Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

As with all Bestiary knowledge it will probably be necessary to witness or perform specific actions multiple times for the Pawn to learn. Prolonging the fight may be necessary.

  • Witness the single light wave attack
  • Witness the «Blast of Light» attack — may be triggered by getting knocked down by it
  • Perfect block the area of effect attack (may not be needed)
  • Pawn grapples the Seneschal for the Arisen to kill it
  • Arisen grapples the Seneschal for the Pawn to kill it

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 3 to 5 Seneschals with their own Arisen.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn Chatter

«I feel a tremendous power!»
«Working together, we can deal the final blow!»
«While he prepares his massive attack, we must act to stop him!»
«Our attacks do nothing!? If we could hold him still…»
«‘Tis our final battle. We stand together!»
«Hold it, I’ll end this!»


A few new creature elimination quests appear offering substantial gold rewards — these include:

  • Eradication
  • Fears of a Pawn
  • Suppression — Although they have the same name as regular Suppression quests, these offer much higher gold rewards (750,000G for example).

A number of escort quests cannot be done until New Game Plus due to the persons involved not being met until after the quest would normally dissapear on a notice board. Inorder to obtain these quests increase affinity to a high level in the previous game so that it carries over. Notable persons with such quests include Edmun Dragonsbane and most of the other retinue found within the Duke’s Demesne.


  • The Wight’s voice in-game is treated as a Sound Effect.
  • When casting Unholy Anodyne, the Wight speaks a phrase in an unknown language.
  • The Wight in the Chamber of Anxiety speaks in English and an unknown language when casting spells and also has the most health of any Wight in game with 3 full bars of health and slightly higher defenses, albeit it is still weaker than a standard Lich.
  • Wights will often laugh if the Arisen or his/her Pawns are hit by its attacks, most commonly if hit by Levin.
  • During the Main quest Deny Salvation, the Arisen will see two Salvation magick users being turned into Wights, which gives an insight of what is required to become one. They are stabbed with a mysterious dagger and dragged to an eldritch abyss-like vortex from which they then emerge as Wights.
  • Wights sometimes state that they are in pain and wish to be destroyed by adventurers, which is ironic as they cast deadly magicks against the party.
  • Summoned creatures may sometimes try to attack their master. Additionally the minions summoned by the Barta Crags Wight may be affected by the Maelstrom it casts.



Fighter vs 4 Ogres. No damage.

Solo Fighter with Ascalon sword vs 4 Ogres near the Abbey at night. While attacking from the rear is safer, attacking the head inflicts more damage. Without a shield, Hindsight Strike is used to evade and counter the Ogre’s attacks.

  • Can be Cursed. Also vulnerable to Lowered Strength.
  • Immune to Blindness and Petrification.
  • Ice attacks can occasionally freeze a part of their body.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor and Poisoning.
  • Vulnerable to Sleep.
  • The head is its weak spot and takes extra damage.
    • Specifically hitting «between the eyes», and from the front gives double damage, compare to head strikes off to the sides
    • The Ogre can take a defensive posture blocking attacks to its head — staggering or stunning the Ogre may break this defense.
  • A temporarily recumbent Ogre, such as after its ‘drop kick’ is vulnerable and takes extra damage.
  • Attacks on a sleeping or eating Ogre will cause extra damage.
  • Unlike a Cyclops, it is difficult to stun an Ogre with Lightning. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to stun an enraged Ogre, and they are also less prone to staggering when enraged.
  • After successfully avoiding a charge attack and grabbing the Ogre before it regains its balance will result in the Ogre being downed.
  • Perfect Blocking an Ogre’s dropkick will knock it down. Failed perfect blocks (due to lack of shield stability) will not have the same effect.
  • Fighters can use the Shield Storm skill to reliably break an Ogre’s guard and cause it to reel potentially setting the Ogre up to be downed, this also works on Elder Ogres. Warrior’s Pommel Bash and Strider’s Mighty Bend will break the Ogre’s guard in the same way.

Solo Mystic Knight slays 2 Ogres with a Perfect Block. No damage.
A Mystic Knight demonstrating a fast kill technique, using the Blessed Ripote/Great Cannon combo.

Two Ogres slain near The Abbey in the Wilted Forest.
A Strider demonstrating climbing technique. Attack an Ogre’s head in order to slay them quickly.


  • Fighters: Caution — Ogres can grab characters even in the middle of executing Dragon’s Maw or Hindsight Strike, when the Arisen usually expects to be briefly invincible.
  • If climbing the monster and it reaches up to grab, Instant Reset and jumping can be used as an emergency dismount to avoid being grabbed and eaten.
  • Should a party member be grabbed, staggering attacks to the brute’s arms are most effective at making it let go.
  • When climbed on

    Take advantage of this predictable behavior to bait the Ogre into jumping onto its back, as they take more damage when they are on the ground.

    from behind, an Ogre will counter by jumping up and landing on its back.

  • Fighting two or more Ogres at once can be surprisingly beneficial to the Arisen, as the Ogres will occasionally hit each other, inflicting substantial damage. Their drop kick in particular can really do some damage to fellow Ogres.
  • When enraged, the Ogre will flush red and charge at the Arisen. This can be used to the Arisen’s advantage if there are sheer cliffs or water nearby, as the Ogre can be lured over the edge for an easy kill (this will usually relinquish any reward drops). Be careful not to get dragged along with it over the edge.

Arisen may want to kill smaller enemies in the area first before attacking the Ogre.


An eating Ogre will not notice the Arisen

Ogres will grab and attempt to eat the Arisen and allies. When males are grabbed the Ogre will reject the prey with disgust after a few bites, usually leaving it staggered.

Additionally, Ogres will eat dead foes. Even if they have already spotted the Arisen and become aggressive, they may stop to eat dead in their path and forget about battle. Leaving a corpse in the ogre’s path and hiding will usually distract them even if they have already seen the party, but provided they have not become fully aggressive. Even when in obvious view an Ogre will continue eating. Attacking, approaching its personal space, or stealing their meal causes them to become aggressive once more.

Pawns usually spoil all attempts to pacify Ogres with bait by attacking.



 Immune to Blindness.

Sopor vs Elder Ogre

A Mystic Knight demonstrating Sopor effectiveness. Elder Ogres are easily slain while asleep. Using a Rusted Staff can double debilitate them with Torpor and Sleep.

  • Strong against Fire and Holy enchanted weapons and spells.
  • Weak against Lightning and Dark enchanted weapons and spells.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor, Poison, Tarred, and Lowered Strength such as inflicted by the Dragon’s Roost shield.
  • Can be put to Sleep..
  • The head is a weak point and should be targeted by climbing, ranged attacks and/or spells.
  • Equipping items and augments such as Barbed Nails or Emphasis will increase the chances of knockdown.
  • Elder Ogres possess a high tolerance for physical damage, so make sure the party has enchanted weapons or enchantment spells.


  • If climbing the monster and it reaches up to grab the Arisen, Instant Reset can be used as an emergency dismount to avoid being grabbed and eaten.
  • Inflicting it with Torpor reduces the creatures potential, more so when it chooses to rampage.
  • Elder Ogres can squeeze through doorways (sometimes straight through solid walls) that are 1/3 of their size, even in areas the Arisen may think are safe and out of the monster’s reach.
  • The Elder Ogre may snatch up a party member and run off to attempt to eat them, like the normal Ogre, but if it bites into a female pawn or Arisen it will stagger and fall down, clutching its throat as if poisoned. This allows the party to inflict more damage while it is staggered, though the bite can slightly heal the Elder Ogre.
  • As Elder Ogres prefer to attack males, a male Arisen can lure the Elder Ogre away from spellcasters or even off ledges, such as the bridge in the Fortress of Remembrance.

Class specific

  • Assassin’s : Masterful Kill can intimidate an Elder Ogre into hiding behind their guard, doing nothing. By simply standing still and repeatedly engaging Masterful Kill, the Arisen can grant abundant spellcasting time to pawns.
  • Magick Archers : Ricochet Hunter is very effective, as it plays to both the enclosed spaces usually found in Bitterblack Isle, as well as the Ogre’s elemental weakness, and has the additional advantage of eventually stunning the creature, making it more vulnerable. Great Sacrifice might also be considered..
  • Mystic Knights : Ruinous Sigil imbued with lightning can knock down or stun Elder Ogres -further a lightning sigil planted by the Ogre’s head when they’ve fallen down does massive damage.
  • Sorcerers : A wide variety of spells area effective including High Necromancy, High Fulmination, and High Maelstrom.

Fighters and Warriors : Attack !!

3 Elder Ogres 3 Eliminators slain with only Rusted Daggers E, Arisen undamaged
An Assassin demonstrating Masterful Kill effectiveness.

Magick Archer vs Elder Ogre (using Ricochet Hunter)
Slowing down an Elder Ogre with Torpor makes it a more stationary target to absorb ricochets from Ricochet Hunter.

Perfect Block vs 3 Elder Ogres, 3 Eliminators, 3 Sirens (K)
11 Perfect Blocks. 3 from Elder Ogres and 8 from Eliminators. AllL Elder Ogre attacks can be Perfect Blocked except for their deceptive grab attack, which can be easily confused for an arm swing. Here, the Arisen makes use of Abyssal Anguish, Flame Riposte, and Full Moon Slash to overwhelm the enemy.

Elder Ogre slain with Rusted Staff F, party undamaged, Hard mode
A Sorcerer demonstrating Torpor effectiveness. Debilitate an Elder Ogre with Torpor and they are much easier to deal with. Use Lassitude or a multi-strike skill like Miasma or Tenfold Flurry with a Rarified Rusted Weapon (with the Morbidity augment) to increase the chances of debilitation.


Stat Growths are influenced by Vocation.

Upon leveling up, each of the six primary stats (Health, Stamina, Strength, Magick, Defense, and Magick Defense) will increase in an amount determined by current Vocation. Stat increases vary for each vocation in a way that mostly benefits their respective Vocation’s play style and continued use.

The highest stat growth is to level 100, with a slight change in the partitioning of growth at level 10; from level 101 to 200 growth is much reduced to around one third of that per level previously.

Starting Stats

At the beginning of the game, in the quest Newly Arisen a choice of one of three Basic Vocations (Fighter, Mage, or Strider) is given.

The initial health, attack powers, defense, and magicks are slightly different depending on the choice.

Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense
Fighter 450 80 80 60 60
Strider 430 70 70 70 70
Mage 410 60 60 80 80

Starting Stamina is independent of vocation but increases by a small amount by each increase in Character Weight class.

Weight Weight class Initial Stamina
Under 50 SS 500
50 — 69 S 520
70 — 89 M 540
90 — 109 L 560
Over 109 LL 580


Some people seek to maximise specific aspects of the development of their characters — usually this involves leveling as specific vocations to obtain the greatest possible attack stats, health, or occasionally stamina, often at a cost of defense. (aka Min-Maxing)

There is no absolute need to min-max: a fully leveled character of any development, equipped with good weapons and tactics, can defeat even the strongest foes with relative ease, even when adventuring alone.

For melee vocations the offensive magick stat has little or no effect on weapon damage even when using enchanted weapons, so for a pure melee build, any points in magick can be considered wasted.  Leveling while avoiding placing points in this stat can be worthwhile. Similarly, for magick vocations, the strength stat may have no useful effect on spell damage; for example, for Mystic Knight’s Great Cannon spell, only weapon strength (and not core Strength) matters, although both core and weapon magick contribute to the power of this spell. Only the hybrid vocations Magick Archer and Mystic Knight make use of both offensive Magick and Strength stats.

  • Levels 10-100
    • Most vocations distribute 11 stat points between the four offense and defense stats. The exceptions are Sorcerer and Magick Archer.
    • Generally total Health and Stamina growth is 50 in total, give or take a few points. However Mage only gains a total of 31 points, but does not gain stats elsewhere; objectively this vocation is inferior when maximising stat development from lvl.10-100.
    • Sorcerer gains 13 points per level, mostly in magick, at a cost of lower health and stamina growth.
    • Magick Archer gains only 41 points split between health and stamina, but distributes 12 points between the four attack and defense stats; however, its offensive growth is poor, and is not usually a preferred choice for min-maxing.
  • Levels 100-200
  • For Rangers (only) maxing Stamina has the side effect of increasing potential damage from Great Gamble.
  • The maximum number of stat points spread across Defense, Magick Defense, Magick, and Strength is 1958 — such a build results in a combined total of Health and Stamina of 6118.

Specific builds

Common min-maxed build include:

  • 10-200 as Sorcerer, for maximum spell power (Magick), also very useful for an end game Magick Archer.
  • 10-200 as Assassin (Arisen), or Warrior (Pawn), for a character with maximum physical Strength.
  • 10-200 as Ranger for maximum Stamina, and near maximum physical strength.
  • 1-100 as Fighter gives maximum physical Defense
  • There are many routes to balanced builds, but Strider, and Mystic Knight have balanced growth throughout all levels.  Strider favors stamina, whereas Mystic Knight favors health.

New Content and changes

  • A changelog was published by Capcom in April 2013.
  • A massive new underground realm to explore featuring over 30 terrifying new enemies

    A new final boss has been added to the expansion.


  • More skills/equipment/augments:
    • 58 new level 3 skills: each character class receives a new tier of skills, giving players new devastating abilities and skills to master.
    • Over 100 pieces of new equipment.
    • All new high level weapons and armor sets for players venturing into the depths of Bitterblack Isle.
    • 14 new character/pawn augments.
    • New equipment enhancement system (Rarifying).
    • Additional ring slot
  • Purification of cursed items resulting in new items and equipment. 

Combat and skill changes

  • Certain skills and augments, mostly used in Assassin class ‘power’ builds have been nerfed — these include Invisibility, Bloodlust, Autonomy, the Fighter augment Exhilaration and the Mage augment Equanimity. Additionally, the total increase in strength and/or magick from augments was limited to 80% (i.e. 1.8 times) via the imposition of a smart cap.
  • The upgraded stats of 68 weapon were tweaked up or down for balance, and the base stats of undergraded Magick Bows improved.
  • The effects of the bow Bezel Crown have been reduced.
  • The power of Dragon Weapons has been improved.
  • High level Magick Archer stat growth altered.

Travel Improvements

  • Ferrystones are much cheaper. Fournival sells them for 1,000 G each (3 max per day), while The Black Cat in Gran Soren sells them for 2,000 G each (no limit).
  • Four additional Portcrystals to be collected from quest locations.
  • A new Portcrystal ring outside Cassardis.

Other changes

  • Option to select Japanese voice overs (console versions only).
  • Various menu improvements, including faster navigation speed, access to the equipment menu from more submenus.
  • Can gift and offer items not currently held in inventory, but owned in storage.
  • Full rotation and partial zoom of screenshots.

See also Bugs (Dark Arisen)


  • Drakes can be killed outright by a Maker’s Finger, but if hit by the secondary tendrils it will loose all its health, but the Arisen will need to strike the final blow.
  • The Drake is lesser kin of The Dragon, one of three sub-species — it’s the Fire-based counterpart to the ice Wyrm and the thunder Wyvern

    The Drake is the «land based» dragon, more likely to stay on the ground as opposed to take to the air; the Wyrm is a ground-based spell caster; and the Wyvern is the flyer.


  • Having all three dragon tears in your inventory guarantees the Drake will drop a Wakestone (Post-Game Everfall only), and improves the chances of receiving the above drops.
  • The Drake at the Conqueror’s Sanctuary (Post-Game

    The Drake’s Tear item drop is significantly more for the Conqueror’s Sanctuary Drake.(verify)

    ) takes considerably longer to respawn, over twenty days (3 weeks+); other Drakes in Gransys tpyically re-appear after 1 week.

  • (In Dark Arisen) saving shortly before (or exiting and saving during) a Dragon battle may increase its chances of flying off before the battle is complete.
  • If a Pawn is possessed, unequipping all the Pawn’s weapons will render them harmless.

Exploits exist for farming drops from destroyed horns and wings — leaving far enough and returning, saving and loading, or setting up a Portcrystal and teleporting to it, with the dragon undefeated, will reset both the dragons’ health and bodyparts (which will regrow).

Игровой процесс

Во-вторых, геймплей. В начале игры, геймер как и в любой другой RPG с мультиплеером, создает своего персонажа: выбирает внешность, класс, и начальные показатели. По сути, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, это лишь дополнение, поэтому своего персонажа из оригинальной Dragon`s Dogma можно перенести в продолжение. Боевая механика не изменяется «ни на йоту», и игровой процесс покажется геймерам таким же трудным, как и в Dark Souls 2. Каждое столкновение с оппонентом потребует от вас смекалки, определённой тактики, что никто в игре не подскажет. Помимо основных заданий в игрушке есть и дополнительные квесты, что является отличным «заработком» опыта и денег. Стоит подчеркнуть, что дополнение привносит и новых оппонентов, среди которых есть и Смерть! Поэтому, если вам пришлась по душе оригинальная игра, тогда не упускайте шанс Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, скачать через торрент, что можно за несколько минут с нашего ресурса.

Особенности Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

  • Визуализация. Разработчики не сильно изменили параметры графики. Множество незначительных изменений, которые вкупе улучшают анимацию, спецэффекты, качество освещения и текстур. Но, проблема с «западающей» камерой все еще остается нерешенной. Глобальное изменение, которое появляется в аддоне: новый остров и несколько новых монстров, среди которых есть место и для Смерти!
  • Игровой процесс. Основы геймплея подобны action-RPG, где вам нужно блуждать по игровому миру, выполнять сюжетны и побочные квесты, собирать лут, опыт и золото. Вначале игры можно создать своего персонажа, если вы не играли раньше в Dragon`s Dogma. Но, лучше всего подгрузить своего «юнита», так как попасть на новую локацию можно лишь с 50-того уровня (можно и раньше, но вам не хватит характеристик, чтобы сразиться с противниками).
  • «Пешки». Игроку на помощь могут прийти второстепенные персонажи, так называемые «пешки». Они находятся по управлением AI- игры, но несмотря на это, умеют действовать в бою самостоятельно, прикрывая, подлечивая игрового персонажа. Кстати, в специальных местах можно «арендовать» пешек других игроков, которые могут прокачивать свои умения, и со временем «стать людьми»!
  • Разветвленная система прокачки. В игрушке много веток развития, и вообще, большую часть игрового времени вы будете проводить в интерактивном меню, настраивая умения своего персонажа, выбирая оружие, пешек, и прочий инвентарь под каждую из битв. Кстати, о битвах. Тут они по сложности похожи на Dark Souls.

На этой странице по кнопке ниже вы можете скачать Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen через торрент бесплатно.


  • «How fares the Arisening business?»
  • «I’ve no patience for pomp. I’m a man of substance, you see.»
  • «I’ve a policy of speaking only with folks possessed of their own will. Individuals, like.»
  • «We’ve our own ways of testing the strength of a fellow’s will here, if you’ve the stomach for it.»
  • «There’s naught can prove a man’s will but his actions.»
  • «The band of thieves prowling the west are women, all. Well beautiful, each in her way. A shame they haven’t a scrap of principle among them. They’ve no will of their own. Only instincts and greed, animals of avarice. It grieves me to know the world thinks their ilk and mine no different.»
  • «If he’ll not take ownership of his decisions in this life, you’ll do him a kindness to end it.»
  • «Our law has ever held death for oathbreakers. Knowing that, he still came back. Said his life was ours to take in recompense for his betrayal. He was a weakling, adrift on fortune’s tide. But now he returned, proved the strength of his will. I thought it only fitting to reward such growth, so I’ve decided to forgive his transgression for now…’Tis a stay of execution.»
  • «You have proven your will, Arisen. In return, I grant you freedom. You’re an equal among us now.»
  • «The freedom to follow your own will where it takes you is a precious thing indeed.»
  • «The Arisen is an interesting creature indeed. You act on behalf of justice, even when it strays from the law. You are driven by more than the promise of profit. I would be curious to follow your exploits, even were your actions not tied so to Gransys’ fate.»

Мой бессердечный друг

Сюжетная линия строится вокруг одного героя, который умудрился потерять своё сердце и теперь по понятным причинам хочет его вернуть. Конечно, походом за своим сердцем всё не может вот так просто закончится, так что постепенно на свободу всплывает страшная и вселенская угроза – говорящие драконы. Сюжет вполне интересен, потому что похож на какую-то сказку в стиле фентези, где герой возвращает своё сердце, борется с чудищами, открывает страшные тайны и «ломает» интриги. Хотя диалоги в Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen явно не слишком сильно были проработаны. Впрочем, как и персонажи.

Можно даже сказать так: «Сюжет банален, но достаточно эпичный». Но не стоит думать, якобы игра не оставит своего следа. Всё совершенно наоборот, потому что атмосфера и сюжет действительно захватывает дух. В частности это связано, скорее, с боевой системой игры.

И чтобы вы не заскучали в игре, гоняясь за сюжетной линией, была дана огромная и бесшовная локация, с чёртовой кучей дополнительных локаций и не ограниченной свободной действий. Вы можете путешествовать, собирать в кучу дополнительных заданий, качать своё ремесло, заниматься поисками более хороших, а то и мощных, вещей и, в конце концов, сражаться.

Самое главное, что в Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen не ощущаешь того, что разработчики пустили скупую слезу и не зажали часть контента. Ещё раз повторюсь, что если б игра вышла на PC четыре года тому назад, она была явно подвинула скайримскую задницу, но в 2016 году игра чуток сдаёт в плане разнообразия и детализации, тем не менее, в состоянии компенсировать всё своими очень увлекательными и интересными боями, потому что подобного вы точно больше нигде не встретите.


  • Immune to Blindness.
  • Resistant against Ice enchanted weapons and magick.
  • Weak against Holy and Lightning based magick and enchanted weapons.
  • Vulnerable to Tarred in Oil.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor, Poison, Petrification, and Sleep

    Petrification may take 30-50 Petrifying Arrows to accomplish.


  • Vulnerable to Lowered Strength such as inflicted with a Dragon’s Roost shield.
  • Can be climbed.
  • The face is the weak point.
  • Garm behaviour and attack patterns are similar to that of Wolves — they will attempt to shake off the oil from their hides when tarred, and will roll on the ground when burning.


  • Garm cannot attack targets perched above them.
  • At close distance Garm spew a toxic cloud which can cause Blindness. When the Garm lifts its head up and stands still, it is preparing to spew. The lingering cloud can blind the party even after the Garm is killed.
  • Garm will try to get rid of their attacker by shaking and rolling on the ground when being climbed.
  • Use Instant Reset and Controlled Fall to avoid being knocked down and grabbed.
  • Avoid fighting packs of Garms without party to support you.
  • Although the Garm’s Bite can be blocked, the window for Perfect Blocking is before the creature makes obvious moves to attack, thus making it very hard to do. The attack starts with a slightly faster than usual movement forward.(verify)

5 Garm 2 Hellhounds 2 Wargs slain with only Rusted Daggers B, Arisen undamaged
A Strider demonstrating Torpor effectiveness.

Magick Archer vs 3 Garm (using Ricochet Hunter)
In enclosed spaces Ricochet Hunter can make short work of Garm, which are weak to Lighting attacks.

Sopor vs 5 Garm
A Mystic Knight demonstrating Sopor effectiveness. Garm are helpless when asleep. Using a Rusted Staff can double debilitate them with both Torpor and Sleep.

Mystic Knight vs 5 Garm, 2 Hellhounds, 2 Wargs (A)


  • Levitate will not stop falling damage; it only serves as an extended jump, similar to Double Vault.
  • Boons and Affinities alter Magick Bolt and Focused Bolt spells.
  • Clicking down on the Left Analog Stick will target yourself (with applicable spells) or switch to manual targeting (with applicable spells); clicking down on the Right Analog will focus your targeting on one target (for offensive spells) and multi-hit spells likeHigh Levin will focus all strikes on that one target, rather than spreading the damage out.
  • When Undead are in the field of Anodyne, Halidom, or Spellscreen, Holy damage is dealt to them.
  • Blearing and Silentium do not deal Darkness damage, though they are listed as Dark elemental spells. Grapnel does actually deal slight Dark elemental damage.

The Equipment of the Mage in the Change Vocation Menu is the Wizard’s Set with some minor changes :

  • Wooden Staff
  • Blessed Vest / Magician’s Surcoat
  • Bronze Bangles
  • Cotton Hosen / Wizard’s Boots
  • Mahogany Cape


  • The highest legitimate core Strength by level 200 is 956 for Arisen and 766 for Pawns. In both cases, this is achieved by leveling as a Fighter from 1-10. Arisen can then level as an Assassin from 11-200, while Pawns can only level as a Warrior or Ranger from 11-200.
    • The highest weapon strengths are (goldforged) : Warhammer: Devil’s Nail (2100) ; Longswords: Bitter End (2055) ; Maces: Virge of Madness (2001) ; Swords: Devilsbane (1848) ; Daggers: Framae Blades (1429).
    • Highest strength boosts from equipment are : Head Armor: Barbarian Chief’s Helm (+10) ; Leg Armor: Assault Boots (+30) ; Torso Armor: Golden Belt (+20) ; Chest Clothing: Marshal’s Bracers (+5) ; Arm Armor: Assailant’s Bracers: (+5) ; Cloaks: Sovereign’s Mantle (+10). (Total +80)
    • Two Master Rings could potential boost strength by (+100) each. (Total +200)
    • Thus the highest total strength (as Warrior) is 956+2100+80+200 = 3336, with augments (1.8x) this can become 6004.
    • In Dragon’s Dogma the highest strength is 956+1067(Dragon’s Repast), with a reduced range of options for equipment giving around 2089 total strength. However boosts from augments are uncapped, allowing a total of 1.2(Clout)x1.1(Vehemence)x1.7(Autonomy)x1.7(Bloodlust)x1.5(Exhilaration) = 5.7x, giving a peak strength of nearly 12,000.
  • The lowest legitimate core Strength by level 200 is 258 for Arisen and Pawns. This is achieved by leveling as a Mage from 1-10, then Mage, Sorcerer, Mystic Knight, or Magick Archer from 11-100, then Mage or Sorcerer from 101-200.
  • Periapts, potions, and skills that cause the Invigoration of Strength Boosted increase physical attack power, but the actual value added is not shown in any menu; the stat figures don’t change.
  • The effects of strength boosting augments are shown in totals in the menus.
    • Some of these augment effects only activate under certain conditions, depending on the character’s environment, state of health, or even the selected skill.
    • Eminence increases the total strength by 30% (1.3x) when the character is in the air. Pausing whilst jumping can be used to verify this.
  • The weapon Iraklis multiplies or diminishes weapon and accessory strength, depending on whether its strikes inflict a Critical Hit or not.
  • Sometimes also referred to as Attack, and may be abbreviated to STR or ATT.


Three of the archmagicks (or elements) have secondary effects or debilitations associated with them.  These are: Fire — burning; Ice — frozen; Lightning — thundershock. The Holy element is associated with healing, as well as damaging all undead or re-animated creatures, whilst Dark attacks can inflict Critical Hits; Dark magick is generally associated with the infliction of debilitations.

Most spells except the core spells (such as Magick Bolt), and a few others (eg Ruinous Sigil) have a specific element associated with them, e.g., Fulmination is Lightning, Maelstrom is Dark, Gicel is Ice, Bolide is Fire, Seism is Holy.

Generally element only affects Magickal attacks.

Damage and Use in Battle

See also: Damage Calculation

Clever use of elemental effects can radically alter the course of a battle. An ill-equipped party without a wide elemental range can find itself in deep trouble, while the same fight’s difficulty can be dramatically reduced if the correct element is utilized. Conversely, poor choice of enchantments caused by lack of knowledge can make even an easy battle difficult, and in some cases aid the enemy.

Elemental damage is a percentage modifier on magickal attack power. For example, if using Magick Bolt — if a target’s relative elemental weakness to fire is 100% then a magickal attack power with that element does the same damage as an unenchanted magick bolt; but if the weakness is high, as with Undead, where it is 400%, then the attack power is quadrupled; similarly if the weakness is low, such as with Hobgoblins and dark magick (at 60%) then the spell power is reduced to three quarters of what it would be from a non-elemental magick attack.

The increases and decreases in spell power roughly correspond to changes in damage, and may cause much greater relative changes as the spell’s power surpasses (or becomes less than) a foe’s Magick Defense.

Secondary effects

See also: Elemental Debilitation

The secondary effects of attacks or spells based in one of the five Archmagicks such as certain debilitations and effects are not necessarily the same as their corresponding elemental attributes; an archmagick spell may inflict a non-archmagick physical debilitation.

For example:

The spell Comestion does Fire based damage and may inflict Burning, however only the initial spell damage is archmagick based. The Burning damage is a Fire-based physical debilitation. As such items providing elemental fire resistance, such as the Ring of Gules, do not protect against Burning, but they will mitigate some damage from Comestion. (Conversely the Rose Ring usually prevents burning but does not reduce damage from the spell itself)

Neutral magick and Non-archmagicks

Neutral Magick is magick not in any of the five archmagicks — it is produced from unechanted Magick Bolts, Focused Bolt, and Magick Agent — the damage of such attacks is not reduced by any Elemental Resistance. A few other spells may also produce neutral magick — one such is Great Sacrifice which initially strikes with a dark magick bolt, but an shockwave which follows lacks any element and is purely magickal.

Non-Archmagick (such as in the description of the augments Morbidity or Resistance) just refers to ways of inflicting debilitations without the use of magick — such as through creature bites, or melee attacks with special weapons or arrows. It is synonymous with Non-magickal.