Nightmare sequences

Relevance to Simon

Considering the fact that the model is of a female character, they could represent the fact that Simon feels he hurt Sophie; he can «see it in her eyes», he can see the damage he’s done to her, and he feels ashamed to look her in the face. The violently bloody model could represent the fact that the real life Simon brutally murders Sophie before ending his own life in endings 1 and 2, so that he can «keep her» all for himself. Additionally, the faced faceless could represent the anxiety caused by the doctor attempting to force intimacy upon Simon, asking him questions about his personality that he does not wish to answer, which is an idea reinforced by the fact that they appear shortly after the corridor in which the doctor talks about Simon’s refusal to talk about his personal life. Lastly, they could also represent the other students at the college that Simon attended, thinking bitter thoughts of them as random monsters.


The monsters do not speak or communicate in any way, they only attack Simon when he’s in view. Their sounds usually consist of disturbing growls, shrieks and screams. Most of the monsters will simply run up to Simon and strike him, shoot some sort of projectile, attack with their bare limbs or with a weapon, such as a hammer or knife. One enemy in particular will wildly fire a glock at Simon. All monsters appear to be working to together, as they will only attack the player.

In extremely rare cases, the monsters can attack each other. They don’t do this on purpose, but their attack patterns are so aggressive that if Simon steps out of their attack range while another enemy steps in it, an enemy can accidentally kill another. There is one enemy, the Sawcrazy, that will attack any enemies that step in its way when trying to reach Simon.


He decides to go to the hospital, though he goes into the bathroom and finds a bottle of painkillers, he tries to resist taking them but can’t bring himself to stopping, believing that they are his only source of help. He overdoses and collapses onto the floor, going into an hallucination. This is where Afraid of Monsters begin.

After fighting through a monster-infested hospital, sewer, city, and forest, occasionally dipping into his horrifically twisted psyche, David’s hellish journey can have four separate outcomes; first, he realizes the so-called «monsters» he’s been gunning down were innocent people and animals and along. He only realizes this after awaking in a house splattered with corpses whilst police sirens blare outside.

Doctor Purnell

The mysterious doctor

Also known simply as ‘The Doctor’, Purnell is the main antagonist during the events of Cry of Fear alongside the abominations Simon is subjected to fighting. In reality is a psychiatrist, the Doctor Purnell witnessed during the events of the game a mere depiction of him in Simon’s mind — his malicious and sadistic behavior mirroring Simon’s potential view of Purnell as being an strange and untrustworthy man.

Following Simon’s accident that confined him to a wheelchair, Purnell was hired as Simon’s counselor to keep track of his mental progress due to the trauma he endured. Purnell notes that Simon is loath to speak of his personal life, refusing to comment on topics regarding his home or school life. Due to little success in their sessions, he recommends Simon try a form of cognitive therapy by writing a book to express his thoughts and emotions, to get them out of his head.

This suggestion leads to the events of the game, a depiction of Simon’s mental struggle against his inner demons. A twisted version of Purnell in a gasmask is seen in this world, dropping false hints to Simon about a possible biological outbreak — the Doctor expressing belief that Simon isn’t even real, and that everyone else around him is psychotic despite the fact he murders two individuals in cold blood.

Simon comes to believe that the Doctor is responsible for all of this and chases him to a mental asylum located deep in the forest, the Doctor eventually making contact with Simon and offering to open a gate for him in exchange for Simon handing over a pistol located in the asylum’s bowling alley. The players choice decides what ending is unlocked — if the player gives Purnell the gun, he thanks Simon for his trust and gives him the key to the gate before loading the pistol and shooting him in the shoulder. If Simon refuses to give him the gun he expresses disappointment in Simon before tossing him the key anyways, shortly after still shooting him with his snub-nose revolver.

After the encounter by the gate, Simon pursues Purnell up to the attic of the asylum and engages him in a gunfight. The battle eventually ends in Simon’s victory, the Doctor laying wounded on the ground before Simon approaches him and finishes him off by stomping on his face multiple times, crushing his skull in and destroying his mask.

Following the conclusion of the game, the ending unlocked decides the fate of the real Doctor Purnell. If Simon chose to not trust him with the gun, either Ending 1 or Ending 3 is unlocked — in which Simon murders Purnell in his apartment, regarding his attempts at helping him either to be done out of spite or simply to be useless, respectfully. But if Simon trusts him with the gun, Ending 2 or Ending 4 are unlocked.

In Ending 2 Simon commits suicide following his murder of Sophie and he openly states his apologies to Purnell in the final notes of his book, stating that not everyone can be saved. In Ending 4 Simon does not kill himself and is instead convicted to a mental hospital following a psychosis that causes him to accidentally shoot two police officers. Purnell then becomes Simon’s official mentor in the asylum, working to bring Simon back to mental health — something that Simon is grateful for.

Upon completing the game in any ending will unlock «Doctor Mode». You play as Doctor Purnell, armed with a snub-nose revolver and equipped with a nightvision built-in gasmask. He will have to battle through armies of monsters created by Simon’s mind in order to get into the apartment which Simon lives in, to destroy the book Simon has written.

He is voiced by Lasse «BerZerK89» Holmen from ModDB.

Roped Off Apartment

The corridor…

When Simon gets into the roped off apartment, he descends a ladder in the middle of the room. He then finds himself in a dark corridor, while hearing the doctor talking about his patient. He then finds a door that leads him to a room with a face (the same one from the first nightmare) spasming around. Once Simon defeats the enemies here, a cage in front of him will be opened, revealing a door. Simon reaches the door but Sawrunner appears in front of him. The floor collapses and Simon finds himself in a dark place. He runs toward the only light in the distance, which is a room. Simon enters this room and goes through the door ending the nightmare.


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Chapter 1: ruMpel

Simon sits on a sidewalk, slitting his wrists as he has flashbacks of some of the horrifying events he witnessed during Cry of Fear. Eventually he decides to get walking, and as he approaches a cryptic door, he hears a cryptic voice telling him to come inside. He enters a green corridor, and the voice confronts him again, stopping him several times. The voice gives him several riddles such as «to get the right way, nothing is left». If he moves before the voice gives him permission, or heads in the wrong direction he will die. The corridors twist and warp in front of him. Eventually, after several stops he comes into a large open area, where he will have to move from light spot to light spot, being accosted by several enemies, he also picks up a VP70.

Book Pages

  • The first page is obtained after finishing the game. It explains where to find all the other pages.
  • The second page is found under a blue van in Saxon Avenue. It explains what grade you will get according to difficulty, syringes used, accuracy, etc.
  • The third page is found in the forest of Chapter 6, on the left side of the clearing where Sawrunner chases you after getting the doorknob (GRAB THE PAGE BEFORE THE DOORKNOB). It explains how to unlock the secret items.
  • The fourth page is found in the maintenance shafts in the subway on Chapter 4 (after getting the flares), there’s a corridor that has 3 fans. The middle one is partially broken. Crawl through the broken part, look to your right and head all the way down to the corridor to find the page. It explains how to unlock all the hoodies.
  • The fifth page is found after escaping the crashed train in Chapter 6, go to the end of the bridge. On the right hand side there will be a red broken car with a door behind it. The page is to the left of the door. It explains how to unlock the secret weapons.

Места встречи[]

Бегун в лесу

  • Первое место, где вы встречаете Бегуна, находится в переулках Ронэлд-стрит, где он находит к вам путь, разрезая бензопилой прикованную цепями дверь. Он будет преследовать вас по узким переулкам, пока вы не перепрыгните через забор, чтобы избежать смерти. Имейте в виду, что M16 находится в комнате, из которой он выходит и вы можете получить его, если удастся обойти его.
  • Вторая встреча, когда Саймон путешествует по глухим переулкам в сторону университета, чтобы найти предохранитель на доступ к станции Saxon Avenue.
  • Третья встреча происходит во время кошмара с огромной головой. После того как игрок подойдет к двери, Бегун сломает дверь перед вами и пол под игроком сломается. Монстр не сможет прыгнуть вниз, чтобы продолжить преследование.
  • Четвертая встреча в лесу, где игрок находит дверную ручку на земле с кровавой стрелкой, указывающей на лачугу в отдалении. После того как игрок приблизится к дверной ручке, Бегун появится и будет преследовать игрока, пока последний не вставит дверную ручку в дверь лачуги и не скроется внутри. Игрок не сможет использовать деревья, чтобы остановить его.
  • Пятая и последняя встреча в режиме одиночной игры. До прибытия Саймона в дом, игроку придётся плавать через туннель с водой, а потом выбраться из него в обычный коридор и в конце него подобрать ключ. Бегун сломает дверь и будет преследовать игрока, пока последний не нырнёт обратно в воду. Убедитесь, что у вас есть пустые слоты в инвентаре, чтобы подобрать ключ.

Также, Бегун встречается в режиме Доктор Мод:

  • Первый экземпляр находится в сети коридоров после выхода из канализации. Он появится в помещении сразу правее игрока и будет преследовать к следующей лестнице. После того как игрок достиг следующего уровня, он снова появляется на верхней части следующей лестницы.
  • Вторая встреча будет в подвале жилого дома по коридору. Погоня быстро закончится как только игрок достигнет порога в конце.
  • Третья и последняя встреча в коридоре на третьем этаже жилого дома.

Один раз Бегун встречается в кооперативе в лесу, где встречался в одиночной игре, однако он появляется как босс, которого предстоит убить. А второй раз он встретится вам на Ронэлд-стрит и снова разрежет дверь, запутанную цепями. И опять его предстоит убить как босса (в верхней части экрана появится бар со здоровьем Бегуна). Только после этого сломаются доски, перекрывающие вам возможность прыжка через забор.


These weapons are overpowered/joke weapons not intended to be in the game for serious play and can be unlocked by finding specific items in game or meeting certain criteria upon single-player campaign completion. They can be found laid out on a table in both secret rooms of the game.

  • Camera — Unlocked by beating the game in under 2.5 hours. Patch 1.2 corrected a glitch where the player might obtain the camera without meeting the aforementioned requirement.
  • Simon’s Book — Unlocked by beating the game in Nightmare mode and acquiring a S rank.
  • FAMAS — Unlocked by beating the game with any Ending/Ranking in Nightmare Mode.
  • David Leatherhoff’s Axe — In «Heaven,» go to the door that requires a code to enter (the same one used in Afraid of Monsters DC). You will find the axe in that room. Use it on a twitcher once to obtain it as an unlockable.


Simon’s life before the events of Cry of Fear is hinted through dialogue and flashbacks. Simon grew up in Kirkville his hometown with his Mother. Nothing is mentioned about his father however, and it is unknown if Simon even met him. Through Simon’s introduction quote, he claims that he has felt alone his entire life, which indicates that he felt as though he did not have many friends and lived alone most of the time with the only company coming from his Mother. It is hinted that Simon’s Mother is overprotective as proven by the text messages she sends him throughout the game, likely meaning Simon did not socialize often in his younger years.

During his lifetime, Doctor Purnell states that Simon has lived with mental problems for a long time, which has proven to be anxiety and depression, which Simon claims to be generated by his loneliness (in Simon’s words from the IRL trailer he claims that «Anxiety and Depression controls my life everyday»). Simon would occasionally take a train to Stockholm and take lonely walks around the city, most likely to help him take his mind off being lonely. Simon is shown to be an occasional smoker — seen clearly during a smoking scene during gameplay, which might prove the stress he endures. From the appearance of Simon’s bag it is implied that he is a fan of heavy metal music, and from the logo on the back of his hoodie he either has attended concerts, or it is merely miscellaneous detail.

When Simon started college, he met a girl named Sophie, who he became fond of. Simon became close to Sophie after helping her with the problems she had endured, going as far as to say that Simon was the only male at college who would help her through her troubling times, making her life «more bearable.» Eventually, Simon became so attached to Sophie that he came to conclusion that he loves her and eventually built enough courage to confess his love to her, but she rejected him, and even after Simon insisted that he loved her, she backed away from him, telling him that she «had leave for somewhere.» Sophie’s rejection debilitated Simon hard, he went as far as to blaming himself that she chose to reject him and was unable to move aside from the pain of her rejection. Depending on gameplay, Simon will either ignore his emotions, allowing them to fester to the point where it punished both Simon and Sophie, or despite being hurt, move on.

At some unknown point, Simon obtained a Switchblade. It is unknown where he obtained it or his reason for wanting one, but it is very likely that he used the blade to cut at his wrist, as seen throughout the game when Simon injects himself with morphine that he has scars on his wrist, indicating that he attempted suicide or felt the need to harm himself, possibly due to the emotional turmoil that he felt from Sophie’s rejection or the stress he feels from his loneliness.

Modding Claims Lives

This Easter egg was added in the coop campaign Manhunt, located in the map before reaching Purnell’s house. You’ll eventually find a sledgehammer and an M16. Take the sledgehammer and break the door in the map. You’ll find an image with the words «Modding claims 1000 lives every year» followed by 2 images of ruMpel, one of the images showing ruMpel some years younger (presumably taken before or during the making of Cry of Fear) than the image to the right, which is a more actual picture of him. At the side of this Easter egg you’ll find a friendly Sawrunner, who won’t attack you nor your mates, but instead will attack any enemy on its sight, so releasing him can allow you to save some ammo.


Stephano figurine

Initially, it was an Easter Egg only released for PewDiePie, but was later released for everyone who had the mod. To find it, after breaking the brick wall to reach the yellow doors, you must run straight and jump while pressing the action button to open the door in the ceiling. You’ll enter a room in which you’ll find a morphine syringe and the Stephano figurine on a table. If the players touches it, Simon will say «Stephano? What the fuck PewDiePie!» then the wall in front of him will collapse, revealing a Handcrab (an enemy from Afraid of Monsters which behaves exactly like a Headcrab from Half-Life) on another table which will immediately attack the player. The Handcrab is nicknamed «Ruben» by PewDiePie in his Afraid of Monsters Playthrough videos, which is (probably and highly likely) the reason of the Handcrab’s appearance for PewDiePie.

This Easter egg is available since Patch 1.2 or later version excluding 1.6. Since version 1.6 (standalone release), this Easter egg has been completely deleted.


Созданием Cry of Fear занялась команда Psykskallar, которая также создала две другие модификации к Half-LifeAfraid of Monsters и Resident Evil: Cold Blood. Разрабатывался проект 3,5 года и при этом использовался движок Half-Life GoldSrc. В целом, кроме Андреаса Рённберга, в создании модификации принимали участие десять человек.

В интервью сайту Videocast разработчики заявили, что город, где происходит история, имеет реальный прототип. Создатели решили создать населённый пункт, похожий на Стокгольм, с городским парком, метро и свободными квартирами. Так как игра была создана в Швеции, контроль над персонажем Cry of Fear различается ввиду различий раскладки клавиатуры.

23 апреля 2013 года в сервисе Steam состоялся релиз уже в качестве отдельной игры, не требующей оригинальной копии игры Half-Life.


The back of Simon’s hoodie

  • Simon’s full name, Simon Henriksson, can be found on the Strange Package earned in Ending 4.
  • The back of Simon’s hoodie is from a music festival called Freedom Music Festival.
  • Though it may be for user-friendly purposes, Simon dual-wields a hand-gun or a melee weapon in his left hand and another optional item (such as a light source) in his right hand. This could imply that Simon may be left-handed, or even ambidextrous.
  • Simon’s first model is still found in the first nightmare sequence, when he punches the mirror.
  • In real life the P345 is not an ambidextrous weapon, and is designed for right handed shooters, so it is likely that he wouldn’t find it easy to use with his left hand.
  • One of the hurt sounds of Simon is in fact cursing. The line is Aaah… Fan!, which translates to Aaah… Damn!’
Simon’s cursing.
Aaah… Fan!
  • Simon’s bag has some band logos on it, along with the word KVLT

    The word KVLT is used mostly by metalheads to refer to old Black Metal recordings. This implies that Simon listens to Black Metal, possibly Black-Doom Metal or Depressive Suicidal Black Metal given his depressive mood.

    . This may imply that Simon listens to heavy metal music.


Глок 19, 9 мм.

Глок 19, 9 мм.

Первое огнестрельное оружие, которое Саймон находит в одиночной игре. Находит у трупа, свисающего с потолка, практически в самом начале уровня Квартира. Позже, Саймон столкнётся с Самоубийцей, вооружённый этим оружием. В Глок 19 вмещается 15 патронов.


  • Занимает второе место среди пистолетов по вместимости патронов.
  • Он может быть оснащён тактическим фонариком, избавляя игрока от необходимости к отдельному источнику света.
  • Умеренно низкая отдача.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Очень много боеприпасов.
  • Если бить рукоятью врагов, можно сэкономить патроны.
  • Довольно полезное оружие.


  • Самый слабый пистолет в игре.
  • Долгая перезарядка делает игрока уязвимым.


VP70 — четвёртое огнестрельное оружие, с которым сталкивается Саймон. Он может быть найден в конце туннеля до университета в переулках главы 4. В VP70 вмещается 18 патронов.


  • Большая скорострельность.
  • Умеренно низкая отдача.
  • Стреляет очередью из трёх пуль.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Имеет самую высокую вместимость патронов среди пистолетов.
  • Второй по урону пистолет.


  • Не может быть переключён в режим одиночной стрельбы.
  • Патроны встречаются редко.
  • Из-за отдачи не все три патрона за выстрел могут попасть в цель.

Ruger P345

Ruger P345 — очень мощный пистолет с очень малым разбросом боеприпасов к нему по локациям (боеприпасы к нему встречаются редко). Этот пистолет требует доктор Пернелл. Также, это первое огнестрельное оружие, доступное в кооперативе. В P345 вмещается 8 патронов.


  • Большой урон.
  • Удобный прицел.


  • Большая отдача.
  • Боеприпасы к нему встречаются редко.
  • Долго им не попользуешься, поскольку вы получаете его около конца одиночной игры.

Taurus .357 Magnum

Этот револьвер используется доктором Пурнеллом, чтобы выстрелить из него Саймону в плечо. Также этот пистолет используется в Доктор Моде.


  • Большой урон.
  • Высокая точность.
  • Удобный прицел.
  • Перезарядка может быть прервана.


  • Обладает самой низкой ёмкостью магазина из всех пистолетов (может вмещать только 5 патронов).
  • Медленная скорость перезарядки.
  • Трудно совершить фатальный выстрел на проворных врагах, которое может привести к напрасной растрате пуль.
  • Не доступен в течении длительного времени, из-за этого его можно получить только во второй половине одиночной игры.
  • В одиночной игре он может быть получен только путём отказа давать Пернеллу оружие, которое приводит к концовке 1 или 3.

Chapter 4: Sebmarsh

At the start of this map, there is a closet door, allowing the player to apply a custom or unlocked hoodie. You head down a corridor to a main room with several side doors. 2 of the doors contain disturbing visions (There is also a shotgun nearby on a shelf. From one room you can see Sophie laying dead in a bath with simon nearby, crying on a chair. However when you enter the door next to it, the room that contained sophie is now empty and missing its roof, and the room you were previously in now features the doctor standing surrounded by shady figures (re entering the other room you will see the scene with Sophie dead again, and vice versa). You must enter a darkened room to acquire an exit key, and you will have to defeat a stranger before exiting. After unlocking the exit door, you enter a long dark corridor and are attacked by and must defeat Book Simon. After defeating Book Simon, you will suddenly appear in another hallway full of doors. You must search the rooms for an exit key, and once again fend off attacks from several enemies. One of the rooms, again, contains Sophie’s corpse, this time lying on the floor of a bloodied room. Once the exit door is unlocked, you come out into an alleyway, after a few seconds you’ll be teleported again, this time to a pitch black room containing 4 twitchers, and a single door. Once you’ve killed the twitchers you can finally exit the level.

About the monster

Despite being named Slowers, they are not particularly slow; they vary between an erratic limping shuffle and a maddened, flailing dash with their head raised at the player from motion to motion, sometimes catching against objects in the environment to shuffle wildly, seemingly oblivious. When they do close the distance to the player, they will swing their hammer out from right to left or upward several times and while they are not the strongest foes, they are the most often encountered early, while Simon is armed with only a knife, making them particularly threatening in harder difficulty modes.

The Slowers are notable for their spasmodically moving heads, which makes aiming for headshots difficult. It’s advisable for players to dispatch them with body shots, or melee, while keeping mindful of their surroundings to avoid being backed into a corner. Early on, knife-fighting is the only option.

When Simon initially deals damage to a Slower, it will be stunned. This only seems to ever occur once per Slower. This offers the player the opportunity to make between three to four ‘safe’ knife stabs, while the creature recoils. Players on Hard and Nightmare difficulties should learn to exploit this behaviour early, in order to reduce the damage they take from the first few encounters with these foes.

Slowers exhibit a behaviour where they will enter an attack stance. When approached in this stance, they can very quickly retort with additional attacks, and get in hits even if you dodge backwards. Their animation will change to them holding out their hammer or ‘ducking’ (entirely cosmetic) when they do so. Avoid knifing them in the few seconds after you’ve provoked them to attack, or Simon will likely take a hit or two.