Extra utilities 2 mod

About Extra Utilities 2 Mod

RWTema develops the Extra utility mod. This mod provides RF generators that consume different fuel types, including normal coal/charcoal, pink dye, food, and nether stars. It also comes with a peaceful mode that assists in crafting recipes for nether stars.

The mod also introduces you to exciting utilities such as compressing cobblestone, dirt, sand, and gravel. In particular, players can compress the Cobblestone 8 times, and the Octuple Compressed cobblestone is resistant to attacks of the Wither. Furthermore, you can compress Dirt four times while you can only do it twice with sand and gravel.

Playing with this mod, you are provided plenty of efficient methods to perform your tasks, such as low-lag alternatives to the Quarry and Pump. Also, a low-lag fast cobblestone generator alternative is also added, which appears in the form of a Transfer Node with an upgrade.

Players will also find a new dimension in this mod, which is the Deep Dark, designed for mining. It comes with vanilla ores that are spawning at 2x rates. Keep in mind that staying in the Deep Dark darkness will damage you.

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  • Achievements (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Alchemist
  • Analog Crafter
  • Angel Block (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Angel Ring (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Antenna


  • Bag Of Holding
  • Banner Motifs (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Bedrock Bricks
  • Bedrock Cobblestone
  • Bedrock Slabs
  • Biome Marker
  • Bladerang
  • Block of Demon Metal
  • Block of Enchanted Metal
  • Block of Evil Infused Iron
  • Blue Dye (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Blue Quartz
  • Boomereaperang
  • Border Stone (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Builders Wand
  • Burnerang


  • Chicken Wing Ring
  • Chunk Loading Ward
  • Climograph Base Unit
  • Compound Bow
  • Compressed Cobblestone (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Compressed Dirt (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Compressed Gravel (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Compressed Netherrack (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Contract (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Cooler (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Creative Chest
  • Creative Drum
  • Creative Energy Source
  • Creative Harvest
  • Creative Mill
  • Creative Spikes
  • Crossed Stone
  • Crusher (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Culinary Generator (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Cursed Earth (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Cursed Lasso


  • Dark Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Dark Ineffable Glass
  • Death Generator
  • Deep Dark
  • Deep Dark Portal
  • Dehostilifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Demon Ingot
  • Demonically Gargantuan Drum
  • Destruction Wand
  • Diagonal Wood
  • Diamond Sickle (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Diamond Spikes (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Dischantment Generator
  • Doom
  • Dragon Egg Mill
  • Drop of Evil


  • Enchanted Ingot
  • Enchanter (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Ender Generator (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Ender Lilly (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Ender Porcupine
  • Ender Shard (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Ethereal Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Evil Infused Iron Ingot
  • Explosive Generator
  • Extra Utilities 2
  • Extra Utilities 2 Manual
  • Eye of Redstone


  • Ferrous-Juniper
  • Filter Fluids
  • Fire Mill
  • Frosty Generator
  • Furnace (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Furnace Generator (Extra Utilities 2)


  • Glass Cutter (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Glowing Glass
  • Golden Lasso (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Golden Sickle (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Golden Spikes
  • Great Wall
  • Grid Power


  • Indexer (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Indexer Remote
  • Ineffable Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Iron Drum
  • Iron Sickle (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Iron Spikes (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Item Filter (Extra Utilities 2)


  • Machine Block (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Magic Absorbtion
  • Magic Infuser
  • Magical Apple
  • Magical Boomerang
  • Magical Planks
  • Magical Snow Globe
  • Magical Wood (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Magmatic Generator
  • Manual Mill
  • Mechanical Crafter
  • Mechanical Miner
  • Mechanical User
  • Mini Chest
  • Moon Stone


  • Pink Generator (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Player Chest
  • Polished Stone (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Potion Generator
  • Potion of Doom
  • Potion of Fizzy Lifting
  • Potion of Gravity
  • Potion of Greek Fire
  • Potion of Love
  • Potion of Purging
  • Potion of Relapse
  • Potion of Second Chance
  • Power Manager
  • Power Sharing Command


  • Rainbow Generator (bottom half)
  • Rainbow Generator (top half)
  • Rainbow Generator!
  • Rainbow Stone
  • Red Coal
  • Red Mechanic
  • Red Orchid
  • Redstone Clock (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Redstone Gear (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Redstone Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Redstone Lantern
  • Reinforced Large Drum
  • Resonating Redstone Crystal
  • Resonator (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Resturbed Mob Spawner
  • Retrieval Node (Fluids)
  • Retrieval Node (Items) (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Reverse Ethereal Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Ring of the Flying Squid


  • Sandy Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Scanner (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Screen (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Shady Merchant
  • Slightly-Larger Chest (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Slimey Generator
  • Solar Panel (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Sound Muffler (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Stable-‘Unstable Ingot’
  • Stable-‘Unstable Nugget’
  • Stick (Vanilla)
  • Stone Drum
  • Stone Sickle (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Stone Spikes
  • Stoneburnt
  • Sun Crystal
  • Survival Generator


  • Terraformer (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Thickened Glass (Bordered)
  • Thickened Glass (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Thickened Glass (Patterned)
  • Transfer Filter
  • Transfer Node (Energy) (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Transfer Node (Fluids)
  • Transfer Node (Items) (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Transfer Pipe (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Transfer Pipe Filter
  • Trash Can (Energy) (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Trash Can (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Trash Can (Fluid)
  • Trash Chest
  • Trowel (Extra Utilities 2)
  • Truchet

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  • Bedrockium Drum
  • Bedrockium Ingot
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Block of Bedrockium
  • Block Update Detector (Advanced)
  • Block Update Detector (Extra Utilities)
  • Border Stone
  • Border Stone (Alternate)
  • Breadth-First Search Upgrade
  • Builder’s Wand
  • Burnt Quartz


  • Carved ‘Eminence’ Stone
  • Carved Glass
  • Chandelier
  • Compressed Cobblestone (Extra Utilities)
  • Compressed Dirt (Extra Utilities)
  • Compressed Gravel (Extra Utilities)
  • Compressed Sand (Extra Utilities)
  • Conveyor Belt (Extra Utilities)
  • Crossover Pipe
  • Culinary Generator
  • Culinary Generator x64
  • Culinary Generator x8
  • Cursed Earth


  • Dark Ethereal Glass
  • Dark Glass
  • Deep Dark
  • Depth-First Search Upgrade
  • Destruction Pickaxe
  • Diamond Spike
  • Diamond-Etched Computational Matrix
  • Division Sigil
  • Double Compressed Cobblestone
  • Double Compressed Sand
  • Drum


  • Edged Glass
  • Edged Stone Bricks
  • Ender Collector
  • Ender Core
  • Ender Generator (Extra Utilities)
  • Ender Generator x64
  • Ender Generator x8
  • Ender Quarry
  • Ender Quarry Fortune I Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Fortune II Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Fortune III Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Pump Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Silk Touch Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Speed I Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Speed II Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry Speed III Upgrade
  • Ender Quarry World Hole Upgrade
  • Ender Receiver
  • Ender Transmitter
  • Ender-Flux
  • Ender-Flux Crystal
  • Ender-infused Obsidian
  • Ender-Lily Seeds
  • Ender-Marker
  • Ender-Thermic Pump
  • Energy Pipe (Extra Utilities)
  • Erosion Shovel
  • Ethereal Glass
  • Etheric Sword
  • Extra Utilities


  • Filing Cabinet
  • Filing Cabinet (Advanced)
  • Filter Pipe
  • Frosted Stone (Extra Utilities)
  • Furnace Generator
  • Furnace Generator x64
  • Furnace Generator x8


  • Glowstone Glass
  • Golden Bag of Holding
  • Golden Edged Glass
  • Golden Lasso
  • Golden Spike
  • Gravel Bricks
  • Gravel Road
  • Green Screen


  • Paint Brush (Extra Utilities)
  • Peaceful Table
  • Pink Generator
  • Portable Scanner (Extra Utilities)
  • Portal to The Deep Dark
  • Portal to The Last Millenium
  • Potions Generator
  • Potions Generator x64
  • Potions Generator x8
  • Precision Shears
  • Pseudo Round Robin Upgrade
  • Pure Love


  • QED
  • Quadruple Compressed Cobblestone
  • Quadruple Compressed Sand
  • Quintuple Compressed Cobblestone
  • Quintuple Compressed Sand


  • Sandy Glass
  • Semi-stable Nugget
  • Septuple Compressed Cobblestone
  • Septuple Compressed Sand
  • Sextuple Compressed Cobblestone
  • Sextuple Compressed Sand
  • Solar Generator (Extra Utilities)
  • Solar Generator x64
  • Solar Generator x8
  • Sonar Goggles
  • Sorting Pipe
  • Soul Fragment (Extra Utilities)
  • Sound Muffler
  • Speed Upgrade (Extra Utilities)
  • Square Glass
  • Stack Upgrade (Extra Utilities)
  • Super Builder’s Wand
  • Survivalist Generator
  • Survivalist Generator x8
  • Swirling Glass


  • The Last Millenium
  • Thickened Glass
  • TNT Generator
  • Trading Post
  • Transfer Node (Energy)
  • Transfer Node (Hyper Energy)
  • Transfer Node (Items)
  • Transfer Node (Liquids)
  • Transfer Pipe
  • Trash Can (Energy)
  • Trash Can (Extra Utilities)
  • Trash Can (Fluids)
  • Triple Compressed Cobblestone
  • Triple Compressed Sand


  • Watering Can (Broken)
  • Watering Can (Extra Utilities)
  • Watering Can (Reinforced)
  • Wooden Spike (Extra Utilities)
  • World Interaction Upgrade


Generators produce Grid Power through a number of methods unique to that type of generator. They contribute directly to the player’s pool of Grid Power without any wires or connectors, so a generating block can be placed anywhere that is suitable. However, due to the nature of Grid Power, players will want to keep chunks with generators loaded. Chunkloading of generators is absolutely essential for devices which are carried by the player, such as the Angel Ring.

Starting Options

A player must build one or more of these generators first in order to power a Resonator, which allows the player to produce items that are required to craft the other generators.

The Manual Mill generates 15 GP. It is operated by right-clicking the mill. Turning or walking away from the Manual Mill will stop power generation.

Shaped Crafting

The Solar Panel generates up to 1 GP during daylight hours, requires line of sight to the sky and is affected by rain.

Shaped Crafting

The Manual Mill is recommended over the Solar Panel as it consistently generates more than the 8GP required to run a Resonator. It need only be run for a few minutes to cook enough Stoneburnt to make a few Water Mills or Lava Mills.

Second Tier

Lunar Panels are the night time counterpart to the Solar Panel and generate up to 1 GP during the night time. The Lunar Panel requires Lunar Reactive Dust which is created from Lapis Lazuli in the Resonator. Like the Solar Panel, the Lunar Panel is affected by rain.

Shaped Crafting

Lava Mills generate 2 GP from an adjacent block of Lava. The Lava Mill only benefits from one adjacent Lava block. Placing Lava against other faces will not increase the output.

Shaped Crafting

Wind Mills generate approximately 1-2 GP from the wind. This value fluctuates constantly and receives a boost from rain and storms. Testing suggests that placement at higher altitudes increases the Wind Mill’s output.

Shaped Crafting

Fire Mills generate a steady 4 GP from being placed over Fire. A burning piece of Netherrack is ideal for this.

Shaped Crafting

Third Tier

Water Mills generate up to 4GP per side that has flowing Water, allowing each block to produce up to 16 GP when water is flowing against all sides. Crafting requires Stoneburnt, which is created in the Resonator.

Shaped Crafting

By placing Water source blocks in the spots indicated by sand, multiple Water Mills can be arranged to work at maximum output in a small amount of space. The illustrated pattern can be tessellated to minimize the space required while still providing maximum output. Note that more than four Water Mills in this configuration will begin to cause efficiency loss; see section above.

Features of Extra Utilities 2 Mod:

As mentioned earlier, this mod provides new and exciting items for Minecraft. For example, the Golden Bag of Holding is a portable inventory that has a double-chest size. The Golden Lasso helps you relocate conveniently by capturing passive mobs. The Paint Brush can be used to paint Bricks and Oak Wood Planks. Players can do ancient rituals with Division Sigil. Also, Unstable Ingot is really dangerous. You will have to take risks if you use it.

Use the new items and blocks to enhance the gaming experience

In addition, the Etheric Sword helps you bypass all armor. And you can eliminate sand and gravel with an Erosion Shovel. The Healing Axe allows you to regenerate hunger and brings zombie villagers back.
There are also plenty of awesome blocks in this Extra Utilities 2 mod.

In particular, you can place the Angel Block as a floating block in the air. And if you don’t want light in any area, use the Blackout Curtains. Besides, you can hang Chandelier from the ceiling to prevent mob spawns in the area. There are Colored Bricks that are basically bricks painted in different colors. Similar to that, Wood Planks are also covered with color dye. As you already know, Compressed Cobblestone is used as huge storage. Meanwhile, you can use the Conveyor Belt to move items and mobs efficiently.


GP generators add to the player’s pool of power. Some GP consumers use a fixed amount of GP (e.g., the Ring of the Flying Squid). In other consumers such as the Resonator, consumption varies. GP consumption is summed and if consumption is greater than production, everything stops. For example, consider a player that has ten Lava Mills that generate a total of 20 GP. The Resonator draws a variable amount of GP, up to 8 GP. If the player crafts a Ring of the Flying Squid (16 GP), their total power requirement would be 16 + 8 = 24 GP. If the Resonator is not being used, the Ring of the Flying Squid works normally. However, crafting some Stoneburnt draws up to 8 GP. As soon as the Resonator tries to draw more than 4 GP, the Resonator and the Ring of the Flying Squid will cease to work. Extra Utilities machines which do not directly use GP (such as RF generators) will cease to function if more GP is consumed than produced.



  •  Golden Bag of Holding: A double-chest size worth of portable inventory.
  •  Golden Lasso: Captures passive mobs for convenient relocation.
  •  Paint Brush: Used to paint Colored Bricks and Colored Oak Wood Planks.
  •  Division Sigil: Used to do ancient rituals.
  •  Unstable Ingot: A dangerous item use at own risk.
  •  Etheric Sword: Bypasses all armor.
  •  Destruction Pickaxe: 5× faster than a Diamond Pickaxe destroying stone (no drop). Ineffective on other blocks.
  •  Erosion Shovel: Eliminates sand and gravel that is above the block being dug. Does not drop resources.
  •  Healing Axe: Regenerates hunger, but gives health to hit target. Turns zombie villagers back into villagers.
  •  Reversing Hoe: Reverses the stages of wheat. Turns dirt into grass, and cobblestone into stone.
  •  Builder’s Wand: Faster way to build structures.
  •  Sonar Goggles: Outline all ores within 5m.
  •  Watering Can: Early-game alternative to Bone Meal. Infinite use directly on crops.
  •  Reinforced Watering Can: Late-game alternative to Bone Meal. Infinite use directly on crops, but comes at a heavy price.


  •  Angel Block: a floating block that can be placed mid-air.
  •  Blackout Curtains: keeps the light out of certain areas.
  •  Block Update Detector: checks for block updates adjacent to it.
  •  Chandelier: a light source that can hang from the ceiling. Prevents mob spawns within the area of effect.
  •  Colored Bricks: bricks painted with one of 16 colour dye.
  •  Wood Planks: Wood Planks painted with one of 16 colour dye.
  •  Compressed Cobblestone: for convenient storage.
  •  Conveyor Belt: a way to move items and mobs.
  •  Cursed Earth: mobs will spawn at a much faster rate on this block.
  •  Ender-Thermic Pump: an efficient Lava pump.
  •  Ender Quarry: an efficient resource mining machine.
  •  Ethereal Glass: Players can walk through, mobs cannot.
  •  Filter Pipe: filters the items that go through.
  • Generators: produce Redstone Flux from various materials, and keep their charge when removed.
    •  Culinary Generator: consumes food as fuel, with high filling food providing more power and high saturation food lasting longer.
    •  Ender Generator (Extra Utilities): consumes Ender Pearls as fuel.
    •  Furnace Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel.
    •  Heated Redstone Generator: consumes both Redstone and Lava.
    •  High-temperature Furnace Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel, increasing its energy output over time as it heats up.
    •  Lava Generator: consumes Lava as fuel.
    •  Nether Star Generator: quickly consumes Nether Stars to produce a huge amount of energy. Damages nearby entities.
    •  Pink Generator: consumes pink coloured items as fuel.
    •  Potions Generator: consumes potions, with more complicated potions producing more energy.
    •  Solar Generator: produces energy when exposed to sunlight, charges in daytime, generates at night time (default).
    •  Survivalist Generator: consumes standard furnace fuel. Cheap and efficient, but produces energy very slowly.
    •  TNT Generator: consumes Gunpowder or TNT as fuel. Damages nearby entities.
  •  Lapis Caelestis: expensive block with only one color texture and no borders.
  •  Magnum Torch: disables mob spawning within a large area of effect.
  •  Peaceful Table: for peaceful mode Players to obtain mob drops.
  •  Rain Muffler: silences rain drop sound effects within the area of effect.
  •  Redstone Clock: generates a Redstone pulse.
  •  Sound Muffler: dampens sounds within a small area of effect.
  •  Sorting Pipe: inserts items into an adjacent inventory if it is empty or the same type present.
  •  Spikes: giant pointy spikes that deal damage.
  •  Trading Post: displays the trading GUI of any Villagers nearby.
  •  Transfer Node: transfer items, liquids, or energy.
  •  Trash Can: deletes items inserted.
  •  Filing Cabinet: stores 270 items with the same item ID.
  •  Filing Cabinet (Advanced): stores 540 items that do not stack but have the same item ID.

MC 1.5.2

Version 0.2.4g

  • Ender-Thermic Pump will now replace any non-source lava blocks with stone, although you will only get lava from proper source blocks.
  • Fixed empty Item Filters in Filter Pipes crashing the game

Version 0.2.4f

  • Fixed crash when placing items into chests with solid blocks above them
  • Removed some debug text that was spamming console

Version 0.2.4b

  • Fixed Filter Pipes not correctly prioritizing directions that match the item being transferred
  • Tweaked code for Golden Bags of Holding to help prevent infinite loops

Version 0.2.4a

Added new config option to allow Ender-Thermic Pumps to work in all dimensions

Fixed server-side bug related to magnum torches

Version 0.2.4

  • Added Ender-Thermic Pump
  • Added Redstone Clock
  • Added Magnum Torch
  • Added Filter Pipe
  • Fixed transfer nodes losing their internal inventory on restart.
  • Fixed Unstable Ingots being valid crafting ingredients without a count-down timer being triggered.
  • Fixed bug with Rune of Thanatos from Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Added «Does not stack» warning to Unstable Ingots.
  • Chandeliers now prevent mob-spawns in a 16 block radius.
  • Watering Cans can now be used to put out fires, and if used on yourself it has a chance of «emptying». In addition using it on lava will cause lava to flow much faster.
  • Division Sigils can now spawn in temples

Version 0.2.3a

  • Node Upgrades now work linearly, not exponentially
  • Fixed Dupe Bug
  • Fixed custom recipes not working correctly with certain items

Version 0.2.3

  • Added Transfer Node (Liquids)
  • Added Transfer Node (Energy)
  • Added Speed Upgrade
  • Added Golden Bag of Holding
  • Added Ethereal Glass
  • Tweaks to Transfer node code — now unable to transfer through unloaded chunks.
  • Transfer Pipes can now be altered with Buildcraft compatible wrenches
  • Fixed numerous minor bugs

Version 0.2.2a

  • Fixed Fatal Rain Muffler bug
  • Spikes and Conveyors are «harder» blocks.
  • Slightly altered collision boundaries on Spikes so items shouldn’t get stuck on sides.
  • Changed text on Division Sigil to be slightly clearer

Version 0.2.2

  • Added Spikes (Wooden Spike, Iron Spike, Golden Spike, Diamond Spike)
  • Added Watering Can
  • Added Sonar Goggles
  • Changed rendering on Unstable ingots and tools
  • Fixed Peaceful Tables/Cursed Earth not spawning non-vanilla mobs

Version 0.2.1

Added Rain Muffler

  • Fixed Transfer nodes not being loadable from the correct side.
  • Conveyor Belt now a full block.
  • Etheric Sword damage depends more on targets armor.
  • Transfer Node extraction rate doubled (still slightly slower than a vanilla hopper)
  • Switched to Real-time Obfuscation.


If too many of one particular type of GP generator is used, those generators become less efficient. Efficiency is 100% until the total GP produced by that type of generator exceeds a specific limit, upon which efficiency drops; there is usually more than one threshold, and the efficiency will continue to drop in steps as further thresholds are exceeded. To see these thresholds, which differ by generator type, hover over a GP generating block in an inventory and check the tooltip. Efficiency ultimately puts a limit on the amount of GP one particular type of generator can efficiently produce, forcing a player to build a number of different types of generators if they want large amounts of GP.

Earlier versions of Extra Utilities 2 do not have the efficiency mechanic.