Minimalistic UI

Now that you’ve gotten your brand-new lighting and custom characters, you want to be able to enjoy them, right? Well, thanks to a cluttered UI that can be a bit of a challenge, and even a hindrance in the heat of battle. Wipe away all the excess lights and symbols with this UI overhaul and really appreciate the action. This mod removes borders and lines from your radar, blends in your ability icons, removes unnecessary info like distance numbers and objective statuses but keeps color statuses, gets rid of obvious text like “Defeat the Separatists,” removes the squad list, and more. You might not realize just how much junk is shoved in your face while playing, but once you clear it away it will be like night and day.

Bettersabers X

When you think Star Wars, you immediately think of lightsabers. This iconic weapon is one of the most popular in all of fiction, and only through games are we able to live out our fantasies of swinging around a beam of pure energy. Battlefront 2 gives us plenty of Jedi and Sith heroes to control, but the visuals of their lightsabers left a lot to be desired. It might not seem so hard to just make different colored light beams, but it took a modder to actually give them the visual style they deserve. Along with more consistency, the mod reshapes and adds tips, better colors, more spark effects, and reduces the motion trails, among other improvements. When all is said and done, this mod makes the game’s lightsabers far more in line with how we see them in the films.

7 The Dark Times

The Dark Times is one of the most extensive mods available for Star Wars Battlefront II. This mod not only adds new maps, characters, and weapons but also an entirely new single-player story campaign using those new assets.

Set before the events of the Galactic Civil War, the mod follows 20 prominent and lesser-known characters from the original trilogy. The story isn’t canon, and many hardcore Star Wars fans will probably find plot holes and inconsistencies with its story. But for a mod, it’s incredibly well-written and delivered, and adds a fun and unique twist to an old game, and an old story.

Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jinn

Speaking of characters that never made it in the game, why not go backward to the prequels? Okay, yes, there’s a lot of reasons to try and forget the prequels, but Mace Windu and Qui Gon Jinn are not among them. Who wouldn’t want to play as the only Jedi to get a purple lightsaber? Finally you can slice your way through stormtroopers as Samuel L. Jackson himself, replacing your Obi-Wan character. Or, maybe Liam Neeson is more your style. If you felt Qui Gon Jinn never got the representation he deserved after Episode I, bring him back in Battlefront 2 to replace your Luke character model. Now you can rewrite history and pit Qui Gon against Darth Maul for a rematch.

Where to get these mods and how to use them

When looking for any of the mods listed below for Battlefront 2, or the majority of PC games in general, nexusmods is the easiest and most comprehensive source there is. If you’ve never modded a game before, the process is made very simple using this site. First off, you will want to download the Frosty Mod Manager to load up all the mods you download into the actual game. Once you have the Frosty download, create a folder inside your Battlefront 2 game directory and title it something like Frosty or FrostyMods so you can find it. Next extract the contents of the zip archive you just downloaded into the game’s folder.

Next you will pick out the mod you want and make sure to select the option to download manually. Once the download is complete, place it on your desktop for easier access and open up your Frosty Mod Manager. Use the Import Mod button on the toolbar and select the mod. The mod will now appear in the Applied Mods list with a checkbox. Here you can turn on and off any and all mods you choose to download. That’s all there is to it!

And for those of you who may be concerned, EA has stated on its forums that any mods in Battlefront 2 that are cosmetic only, or do not actually change how the game works, shouldn’t result in any bans. We have to say shouldn’t here, because you do still agree to the game’s terms of service when you first start which gives them the ability to ban you for any modifications if they want. Thankfully there have been very little, if any, people who have reported being banned for using any of these mods.

Darth Malgus

A deep cut, but one that is sure to please fans of the extended universe, Darth Malgus is an ancient Sith Lord from the Great Galactic War. Or, if you’re not super into the extended universe stuff, a really cool looking evil Sith Lord you can swap out Vader for. This mod is clearly a labor of love, too. Not only was the model tweaked from the Old Republic game he was taken from, but they managed to add cloth physics, custom text for the UI in multiple languages, a unique lightsaber hilt, and even his own Starcards and Starfighter. Of all the “new” characters modders have added, this is one of the most impressive.

The 501st and more troops

While all those new force users are cool, most of the time you’re playing the game you’ll be a basic grunt rather than a hero, at least outside of specific game modes. So, why not spruce up your troops with some more skins? The 501st seemed like an obvious skin to have officially included in Battlefront 2, considering how popular they got in the Clone Wars, but it took a mod to finally bring them into active duty. But there are tons of other troop skins out there besides this one, such as the crimson Sith Troopers, old school Rebel Commandos, and even deep picks like the Coruscant Guards and Orthos Imperial Units. Basically, if there’s a uniform or outfit from Star Wars, there’s probably a mod for it.

9 Battlefront 2 – Remastered

If you’re looking for a mod that shakes things up a little more, Battlefront 2 – Remastered might be more your speed. As the name suggests, this is a total overhaul of the original game. Creator Harrisonfog went all-out in improving and enhancing every detail of the base game and adding more to that.

Battlefront 2 – Remastered changes all the assets in each map with new, higher resolution maps. It also adds improved lighting and swaps out character and vehicle models with better, more film-accurate designs. This mod vastly improves the graphics of the original game without altering the gameplay in any way.

Pink Darth Vader, Battle Damaged Vader

As soon as EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen was quoted as saying, “Not to mention you probably don’t want Darth Vader in pink. No offense to pink, but I don’t think that’s right in the canon.” he basically ensured this mod would be made. The Pink Vader mod is more of a statement than anything else, showing that Star Wars doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously. On the flip side, while we’re seeing Vader in new ways, the Battle Damaged Vader skin makes Vader the most terrifying he’s ever been. You can see parts of his scarred, burned, and robotic skin through rips in his suit, along with his mangled and discolored face and head depending on which variant you choose. It’s basically the complete opposite of Pink Vader, and yet neither one is a skin we would ever expect to see an official release.

5 Mass Effect: Unification

Mass Effect: Unification might be one of the most impressive mods for Battlefront II for the sheer fact that it turns a Star Wars game into a Mass Effect one. Unification changes every aspect of Battlefront II to make it look and play like a Mass Effect game.

Here, you can play as the Systems Alliance, the Geth, or the Collectors. They each come with their own slate of heroes including Commander Shepard and Jack. Each of these characters features voice lines from the game – in fact, all of the audio from the Mass Effect series was ported over. A lot of passion and time went into this mod, and if you’re a Mass Effect fan, you’re going to love it.

Latest mods

Luke ROTJ Jedi Robes Mod

  • Posted almost 3 years ago

This Star Wars: Battlefront II mod adds Jedi robes to Luke’s Return of the Jedi appearance and re-colour to suit his ROTJ outfit.

Star Wars Battlefront III Legacy

  • Posted almost 4 years ago

This total conversion mod shows us what the author imagined Battlefront 3 to be like.

Mass Effect: Unification

  • Posted almost 4 years ago

Adds units, sides, maps and heroes based on the Mass Effect series to Battlefront II.

Jakku: Graveyard of Giants

  • Posted almost 4 years ago

Recreates the map of the same name from Battlefront 2015 in OB Battlefront II.

Clone Wars Era Mod

  • Posted about 5 years ago

Ever wanted to play Battlefront II in the era of the Clone Wars with the Great Army of the Republic? With this mod you can. It reworks the Republic side so that you can choose between several signature regiments that made up the legendary precursors to the Storm Troopers. The mod even includes two new special officers and a slew of new lore friendly weapons to outfit your clone troops with.

Space Kamino: Modern version V1.03

  • Posted over 5 years ago

After the destruction of the second death star, the empire became desperate for solutions to bring back their army back up and shape. With no leader, it was hard to figure out how. Only the Emperor and Vader knew how to create the Death Star. Meanwhile, they come across the planet kamino and rediscovered that they have cloning facilities and can steal it to create more stormtroopers. With the few Imperial Star Destroyers left, they head to Kamino, but as they reach Kamino, they get caught in a battle between the Republic and the CIS. They immidiately looked at them as enemies and started attacking each other.

  • Posted over 5 years ago

This is an map pack. It contains the latest versions of five new maps.

The Force Awakens

  • Posted over 5 years ago

This mod draws inspiration from the newest Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. This adds a new map, a new era, new classes, new heroes and much more.

Saga of the 607th MOD

  • Posted over 5 years ago

This is an map pack, with 8 brand new, custom maps. These maps are spposed to be played by the 607th Legion.

Special Mappack #2

  • Posted over 5 years ago

This map pack adds six new maps. Kashyyyk, Kachirho, MYGEETO, Utapau Assault, and Tatooine, Tuskencamp.

AI Arcade Overhaul

Last up we have one made specifically for the arcade mode, so not one you will be taking online. If you pick this mod up, remember to disable it before playing online. The arcade mode is really just the multiplayer game against A.I. bots for when you can’t, or just don’t want to, play online against other people. From the start this mode left a lot to be desired from the A.I. combatants. If you watched them, you’ll notice they lack a lot of basic common sense. For example, this mod allows the A.I. to sprint, use abilities, and all the weapons and gadgets in the game. Or, you know, things you would expect them to be able to do. The mod doesn’t stop there, either. It also includes the option to up the player count to 25 VS 25, increased loadouts for you and the A.I., the A.I. can equip Starcards, and use Hero Starfighters. While bots can never match the true chaos and excitement of facing off against human opponents, this mod will at least give you a fun challenge.

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Battlefront Extreme

В Battlefront 2 повсюду встречаются штурмовики, и они действительно выглядят одинаково. Если вы хотите добавить немного разнообразия в их ряды, то вам нужен мод Battlefront Extreme. Он включает в себя различные дополнительные классы для обеих сторон, которые можно разблокировать, когда вы заработаете достаточно очков.

Юниты командиров и офицеров, как, например, темный десантник с джетпаком из серии Dark Forces и владеющий двуручным оружием Капитан Рекс из выдающегося 501-го легиона, являются мощными альтернативами героическим персонажам. На картах появляется дополнительное оружие – длинноствольные винтовки и кастомные карабины. Поведение лазеров слегка изменено: на полном автоматическом режиме точность снижается и появляется риск перегрева. Теперь ваша армия клонов Джанго станет заметно более отличающейся армией клонов Джанго.

1 Battlefront III Legacy

Development on Battlefront III was handed to Free Radical Design, but the game was canceled just before it was finished. We never got to see what this new developer had to offer, but Battlefront III Legacy tries to fix that.

What’s notable about this mod is that it takes assets from a leaked alpha build of Free Radical’s Battlefront III and places them in Battlefront II. It adds new maps, new heroes, and a new HUD and menu interface – but unlike other mods, these are technically official creations since they were from the canceled game. If nothing else, this is a fascinating look at a lost piece of gaming history, and a look at what could have been for this franchise.

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