime and is found in the Gravity Chamber in Phendrana Drifts. It retains the same function of moving through water unhindered, which is required to explore the crashed Frigate Orpheon to enter Phazon Mines. The Gravity Suit also increases the ability for underwater exploration by increasing Samus’s Visor’s ability to see further underwater. The suit reduces damage by a useful 20%. Samus is still vulnerable to magma, however.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

The Gravity Suit does not appear in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, but a similar upgrade that serves the same purpose called the Gravity Boost can be obtained in Torvus Bog. It does not add any defensive properties.

Super Metroid

The Gravity Suit is located just outside of the Wrecked Ship. It can be acquired after the power is returned to the ship by defeating Phantoon. It is required to explore Maridia and Ridley’s Hideout. The suit reduces 25% of damage taken by enemies, and 75% combined with the Varia Suit.

Metroid: Other M

The Gravity Feature in Other M

Referred to as the Gravity Feature, which produces a purple aura around Samus when in use. The function is similar to that of the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid, as it is very much the same upgrade, although it is unusual that Samus is affected by lava. Damage is reduced by 75%, and the effects of water and gravitational fields are negated. Samus first activates it when the module containing Sector Zero begins to detach from the Bottle Ship, exposing Samus and the Zebesians impeding her progress to the vacuum of space.

Metroid Fusion

The Gravity Suit remains the same in Metroid Fusion and is very useful in the magma-filled Sector 3 (PYR). Damage taken is reduced by 70%. It also allows Samus to use the Speed Booster and Space Jump underwater and in magma.

Обсуждение:Gravitation Suite

Используй сетку крафта, а не просто картинки. И вообще, мне кажется или этот мод слишком читерный? Hajikov 15:50, 19 марта 2013 (UTC)

Чем читерный?Обоснуй.—Vadimas56 11:47, 22 марта 2013 (UTC) Попробуй скрафти для начала =)— 15:52, 22 марта 2013 (UTC) Лично у меня всё из этого аддона есть,и нигде мне не кажется что он читерный,за такую то цену крафта.

Скрафтить не проблема. Меня смущает: Время полного заряда и разряда

25 секунд. Полностью разряжает МФЭ за

2 секунды. Заряжается и разряжается в МФЭ и ЭХО. Даже если учесть, что «Улучшенный мультиранец», хоть как-то еще подходит для зарядки в МФЭ и ЭХО, хотя я бы сделал, что только от ЭХО, то «Совершенный мультиранец» ну ни каким боком не должен иметь возможность заряжаться от МФЭ. Грави-инструмент (GraviTool) Крафт Используется как электроключ, электромотыга, соковыжималка. Ключ работает только в режиме ‘без потерь’. Режим меняется при нажатии ПКМ + М. Изменяется в настройках. Может хранить 100 000 еЭ. 3 в 1, да еще и демонтаж без потерь и существенных энергозатрат. А то, что «Ваджра» может по быстрому весь инвентарь обсидианом забить вас тоже не смущает? Да и крафт некоторых вещей я бы удорожил. Hajikov 12:36, 25 марта 2013 (UTC) А то, что в крафте важдры используется как раз 3 алмаза (Стекловолокно)+ гигантское количество иридия, вас не смущает? Тут усложнить можно разве что заменой алмазов на алмазные блоки, а иридия- на иридиевые. Но это уже черезчур.

Важдра снимает блоки в привате, гравитул в режиме ключа снимает пенобетон в привате. Откуда руки у разработчиков растут? 07:24, 3 декабря 2013 (UTC)

Мод разрабатывает один человек (ну и помогают ему еще)(это я к тому что «откуда у него руки растут»). Вы бы сказали на какой версии) Да и разработчик возможно о приватах не задумывался, хотя врядли. Кстати, разработчик — русский, так что можете написать об этой проблеме спокойно. —Xottab DUTY (обсуждение) 07:58, 3 декабря 2013 (UTC)

In other media[]

«What’s the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—»
Non-canon warningThis article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros.

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Samus’s standard outfit is the Varia Suit. She has an alternate costume that turns her suit pink with a blue visor, which is said by Masahiro Sakurai to be based upon the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid despite much more closely resembling the Varia Suit’s missile mode color palette in Metroid. Another purple-blue alternate color scheme much more closely resembles the Gravity Suit; this palette would later be officially identified as the Metroid Prime Gravity Suit despite previously appearing in Super Smash Bros. and Melee (both of which predate Prime).

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Gravity Suit appears as an unlockable Trophy, based on its model from Metroid Prime. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, it is replaced with an updated Trophy depicting the Gravity Feature from Other M.

In Brawl, the Gravity Suit also appears as a Sticker, using exclusive artwork from Zero Mission that has otherwise never been made public. It can only be equipped by Samus or Zero Suit Samus, and provides an Attack +11 boost to weapons.

In Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary, the Copied Power Suits encountered by Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu have a color scheme resembling the Gravity Suit.

Gravity Suit as a Support Spirit

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Gravity Suit (using its artwork from Metroid Prime) appears as a Support Spirit, which can be equipped alongside a Primary Spirit with an available support slot. The Gravity Suit’s class is Advanced. It provides the Lava-Floor Resist attribute, which reduces damage taken from lava floors.

The Gravity Suit Spirit can be found in World of Light, located in The Light Realm near Charlie’s cave facility. It may also appear on the Spirit Board. During Spirit Battles, the Gravity Suit is used by Samus in her Metroid Prime Gravity Suit costume. She is fought in the volcanic cavern of the Castle Siege stage, with Sector 1 as the background music. To simulate the canonical ability of the Gravity Suit, the player’s jump height is reduced by High Gravity while Samus’s movements are unaffected. Although Support Spirits usually do not have types, the Gravity Suit is classified as a Shield type during this battle, giving it advantage over Attack Spirits and disadvantage against Grab Spirits.

Nintendo Land

In Nintendo Land, while playing multiplayer in Metroid Blast, the fourth Samus Mii player wears a suit that is colored identically to the Gravity Suit. With the Samus costumes in Nintendo Land being modeled after her appearance in Metroid: Other M, this is the debut of the Other M-style purple Gravity Suit later seen in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


Ингредиенты Процесс Результат
Светопыль,Композит,Улучшение «Ускоритель»,Улучшенная электросхема,Улучшенный теплоотвод Ускоритель двигателя
Композит,Углепластик,Иридиевый композит Изоляция сверхпроводника
Золотой слиток,Стекловолокно,Изоляция сверхпроводника Сверхпроводник
Иридиевый композит,Охлаждающая капсула 60k,Улучшенный теплообменник,Теплоёмкая обшивка реактора Охлаждающий элемент
Катушка Теслы,Трансформатор ВН,Сверхпроводник,Охлаждающий элемент Гравитационный двигатель
Слиток очищенного железа,Медный слиток,Сверхпроводник Магнетрон
Иридиевый композит,Катушка Теслы,Трансформатор ВН,Сверхпроводник,Магнетрон Ядро Ваджры