Dead Island: Riptide



Оригинальный логотип Dead Island (вверху) и цензурированная версия для выпуска в Северной Америке (внизу).

В Австралии коллекционное издание можно было предварительно заказать исключительно в EB Games . Коллекционное издание поставлялось с гарнитурой Turtle Beach X12, DLC для оружия Ripper и DLC Bloodbath Arena. В коллекционном издании в Канаде есть DLC Ripper and Bloodbath. 20 июля Dead Island стала доступна для предварительной покупки в Steam в виде единственной копии игры по полной цене или набора из четырех игр с одной бесплатной копией. И единственная копия, и четыре пакета включают DLC Ripper and Bloodbath.

В PlayStation Home (североамериканская версия), социальной игровой сети PlayStation 3, пользователи могли делать предварительный заказ Dead Island в специальном киоске на Центральной площади (центральное место встречи дома было переработано для этой акции и включает мини-игру «Zombie Survival») и получить «Взрывающийся наряд зомби» (с возможностью удаленного взрыва для пользователей) для своего домашнего аватара.

Deep Silver профинансировала серию из четырех комедийных короткометражных фильмов, написанных ведущими Talkradar в главных ролях на журналистском веб-сайте видеоигр GamesRadar , под названием Dead Island: Secret Origins. В фильме изображены вымышленные версии хозяев, которые отправляются на Мертвый остров и по своему желанию становятся зомби. Существует также одноименная новелла, выпущенная Bantam Books в тот же день для сопровождения игры. Новеллизация немного отличается от игры, с более зрелыми темами и альтернативным финалом, который, по-видимому, не подходил для игры.

21 марта 2011 года владелец игровой лицензии ESRB объявил, что исходная версия логотипа Dead Island не подходит для выпуска в Северной Америке, и Deep Silver было сказано изменить ее. Вместо висящего трупа в оригинальном логотипе он был заменен зомби, стоящим у дерева. Это изменение логотипа появляется на коробке североамериканского релиза (однако, логотип в игре остается неизменным), при этом логотип остается неизменным на других территориях. В Австралии игра была выпущена на день раньше, а не намеченной датой выпуска, 9 сентября, компанией EB Games .

Dead Island предлагалась бесплатно пользователям Xbox Live со статусом Gold в рамках программы Microsoft «Games with Gold». Его можно было загрузить из Xbox Live до 15 февраля 2014 года.


Suiciders are creatures trapped in a disfigured, pulsing form. They retain a semblance of awareness, even though their instincts drive them to get close to an uninfected survivor and attack them with a self-destructive explosion.

Suiciders are first encountered on the beach during the quest Black Hawk Down, where one stumbles out from behind some foliage, groaning for help to lure the Heroes into a trap. The corpse of one can be found at the hotel during the quest Born to Be Wild before the first interaction. The corpse of another can be found on the path to Black Hawk Down among a group of dead bodies (implying they all died when the Suicider exploded).

The Suicider in Dead Island: Epidemic is a special type zombie that is immune to projectile knock backs. They leap onto players and explode, dealing heavy area damage if not saved by another player in time. They explode a few seconds after being killed, dealing area damage.

Logan Carter


Logan Carter is the Throwing Weapons expert and the «Jack of all Trades» of the team. His Fury Skill allows him to throw an infinite amount of knives at nearby enemies.

Most of his skills are inclined towards improving his throwing ability and how he should be versatile in general. He gains skills that are unique to him such as being able to retrieve a thrown weapon without needing to pick it up again and inflicting damage on multiple targets with a single throw. He also has skills that make him more effective with both edged and blunt weapons. He also is the only Hero with the more reliable bonus from using alcohol. His greatest weakness is his low stamina which, despite hampering his ability to run and fight in melee, is somewhat meaningless since throwing does not consume stamina.

Unlike the other Heroes, Logan is much better suited at using the developer items due to the fact that thrown weapons do not lose durability. He can use the Mindblowing Military Knife to pop five Walkers or Infected in a single throw with a chance for the weapon to boomerang back, allowing him to do it again without having to pick up the weapon. He can also use the Homerun Baseball Bat to knock away multiple targets which allows him to avoid being overwhelmed by large numbers of zombies.

If the player does not intend to use the developer items due to how they unfairly break the game drastically, they can still depend on the more natural weapons in game. Because of his skill with both blunt and edged weapons, he can use weapons such as Eviscerator for a damage dealing throwable, or a Sledgehammer with Tesla Mod for incapacitation. His options are almost limitless.


See also: Mods

The Katana is mod-able with the following combinations:

Blueprint Parts Needed Cost Effects Result
Deathstalker Mod
  • Oleander x 3
  • Bleach x 3
  • Floater Meat x 2
  • Soap x 2
  • Flexible Hose x 2
  • Stingray Tail
$1000 4 + 6% Deathstalker Katana
High Voltage Mod
  • Duct Tape x 2
  • Wire x 2
  • Battery x 3
  • Electronic Scrap x 2
$400 2 + 4% High Voltage Katana
Paralyzing Strike Mod
  • Oleander x 2
  • Detergent x 2
$200 1 + 4% Paralyzing Katana
Shock Mod
  • Duct Tape x 2
  • Wire x 2
  • Battery x 2
$200 1 + 4% Shock Katana
Short-Circuit Mod
  • Duct Tape x 3
  • Wire x 3
  • Large Battery x 3
  • Magnet x 2
  • Electronic Scrap x 2
$600 3 + 4% Short Circuit Katana
Toxic Mod
  • Oleander x 3
  • Bleach x 3
  • Suicider Meat x 2
  • Lemon Juice x 2
  • Flexible Hose x 2
$600 3 + 4% Toxic Katana
Electrotherapy Mod
  • Capacitor x1
  • Spark Gap x1
  • Electric Coil x1
$250 4+ 5%


After the events of Dead Island, John Sinamoi escapes from the horrors of Banoi Island, making his way to Amaia Island to find safety. Unfortunately, Amaia has been struck by the same Kuru virus which caused the outbreaks on Banoi Island, Narapela Island and Palanai Island, and Sinamoi soon finds himself surrounded by zombies and other infected. As John braces himself for his seemingly inevitable death he is unexpectedly rescued by a group of survivors, who start «tearing up the infected like a pack of wild dogs» using scavenged and makeshift weapons, saving Sinamoi’s life.

Sinamoi discovers that his rescuers are themselves infected, but unlike the normal mindless hordes «the virus is making them stronger, smarter.» He decides to stay with these new survivors, and help them as they gather supplies and fend off the undead.


The Wrestler will often hang around with other basic zombies, such as Walkers or Infected, likely for extra protection and to slow you down. The zombie moves very slowly and his heavy footfall can be heard from a way away, giving the player an early warning of his whereabouts. The zombie will occasionally roar when idle and will not wander about a lot. When spotting the player, he will slowly lumber towards them, dragging its mutated arm behind it, to perform one of two different attacks. One is a ground pound, where he will raise up his mutated arm before slamming it to the ground again, causing a shockwave that is capable of knocking you over. The other attack is a sweeping swing, where he twirls around the arm to send you flying if it connects. Both of these attacks are slow however, especially when they are winding down, giving ample opportunities to get some quick hits in even if you were knocked down.


  • Suiciders are often encountered among groups of three, four or more Walkers, which make killing them a good alternative for clearing paths. Be mindful that, as mentioned above, any other enemies killed by a Suicider’s explosion won’t be counted as kills by the player and as such they won’t give any experience (just that from killing the Suicider itself).
  • If knocked down, even if it didn’t receive much damage and/or if it just tripped down with the environment, Suiciders will often explode instead of getting back up.
  • If shot with a powerful enough weapon, the Suicider will usually be heavily knocked back by the first shot. This should be taken in consideration as it could send it to an undesirable position (e.g.: away from a group of Walkers or around a corner while engaging it in a tight place). However, the Suicider will usually walk back to its initial spot after a moment.
  • A Suicider cannot be continuously shot; after taking the first hit, its hitbox will become intangible for a brief moment (sometimes visually represented if its ‘knocked back’ animation takes place), at which point the Suicider will become vulnerable again.

Other locations

An inaccessible room #1

There is an inaccessible room just outside of the Laboratory, near the Communication Centre. Though the door to the room cannot be interacted with and the player won’t be able to get in there directly, it’s still possible to get in there, although getting in is more of a challenge and there’s nothing very valuable to get inside the room.

However, if the player is bored or curious and wants to explore the room, below are a few steps they should follow. (It’s recommended to clear the area of any infected first.) Note that getting out of the room will be more tricky than getting in there.

NOTE: In the Definitive Edition, this building is accessible. Simply push open the door and poke around! All the same things are in there. However, if not in the DE, see below:

  • There is a white broken down truck with two red propane tanks loaded into it. To the right of the truck a window may be seen that can be used to get inside the room.
  • There is a just outside of the Laboratory that can be taken to the area and parked between the white truck and the window, though this might require some patience. The front of the jeep should be aligned with the window.
  • If the jeep is aligned well, the player will be able to crouch and «squeeze» the Hero through the window. At this stage, if will help a lot if the player lowers the character’s head, as it will lower the body as well.
  • There are a few lootables inside, including a metal chest and a refrigerator which may yield a Brand Champagne, and a few wallets that contain some cash.
  • There is a window to the right of the inaccessible door with a drawer in front of it. After the player smashes some equipment from the top of the drawer, they should position themselves there. Because of the ventilation above it, they’ll need to find a place where is curved around into another direction and use the spot to make the jump.
  • Once the player is on top of the drawer, they’re gonna need to repeat one of the steps above and «squeeze» the Hero through the window and out of the building.

    A broken down truck

    A perfect alignment

    A refrigerator

    A metal chest

    The exit window

    The key to the exit

    The perfect angle

    One last step

    Crouch there

    A piece of cake!

A swamp hut

Just north of Ope’s Cave lies the Laboratory area swamp, also known as Floater Swamp due to the significant number of Floaters are found in the swamp in addition to the Walkers and Infected. It is recommended the Hero prepares well before exploring this area as the large number of Floaters make the swamp extremely difficult. In the northern end of the swamp is a hut that the player can access, though it requires a certain effort, and that acts as a temporary safe house. Inside the hut there are a lot of baskets the player can loot, as well as a metal chest and a number of snacks and energy drinks.

The hut

The location


Pistols (along with revolvers) require Pistol Ammo in order to be fired.

  • Jose Garcia will be trapped behind a fence in the Bunker 06. Kill the zombies trying to get to him and he will reward you with 30 rounds of ammo.
  • Some pistol ammo can be found on the passenger’s seat in a damaged police car near the main entrance of the Hotel, on the entrance road to the Hotel.
  • There is a box of ammo that gives you 15 rounds in the Old Marina Workshop.
  • Some ammo can be found when entering Supermarket, right before entering inside and meeting the Looters.
  • Later on, the easiest way to obtain ammunition for the pistol is trading or creating it with the Pistol ammo recipe, or killing human opponents that carry handguns.
  • The Bloodbath Arena’s merchant, Wes Tweddle, regularly sells ammunition.


Dead Island Tiny Ragdoll Man

Tiny dead body glitch

  • Glitches frequently occur with the dead bodies within the Prison. It happens more often in the Prison than in other locations. The bodies either spazz out or are reduced to a tiny size. Techland has yet to address this issue. Example video of said glitch provided.
  • On the wall just outside the canteen, one of Howard Craigson’s posters can be found.
  • Occasionally, Infected will spawn in the hallway on the opposite side of the medical office wall, react to the player, and try to run through the wall.
  • An entire wall in missing near the end of the game, in one of the stairs after exiting the shower room. You can see the void through the world and other parts of the map if you jump.


Dead Island: Epidemic is played from a third-person overhead isometric perspective. The player controls one of several selectable characters, initiating special attacks and moving via the keyboard, while initiating basic attacks and aiming via the mouse. Specific objectives vary depending on the mode of combat, but in all modes Walkers, Infected, and various Special Zombies spawn and attack the player, and must be killed or avoided. Various items can be obtained via combat, either in the course of gameplay or as a reward for completing certain tasks. Items can be anything from crafting components to weapons to Blueprints.

Outside of combat modes, the player is returned to the «Crib», where they can manage inventory, select characters, or craft weapons and other items. Items and character unlocks can also be purchased via an in-game currency, obtained either during combat modes or by purchasing directly using real-world currency.


  • Her blood type (along with the other heroes) is O negative.
  • There seems to be some inconsistency with Purna’s biography, as it says in the Dead Island manual and official website that she killed the child molester; however, her in-game bio states she only injured him and wishes to finish the job once she leaves Banoi.
  • As with Xian Mei, there is an inconsistency with Purna’s character model. Her character concept art is that of a mixed race aboriginal Australian and white woman, where as her character model in the game oddly has the phenotype of a black woman.
  • When left idle long enough, Purna will regretfully state that she chose to give up smoking during the week that the outbreak began.


«В свое время я видел несколько настоящих адских дыр. Видите ли, я был по всему миру. Я был с SASR . Австралийская версия британской SAS . Воевала в Ираке , Восточном Тиморе и Афганистане.. Каждое из этих мест было хуже другого. Политики хотят превратить их в западные демократии, но они примитивны. Племенной. Погружен во всевозможное безумное дерьмо. Они не хотят, чтобы мы были там. Также как они не хотят, чтобы мы были здесь. Из всех жестоких и хаотичных мест, в которых я был, Баной берет кровавый пирог. У них есть враждующие племена в высокогорье, банды Раскола терроризируют трущобы, а у какого-то глупого миллиардера возникла блестящая идея построить этот роскошный курорт. Думаю, земля была дешевая и это красивое место, но глубоко в джунглях некоторые из этих коренных племен до сих пор практикуют каннибализм. Вы знаете, что они называют человеческой плотью? Длинная свинья. Говорят, на вкус совсем как свинина. Моя жена убедила меня пойти с ней сюда, потому что она думала, что я буду в большей безопасности. Как бы вне линии огня. Так что теперь я Я тренирую местные силы обороны Баноя, и я должен быть честным. У меня плохое предчувствие по поводу этого места. Настоящее плохое предчувствие «.


Сянь родилась и выросла в Китае. Её отец был главным инспектором в гонконгском отделе полиции, пока его не убил киллер из некой преступной организации «Во Шин Во» — на тот момент ей было всего 10 лет. Но ещё перед смертью он обучал её владению холодным оружием, и она продолжила тренироваться уже после его кончины. С отличием закончив университет, она поступила на службу в полицию, где попала в женский отряд по борьбе с преступностью. Вскоре Сянь поняла, что им не хотят выдавать серьёзные задание, не веря, что женщины могут служить так же хорошо, как мужчины. Они нужны лишь для «показухи».

Тогда её начальники решили отправить её на курорт Royal Palms, чтобы она шпионила за богатыми европейцами. Даже если её работа позорит память отца, она знает, что способна на нечто гораздо большее. Она хотела проявить себя… видимо, вспышка зомби-вируса даст ей именно такую возможность.

Её навыки и стиль ведения боя описываются как разбойничьи — с быстрыми ножевыми атаками. Дерево талантов Сянь Мэй делится на ветки «Ярость», «Бой» и «Выживание». Каждый талант в дереве имеет три уровня повышения. Она была представлена классом «Убийца».

В ночь перед массовым заражением Сянь Мэй можно обнаружить в одной из ванных комнат отеля. Она пытается помочь раненой женщине, лежащей на полу и, скорее всего, инфицированной вирусом.


  • It may be just a coincidence but the Wrestler’s design closely resembles a Charger from Left 4 Dead 2.
  • In the Definitive edition, the guts hanging from the Wrestler’s stomach now move around.
  • The Wrestler’s main slam attack animations had some slight change in the Definitive version; instead of slamming almost his whole arm to the ground, he strikes down fist first and the attack is fairly a bit quicker.
  • When you smash the Wrestler’s head as a final blow, the same as you would with a Walker, the Wrestler will also play the same animation of punching at the air before falling down if not interrupted. This is strange because the Wrestler doesn’t have a smashed head model like the other zombies. It’s also very illogical for it to punch with its mutated arm like the Walkers do when their heads are smashed.
  • A Wrestler body can be seen shortly into the tunnels, in a pile of glowing green chemicals.


  • If you let Yerema tell her whole story by slowly accompanying her, instead of just running ahead to kill the zombies, she reveals the identity of her father, the man Purna had just killed to save Yerema, Koritoia Ope.
  • Yerema tells the Hero that the reason she can read and write is because she ran away to the city as a teenager. She was given away by her father to a man he owed money to, and that man made her his slave. She did not enjoy that lifestyle, which is her reason for running away.
  • The Dead Island novel explains that Yerema and her family are immune to the zombie virus. The virus is in them, but remains dormant, which makes them carriers. This is partially revealed in Ryder White’s campaign, accessed through DLC content, when Kevin is shown speaking with Robert West.
  • After the events with the HMAS Avenger, it is not known if she is alive or not. Frank Serpo mentions that she and Kevin were going to be moved to a different location.
  • Given that Yerema lied about the attempts on her life by Doctor Robert West, and seems to very happily hand out information, it may be possible she is a habitual liar, meaning much of what she has said may be fabricated or exaggerated.
  • In the novelization of the game, Yerema unintentionally created the first zombies on Banoi when her father ordered her to be ritualistically tortured and raped by several men of the tribe for her «evil deeds» in running away from her established fate. Her rapists caught the disease and became zombies — WalkersIronically, she is tied more directly to the initial outbreak of zombies encountered by the Heroes in Dead Island: Riptide, where she infects soldiers through biting them in self-defense.

    , presumably — and she was sealed away inside the tomb to starve to death. The plague truly spread because Ope killed the «Immortals» and shared their brains out to his tribe in a cannibal feast, believing that they would become truly immortal. The game, by contrast, reveals that she carries the plague inside her, but doesn’t specify how she is tied to the zombies that Ope fed to his tribe.

  • In the novelization of the game, Yerema’s having been sold as a slave to pay off her father’s gambling debts is absent; instead, she left only because her father was insistent she followed the traditions of the tribe and became a home-maker, while she wanted to receive an education and learn about the world. It was because she learned that civilised people can come to understand each other, that she returned to the tribe, whereupon she learned just how primitive her father was. How and why she was sealed up inside the tombs is never explained in the game. However, it may have been a form of punishment.
  • The Hero may experience a glitch in which Yerema will get stuck somewhere along the path back to the laboratory. If this happens, the Hero must either reload from the last checkpoint, or fast travel to separate location (outside the current map). Doing so may allow Yerema to respawn somewhere along the path, but can cause Infected to spawn in the lab’s lobby.


Dead Island Walkthrough — Ram on Heaven’s Door

  • There is an opening on the back of their straight jacket. Attacking the exposed area with any melee or ranged weapon takes down its health drastically compared to facing it head-on. Shooting the exposed area from a distance (such as from a rooftop) is a safe and quick way to get rid of a Ram.
  • It is possible to headshot the Ram, but you have to be very precise, as only a very small portion of their head is visible above the face mask. This is best performed from an elevated position, and useful if a Ram won’t turn around.
  • Be aware of the area around you so as to not get caught up on small items on the ground or draw the attention of other unseen zombie(s) while dodging and positioning.
  • Rams can also be a beneficial ally with a bit of strategy. If any zombies are closing in on your position while a Ram is in the vicinity, you can angle yourself so that the zombies are between you and the Ram. The Ram will see you and charge, running down any zombies in his path. This can be extremely effective if one such zombie is a Suicider.
  • If you’re facing a Ram outside near some elevation such as a car or ambulance, then he will forget you’re there when you jump onto said object. Sometimes the Ram will be right beside you while you’re on the vehicle and not be aware that you’re killing him slowly. However, when on a car hood or certain elevations, the Ram will walk slowly towards you and eventually kick you instead of charging, knocking you off the elevation and making you vulnerable to a charge; if this happens, it is advised that you run as soon as you stand up.
  • Lure the Ram into a burning area and stand on a structure just out of reach, then move in and out of the area the Ram is able to reach you to keep him inside the flames until it dies. For example, when you face the Ram in the Supermarket, run towards the carts and jump behind them. In some cases, it’ll just walk around and catch itself on fire, granting you an easy kill.
  • Throwing an explosive knife at the exposed back of the Ram while on a car is another way to kill them.
  • Elemental weapons are extremely effective against the Ram because it can do damage through his armor. It is advisable to keep more than enough ingredients for the elemental mods and always carry an elemental weapon as later in the game, you will often face the Ram. Electrical Modifications paralyze the Ram and deal damage over time as do Poison Modifications. Fire Modifications only deal damage over time and do not stun the Ram.
  • Molotovs can be effective on Rams provided they are thrown behind the targeted Ram; upon impact with the surface, the spreading flames of the Molotov will set the Ram ablaze from behind, exploiting its characteristic weakness. It is advised to use a Deo-Bomb or a Grenade when attacking a Ram from a distance.
  • Try shooting explosive containers around or near the Ram for additional damage or the kill regardless of which direction the Ram is facing.
  • The Ram has a habit of attacking whomever attacked it last, so if you are in the vicinity of Punks or other hostile survivors, they will start shooting the Ram as they see it as a bigger threat than you. Lure them together and they should attack one another.
  • Throwing Meat Bait against a Ram causes zombies around that area to attack the Ram, adding additional damage to the target, along with distracting it.
  • Vehicles are highly effective against Rams; not only are they nearly impervious to the Ram’s attacks, but also exploit Dead Island’s physics as a weapon; a charging Ram striking a charging vehicle head on can result in spectacular Ram flight and damage. As the arms of the Ram are restrained, it is unable to get back up and upon falling over, it will die.
  • Highly unusually, it is known to be easier to kill a Ram or a Butcher with a vehicle, than it is to kill a Walker with one. This has been seen on all platforms.
  • If there is a fairly clear area when you encounter a Ram, then an easy kill is attainable by waiting for its charge and then charging at it at the same time, dodging at the last second. When it stops to roar and struggle, sprint behind it and slash (preferably with a shock-modded weapon, but not essential) to score enough hits to easily kill it.
  • Shock and Poison Mods work well against the Ram as it will induce a stun, leaving an opening for an attack.
  • If you face a Ram in an area with rooms or buildings (e.g. the prison or the laboratory) you can lure it into a room, get around it and leave the room, closing the door behind you. This will lock the Ram in the room and out of harm’s way while you go about other business.
  • If you can time it properly, a single Incendiary Grenade will often kill a Ram, though sometimes you will have to face one last charge as the DOT does its work.


«О, Иисус Христос … База, это полковник Уайт. Я только что нашел то, что осталось от четвертого блока. Кто бы ни напал на них, лишил их всего. Оружие. Боеприпасы. Взрывчатка. Все.» — Райдер, обнаружив, что четвертый блок подвергся нападению.

«Подожди секунду. Я тебя узнаю. Ваше имя не Кевин. Ты Харон! Вы были в каждом списке наблюдения за террористами в мире … пока они не отправили вас в тюрьму.» — Райдер, после встречи с Хароном / Кевином.

«Я знаю тебя, Харон. Ты умный, но на этот раз ты перехитрил даже себя. Я мог бы отдать Эмили экспертам.» — Райдер, разгневанный на Харона.

«И я предал свою страну ! Так что я бы сказал, что мы равны, друг Но ты зря потратил время моей Эмили на свои уловки. Вы приговорили ее к смерти. Теперь я приговариваю тебя.» — Райдер, разгневанный на Харона.

«Вы опоздали! Эмили и я вылетаем отсюда, а ты останешься без кровавого шанса на побег!» — первые слова Райдера героям кампании Райдера Уайта.


  • Режущее (острое) оружие наносит наивысший урон, и умения Сянь очень сильно повышают данный параметр.
  • Одна, даже средняя, аптечка способна восстановить полный запас здоровья, если есть умение на повышение эффективности данного параметра в ветке выживания.
  • При определённом раскладе умений выносливость Сянь кажется бесконечной.
  • Наибольшее время и наилучший эффект яда и открытых ран.
  • Будет полезно выбирать умения на повышение опыта за отрезание конечностей.
  • Повышение урона сзади — наилучшая способность Сянь, которая часто применяется против определённых противников.
  • Здоровье Сянь не очень большое, будьте осторожны.
  • Режущее оружие быстрее портится, в отличие от дробящего.
  • К режущему оружию прилагаются весьма длинные модели, позволяющие бить сразу несколько врагов, даже на небольшом расстоянии.
  • Мгновенное убийство режущим оружием — с наивысшим шансом из всех героев (4,5 %). А поскольку данный тип оружия мы в бою применяем всегда, то полезность данного таланта будет на уровне.
  • Умело подбирайте умения в ветке выживания.
  • Сянь достаточно хороша для кооперативного прохождения, но в одиночном нужно владеть умениями этого персонажа, так как у неё меньше всего здоровья.


Сэм Би, на мой взгляд, лучший выбор для соло-геймплея, больше всего забавляет Сиань с ее режущими способностями, Райдер — для тех, кто хочет начать со всеми вкусностями, Пурна — для игроков, которым нравится оружие, а Логан, ИМО, худший персонаж, предназначен для тех, кто любит кидаться в зомби, как обезьяна.

Теперь, сейчас — вам не обязательно соглашаться со мной, вы можете поставить Сиань на первое место или, может быть, даже Логана (LMAO), но да — это были мои самые любимые персонажи для соло-игры, и я надеюсь, что вы согласны. В любом случае, это все на сегодня, всех вас люблю и спасибо за то, что прочитали эту статью <3!