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A dragon, unseen in the kingdom for years, suddenly appears and wreaks havoc across the land. The dragon attacks a small village and steals the heart of the protagonist. The protagonist, alongside three teammates, then has to hunt down the dragon in order to take back their heart.


  • Quina  — Resident of Cassardis village and the main character’s childhood friend. Quina is gentle but strong-willed, and is always concerned with the main character’s safety.
  • Chief Adaro  — Chief of Cassardis village. Adaro holds a fatherly role to Quina and the main character. He is physically fit despite his age.
  • Edmun Dragonsbane  — A hero who once slew a dragon and brought peace to the peninsula. He resides in Gran Soren Castle. With the awakening of the dragon, he’s been building up his forces.
  • Aelinore  — Aelinore is the third wife of King Edmun. She is gentle by nature; as such, she finds her life within the castle intimidating.


Ser Tedrick:

«There’s talk of revolt in the north. Won’t say I cannot understand the impulse…manning a desolate stronghold that serves no purpose in staying the Dragon is mean work. There’s only so much fear and idleness a man can take. Especially on those meager wages.»

Orsay, one of the castle residents, confirms that Mercedes may need more than moral support in this task if battle happens:

«Lord Julien is well enough, but Ser Mercedes is more burden than boon, it’s told. She’s the daughter of the Lord of Hearthstone, you see…. and for a knight sent to aid the Duke, one hears precious little praise of her skill. If the woman falls before the dragon arrives, we’ll have another war on our hands.»

Ser Daerio reveals the full extent of his involvement in the revolt; he is Lord Julien’s man:

«It is as you see, Arisen, the Stone of the North crawls with the agents of Salvation. The Night’s Champion is a fearsome intellect. He authored and executed the scenario in full. He scoured the Duke’s men for those with ties to Salvation, gathered them here and sparked a revolt before anyone was the wiser. Myself, I put no stock in Salvation’s creed. But the Champion claims that the Duke is lost in this war with the Dragon, and in that I feel he speaks true. I will not gainsay your mettle, ser, but even the Arisen is human. The wyrm cannot be slain. Pray, forgive me. As a commander I am duty bound to observe the conditions and exercise my best judgment. I take no joy in crossing you, ser.»

Ser Francis on Julien’s treason, if the latter was wakestoned.


Wyrmspeak is rendered in an unknown language in the english localisation
When possessing a pawn
«I am your master now.»
«Slay your master!»
When the Arisen is doing well in battle
«Aye, that is the way, chosen one!»
«Such power!» (magick use)
When the Arisen is doing poorly in battle
«Show me your power!»
On killing the Arisen
«You are not the vessel…»
«You are not the Chosen one…»
«Are you at an end, little one?» (on the Arisen using a Wakestone)
«Am I to die…?»
«The seat of god lies beyond…»
Conqueror’s Sanctuary Drake
«Arh..Ah! … Who are you?»
«I must feed…slake my hunger!»
«Your heart, give it here!»
«What have I? Ngh? Wauuugh!»
«Aye, that is the way, Chosen One!»
«Show me your power!»

Wyvern share dialogue with the Drake and Wyrm.

Pawn Chatter

All of a pawn’s advice on Drakes, with the exception of that about its fire breath also applies to other Dragon

«The Dragon!? Why… How!?»
«There, Master! Drakes!»

General advice

«Mind those fangs!»
«Mind those claws!»
«Mind that tail!»
» ‘Tis aggressive.»
«Its head is vulnerable!»
«Attack when it reels!»

Attacking the wings

«Its wings may be vulnerable as well!»
«Strip its wings and it cannot fly!»

Attacking the head or horns

«Attack the head to create an opening!»
«I’ll strike its horn!»

Attack the Heart !

«Seems the heart alone is vulnerable.»
«We must get at its heart!»
«Strike at its heart!»

When preparing to breath fire, or breathing fire

«Watch! It readies flame in its maw!»
«Nary an ash would remain after that breath…»
«Take shelter from the flames!»
«Aim for the head as it readies its breath!»

On being knocked down and reeling

«There! The heart lies exposed!»
«Quickly! The heart is unprotected!»
«Now, Master! Aim for its heart!»
«The heart, Arisen! Attack the heart!»

When flying or hovering

«We cannot reach it from the ground!»
«The wings, master! Strike it from the sky!»
«Aim for the wings!»
» ‘Tis aloft! Brace for a dive!»

When possessing a pawn or grabbing the Arisen

«Let… go! Fiend!»
«Gah! H-help me!»
«Struggle as best you can!»


«An opening!»

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 1 — Climb the Ogre while it is not guarding and pull it to the ground.
  • Ogre Strategy Vol. 2 — Ogres are more vulnerable while chasing their prey.
  • Attack the head, it is a weak spot.
  • Ogres will notice climbers on its back and do a back suplex to crush them under it. Getting hit by or avoiding this move may grant knowledge.
  • Weak to Sleep.

Enemy Specific:

  • Weak to Fire.
  • Having a Female in the party gets the Ogre excited, its cheeks and buttocks flush red. It then targets and chases that Female without paying any attention to other party members.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Ogres either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn Chatter

«The sight of women excites it!»
«Counter after it strikes!»
«Take care when scaling its back!»
«Its brute strength is deadly!»
«‘Tis more vicious than a Cyclops!»
«Their raw power makes them a threat»
«Careful, they’re fast for all that muscle»
«An Ogre… Of all the poor luck…»
«Grab hold and pull it down!»
«‘Tis flushed red with anger!»
«Its kind loves women above all. Be ready.»
«It hungers for humans. Women, most of all.»
«Its kind targets women over all others!»
«Stay ready. It will come at women first!»
«I’ll drag it to the ground when it attacks!»



The Wyrm’s heart is located in its stomach area.

  • The Wyrm’s heart is located in its stomach area, directly under the middle of the beast.
    • All vocations : attack the heart.
    • The heart is a weak point — so skills such as Great Gamble are effective.
    • The heart must be struck by the Arisen for the finishing blow.
  • Weak against Fire enchanted weapons and spells — with damage increased several times over. Occasionally it can be set on fire.
  • Vulnerable to Silence. A silenced Wyrm has the majority of its attacks nullified.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor.
  • Striking the heart or head hard enough can interrupt/stagger the Wyrm and disrupt its spellcasting.
  • The Wyrm is stationary while casting spells, enabling the party to easily hit its weak spots.
  • The Wyrm is more resilient to magick attacks than Drakes due to it much higher Magick Defense.

Vocation specific

  • A stationary casting Wyrm is vulnerable to and will likely be staggered by a Mystic Knight’s Ruinous Sigil.
  • A spellcaster’s High Comestion is effective against the low-lying, fire vulnerable heart.


  • Prepare for and beware the Dragon Roar.
  • A Perfect Block of the charge attack can stagger the Wyrm.

Perfect Blocking Wyrm attacks (Mystic Knight vs 1 Drake, 1 Wyvern, 1 Wyrm) (M)

A Mystic Knight demonstration of Perfect Blocking of several of the Wyrm’s attacks (Ice breath, grab attack, High Exequy and High Bolide spells cannot be blocked). In this video the Arisen demonstrates 2 wing buffet attacks, 1 High Frigor, 2 forward charges, and 1 arm swipe. (Hard mode, without the Prescience augment)

  • Using Magick Defense boosters is recommended if your Arisen or pawns have low Magick Defense.
  • Either silence the Wyrm, or concentrate on interrupting its magick spells — attacks (and weapons) with high stagger are best.
  • The augment Stability or armor with the bonus enhancement «Prevents wind from affecting mobility» prevents being staggered or knocked down by a Dragon’s wing’s wind buffet.
  • Wind attacks from dragon’s wings can be blocked or Perfect Blocked with a shield or magick shield.
  • One Sobering Wine clears all status effects from the party and provides an additional 90 seconds of debilitation immunity.


  • A bow using pawn with the Scather inclination and high or full Bestiary knowledge of this enemy is more likely to climb the Dragon and shred the Wyrm’s heart.
  • A pawn without full bestiary knowledge of this enemy will tend to target one of four critical targets on the Wyrm (the two horns, the wings, and the heart). To ensure that a Great Gamble equipped pawn targets the heart, the Arisen should focus on destroying the two horns and wings early in the battle.
  • Mage pawns equipped with a Legion’s Might staff will auto-revive after a Dragon Roar or conventional deaths.
  • Prepare in advance for possession resistance, either with equipment or potions.

Pawn Chatter

«A place one can live without fear of monsters!»
«What meaning do you suppose those stones hold?»
«The city has amenities for every need. Armorers, apothecaries, an inn to rest…»
«The Pawn Guild stands ahead. ‘Tis a gathering place for my kind.»
«We’ll like find shops selling weapons and sundries within.»
«This must be an alehouse.»
«Many’s the person comes to drink here, all bearing different tales.»
«The scrivener at The Black Cat here can duplicate objects in your possession.»
«What’s more, the proprietor can furnish forgeries of certain items.»
«Precious things gone lost or missing have a way of turning up there.»
«From day to night, this area feels completely different.»
«Naught beats a rooftop for a vantage on the city’s hidden corners.»
«Seems a path runs along the top of the castle walls.»
«The city has a church as well?»
«As expected of a residential area, ’tis much more quiet.»
«Most of the doors are barred tight… For fear of the dragon, perhaps.»
«Mind the guards on watch. They’ll not suffer any untoward behavior lightly.»
«Aye, the inn offers a clean bed, but it deals in vocations and skill, besides.»
«You humans certainly do make a lot of expressions.»
«Your different countries, cities, people… Intriguing.»
» ‘Tis dreadfully easy to while away hours just shopping.»

DLC Quests

  • From a Different Sky — Part 1
  • From a Different Sky — Part 2
  • From a Different Sky — Part 3
  • From a Different Sky — Part 4
  • From a Different Sky — Part 5
  • From a Different Sky — Part 6
  • From a Different Sky — Part 7
  • From a Different Sky — Part 8
  • From a Different Sky — Part 9
  • From a Different Sky — Part 10

Quest Pack: The Chosen

  • Reclaim the Roads
  • Evil Underfoot
  • Set Against the Dead
  • Eye for an Eye
  • A Taste to be Acquired
  • Ocean’s Bounty
  • Harpy Hunting
  • Bury the Dead

Quest Pack: The Savvy

  • The Abomination
  • The Centennial Bloom
  • Following Orders
  • Journey to the Rotting Wood
  • Come Home to Roost
  • Keepers of the Ancient Flame
  • A Dire Need
  • Grave Danger

Notice Board Quests

Pablos’ Inn (Cassardis)

  • Goblin Raid
  • He Should Be So Lucky
  • Rat Catcher
  • Burden of Proof
  • Extermination
  • Quell the Hobs
  • A Dark Chorus
  • Guardsman Sought
  • Scholarly Pursuit
  • Venture Forth
  • The Heart’s Compass
  • The Peddler’s Petition
  • Elsewhere Bound
  • Eradication
  • The Maker’s Mercy
  • A Prospector’s Partner
  • Material Witness
  • Foresight or Folly
  • Mysterious Missive
  • The Expedition
  • Deliverance (also Union Inn version available)
  • A Sightseer’s Second (also Union Inn version available)
  • A Challenge (post-game only)
  • Reconnoiter Request (post-game only)

The Encampment

  • Basic Training
  • Ruffled Feathers
  • Hounded by Fate
  • Arise to Power
  • Suppression
  • Extermination
  • Put to the Test
  • Final Farewell
  • A Formless Foe
  • Hobble the Foe
  • An Airborne Plague

Union Inn (Gran Soren)

  • A Parting Tribute
  • Scouting Mission
  • Beyond This Stony Cage
  • The Peddler’s Petition
  • Company for the Road
  • The Mock March
  • Misery Seeks Company
  • A Diverting Excursion
  • A Delicate Matter
  • The Chef’s Blade
  • Elsewhere Bound
  • Material Witness
  • A Soldier’s Survey
  • A Promised Meeting
  • The Mysterious Missive
  • Superstition’s Call
  • A Pilgrim’s Plight
  • Lucre’s Location
  • Greener Pastures
  • Company of Thieves
  • Deliverance (also Pablos’ Inn version available)
  • A Sightseer’s Second (for Pip, see Pablos’ Inn version for Lewes)

Arsmith’s Alehouse (Gran Soren)

  • Witch’s Brew
  • Foreign Service
  • A Lost Cause
  • Reveille Revelry
  • Trail of Corruption
  • A Token of Esteem
  • The Secret Admirer
  • Hair Raising
  • Epicurean Delights
  • Thanks Mislaid
  • A Hero’s Worth
  • Head Count
  • Smells Suspicious
  • Parcel Service
  • A Fabled Dram
  • A Bookkeeper’s Bind
  • Committed to Memory

Pawn Guild Notice Board

  • Bone of Contention
  • Sisters in Peril
  • The Absent Apprentice
  • Suppression
  • Put the Eye Out
  • Grim Tidings
  • Dire Straits
  • Fears of a Pawn
  • Swamp Things

Rift Crystals

The most common way to get large quanties of Rift Crystals is to arrange ones pawn to be consistently hired. (See Hired Pawns) Lower level pawns may also be «babysat» in more experienced parties for the purpose of both crystals, as well as Bestiary knowledge.

  • High level characters can farm the Cursed Dragon at Duskmoon Tower using Rancid Bait Meat for its Rift Crystal Drops.
    • Suicide runs through Bitterblack Isle may be used to focus on either Maneaters in chests, or Golden Knight and Silver Knight drops.
    • Characters able to easily defeat Daimon may speed run through Bitterblack for the common Crystal Cluster loot found in chests in Bitterblack Sanctum.
  • Saving a complete set of Badge of Vows from a previousy playthrough allows one to collect 100,000+ crystals every New Game Plus
  • The same method used to obtain Discipline Points (above) in the Noble Quarter Post-Game may be used to near effortlessly obtain rift crystals by hiring ones pawn with an «alt account».

Интересные факты[править]

При этом мировоззрение и сюжетная основа явно демонстрируют влияние восточных философий и религий с отсылками на реинкарнацию, перерождение и бесконечные циклы. Уровень технологии Грансиса — это уровень классического «высокого средневекового фэнтези», так как никакого огнестрельного оружия не наблюдается, но существуют простые пороховые устройства, такие как и баллисты. Присутствуют также стандартные элементы фэнтези, вроде магии, алхимии, амулетов, зелий, магических книг и свитков и т. д. Элементарная магия отсылает как к восточной, так и западной философии. История Воскресшего, с её акцентом на воле как ключе к существованию, перекликается с интерпретациями некоторых концепций, введенных немецкими философами, включая «Волю к власти» Фридриха Ницше и «Волю к жизни» Артура Шопенгауэра.

Если затрагивать тему более современных источников вдохновения создателей игры, то можно отметить мангу Berserk. В игре даже присутствуют доспехи и оружие Гатса и Гриффита — в рамках официального сотрудничества. Также, как уже было отмечено, Селена имеет определённое сходство с Ширке.


The Dragonforged is found in a cave under a set of standing stones at Hillfigure Knoll, in the Northface Forest. He is accompanied at all times, and only by his faithful pawn The Fool, who has come to closely resemble him. Supposedly a man who faced a dragon long ago, he is the only man who knows how to read Dragonspeak.

The Dragonforged is an Arisen from long ago — he created the warrior drawing on Hillfigure Knoll to draw Arisen to him, and seeks to guide any Arisen who come to him. A headless spear and shield can be seen in his cave, and on the knoll itself can be found the Signs of Valor, former spearheads used as daggers — it seems that all these were once the Dragonforged’s weapons, and the drawing on the hill likely depicts himself.

An Arisen also, his arms are burnt black — likely the reason for his namesake of «Dragonforged» is that his hands and legs underwent the process.

There are very few who know of the existence of this man and none knows the truth of his identity. There is only one thing that they know for sure about this puzzling individual: he knows more than anyone else living about dragons.His name and his ties are unknown. Equally mysterious is how he came to possess his considerable familiarity with dragons. However he came about it, the breadth of his knowledge is undeniable. He knows things that no person on the earth should know.No one else can say if the things which he says are true. Some consider him to be nothing but a fabricator of myths and lies. Still he does seem to know something about dragons and so—since his connection with the terrible beasts was the only fact that anyone alive knew about him—he came to be known only as the Dragonforged.
The Dragonforged’s Tale.


Smaller than a Cyclops but bigger than a human, these creatures possess a level of intelligence and brute strength that make them very dangerous, especially in close quarters. It resembles and behaves like a giant gorilla-like creature. Ogres are extremely powerful and quite agile.

When Ogres grow enraged, their rear end starts to glow red. An Ogre is cunning enough to jump into the air and land on its back in order to crush any who are climbing them or attack them from behind.

They get excited and ‘giggle’ when they see females and speed up their fury and attack faster the more women are in the party. When Ogres grow enraged, their cheeks and buttocks will turn pinkish-red, they will then roar and charge wildly, flail their arms like huge gorillas. Ogres can turn corners with ease, making it difficult to dodge. They can grab a victim and run off a short distance to chew on them, causing a significant amount of damage.

Experiencegained Base Experience of 5,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:

  • Having fewer pawns
  • Being under the effect of Weal
  • Use of the Bezel Crown bow
  • Being in Hard Mode
  • Having higher or lower level pawns
  • Ancient Quarry (during the quest Of Merchants and Monsters)
  • The Catacombs
  • Wilted Forest at Night
    • A pair takes the place of a Chimera that inhabits the woods west of The Ancient Quarry entrance.
    • Another pair appears just west of The Abbey not far from the Prayer Falls.
    • A third pair appears at a campsite (inhabited by Sulfur Saurians during the day), at the northern fringe of the forest, north of the main road, not far from the river, south of the Nameless Falls.
  • The Bluemoon Tower (after the quest Griffin’s Bane)

The Everfall (Pre-Dragon)

On the spiral stairs

  • Chamber of Estrangement
  • Chamber of Resolution
  • Vault of Defiled Truth (Pre-Daimon)
  • Rotunda of Dread (Post-Daimon)
  • Unspeakable Meat
  • Ogre Tooth (rare)
  • Ogre Spur
  • Sour Beast-Steak

Using Master Thief

Ogre Bone, Beast-Steak, Grandgrapes, Silk Lingerie (rare)

  • Lure of the Abyss
  • Of Merchants and Monsters (clear the Ancient Quarry of monsters)
  • Sisters in Peril (slay 2 Ogres)
  • Fears of a Pawn (slay 8 Ogres)


Stats Health Attack Defense MagickAttack MagickDefense Weight
20,000 825 210 80 210 1,800
RelativeDamageTaken Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 40%
Sources: Dragon’s Dogma — ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (www10.atwiki.jp), the Dragon’s Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Punch Phys Slams its arm into the ground near a target.
Uppercut Phys Does a large fist uppercut to a target in front of it, throwing them in the air.
Back Suplex Phys If climbed on its back, it will leap up and land on its back, flattening anyone behind it.
Fist Clap Phys Smashes its fists together at a target, dealing damage and knocking them down for a short time. This is usually followed by a grab attack.
Grab and Chew Phys/Spec Grabs a downed target and runs away for some distance before squeezing the target. After a moment, it will take a bite out of the target and drop them, causing significant damage.

The Ogre will recoil backwards in disgust if it takes a bite out of a male character, which leaves it vulnerable for a short time.

Muscle Guard Spec Covers its face with its forearms and tightens its muscles to raise its defense significantly. It uses this stance when it sees a powerful attack coming. Strong enough attacks or magick attacks can break this guard.
Charge Phys Charges at a target. It does this more often in Rampage mode.
Rampage Phys When low on health, it will go berserk and begin charging and flailing at random targets, usually the Arisen. Significant damage will knock it down in this state. They may also be lured into falling off cliffs in this state.
Dropkick Phys Runs back and then leaps at a target for a dropkick, knocking them to the ground or potentially off cliffs.


Gran Soren’s crest

  • The flag oft seen in Gran Soren, that of a red dragon pierced with a sword on a blue and white saltire (diagonal flag) is not the only symbol of Gran Soren. Gran Soren’s seal is a gold griffin, such as seen on the Sectional Iron Plate or Arm Crest.
  • There are numerous chests concealed around Gran Soren; most of them can be found around and within the fortress walls. Loot from these chests is random and respawns every 2–3 days, and has been noted to include: Seeker’s Token, War Bugles and Royal Banners.
    • Some chests (~4) are only accessible via Rooftops and can be accessed via ladders in the Venery or at the top of the staircase between Fountain Square and the Castle Gate. One chest can be found on a patio directly over Caxton’s Armory with the possibility of offering Throatcutters, Ironclad Staff or Trusty Sword (Stilettos, Crimson Glare or Broadsword, Post-Game), while the others are scattered around the Venery, one of which contains the Third Journal Entry for the Search Party mission.
    • At Noble Quarter there are inner battlements running between Castle Gate and Gran Soren Cathedral. There are two chests hugged to these battlements, both may contain Scholar’s Coat or Leather Chestguard.
    • There are also ‘hidden’ chests that aren’t readily seen while looking around the city roofs. Doorways leading to attic rooms that cannot be accessed from inside the building. They can be identified by bright lights at night (in some of them) and windows that are unshuttered and can be seen into (after locating one its usually only a matter of looking for the opening into the room). An example would be the opening above The Black Cat which often contains a Wakestone Shard Forgery.
  • It is quite common, while shopping in the marketplace, to hear a pawn shout «I’ve been drenched!» or «Soaked to the bone!» etc. as a result of retrieving rocks or gold from the Fountain. They do not attempt to climb the pillar to reach the bag of gold (and/or Rocks) that respawns on top of it every 7 days.
  • Gran Soren and Cassardis are the only locations within Gransys with a fixed Portcrystal location. 
  • Post-Game, pawns can be found wandering across the rooftops in the marketplace, and in parts of the battlements and towers.


«A melee specialist with attacks and counterattacks able to cut through any resistance.»

Wielding a sword and shield, fighters stand in the fray of combat. Their primary role is group protection, drawing enemy attention away from the squishier pawns in your party while dishing out heavy damage of their own. Fighters do not have any ranged abilities and are therefore forced into using their tactical wiles, pulling and taunting foes out of reach. They must bide their time until the perfect moment to strike. Fighters excel at ground combat and are a deadly class to be reckoned with.

A fighter’s primary weapon is their Sword, always supported by a Shield. All of a fighter’s skills rely on Strength to do damage. In terms of armor, generally Heavy Armor Sets are the most appropriate for a fighter, together with armored, padded, reinforced or chain underclothes. A custom fighter armor may leave the protected shield arm unarmored, whilst protecting the sword hand.

Fighters are strong on offense and defense, but lack high mobility and ranged attacks. Whilst blocking with a shield their movement is slowed.


  • Ogres respawn every three days in the open world.
  • Lesser version of Ogre may be encountered at The Catacombs.
  • Given their interest in human women, it is unsurprising that so many live near The Abbey.
  • Sometimes an Ogre will stop on a dead creature, appear to very briefly eat, then continue on, causing the body to disappear. This is far briefer than the usual eating procedure and does not give any real advantage in battle, or respite.
  • According to the Dragon’s Dogma Design Works (p.150) Ogres were a race of giants that were cursed by the gods. They have long lost their sense of humanity and intelligence and live like animals. The bumps and short horns on their backs are calcified warts.

Considerations and preparations

Pride Before a Fall (quest walkthrough to obtain Julien’s Wizard Vizard magic shield)

Bring a Wakestone to revive Julien immediately after slaying him. Proceed to the Windbluff Tower and run upstairs. Allow him to take a few steps forward first before attacking. If he’s standing too close to the doorway behind him, it won’t be possible to revive him before the cutscene with Mercedes starts. Return to Gran Soren and visit the dungeon to acquire his magic shield. Report to Aldous to complete the quest.

  • Determine in advance which of three weapons would be a preferred reward :
    • Mercedes’ Silver Rapier
    • A Cutlass
    • Julien’s magick shield Wizard’s Vizard — if this shield is desired then be sure to bring a Wakestone to revive Julien after the duel.
  • Before starting this quest, complete Supply and Demands and The Conspirators if required as initiating this quest will terminate both.
  • After completing this quest, Mercedes is removed from the game. If Mercedes is the desired love interest, maximize her Affinity before accepting the quest from Aldous. However, the player, if prepared in advance, can engage Mercedes in conversation after the final cutscene in order to give her additional affinity-raising gifts, as long as the Arisen has not left the courtyard where the duel was fought.
  • In order for Julien to be the love interest, the Arisen must slay him during the duel then revive him with a Wakestone.
  • Completion of the quest flags the start of the quest Bad Business which will make Madeleine’s shop inventory inaccessible until after The Dragon.


  • «Ophis» is the Greek word for «Serpent». No doubt this name was chosen to symbolize how thieves surreptitious and deadly behaviors are reminiscent of a snake’s own predatory nature.
  • According to Betiah, a member of the gang, Ophis likes beautiful women. However Betiah also mentions that a feminine-looking male might also catch her eye, alluding to the Set of Lady’s Garb that most males will need to wear in order to speak to Ophis.
  • Even more so, in junction to Betiah’s words, Ophis herself states that: «I’ll not mind dying…so long as there’s prey and pretty girls in the life after.»
  • She has a non-hostile Cyclops as a pet, located in Ophis’ Domain. It will not respawn if killed.

Early conceptual versions of the world

Access to the ‘Everfall’ from Lunar Altar (from Dragon’s Dogma Design Works, p.298)

Initial conceptualisations of the world of Gransys and the Arisen’s tale differed from the final version. Notable differences in the early version include:

  • The rest of the world beyond the mountains to the west was accessible eventually.
  • The moon had stopped its motion in the sky, causing the tides to cease.
  • The Dragon was fought on a island
    • The island was accessed via a tunnel via ruins in the west of the Island. A ‘Dragon’s Quest’ was needed to enter the ruins — this was found at the location of the Bluemoon Tower in the final version.
    • After defeat of the Dragon the moon starts to move in the sky.
    • The Lunar Altar (at the high peak in the mid of Gransys) becomes accessible after the defeat of the Dragon.
  • The Moon was accessible and may have had a similar use to the Rift — it also allowed access to the ‘Endless Tower’ (Everfall).
  • The Watergod’s Altar was located off the coast of Cassardis — a tunnel from there led to an Elven enclave (roughly beyond the witchwood to the south east) — Elfs, though rare, were also present in the world.
  • A glider, using feathers, allowed travel from a high point (the Lunar Altar), including to islands off the coast
  • Mixed species pawns (including non-human/human hybrids), and «pets» (animals etc) as ‘pawns’.
  • «Enhancing» done at a Dwarfen village.

Olra’s tale

«And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen.»

This article provides information and/or facts that contain spoilers.
Please read with caution or refrain from proceeding further.

Olra the pawn

Ghostly apparation of the former pawn Olra

For details of the sources, see Monument of Remembrance.

The Pawn Olra was created by Grette, an Arisen of an ancient time. During their travels they met an orphaned boy named Ashe in the ruins of a village, who became an apprentice to Grette. Grette became both a mentor and mother figure to the boy. Eventually Grette and her pawn left him to fight the Dragon, but only the pawn returned, as a husk, masterless.

Grette and her pawn had fought and killed the Dragon, but had failed at the final step and Grette was slain fighting the Seneschal, thus she was transformed into the next Great Dragon. Ashe fell in love with Olra, and she with him — he made it his quest to return some light to the lost pawn’s existence, and to avenge Grette and slay the dragon, not realizing that the dragon was actually Grette.

Ashe took Olra as his main Pawn — but in a cruel twist of fate, the Great Dragon captured Olra and it offered Ashe its choice — either defeat it or sacrifice Olra. However, as the Dragon was also the husk of Grette, the choice was essentially sacrifice his love or kill his surrogate mother. Ashe could not make the choice, and instead cursed the cycle itself. The Dragon then slew Olra, and cursed Ashe, transforming him into Daimon. Daimon went mad with grief and transformed the land into the massive underground complex known as Bitterblack Isle.

Although Ashe failed in his quest, his wish to return the light to the pawn Olra was in a sense fulfilled — the spirit of the pawn entered the body of a slain Arisen.

Olra the Arisen

«I…I died once. Here, in this place. It was scarce a fortnight after I was first lured in. Each day brought new losses. My pawn was slain, then gradually my store of curatives dwindled. I was surrounded, body battered and broken by dark and powerful magicks. As death approached, I lifted my gaze to see the stars one final time. Yet it was not death that engulfed me then, but a strange light, far brighter than any fire of the empyrean. …past that, my memory fails.»
— Olra’s account of her former life as Arisen, and death

Even after being sacrificed, Olra’s spirit wanted to save Ashe from this vile fate and decided to find Arisen that may help free Ashe.

The pawn’s spirit possessed an Arisen who had been slain within Bitterblack, and then sought to draw other Arisen to Bitterblack Isle so that they might seek to free her master and lover, Ashe, from the curse.

Little else is known about the life of the Arisen that the pawn Olra possessed.



Distance Damage RelativeDamage *
0-10m High 100%
11-25m Moderate 96%
26-30m Low 72%
31-90m Very Low ~60%
* Figures are approximate
  • Being close to one’s target maximizes a shortbow’s damage output, unlike the Ranger’s Longbow:
    • When facing enemies with good defence the choice of optimum range may magnify the differences in damage, with only arrows at the most optimum doing significant damage.
    • The core skill Loose as well as other offensive bow skills such as Fivefold Flurry have a distance-damage relationship.
  • Skull Splitter and its variants is an exceptionally powerful offensive skill. Despite being an aerial attack the augment Eminence does not activate during the jump — however if used in conjunction with Vault, Double Vault or Leaping Stone the augment attack boost will activate.
  • An upgraded Rusted Bow in combination with multi arrow skills is very useful in inflicting Torpor on enemies — once torpored a more powerful bow can be equipped. For more details see Rusted Weapons.
  • Strider is a fast climber with low stamina drain whilst clinging.
    • Scarlet Kisses, Hundred Kisses, or Thousand Kisses can be used whilst climbing foes.
    • For more details see Climb.
  • Cutting Wind is excellent for dodging and for attacking fast enemies like Hellhounds. The move will auto-lock on the nearest enemy if the control stick is not aimed in a specific direction. This skill is extremely effective on any enemy bearing a Shield or Magick Shield, as it will strike the unguarded rear flank on the return pass.
  • Downpour Volley is effective at striking the heads of foes, which are often weak points.
  • Instant Reset can be used to cancel out animations to rapidly repeat attacks like Brain Splitter, or to quickly stand back up after being knocked down. It can also be used for rapidly turning on and off the Lantern when the Arisen gets drenched.
  • Ensnare or Implicate work well against any foe smaller than (and including) Saurians, including Harpies and Hellhounds. It’s a quick way to pull them toward you or Pilfer as they hold them down.
  • Sprint can be used to quickly close the distance between you and an enemy or to escape as well. It also serves as a slide when the Heavy Attack button is pressed, enabling you to slide under a much larger foe or trip a smaller foe, causing them to fall over. This is the dropkick maneuver Ogres are known to use.