Bombs Away ($400)

  • Damage increased from 1 to 2. (+1) (15.34 DPS)
  • The pilot drops a grenade on zombies below its plane once every rotation only when directly on top of zombies. Grenade makes the same pin pulling sound as the fragger. It deals 5 damage in a mediocre splash radius.
  • Sell price increases to $625.

Spy Plane ($1000)

  • Grants the Aviator, as well as towers within the Aviator’s flying circle, the ability to target Camouflaged Enemies. This does not affect Spawner Towers.
  • Increases attack range from 6 to 7.
  • Cosmetic: The plane, pilot’s glasses and scarf are now black instead of red, it also gain a black headset.
  • Sell price increases to $1125.

Rapid Fire ($4000)

  • Increases fire rate to 10 shots per second, and increases damage to 4 (40 DPS).
  • Bombs have a different dropping sound when deployed.
  • Bombs now do 8 damage, have a larger radius, and are dropped in groups of 3 instead of 1.
  • Cosmetic: The Aviator now resembles a WWII fighter plane, with stars and 2 more guns on its wings. Runway becomes darker.
  • Sell price increases to $2300.

Space Craft ($17500)

  • Increases the fire rate to 20 shots per second. (80 DPS).
  • Firing sound is different.
  • Bombs now do 40 damage and are dropped more often.
  • The Aviator now shoots heat-seeking missiles, dealing 18 splash damage per missile in a splash radius of 9. Missiles are fired in groups of 2.
  • Cosmetic: The Aviator now looks like a futuristic fighter plane, with Gatling guns and missiles visible. Two pilots can be seen occupying the plane. Runway becomes black with neon blue stripes, and a small antenna is added.

Total Cost: $23750


  • The appearance and name of Endbringer is similar appearance to MrDoomBringer

    However, it has been confirmed that this boss is not based on him. The same goes for the appearance being similar to a retired staff member of Tower Battles, DoNotEatMyPoptart. It was also confirmed that Endbringer was not based on him.

    , a former super-moderator on Roblox with a similar hat and hammer.

  • The theme of Endbringer is from a Payday 2 soundtrack: Calling All Units. The title «Calling All Units» could refer to the horde of Endbringers.
  • The name «Endbringer» indicates that it officially brings an end to a match as it spawns in hordes.
  • The hammer that the Endbringer wields seems to resemble the ban hammer from the roblox catalog.
  • Before the Endbringer update there would be a tie between the two teams. The prize of winning is no trophies but instead 150 credits.


Level 2: Faster Reloading ($320)

  • Now shoots once per 3 seconds.(~1.3 DPS)(Direct Damage ~2.6 DPS)
  • Added cosmetics: Black Gloves.
  • Sell price changes to $560.

Level 3: Goggles ($600)

  • Allows Tuber to target camouflaged enemies.
  • Increases range by a moderate amount.
  • Added cosmetics: Night vision goggles.
  • Sell price changes to $860.

Level 4: RPG ($1,800)

  • The blast radius is increased.
  • Damage per shot increased from 4 to 14. (+10) (~4.6 DPS)
  • Direct damage increase to 10 (+6) (~3.3 DPS)
  • Slightly increases range
  • Added cosmetics: Replaced rocket launcher with an RPG, gets darker clothing, and gets a scarf that conceals its face
  • Sell price changes to $1760.

Level 5: High Tech Microwave ($8,000)

  • The blast radius is significantly increased.
  • Increases range by a small amount.
  • Damage per shot increased from 14 to 45. (+31) (15 DPS)
  • Direct damage increase to 40 (+30) (~13.3 DPS)
  • Added cosmetics: Blue apparel, replaced the RPG with a futuristic missile launcher and futuristic rockets along with a blue explosion rather than an orange one with a laser sight and a backpack carrying extra missiles.
  • Sell price changes to $4560.

Total cost: $11520

Battle Tower Best Team For Double Battle

Double Battle System

Double Battles require you to bring 4 Pokemon!. This format will require you to think about how your Pokemon can synergize with each other more. You’ll need to pay attention to Area of Effect moves that hit all Pokemon!

Use Best Tier Pokemon For Double Battle To Win

Since Double Battle requires proper choices of Pokemon, their Types, their Moves etc, check our double battle tier list to know which Pokemon You should bring out.

Best Pokemon Tier For Double Battle

Use Legendary Pokemon & Starter Pokemon

Our team was able to reach the final tier by using Legendaries & starter Pokemon!

Check Out How To Get Legendaries

All-Field Attack Moves Are Effective

In Double Battle, All-Field type moves (aka AoE moves) are extremely effective. However, some AoE moves (like Earthquake) will damage your teammates, so plan carefully!

Recommended All-Field Moves

Move Description
Blizzard A howling blizzard is summoned to strike opposing Pokemon. This may also leave the opposing Pokemon frozen
Sludge Wave The user strikes everything around it by swamping the area with a giant sludge wave. This may also poison those hit
Rock Slide Learge boulders are hurled at opposing Pokemon to inflict damage. This may also make the opposing Pokemon flinch
Breaking Swipe The user swings its tough tail wildly and attacks opposing Pokemon. This also lowers their Attack stats
  • Check Out TM List Here
  • Check Out TR List Here

Have Wide Move Coverage

Just like singles, being able to counter various types of Pokemon is key, so bring moves of many types. You can use TM/TR’s to greatly improve your overall coverage.


Extra Juice ($2,600)

  • Halves the speed at which damage ticks, essentially doubling damage when fully charged. However, the time it takes for it to fully charge remains the same. (damage ticks 3 times every second now, damage not changed)
  • Added Cosmetics: Two tubes with blue liquid at the back of the Phaser.
  • Sell price changes to $3250.

Death Ray ($4,900)

  • Increases base damage to 10 damage per tick. Pattern is now what it was originally but with the increased ticking speed. Deals 45 damage when fully charged. Time to reach maximum damage is now 15.6 seconds. (30 Base DPS) more than 30 due to increasing dmg (135 Max DPS).
  • Added Cosmetics: The Phaser’s beam turns orange including its juice, the gun has four curved lines coming from all sides of the gun, and slightly changes its look.
  • Sell price changes to $5650.

Annihilation ($16,600)

  • Increases base damage to 40. The max damage is now 101 damage per tick. Time to reach maximum damage is now 13 seconds. (120 Base DPS) (303 Max DPS)
  • Minor range increase.
  • Added Cosmetics: Gives the Phaser 3 extra lasers at the back that fire together with the laser gun. Gives the Phaser a knight helmet with cyclops goggles and the laser color turns purple with purple juice.
  • Sell price changes to $12950.

Total Cost: $28000


Squadron ($500)

  • Increase Soldiers spawned from the barracks from 2 to 3. (5.28 DPS per spawn group) (10.56 DPS total)
  • Added Cosmetics: The barracks will have 2 doors.
  • Sell price changes to $450.

Spec Ops ($780)

  • Soldiers spawned are now level 3 Soldiers. Therefore, this allows the Soldiers to detect and attack Camouflaged (Hidden) Enemies.
  • Increases Soldiers’ ranges.
  • Added Cosmetics to the Soldiers: Headset and shades.
  • Sell price changes to $860.

Legion ($4,300)

  • Soldiers spawned are now level 4 Soldiers.(23.52 DPS per spawn group) (47.04 DPS total)
  • Increase Soldiers spawned from 3 to 4.
  • Increases Soldier health to 10.
  • Added Cosmetics to the Soldiers: Longer sleeves, hat changes color, balaclava added to the soldiers that spawn.
  • Increases the Soldier’s damage to 2 per bullet. dealing a total of 12 damage per burst fire.
  • Increases burst from 3 shots to 6 shots
  • Sell price changes to $1900.

Fort ($13,500)

  • Soldiers spawned are now level 5 Soldiers. (95.6 DPS per spawn group) (191.2 DPS total)
  • Increases Soldier health to 40.
  • Added cosmetics: The Soldier gains new gear and a new weapon. The M16 is replaced with a pulse laser rifle, and the Soldier now wears light grey and black apparel.
  • Increases the Soldier’s damage to 7 per bullet, dealing a total of 49 damage per burst fire, per Soldier spawned.
  • Increases burst from 6 shots to 7 shots.
  • Sell price changes to $4100.

Total Cost: $19930

In the TCG

The following is a list of cards mentioning or featuring the Battle Tower in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Battle TowerCards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type EnglishExpansion Rarity # JapaneseExpansion Rarity #
Regigigas Supreme Victors 9/147 Beat of the Frontier 087/100
Dragonite Supreme Victors 56/147 Beat of the Frontier 073/100
      DPt-P Promotional cards   018/DPt-P
Other related cards
Card Type EnglishExpansion Rarity # JapaneseExpansion Rarity #
Battle Tower St Supreme Victors 134/147 Beat of the Frontier 094/100
Palmer’s Contribution Su Supreme Victors 139/147 Beat of the Frontier 091/100


  • Even though the jeeps spawned by the Patrol can hit Hiddens and Shadows, they cannot hit Ghosts or Spirits.
  • Patrols are affected by the Commander’s fire rate buff as an increase in firerate and range to the individual jeeps and tanks.
  • The Patrol in the tower itself changes accordingly to how the patrol itself will look at that certain level.
  • When the Patrol is destroyed, it will start burning, turn orange and become rusty(the driver will also become rusty).
  • Upgrading a Patrol to level 5 will cause it to immediately spawn a tank, with the jeep disappearing if it’s already on the map.
  • During the 9/10 Glitch, the Patrol was glitched underground, therefore becoming unable to deal any damage unless upgraded to level 4+.
  • The level 5 Patrol, (Tank) was created by NexoKami and was also the revamp version from the model in Borderlands.
  • This was the only spawner tower before 11/5/2017.
  • The Aviator’s Hidden Detection does not affect Patrols.
  • This tower is very buggy on Grasslands as of 8/22/19.
  • The tank’s armor used to be light green in earlier versions of Tower Battles.
  • Various Previous Patrol Models reskinned are seen driving on Midnight Road

    A Tank can also be seen driving on Midnight Road.

    . (Revamped)


  • Wave 0000000 was added on 22 March, 2018.
  • In 2017 of Tower Battles, the completion of the Halloween event stated that «Jack will return.. ?» This was reflected by the Expired Jack boss.
  • The theme of Wave 0000000 is «Bombs for Throwing at You» from Portal 2’s soundtrack.
  • Patient Zero comes with 2 other zombies, M and J.
  • When Planet3arth is in a game, there is a 100% chance that Wave 0000000 will occur.
  • On 10 August, 2019, the chances for Wave 0000000 was increased from 0.05% (1/2000) to 0.1% (1/1000)
    • Zombies were also updated during this update.
    • idk was replaced by Issue.
  • Expired Jack can be stunned by DJ permanently, like Jack and King Jack making DJ a great choice for this wave.


  • Level 4 or 5 Railgunners are effective at killing the Wendigos, Wraiths, and Giant Curseds that will try to distract the Phaser from locking on
  • Large amounts of Level 5 Phasers are strongly recommended. In addition, the Phasers are much more effective from the path, far from Grim so it can’t be stunned or killed. Pairing them up with a DJ and Commander is recommended, as they’ll receive a range boost to target Grim from further back and a discount allowing for cheaper upgrades.
  • Remember to manage the Commander’s Call to Arms quickly. Micro-managing (Selling and replacing) is required, especially if the Grim is in range of a Commander.
  • In the case that Grim kills crucial towers such as Phasers and Railgunners; it is recommended to sell and replace those towers as quickly as possible.


Level 2 Upgrade Icon

Level 3 Upgrade Icon

Level 4 Upgrade Icon

Level 5 Upgrade Icon

The unreleased «Icethrower», which the Sleeter appears to have replaced

Back Of Maxed Sleeter

Early Sleeter leak

Single-Target Scout • Sniper • Soldier • Enforcer • Aviator • Mercenary • Marksman • Commando • Railgunner • Phaser • Golden Scout • Golden Commando • Tweeter
Splash-Damaging Fragger • Cryo-Gunner • Tuber • Mortar • Flamethrower
Spread / Multiple Shotgunner • Plasma Trooper
Spawners Patrol • Barracks • Zed
Support Farm • Commander • DJ
Event Scarecrow • Elf • Hallowboomer • Sleeter • Resting Soldier • Graveyard • Snowballer • Monkey
Exclusive Stunner • Archer • Knifer • Red Scout • Huntsman • Sniper but red


  • The Zed’s guns and cannons cannot be affected by level 3 Aviators or level 4 Golden Scouts Hidden Support and will still be unable to target camouflaged enemies regardless.
  • On the update of 18 May 2018, the Zed’s placement cap was changed to 4, however, the error message when placing a 5th Zed would still read ‘Only 5 Zeds/player (sorry!)’. This was fixed in a future update.
  • The Commander’s range buff applies to both the Mech and the manufacturing base.
  • In survival, level 4 Zed is called Mech and level 5 Zed used to be called Mayhem Machine. However, in versus, level 4 Zed is called Mecha and level 5 Zed used to be called Void Walker, with different images. Now, level 4 Zed is called Mech and level 5 Zed is called Zombie Extermination Device.
  • Coincidentally, the short-form of the name of the level 5 Zed upgrade, Zombie Extermination Device (ZED), has the exact same letters in the same order as the tower name, Zed.
  • Before the August Update, Max Zed was called M10 and was black rather than the current M11 and had a black-blue laser-like aesthetic compared with the current gray-blue one.
  • Out of any tower, the Zed has received by far the most changes throughout its existence.
  • The old level 5 upgrade icon looked similar to Godzilla.
  • The Zed has the highest placement cost in game.
  • The Zed has the second highest total cost in game, the highest being the Golden Commando.
  • The Zed is the first Tower Battles tower to have an official toy version by Roblox. The character with the toy or driver of the vehicle is named: «Zombie Extermination Professional». However, this name is not mentioned in the game itself. The accessories of the character are not part of the character in-game and do not resemble any other weapons found in Tower Battles, but can be found similar to the Phaser’s gun and icon of its Extra Juice upgrade.

Update History

  • (11/23/17) Mortar added.
  • (11/24/17) Mortar aesthetics changed — now holds a bottle of Coca-Cola.
  • (9/1/18) Mortar Lvl. 2 price increased, lvl 5 price decreased. (Although the reduction in price for max level Mortar was mentioned it wasn’t in the game)
  • (9/13/18) Mortar Lvl. 5 damage reduced (50 -> 40), price reduced (9600 -> 9500).
  • (9/16/18) Mortar Lvl. 5 damage changed back (40 -> 50), price increased (9500 -> 9600), AoE decreased.
  • (9/17/18) Mortar Lvl. 4 damage buffed (6 -> 10), Mortar lvls 1-5 firerate time increased by 0.2s.
  • (2/17/19) Mortar Lvl. 5 Splash sound has been changed.
  • (8/10/19) Mortar Lvl. 5 damage decreased by 10 (40) per hit. Level 5 price nerfed $9600->$10200
  • (7/22/20) Mortar rebalanced.
    • Added maximum of 6 Mortars per player.
    • Mortar Lvl. 4 damage 10 12
    • Level 4 cost $2500 $2800
    • Level 5 cost $10200 $12000
  • (7/26/20) Mortar maximum cap removed.
  • (12/25/20) Mortar buffed.
    • Level 1-2 Blast Radius 4.2 → 4.6
    • Level 3 Blast Radius 7.4 → 7.8
    • Level 4 Blast Radius 9.1 → 9.5
    • Level 5 Blast Radius 2.5 → 13.0

Upgrade icon of Mortar when upgrading to level 2.

Upgrade icon of Mortar when upgrading to level 3.

Upgrade icon of Mortar when upgrading to level 4.

Upgrade icon of Mortar when upgrading to level 5.



  • Micromanaging the Flamethrower can provide an advantage.
  • The Flamethrower is great at slowing down Boss3, Lightning, Boss4

    However, very agile zombies such as the Lightning are sometimes able to escape its fire at low levels.

    , and other faster zombies. As their speed is very fast, more of their speed will be lost when being slowed.

  • The Flamethrower does not melt ice effects from the Cryo-Gunner. Using it in tandem with the Cryo-Gunner will making stalling zombies even more effective.
  • The Flamethrower, when placed right, can defeat any enemy until Wave 8. It is especially effective against Slows and Mysteries. However, using two Flamethrowers is likely needed to clean up Mysteries and even Slows.
  • The Flamethrower is not affected by any of the DJ’s and Commander’s sight and fire rate buffs. It is only affected by the upgrade reduction cost buff from the DJ. Thus, it is recommended to have the Flamethrower near the front as it will not matter if it is affected by a support tower.
  • The Flamethrower can hit zombies that require hidden detection if its flame hits the zombie while targeting another nearby Zombie.
  • Flamethrower can be a good early game attacker and support as planting one of these assures that almost no Normal or Speedy will survives its flames (Speedies might leak due to their speed). It will stay as a great tower even in the late game as although the damage will be ineffective, It will slow down very fast zombies.


  • Use 2-3 level 3 Aviators to both allow towers to target Camouflaged Enemies and act as early defense. This will allow Railgunners and low-level Commandos to target Ghosts and Wraiths.
  • It is likely necessary to use Phaser to take down Grim as it has an extremely high health pool of 700,000.
  • Level 4+ Tubers will make it much easier to clear out hordes of Graveyard Zombies spawned by Reapers and Haunted Knights, so that your Railgunners and Phasers can target high health enemies that are being shielded.
  • Commander is extremely useful due to its Call to Arms ability as well as its ability to generally increase fire-rate. DJ

    Recommended to have 3-4 level 3 Commanders to use Call to Arms rapidly.

    is also useful in this regard. When combined, these towers’ passive and active effects can more than double the damage per second.

  • Farms are recommended due to the lower starting cash that this mode gives, being $1000, and the higher number of waves. If a player starts farming before Wave 1 and upgrades the farm to level 2, he or she is able to acquire a Commando

    However, be aware that there are only 15 waves and each wave takes a long time.

    by wave 4, the same wave that players without a farm is able to get one. For the rest of the game, the farm will continue to generate money.

  • Flamethrowers or Hallowboomers placed in bends can slow down enemies considerably. (Wendigos are immune to Flamethrower.)
  • Grim can kill towers, so when one got killed, quickly sell it and replace with a new one.
  • Many level 4 Railgunners are recommended to take down Wendigos.



The Void is similar to the third version. The server boost logo on its torso and multiple big spikes on its back are now neon pink with a slight glow. It appears to have purple veins covering its body and a spiked crown.

Third Version

The Void’s head and arms were black while its legs and torso were purple. It wore a reddish-purple crown and has black silhouettes of zombies attached to its legs, torso, and head. Spikes also protrude from its back.

Second Version

The Void almost had the exact same details aforementioned; however, the coloration of the torso and legs were red granite instead of the current purple granite. It also lacked the spikes. In its second state, the silhouettes of zombies appear in a more panicked state. This state has not been changed yet.

First Version

The Void had an entirely different style, with metallic, pale-blue arms, a head, diamond-plated red torso. Its legs featured sky-blue-shining zombies with two bigger versions stuck on it’s shoulders. This Void also had a different, much more simplistic design of the crown in gray color. It was also much smaller and three would spawn at a time. It also had grey and metallic humanoid-like bodies stuck to its torso and back.

Update History

  • (7/22/2020) Endbringer was added to the game.
  • (8/3/2020) Endbringer now spawns after the Void after a brief period of time. They also now spawn in hordes, instead of starting off with spawning one by one and then groups of five.
  • (12/25/2020) Endbringers now do not spawn after the Void due to a bug.
  • (7/14/2021) Endbringers now have been fixed and spawns at Wave 40.
Early-Game Normal • Speedy • Slow • Boss1 • Hidden • Mystery • Necromancer (Summon)
Mid-Game Boss2 • Lava • Hidden Boss • Slime (Goo) • Lightning • Mystery2
Late-game Boss3 • Boss4 • Necromancer Boss (Fire Spirit) • Guardian • Void (Spawn1 • Spawn2 • Spawn3 • Spawn4) • Endbringer(Versus Only)
Wave 0000000 Mystery2 • Error • Virus • M • J • Necromancer Boss (Fire Spirit) • Patient Zero • Expired Jack • Void • Issue
Removed Super Slow

Update History

  • (8/19/17) Flamethrower Level 1-4 buffed.
  • (10/3/17) Flamethrower Level 1-3 nerfed, Level 4 buffed, Level 5 fixed, no longer can be affected by the Commander.
  • (9/3/18) Flamethrower Level 4-5 particles are reduced
  • (9/9/18) Flame glitch patched (Selling a flamethrower on a zombie does not permanently burn it anymore.)
  • (2/18/19) Flamethrower will no longer target Lava. Flamethrowers level 4-5 can melt the Sleeter’s permafrost.
  • (7/22/20) Flamethrower rebalanced and redesigned.
    • Flamethrower’s flame status is nerfed. 50% slow → 40% slow
    • Zombies catch on fire more quickly
    • Flames affect all zombies that touch it rather than only the one the Flamethrower is aiming at.
    • Level 1-2 Flamethrower’s burn duration is decreased. 5 seconds → 3 seconds
    • Level 2-3 Flamethrower’s range is increased. 8 → 9.5
    • Level 3 Flamethrower no longer increases range.
    • Level 3-4 Flamethrower’s burn duration is decreased. 6 seconds → 5 seconds
    • Level 4 Flamethrower’s fire tick is increased. 2 → 4
    • Level 5 Flamethrower’s cost increased. $4800 → $8500
    • Level 5 Flamethrower’s burn duration is decreased. 15 seconds → 9 seconds
    • Level 5 Flamethrower’s range is decreased. 14 → 13.5
    • Level 5 Flamethrower’s fire tick damage is increased. 4 → 8


  • Hallowboomer is a splash based tower that can slow down enemies with afterburn. Note that Hallowboomer will keep focusing on enemies that are already on fire so it is not always as efficient at stalling an overwhelming amount of zombies

    It is not recommended to use this like a Flamethrower as it will keep targeting zombies on fire and not slow down boss zombies.


  • Hallowboomer is a cheap tower that can be used early game that acts as a Flamethrower to kill early game zombies or it can become a support tower that slows down large health pool zombies such as Void by 40%.
  • The hallowboomer can be useful against the Endbringer zombie due to the fact that it can slow them down.


  • Void could get stuck on the road on a large object before the patch, such as a Zed obstructing its path.
  • On Dead End Valley, the Void can get stuck coming through the entrance, meaning that your biggest threat can be easily killed. However, it can still stomp, stunning your towers from taking out the rest of zombies that come before it.
  • When the Airstrike Glitch on the Commander occurs, all attacks from Void break entirely. The radius of the attacks never increase, meaning they are soft locked and useless, ensuring an easier win with the cost of broken Commanders.
  • Golden Scouts and Hallowboomers can be permanently stunned by Void’s scream or stomp.
  • Once dead, Void’s death animation may fail, causing him to be stuck and dead while still walking. Although no stomps or summoning abilities can happen, This commonly happens when Void manages to get stuck, the glitch will fix itself as Void disappears shortly after you triumph. If Wave 0000000 does occur with Void being glitched, Void will remain there until Wave 0000000 is finished by either triumphing or being defeated.
  • On the Castle map, Void freezes and stays there until he is killed.
  • At the beginning of Wave 40, the text that is displayed is missing a «to.» It should say «I guess… I’ll just have to kill you MYSELF.», however, it says «I guess… I’ll just have kill you MYSELF.»
  • On all maps, Void cannot be lit by Hallowboomer projectiles unless Void is in the radius of the Hallowboomer explosion. When Hallowboomer fires at the Void, the pumpkins go in circles around Void’s legs and don’t explode.
  • On maps with obstacles close to a path such as Borderlands, Void can suddenly float in the air to avoid the obstacle before it comes down when it has crossed said obstacle.
  • If the Void gets hit by enough Zeds or Patrols, the Void will get stuck and the death animation will not occur after it is killed.

Ruined Towers

The first type of ruined towers spawn with a mix of mossy and regular cobblestone with several holes in the walls — these are not just the regular windows, they are actual holes. The loot is generally worse compared to regular battle tower. There is no golem guarding these towers.

The second type of ruined tower spawns and appears to have already been conquered as it has only the bottom two floors left, much like a regular tower after its Battle Tower Golem has been defeated.

Unlike regular Battle Towers, ruined Battle Towers can have Creeper and Blaze spawners, making them more difficult for less loot. This can be used for overworld blaze farm if handled correctly, however.