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NPC Factions Joining the Fray

Fief Battles

When NPC factions act as the attacker, they will work to build battering rams and siege towers in battle. Imperial Restorationists partaking in their battles can also deploy battering rams, siege towers, and trebuchets at no cost.


A pursuit battle ensues when a marching NPC faction is attacked by a noble House. The rules for these are identical to those of normal pursuit battles. Each side needs to defend its flag while capturing the flag of the other side to achieve victory.

Spoiling Attacks

Battles against armies that are forming are known as ‘Spoiling Attacks’ and use the same ruleset as Siege Battles. The NPC faction army will act as the defender and have a base with a flag. They win if they defend their flag until the time runs out, whereas the Free Houses win if they manage to capture the flag.

However, one difference is that if there are no attackers, the NPC faction will gain a buff, whereupon a 30-second timer will begin. If no attacker joins before the time runs out, the NPC faction wins automatically. If an attacker joins during “Urgent Guard”, the timer will disappear and the battle continues as usual.

Hero Equipment & Weapon Schematic Changes

To reduce the difficulty of forging equipment, we will be merging some schematics into new items with the start of Season IX Tyranny. Equipment and weapon schematics will be merged into one schematic each per rarity. These new schematics will replace the old ones at the Smith.

We will be reclaiming all schematics you own with the start of the Tyranny season, and convert these into the new schematics. Check the Appendix for more details.

Развитие командира и торговля

После баталии вы получите в награду серебро для покупки вещей, очки опыта и чести для открытия новых отрядов. Ускорить процесс развития поможет выполнение заданий. Квесты примитивные – убить 5 лучников, получить 10 уровень, изучить навык. Как только повысите уровень – можно прокачать старое или изучить новое умение. Что касается серебра, оно пригодится для покупки обмундирования, зелий, осадных орудий. Проект предлагает продвинутую экономику, ведь без торговли любое королевство зачахнет. Участвуйте в торгах на аукционе, покупайте снаряжения и предметы, заключайте выгодные сделки на черном рынке. Что касается крафта доспехов и оружия, то эта возможность появятся лишь на 30 уровне.

Путешествие по открытому миру

Когда надоест воевать, вы всегда сможете открыть мировую карту War Rage и отправиться в приключение по нескольким регионам. Но, для этого понадобится провиант. Чем больше армия, тем выше затраты. Что же делать на мировой карте – спросите вы? По всему миру разбросаны деревушки, где можно выгодно продать или купить нужные материалы. Будет возможность захватывать шахты, рудники, атаковать караваны и прочее. Так что приготовьтесь путешествовать ради ресурсов, переработки вещей и захвата территорий.


Added 3 New Units to the Seasonal Unit Challenge interface. You will be able to access these throughout the Season:


Previous Unit Unlock Requirement


3-Star: Sons of Fenrir


Challenges will be available from Week 1.

4-Star: Berserkers

You must unlock Sons of Fenrir before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

Challenges will be available from Week 3.

5-Star: Shieldmaidens

You must unlock Berserkers before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

Challenges will be available from Week 5.

Season III Unit Challenges:

Accessible from the Seasonal Interface, you can navigate back to previous seasons challenges. We have reduced the requirement to unlock Season III Units by 20%.

Fief Battle Changes

Currently, the duration of fief battles is fixed, which has led to long wait times. To improve the pacing, we want battle durations to change depending on the battle, so we’re making the following changes: The duration will be split into two parts, “Initial Time” and “Reward Time”. “Initial Time” will be either 10 or 15 minutes depending on the fief size. “Reward Time” will increase the duration by 15 minutes when the attacker occupies the central point. No extra time will be added if the central point changes ownership again.

War Assemblies

During the Territory War, NPC factions will gather their forces in what are called Assemblies. Once an Assembly ends, they will form an army and march on an enemy’s fief.

NPC factions usually initiate Assemblies in their own territory. If they no longer own any fiefs, they will instead Assemble in a neutral area. All players will be able to see the status, pathing, and destination of an assembling army on the World Map.

Once the Assembly finishes, the NPC faction’s army will march towards the target fief. Players can attack the army while it is in transit. After such a battle, the army will gain either the Victorious or the Broken status depending on the results and gain protection for 200 seconds during which they cannot be attacked. (Some NPC factions will retreat upon being defeated instead)

NPC faction armies upon reaching their destination will begin forming up for battle. After these 90 seconds, the NPC faction will become the commander of the next battle at this fief. While ‘forming up’, players may attack and start assaults against their army. The assault will last until their ‘Forming Up’ status expires, but assaulting them will extend the duration of this status. If they are defeated while forming up, they will disperse and be unable to attack the fief.

If they are instead victorious in this battle, they will become the commander of the next battle of this fief.

Imperial Restorationists Changes

Our original idea with the Imperial Restorationists was to enhance players’ roleplaying experience. Based on this, we’ve decided to make a big change for how the Imperial Restorationists take part in Territory Wars, giving them a completely different experience compared to Free Houses.

The Imperial Restorationists will no longer automatically declare war against fiefs belonging to Free Houses, instead, this will be replaced with the system of armies and assemblies. Some special NPC factions will allow Imperial Restorationists to partake in their battles and aid them. Imperial Restorationists can also partake in the defense of these special factions.

All players belonging to the Imperial Restorationists will receive a notification when a special NPC faction is Assembling. Simply head to the World Map to take part. If a special faction has initiated an Assembly but it has not yet been filled, Imperial Restorationists can take part in that Assembly via the World Map provided they are not wounded. If the army is not up to full strength when the assembly ends, more NPCs will join to fill up the remaining spots before marching.

Players don’t have to take any action during the march. Players may leave the army at any time, and other players may join if it isn’t full.

Imperial Restorationists that are wounded in a pursuit attack will automatically leave the army. Once they have recovered, they can join an army that has room for them.

Imperial Restorationists that enter fief battles like this will automatically gain siege engines such as siege towers and battering rams which they can deploy during the battle. If the NPC faction’s battle fails, the army will disperse for now.


Searching for the perfect House to join can be difficult when there are many Houses within the House list that are inactive. Due to this have implemented the following system:

  • Houses which have had no members login for the last 60 days will be disbanded.
  • Disbandment of Houses will happen every Wednesday at 03:00 Server Time.
  • House leaders of the disbanded Houses will receive in-game mail informing them of the disbandment.
  • Names of disbanded Houses will become available for others to use once the House disbandment has happened.
  • House Founders (purple named Houses) are unaffected by this and will not be disbanded.

Command House Changes

Command House Selection

  • Following this update, the Command House will be ordered based on Prestige. Once a battle is imminent for a fief, the House in the list with the most Prestige will become the Command House, leading the attack. If multiple Houses have equal Prestige to the House with the most Prestige, then the one that entered the list first will assume command.
  • Upon declaring war against a fief, the House will join that fief’s declared war list. When first entering the list, you will not be able to see the Prestige of other Houses. However, when Territory War begins, the Prestige of all Houses will be displayed in descending order.
  • Once the Command House has been decided, they will command the battle even if the declare war list’s order changes. If the Command House doesn’t start a battle within three minutes, they will lose 1,000 Prestige and the other Houses in the list will once again be ordered based on Prestige to see who will command the battle.

Victory & Defeat

Since our implementation of having the Command House command battles, neither victories nor defeats have come with any direct negative effects. This obviously feels imperfect in comparison to how losing the defense leads to losing the fief entirely, and this has led to some malicious gameplay behaviours. As we’re making changes to the Prestige system, we’ll also be adding the following rules:

  • If the Command House fails to occupy the fief, they will lose some Prestige whether the defenders successfully defend it or if another House (including other Houses in their alliance) manages to occupy it. The Prestige they lose will depend on the fief’s type and level.
  • If the Command House fails to occupy the fief, they will lose Prestige but remain on the declared war list. Houses will then once again be ordered based on Prestige, and if they still have the most Prestige, they will command the next battle as well.
  • The Command House has full control over the battle, and members of that House with the authority to do so may change the settings regarding whether members from other Houses may partake, or eject any Warlord from the battle.

Preparing the Server for the Tournament

  • MY.GAMES will take the necessary steps to ensure the Tournament server is set up with the same build that is currently on the Live server.
  • Shortly before the tournament is scheduled to begin, the tournament host must provide MY.GAMES with the list of participants and their information including each players:
    • Account ID. Can be found:
      • MY.GAMES https://conqblade.com/account
      • MAIL.RU: https://cb.mail.ru/account
    • Platform (MY.GAMES, MAIL.RU or Steam)
    • For example: 11007327, MY.GAMES
  • Shortly before the tournament begins, we will provide participants with access to the Tournament server.


This Season’s Campaign is made up of 5 stages. Ungverija is the core region of Season VII with the main objective being Turul Város, Ungverijan fiefs will grant bonus influence to those that capture and hold them. At the end of the Season, if an alliance has ownership of Turul Város, their ruling house’s liege has a chance to be bestowed the Hegemon title and all of their members will receive additional rewards.



Stage 1: The Baron’s War

March 18 — April 5

Territory War in: Ostaria, Anadolou

Inaccessible: Ungverija, Borderlands

Border Posts to Ungverija will open on March 29th, 12:00 Server Time. Once the borders are open, Territory War will begin in Ungverija

Stage 2: Heart of the World

April 5 — April 26

Territory War in: Ostaria, Anadolou,Ungverija

Inaccessible: Borderlands

Border Posts to the Borderlands will open on April 12th, 12:00 Server Time. Once the borders are open, Territory War will begin in the Borderlands.

Stage 3: The Chaos Spreads

April 26 — May 17

Territory War in: Ostaria, Anadolou,Ungverija, Borderlands

Stage 4: Usurp the Throne

May 17 — May 31

Territory War in: Ostaria, Anadolou,Ungverija, Borderlands

Battle for the capitals: Augolia (capital of Ostaria), Reginopolis (capital of Anadolou)

Stage 5: Imperial Dawn

May 31 — June 14

Territory War in: Ostaria, Anadolou,Ungverija, Borderlands

Battle for the capitals: Augolia (capital of Ostaria), Reginopolis (capital of Anadolou)

Battle for the core capital: Turul Város (capital of Ungverija)

Doctrines & Battle Relics


General Informations about all game modes:

1) In every game mode are flags you can capture. To capture a flag you have to stay in the circle of that flag for a while. The time you need to capture a flag is shorter, if there are more players of your team in the circle. There are two types of flags: The bases and the supply points. The bases are always needed to get progress for your team. At the supply points you can get new units, change your weapons, change your horse and change the artillrey you carry with you.

2) At the start of a game you can always select your weapon, your loadout of units and the artilley you want to carry with you. You can’t change your hero equipment at that point!

3) There is a limit of Leadership for every player. So always think about your units. If you take high-tier units with you, play very safe and dont waste them, because you don’t have many units to change.

4) Some speciall battles are only on some days accessable. On the following picture you see the time schedule for EU West 1 & 2.


We have added Avatars and Frames to give warlords more customisation for their character. You can change your avatar and frame by accessing the Character interface (via ‘P’).

Unlocking Avatars and Frames:

Avatars can be unlocked by completing specific Achievements, all information to unlock a specific avatar can be found in the Avatar interface. When you complete an achievement, navigate to Character interface (via ‘P’) > Career > Achievements to claim and unlock your new avatar.

Frames are more exclusive and harder to obtain, these are issued by the Conqueror’s Blade team or granted as end-of-season rewards, for example being Grand Champion in Ranked Battles.

Displaying Avatars and Frames:

Avatar and Frames are displayed in the following locations:

  • Group interface
  • When checking players information
  • Battle Kill Prompts
  • Battle Loading Screen
  • Leaderboards

Про особенности оружия «Пика», в игре Conquerors Blade.

Оружие «Пика» наделена уникальным механизмом использования специальных атак. Все способности можно активировать 3 раза, а их восполнение значительно быстрое. А усиленные способности дают возможность производить комбинированные атаки и сочетать их с обычными способностями. От комбинированных атак зависит конечный результат и урон по врагу.

Герой с оружием «Пика» весьма мобилен, что позволяет ему быстро перемещаться по полю боя. Это дает возможность уходить из критических моментов или догонять и добивать вражеских героев. При этом расстояние атаки производится на большой дистанции, для ближнего боя. В процессе игры нужно понять оптимальную и безопасную дистанцию в ближнем бою, чтобы повысить выживаемость.


Define the full ruleset for your tournament. Remember, you are the one responsible for ensuring all rules and guidelines are set in stone before submitting your project to the Community staff members, and that the rules are respected during the tournament. Some things to remember:

  • Consider all potential results & scenarios. What happens in the event of a tie? What are the tiebreakers?
  • What happens if a team loses a player due to a crash or other unforeseen circumstance?
  • How will you make sure no one is violating the rules? What happens if someone is caught violating the rules?
  • Who has ultimate authority for match disputes?
  • Rules should include limitations if applicable. For example, if certain units can’t be used the rules should clearly indicate that.
  • Tournaments are made to be a fun way to interact with the whole community so make sure to keep that in mind but, in the end, skill should determine the winner(s) of your tournament
  • Again, there have been many community tournaments therefore please feel free to reach out to previous tournament hosts for their experiences.


Added 3 New Units to the Seasonal Unit Challenge interface. You will be able to access these throughout the Season:

Note: Dates are subject to change


Previous Unit Unlock Requirement


3-Star: Outriders


Challenges will be available from September 28th.

4-Star: Axe Raiders

You must unlock Outriders before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit.

Challenges will be available from October 4th.

5-Star: Shenji Grenadiers

You must unlock Axe Raiders before you can proceed with Challenges for this unit. The Shenji Grenadiers can also be unlocked for Honour without needing to complete Unit Challenges.

Challenges will be available from TBA.

Разогнать процессор

В то время как «разгон» видеокарты вполне осуществим прямо в Windows, для того, чтобы улучшить работу процессора и тем самым увеличить быстродействие War Rage, придется лезть в «Биос».

Геймерский «разгон» процессора обычно предполагает увеличение процессорного множителя (Core Ratio). Сделать это можно далеко не на каждом процессоре, а только на том, где этот множитель разблокирован. Обычно такие процессоры помечаются особым образом. Например, компания Intel использует маркировки «K» и «X‘. То есть, например, i7-4790 нельзя разогнать с помощью множителя, а вот i7-4790K — вполне.

Но как узнать точное название модели процессора? Проще всего воспользоваться программой CPU-Z. Запустив ее, нужно открыть вкладку «CPU» и посмотреть на самую первую строчку — «Name». Это и есть название процессора. Кстати, там же можно увидеть из сам множитель. Он в разделе «Clocks», в строке «Multiplier». Если процессор поддерживает «разгон», то этот множитель можно изменить.

Чтобы изменить коэффициент Core Ratio, нужно сначала попасть в оболочку BIOS. Для этого нужно нажать особое сочетание клавиш во время загрузки компьютера (до того, как появится экран Windows).

Сочетание может различаться в зависимости от материнской платы. Часто BIOS можно вызвать с помощью клавиши «F8» или «Del». На экране «Биоса» нужно найти раздел, посвященный процессору. Тут тоже все сложно, так как оболочек у BIOS много. Практически каждый производитель материнский плат использует свою собственную, поэтому без знания английского языка найти нужное место не так-то просто.

Изменять множитель нужно постепенно, повышая его на 2. После каждого изменения следует перезапускать компьютер и тщательно проверять работоспособность и температуру процессора. Если она становится выше 80 градусов во время игры, то нужно немедленно выключить Conqueror’s Blade, перезагрузить компьютер, зайти в BIOS и снизить значение Core Ratio. Иначе процессор может сгореть.

Увеличить файл подкачки, если не хватает оперативной памяти для War Rage

Чтобы компенсировать недостаток оперативной памяти, можно увеличить файл подкачки. Это позволит системе хранить часть необходимых Conqueror’s Blade данных прямо на жестком диске. Вот что нужно сделать:

  • Открыть «Проводник»;
  • Правой кнопкой нажать на «Этот компьютер» (или «Мой компьютер»);
  • В контекстном меню кликнуть на «Свойства»;
  • В открывшемся окне слева нажать на «Дополнительные параметры системы»;
  • В открывшемся окне перейти на вкладку «Дополнительно»;
  • В разделе «Быстродействие» нажать на кнопку «Параметры…»;
  • В открывшемся окне перейти на вкладку «Дополнительно»;
  • Снять флажок с параметра «Автоматически выбирать объем файла подкачки» (если есть);
  • Поставить флажок напротив опции «Указать размер»;
  • В текстовых полях «Исходный размер (МБ):» и «Максимальный размер (МБ):» указать в мегабайтах значение, равное половине объема оперативной памяти.

Следует понимать, что файл подкачки эффективен только тогда, когда системе не хватает оперативной памяти. Если компьютер имеет 8-16 Гб, то файл подкачки практически не используется. А при использовании SSD-диска в качестве системного наличие файла подкачки и вовсе может замедлить производительность War Rage, поэтому не следует бездумно задавать большое значение файла подкачки.


  • Added new Units, which are available from the Season IX Unit challenges, these units enjoy a Seasonal bonus which decreases their Leadership requirements by 10 and resupply cost is reduced by 50% for the duration of the Season.
    • 3-Star: Outriders
    • 4-Star: Axe Raiders
    • 5-Star: Shenji Grenadiers 
  • Activated the following Season IX Content:
    • Seasonal Unit Challenges for Season IX
    • Weekly Challenges
    • Campaign
    • Season IX Battle Pass
    • Season IX Battle Pass Bundle
    • Seasonal Store
    • Seasonal Runes
  • Added ‘Bandit Raids’ as a separate tile in the ‘Matched Battles’ interface.
  • Activated the Fame system and the Garrison Quartermaster Store.


Battle Pass System:

We’ve made some adjustments to the Battle Pass system for Season VII.


Blades were introduced as part of Season VI as a secondary currency that players could earn via the Battle Pass which could be used to purchase Antique attires. Based on players feedback and data, we have made adjustments to the Seasonal Store and the Seasonal Currency.

  • Hero Tokens will no longer be part of the Battle Pass, only Blades can be earned via the Battle Pass in Season VII.
  • Blades are the only Seasonal currency available in Season VII.
  • Blades from Season VI can be used in Season VII and will be carried over to future Seasons.
  • Blades earned in Season VII will be able to be carried over to future Seasons.
  • Blades have a cap of 10,000. Please make sure to spend your Blades before you earn more.
  • Blades will now only be displayed in the Seasonal Store interface, they will no longer be stored in your inventory.
  • Blades can be used to purchase Season VII Weapon Skins, Season VII unit and horse attires, Consumables,  Wrath of the Nomads Antique attires and Soldier of Fortune Antique attires.

Antique Attires and the Seasonal Store:

Antique attires based on attires from Season III: Soldiers of Fortune have been added to the Seasonal Store.

Things to note:

  • Season III Antique Weapon Attires have been added to the store and will only be available throughout Season VII.
  • Season III Antique Hero and Unit attires will be on a 20% discount for Season VII and their price will rise in future Seasons.
  • Season II Antique Hero and Unit attires which were available in Season VI are now full price.
  • Season II Antique Weapon Attires have been removed from the Seasonal Store.

Attire Previews:

Warlords are able to preview Thegn’s Hero Attire and the Odin’s Hero attire in full-screen mode via the Battle Pass interface. To do this, select one of the two attires you are interested in previewing and press the little eye symbol on the far right of the screen.

Attire Idle Animations:

We have added special idle animations for warlords who wear the complete set of either the Thegn’s Hero Attire or the Odin’s Hero Attire.

Premium Account Improvements:

Adjusted the amount of War points required for extra Vault Keys.

War Points



Vault Key x2


Vault Key x2


Vault Key x2


Vault Key x2


Define the “backbone“ of your project. Specifically, what type of tournament will it be. You must provide a full breakdown of the tournament structure. For example:

  • Single round elimination? Best of 3? Double knockout?
  • Will it be a duel tournament? 15v15 siege? 3v3 field battle?
  • What units will be allowed? Can artillery be used?
  • Is it an on-going league?
  • Will training rooms be required? No for Duel Tournaments, Yes for Siege/Field Tournaments.

These details are important! Several community tournaments have already been created, so do not hesitate to reach out to them for some ideas.

Important Notes:

  • Territory Wars cannot be used as the game mode for the tournament.
  • We cannot implement any new game modes nor can we “turn on” past special events for the tournament.


There are many «Resources» in Conqueror’s Blade. We differentiate between Resources, Refined Resources and Materials. You need Resources for , Refined Resources for and and Materials for your .

Every time you gather Resources you will gain Collection-EXP. These are used in the Technology-Tree. Every upgrade gives your more Resources or Exotics and makes it easier to get the needed stuff. You gain round about 200 + 0.3/Exotic Collection-EXP.

Refining Resources:

Depending on what quality of Resources you use you may have to use more or less of it.

As the picture describes higher quality Resources means you have to use less of it to create the desired item.

You pay a small silver fee to refine Resources.

You can craft different quality Refined Resources as well.

Higher quality Refined Resources will require extra Exotics which you gain by harvesting Resources at higher farms. These are based by drop chance and not a guarantee.

Higher level Refined Resources also require a higher level fief. as you can see on the picture the purple quality Refined Resources will want you have a level 5 fief (meaning you have to be inside a level 5 fief to craft this, you do not have to own this fief yourself)

You use them to craft , instead of having to repair them with bronze (which will be incredibly costly later on). You can craft these kits yourself and replace them that way.

Включить режим производительности Nvidia

После установки драйвера для видеокарты от компании Nvidia можно ускорить работу Conqueror’s Blade с помощью режима производительности. Это немного упростит графику в игре, но повысит FPS

Обратите внимание, что этот метод доступен только в случае, если у вас видеокарта с чипом от Nvidia. Вот как это сделать:

  • В нижнем правом углу экрана, в трее, нажать правой кнопкой мыши на иконку «Настройки NVIDIA»;
  • В открывшемся окне справа выбрать вкладку «Параметры 3D»;
  • Нажать на опцию «Регулировка настроек изображения с просмотром»;
  • Справа поставить флажок напротив «Пользовательские настройки с упором на:»;
  • Передвинуть «ползунок», который находится ниже, в крайнюю левую позицию «Производительность»;
  • Снизу нажать на кнопку «Применить».

Далее необходимо запустить Conqueror’s Blade и убедиться, что все отображается корректно. Если возникают проблемы, то нужно вместо «Пользовательские настройки с упором на:» выбрать «Настройки согласно 3D-приложению».

Eagle Range (NA3)

About Event Modes:

Deathmatch: Cross blades with enemy teams, and prepare for all-out warfare. In this team deathmatch style mode, the first team to reach 30 kills reigns supreme! Duels can be played on the Mountain Struggle map every Monday evening, and on the Navy Shipyard map every Thursday evening.

Territory Wars: Join forces with your House and engage in server-wide battles! Vie for control over villages, forts, and cities, and all the land and resources that surround them. Territory Wars are fought every Tuesday and Saturday evening. Note that when the event timer has run down, no new battles or battle lines can be joined. Ongoing battles will however continue and can be joined until they are concluded. 

Free Battles: Wage war on three different maps to reap bigger and better rewards! Engage in field battles on the Field map every Wednesday evening, capture points and enemy camps on the Conquest map every Friday evening, and raze cities to the ground on the Siege map every Sunday evening.

Ranked Battles: Unlike regular matchmaking battles where you primarily earn Bronze and XP, Ranked Battles are all about creating a persistent record of where you sit alongside other heroes. Your efforts will still reward you with experience and go towards fulfilling quest objectives (although you won’t receive any Bronze), but Ranked matchmaking is primarily about establishing an evolving order of dominance.

What is “Drill Mode”?

At rare times when there are unresolved issues that could hinder fair gameplay, events — Territory Wars specifically — can be put into what we call “Drill Mode”. Effectively it’s a kind of training mode, which retains all the functionality of the event, with none of the consequences. So, you can still attack and defend settlements in epic battles, but any change in ownership or status will revert back to how it was before the event started.

The basic rules of Territory Wars are not changed by Drill mode: the foraging costs when marching in the open world are the same, you’ll still need to attack and choose a side to start an engagement, you only have one life and the outcomes follow the same rules — only minus any long-term effects.

Note that we may also use Drill Mode at times of the year when a low player population may not ensure the best experience — such as when Territory Wars clashes directly with a public holiday, or when access to services for a significant part of the player population is limited.

Whatever the circumstances, we always aim to inform players ahead of time when Drill Mode is to be enabled. Always check our Discord and other social channels for up-to-date server and event status news.  

Drill Mode battle adjustments

  • No war declaration is required to take part.
  • Defenders are able to join the attacking side and vice versa.
  • There will be no Territory War house commanders.
  • Territory ownership will temporarily change if the attacking side wins, but when the event ends, fief ownership will be restored to the house which owned it prior to the start of the event.
  • The prosperity of a city won’t be affected by the outcome of a battle, which means the city won’t degrade as a result of being fought over.
  • There’s no unit death or injury, meaning battles will be closer to matchmaking battles in terms of unit attrition.

Drill Mode reward adjustments

  • Whether they win or lose, attackers will be rewarded. Rewards will be based on performance and will be sent by mail after the battle is finished.
  • Defenders will be rewarded after the event, based on how much extra bonus is left in the fief. This rule is the same as per the weekly bonus that’s given out to members.
  • Each fief will be topped up with 2 days-worth of fief bonus, and this bonus is only to be applied for this event (it won’t affect a fief’s existing bonus). If the attacker wins, they will be rewarded with half of the remaining extra bonus that was added.


If there is a change in strategic objectives after declaring war against a fief, or if a House knows they’ll stand no chance, they have the option to withdraw from the battle.

Withdrawing from a battle will deduct Prestige. A House that is not the Command House will lose 200 Prestige upon withdrawing. However, should the Command House withdraw, it will suffer a bigger hit to its Prestige. If they retreat before the battle has begun, they will lose 500 Prestige, as well as 10% of their current Prestige. Upon doing so, a new Command House will immediately be selected. This fief will however still count toward that House’s war declarations for this Territory War and might lead to further Prestige losses. The Command House cannot withdraw from a battle that has already begun.

Houses may also not declare war against fiefs they withdraw from during that Territory War.